After The Coach Holiday

Big Dick

Sixty-year-old Karen Lister and fifty-seven-year-old Louise Mitchell had met on a coaching holiday to Scotland and after swiftly establishing that they both had a preference for the female body, they spent the evenings and nights of their holiday making love.Their homes were about forty miles apart and it was arranged that Louise would drive to Karen’s house the day after they returned from holiday so that they could spend the weekend together.As Louise drove towards her new lover’s house she thought back over the sex that they had had and her knickers were getting damp. She also recalled that Karen had mentioned that she possessed a cane and had told her that she liked to feel it across her buttocks and had asked Louise about her experience with being caned. Louise had been caned at school some forty years previously Escort ankara and although she did not enjoy the caning itself she remembered feeling very turned on a couple of hours later.Karen was really looking forward to the arrival of her new playmate and was longing to feel, taste and smell her.The journey had only taken about an hour and Louise pulled up in Karen’s drive and the older woman eagerly rushed out of her house to greet her. The greeting consisted of tongue in mouth kissing and some groping because although it was less than twenty-four hours since they had last seen each other it was more than a day and a half since any sexual contact.”Oh I have missed you,” said Karen.”I have missed you too but we are together now,” replied Louse and the two kissed again.Louise took a Balgat escort small suitcase containing a change of clothing from her car and giggled, “Most of my knickers are in the wash but I figured I would not be wearing them much this weekend.””You certainly will not be. In fact, I do not have any on now,” replied Karen and Louise’s eyes went to the front of her lover’s tight trousers and she could just detect a camel toe.”You are a naughty girl, Karen,” chuckled Louise.”Yes, I should be caned,” came the reply as Karen flashed her eyes.”Yeah, I have been thinking about your cane on the way here.””Have you been thinking about feeling it across your arse too?” asked her hostess.”Well yes, I have been considering that possibility.””The caning can wait, I want to get my tongue in your Batıkent escort bayan cunt,” announced Karen.So the two middle-aged women kissed their way up the stairs and were soon removing each other’s clothing during the course of which, it was confirmed that Karen indeed was not wearing knickers.The two naked women writhed on the bed each with their tongue lapping at the other’s juices and both of them came to shuddering orgasms. They then gently kissed whilst caressing breasts and buttocks.They spent most of the night making love and the lovemaking included Karen shafting Louise from behind with her strap on.They remained naked the next morning and Karen once brought Louise to orgasm with the younger of the two bent over a table and Karen licking in and around her anus.It got to mid-afternoon and Karen said, “Do you fancy a few strokes of the cane?”.”Ha, I was thinking that you might have forgotten about that.””I want you to cane me, but you do not have to feel it if you do not want to.””No, it is ok, not too many strokes though.”So Karen, with Louise’s eyes on her large arse, went to fetch her cane.

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