After Hours


I walk up and you just look at me… when my hand reaches down to caress your cock, it shocks you. You open your mouth to say something but nothing comes out. I am already there silencing you with a kiss…

My hand undoes your fly and your cock springs out. “No underwear… ” I whisper to you quietly as I kneel down. All of a sudden, you feel your cock enveloped in warmth… you moan as my tongue swirls circles and I suck on you…

You grow harder quickly, as I take your hand and move it under my skirt.

You smile and whisper “No underwear”… You are bold now and push me back onto the desk lifting my skirt and lowering your mouth to my wetness gently licking Kocaeli Escort my pussy, feeling how wet I am.

You see me fondling my breasts as you’re licking me and if possible your cock gets even harder and larger. I begin to moan, “Put it in me! Fuck Me! I want you… “

You smile and gently take him out the rest of the way letting your pants fall. You position yourself over me, watching as I lie on the desk with my skirt hiked around my hips and smile. All of a sudden, I gasp as you push your cock into me, the gasp changing to a scream as I cum just from you going in.

You start to pump slowly at first and begin to get harder. I look at you as we Kocaeli Escort Bayan make eye contact as I pull my shirt undone and pull your mouth down towards my nipples. I moan as I feel you flick it with your tongue while you still have one arm wrapped around my leg so you can keep pumping…

You move to kiss my neck for a moment… then you pull me up and I pull move myself forward, feeling your cock going deeper and deeper into my pussy… I squeeze my muscles tight around your cock and feel your leg muscles start to stiffen… I scream as I cum yet again and whisper

“Fill me with your cum!! I want you to cum inside me… “

It’s as if Escort Kocaeli by saying that I opened the floodgate… you cum inside, filling me to the brim. I squeeze my pussy muscles as you throb in me and keep squeezing as you slowly cum down from where you were, you shiver from the pleasure.

All of a sudden we hear something… “Someone’s coming,” I whisper. You pull out and quickly do up your trousers as I pull my skirt down and do up my shirt. I look for my bra, but realise I took it off before I got here, thinking of wanting you and hoping you would taste my nipples…

It was nothing, just a sound in the corridor. It’s time for me to leave anyway so I pick up my bag, and text books.

“Thank you, I have to go… ”

You look at me, a woman with pert 20 year old breasts and smile… “Bye then. I’ll see you tomorrow I hope. ”

I smile and leave… I have an appointment with my maths tutor tonight, university is so much fun.

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