After School Lessons

Big Dicks

Copyright 1998 Del Edwards

Demure and almost dainty she danced before my eyes,
Laughing and sparkling, an unannounced surprise.
And yet she knew she was the prize,
To be used by the one who won her.
I could see it all in her eyes.
She promised an endless supply of delight
In spite of her fright
To the man who would treat her right.


Teresa’s flirting was physical or with her facial expressions. She didn’t depend on double meanings or subtle suggestions in her words.

They had been acquainted for a couple of years. She was the social worker at the school where he volunteered once a week. The school administration wanted a staff person present for the after school program, so Teresa functioned as an official overseer while he taught the kids photography.

She was most of a generation younger than him and obviously took care of herself. She was trim and firm. He could see that from time to time when she wore slacks and a knit top. Often she wore clothing that concealed her fine body. It was the style of the times he supposed but he found himself objecting silently when she showed up in those baggy blouses and long skirts. He hated the gauzy look that was so in fashion with the women. And it was a little easier for him to construct fine fantasies about her when he had the right visual information. A large part of her facial expression came from her lips and the way she held her mouth. Her eyes seemed to be the punctuation marks that followed her silent statements with her expressive mouth. And there was that sheepish, ‘Oh you caught me daydreaming about you’ smile. It was kind of impish and that’s when her eyes sparkled most.

Her physical flirting became bolder and more frequent as the year went along. It was easy for her because most of the time they were in darkroom conditions where long touches went unnoticed by students concentrating on making photographic prints. Her hand resting on top of his at the examining station where the kids brought their prints to evaluate them under a dim white light baffled from the rest of the darkroom. More than once he found the back of his hand in contact with her hip as they stood side by side at the examining station. She never moved away when he moved his hand slightly to let her know that his hand was there. Sometimes she even moved closer. Another time she moved in close to him in the dark and pressed her thigh against his knee with enough pressure and for so long that there was no doubt about the purposefulness of her behavior. His blood would run hot and he had a difficult time not answering her touches with an even more erotic touch. Sometimes she would crouch at the examining station and he would bend over her so their bodies were almost touching and he could smell her scent. Ostensively they were looking at a print one of students had made but there were invisible lines of magnetism drawing them together.

Once when he walked into her office unannounced and sat on the couch across from where she was working at her computer terminal he experienced a sudden and overwhelming excitement and desire for her. It was late summer just after school started, and he was on campus to do an inventory of supplies because the photo club program was about to start. She was wearing a blue denim prairie dress. He could see her black bra peeking from the armhole of the dress as she rocked back in her chair, extended her legs fully, pointed her toes and stretched her arms over her head. The dress draped across her body and gave full revelation of the fine figure under it. The wave crashed down on him without warning his throat swelled, his chest tightened and he was struggling with every syllable of his speech.

Another time he had a flash fantasy about sliding his hand up under her skirt and caressing the inside of her thigh as he sat in the dark taking a break. She was standing facing him within easy reach. It was just one of those sudden things that flashes through the mind. He let it continue and was now stroking her sex through her panties. They were conversing but in those little slices of time, probably microseconds, between listening to her, forming responses and speaking to her, he was fondling her crotch and distracting her from the conversation they were having at another level of consciousness… his imagination could hear the raggedness in her speech as she became more excited. He let his mind carry this fine little fantasy a step further.

She moved slowly past him to the darkest part of the chemistry classroom they had converted into a photo lab. The dim yellow safelights didn’t reach into the part of the room where she was standing facing away from him. Her bending at the waist until she was doing something with her hands around her feet followed the quick gathering motion of her hands. But the light was so dim he couldn’t make out any of the details. She repositioned herself just where she had been gaziantep escortları after finding her purse on the table and fussing with it for a few moments. He could sense her excitement as she moved a half step closer to him, her right leg now touching his right thigh. He continued the fantasy as his right hand again went exploring under her skirt. He gently stroked the inside of her thigh, moving ever closer to the junction of her legs where her sex was waiting. This time there was no cloth covering. He slowly worked his first two fingers up into her warm wetness and touched the neck of her womb. She let out a moan and her hips bucked. The fantasy ended abruptly when one of the students called his name, needing help with some photographic problem.

Since processing film had to be done in total darkness and wasn’t nearly as exciting as making prints, each week he would collect exposed film from the kids and process it in his home lab. The following week they could begin making contact sheets and prints as soon as the lab went dark. Sometimes he gave a short talk about technique lighting, equipment handling, composition, etc. before the room went dark.

Teresa had talked about getting her camera fixed and maybe participating in the darkroom work herself since there were a couple of enlargers that were not in use. He encouraged her and even handed her a roll of film and commented, “Bring me back some good ones.”

Just after Thanksgiving she handed him a roll of exposed film when the kids were turning their film in for processing. There was a psychic flash during the moment she placed the film in his hand she was looking at the film cassette and then her eyes locked onto his and there was a flicker of a smile on her lips before she looked away.

Teresa’s film was one of four rolls he processed at one time. She had a single lens reflex that she pretty much left in the automatic mode. The kids were using low end point and shoots. It wasn’t difficult to pick out Teresa’s film from three feet away as he hung the film to dry. The exposures were correct and consistent compared to the kid’s film. They were still learning the limitations of their cameras.

Later when he was cutting the dry film and putting it in sleeves he took a closer look at her film. Some shots around the house of presumably her husband and children, some action shots at a soccer game, several groups she was in some of them so he figured she used a tripod and delay timer on her camera and grab shots at a picnic in a park, then a series of six waist up shots of Teresa. She had listened well when he told the kids how window light could be a wonderful large light source and yet a directional one if they worked near the wall the window was in so the subject would be side lit.

In the first frame of the series she was in profile, facing the window. The next frame showed her turned toward the camera. There was a slight smile on her face and her left hand was touching the top button of her dark blouse. In the next frame she had turned half way back to the window and both hands were on the bottom button of her blouse. It gaped open revealing a dark bra. Her head was turned to the camera, her gaze engaging the viewer. Frame four had considerable subject blur due to movement but it was obvious she was removing her blouse. In frame five she had already unhooked her bra and had her thumbs under the shoulder straps. It still covered her small, firm breasts. In the last shot of the series her head was cocked flirtatiously and she was smiling. Her hands covered her bare breasts.

The last five frames on the roll were made at a low angle looking toward a large multi-pane window. Teresa filled the bottom half of each horizontal frame. She was completely nude, reclining on the carpet just below the big window. Her automatic camera had exposed for the bright light coming through the window so she was woefully underexposed except where the back light skimmed across the upper outline of her body. Intentional artsy or an error of technique, he wondered.

The next Tuesday he handed the sleeved negatives directly to her even though his usual practice was to drop them on the table and let each person find their own negatives. There was a bemused smile on Teresa’s lips as she took the negatives from him.

“Did you make a contact sheet first like you tell the kids to do?” she asked.

He resisted the urge to tell her he wanted to contact her on the sheets and just said, “Yes.”

“Make any prints?” she asked with her eyebrows raised.

“Of course. That nice little series of you standing at the window is now a screen saver on my computer. You pop up and start doing your thing when the computer is idle for more than seven minutes. And I put one of the ones of you reclining at the end of the series as sort of a punctuation mark,” he told her.

“I’d like to buy the prints as a gift for my husband,” she said without a trace of emotion on her face. Then she broke out laughing. “Just kidding. They’re for a fascinating man that I want to intrigue, “she said, still smiling. “You keep ’em.”

Now he was smiling. “Oh my, you have succeeded,” he said.

“Stand byyyyy,” she purred.

She hung around when the session was over to help him clean up. The kids always made a dash for the late bus because they didn’t want to walk home. That day she was wearing a gold turtleneck under the long-skirted blue denim prairie dress with silver buttons from the collar to the hem. Black cotton stockings and black loafers completed the outfit.

When he turned away from the sink he found her standing a few feet away opening the buttons of her dress from the waist to the hem. He was fascinated. He could feel the excitement jump into his chest and throat. His breath was fast and shallow. Then she moved forward until she was very close and put her arms around his neck. “I’m keeping you after school. You are going to be punished for those lusty thoughts you have been having about me,” she announced.

“You’re sure they were lusty thoughts?” he responded.

“Yesss,” she hissed.

“And what evidence do you have to support your judgment that they were ‘lusty’ thoughts,” he quizzed.

“Your breathing and your body language,” she retorted.

“What about them,” he challenged.

“When I move close to you I see your body tense and your breathing becomes fast and shallow.” she announced confidently.

“Then why to you move so close to me,” he asked.

“So your body will tense and your breath will be fast and shallow,” she replied with a toss of her head. “That way I can find you guilty and punish you,” she laughed. “Come here. I’m going to punish you.” She sat in a chair and beckoned to him. He moved closer. She reached out and slid her fingers down inside the waistband of his trousers behind the belt buckle. Then she spread her legs and pulled him into the vee formed by her spread legs. Her creamy white thighs showed above the tops of the heavy cotton stockings. The white satin garter straps were slack and made an informal frame around her close-cropped pubis. His trousers and shorts were around his ankles in a matter of seconds. She pulled and squeezed his penis until it began to grow. Then she held it like a cigar between her first and second fingers, leaned forward and took his semi erect member in her mouth.

“This is punishment?” he asked. She answered by circling the base of his scrotum with her thumb and index finger so his balls were in the palm of her hand. He was fully hard now and moving toward orgasm. She withdrew her mouth and squinted at his hard penis.

“He’s awake, the eye is open, he hunts, he wants,” she said. She tugged on his testicles and waited for the eye to close. When it did she resumed sucking him with long slow strokes until he was very near orgasm. Again she removed her mouth and pulled down on his testicles until the searching, wanting eye of his penis closed and his erection began to fade. Then she eased the pressure on his scrotum and took him in her mouth again. Her tongue flicked across the under side of the head. Each time she almost withdrew her mouth from his aching penis. Then she would plunge her head toward his groin again and literally swallow him. She knew he was close to coming. Her lips and tongue gauged the size and hardness of the head. He was aching to burst open in her mouth when she pulled on his testicles, spit out his erection and announced, “This is your punishment… to want and not have. You want me so you take me into your fantasy and have your way with me. The reality is quite different… I have you by the balls and you’re not going to come, certainly not in my mouth. If you lust for me again when we are together I will know and you will be punished again. Understand?” She punctuated her question with a yank on his nuts.

“Oh, god yes,” he groaned.

They met again of course. The very next week on Tuesday like always she was her usual upbeat, playful self.

She had done it a couple of times in the past and he had wondered why she had specifically told him she was going to the ladies room during the middle of the sessions. Why didn’t she just say she would be back in a few minutes? The information gave him a mental image of her raising her skirt and pulling her panties down. Was that what she wanted to go through my mind? Was she that smart?

Teresa hung around again that afternoon until all the kids made a dash for the late bus. They were alone in the room but there was the danger that the janitorial service would burst in on them at any second. Flirting with the danger of being discovered added to the excitement for both of them. He folded two towels into thick pads and placed them on the floor about a foot apart just below the edge of the bare desk. Then he moved two chairs to the edge of the desk just outside the folded towels.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Come here and I’ll show you,” he replied. “Stand with your feet together inside the towels,” he instructed.

“Now what?” she asked. He put his left hand on her shoulder and then slowly moved it toward her head until his fingers were on the back of her neck.

“Your body is tense and your breathing is fast and shallow,” he told her. “You must be having lusty thoughts about me.” She relaxed a little and smiled at how he had turned the tables on her. “Of course you’ll have to be punished for that,” he said as he placed his right hand on her left breast and kissed her. Her left arm was around his neck pulling him to her. She pressed her belly and her hips into his groin and thighs. After the long kiss he dropped to his knees on the towels and slid both hands up the outside of her legs under her skirt searching for the waistband of her panties. She smiled when he found her bare hips and buttocks with his hands.

She knew how to get in the right position… sitting on the edge of the desk with one foot on each chair, legs spread wide. “Lie back and let me kiss you again,” he suggested. She held the hem of her skirt in both hands as she lay back onto the desk. Her thighs and hips came into view as she did so.

First he used just his tongue to take long slow licks of each vulva… the left, the right, the left again until her hips stirred. Then he worked his tongue up into her as far as he could reach. She moaned. He continued to tongue her lips with brief visits to her clit, flicking it lightly several times and then returning to suck and lick her vaginal lips.

“Don’t tease meeee. Take me with your tongue,” she begged in a hoarse whisper. He began a slow rhythmic massage of her clit with his tongue. It began to swell and she was groaning with pleasure.

“Maybe I’ll leave you right here the way you did me,” he told her.

“No, no, please, I’ll be good,” she promised. He returned to her pleasure bud with his tongue and began a side to side motion just below the tip. Two minutes later she was growling like a wild animal. That sound changed and she hissed like a cat as she orgasmed.

He opened his fly, pushed his shorts out of the way, spit in his hand and began to stroke his half-erect penis. He wanted to be up in her. When she sat up he could see foamy saliva at the corners of her mouth. She slid off the desk and landed in a chair. “Let me suck you off. Let me make it right,” she implored. Without waiting for a reply she bent forward slightly, pulled him into that open V between her spread legs and took his penis in her mouth. Her head bobbed steadily and she began making a humming sound in her throat. He could feel the vibration from her vocal chords course through his hard dick. It added to the excitement. Each time her lips slid toward the base of his dick, she was saying “Cummmmm,” dragging out the M sound like she was chanting a mantra. She moved him steadily upward until he was in ecstasy, spasaming semen down her throat. Her head continued to move and she sucked him until the exquisite pleasure turned to extreme irritation and he pulled away from her. Her gaze moved from his still erect cock to his eyes and the smile that came across her face was like watching the huge moon rise from the faraway horizon.

They traded pleasures on a weekly basis after that. More than a couple of times he approached the idea of wanting to have intercourse with her. He had a very vivid picture in his mind of him sitting in a chair and her straddling his hips. He could almost feel her warmth surrounding his hungry, hard dick and hear her gasping softly at the intensity of her own pleasure. About the third time he suggested that he wanted to fuck her that way, she became angry. “You want me to suck you hard and then I spear myself with your dick and hump you until you come, is that it?” she railed. “Well, that’s no fun for me. I have never gotten off during intercourse. It just doesn’t have the intensity I need to come. And that’s the only way my husband knows how to make love… with his dick up in me. He gets off but I don’t. I have to wait until nobody is home to use my vibrator or give myself a quickie in the bathroom with my fingers.”

He was dumbstruck. He had never seen her so intense. She was fuming and her breath was coming in ragged bursts. “Can’t you just leave it the way it is?” she begged. “I’ve never had a man go down on me and make me come until you,” she blurted. There were tears on her cheeks and her voice was choked with more tears. “Why else do you think I would risk my marriage and my career? I could sense that you were a good lover. That tongue of yours is magnificent. The price I pay is sucking your dick. I don’t suck my husband off. But I do you, right here at school and it’s not even dark yet.”

“I’m willing to continue pleasuring you with my mouth. I just had this really strong fantasy about us being joined and experiencing the pleasure together… letting the love flow back and forth between us until we become one,” I told her.

“Love? Love,” she asked. “Is that what you said? Love? You love me?”

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