Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 12


Gus woke up early and readied himself for work, letting Aaron sleep. Aaron was on his side with his scars, tattoo and four toes exposed, a body pillow between his legs. His skin had a softness and warmth to it that were visible to Gus as he made his way in and out of his bedroom preparing for work. Aaron snored softly, it was calming to Gus, almost like the purr of a complacent cat. Gus liked everything about this man. His agreeable nature, his ruggedness, his caretaker instincts, his openness, his honesty, his drool inducing body, his soft fur, his piercing blue eyes, and his captivating smile. Gus couldn’t help but putter around with a hard on all morning, just knowing this sexy Marine was in his bed. He wanted to get into the office early so he could use his Friday afternoon to get some gear readied up for he and Aaron’s weekend. He leaned over the bed and kissed Aaron softly on the forehead, not waking him, and left for work, placing a note on the butcher block the two had made love on the evening before. It read:

“Good morning Marine,

You looked so peaceful and handsome sleeping in my bed that I didn’t want to wake you. Please make yourself at home and be here as long as you want. There are some eggs in the fridge and the pot of coffee is still on, cups are in the cabinet above it. When you leave, just lock the handle on the front door from the inside on your way out. I’m at work, and should be off by the early afternoon. Feel free to shoot me a text or give me a call over the lunch hour. I’ll see you soon.



About an hour later Aaron stirred, he rolled over and there was no Gus, causing him to sit up abruptly and look around. “Gus, where are you?” Aaron said loudly. No response. Feeling a bit awkward being in Gus’ place for the first time and not knowing where he was Aaron grabbed Gus’ robe out of the bathroom and covered himself as he made his way downstairs still calling for his fisherman. When get into the kitchen he noticed Gus’ note which was sitting next to his cell phone on the butcher block. Aaron smiled, happy that Gus had felt so comfortable with him that he didn’t wake him before he left, but also partly wishing that he had woken him. Aaron made himself a cup of coffee and sat on Gus’ couch with his phone. Gus had left Aaron’s pile of clothes, ripped off in their passionate embrace last night, folded on the side of the couch. Aaron sipped his coffee and turned on his phone to a barrage of messages. One from Gus saying good morning and seeing if he was awake, and three from Mark’s family, one from his mom, and two from his sister.

Aaron opened the messages from Mark’s sister.

“OMG Aaron, Mark spoke today, you have to see this.”

The next message was a video message of Mark, sitting on the back porch of his family’s farm, smiling. “Mark say hi to Aaron, I have you on video, come on, we know you can do it.” Mark looked into the camera, and as clear as the day said, “Hi Aaron,” and then looked back out over the field.

“Holy shit,” Aaron thought, “He can talk, holy shit.” To Aaron it was overwhelming to hear Mark’s voice again, for the first time in three years. He didn’t know what to do, how to respond, what to say back. He was in shock. It sounded like the Mark he knew, his mind filled with too many thoughts and questions to process and he set his phone down and stood up. He grabbed another cup of coffee from Gus’ pot and paced around his living room.

He picked up his phone and texted Mark’s sister back.

“Holy Shit Callie, that’s amazing, that’s the first time I’ve heard his voice in three years. Is he talking a lot, does he know what’s going on around him, is he having conversations?”

Aaron’s phone rang shortly after, it was Mark’s sister. He answered,


“Hey Aaron, good morning.”

“Mark? Is that you?”

“Yep. It’s me. You must have a million questions.”

“I do, it’s so good to hear your voice. Could you talk this whole time?”

“Physically, I guess the answer is yes, I could, but mentally and emotionally, no, not until yesterday. I know that probably sounds insane.”

“What happened yesterday to flip the switch?” Aaron asked still in shock that he was having a conversation with his husband for the first time since the attack that took most of his limbs, and left him inches from death. His mind filled with so many things. He’d told Mark everything, and Mark had understood. He’d poured his heart out to him so many times over the last three years. Brutal honesty, anger, depression, anxiety, fear, Mark had heard it all. On top of that, he was sitting naked in Gus’ house, talking to Mark. rus escort Aaron’s entire world was spinning.

“I just wasn’t ready to communicate, Aaron, I’m sorry.”

“Weren’t ready to communicate? I don’t understand. You know I’d do anything in the world for you, Mark.”

“I know, and that’s part of why I couldn’t say anything,” Mark responded.

“That makes no sense to me. I’m sorry, this is really overwhelming. I’m so glad to hear your voice again, Mark.”

“I’ll put it this way, Aaron, I saw you happy for the first time, in many years on Wednesday night, when Gus came over. I know that you’ve met someone special, I like him too. I could tell by the way you talked about the fishing trip you took with him. I know that you love me, and that you’ll never abandon me. I want happiness for you in all that it entails. And there are certain things I’m physically unable to do any longer. When I had seen with my own eyes that you’d finally opened yourself up to someone else, it made it easier for me to come to the decision to start communicating. I know that probably doesn’t make any sense.” Mark responded.

“No, it doesn’t Mark, but it doesn’t matter. We can talk about it now, which makes me so happy. So you hadn’t forgotten who I was, forgotten that we were married, forgotten about who we were before the attack?” Aaron asked.

“I did lose a lot of memories, I won’t lie, but you helped me rebuild them, and remember them through talking to me about them. I did and do remember you, Aaron, and could not be more grateful and thankful for the commitment and love you’ve shown me without question through so many difficult things.” Mark stated.

Aaron was in tears, trying to hold it together in Gus’ living room. What the fuck was he going to to do now, did this change anything with him and Gus? It surely changed things with him and Mark, but how would it manifest?

“I can get out to the farm today, to see you, it’s only a couple hours away.” Aaron said.

“I’ll see you on Sunday, Aaron, it’s no worry, really. I’m here with all my family and have plenty of catching up to do with a whole reunion full of people. Stay in town, be with Gus, and I’ll see you in a couple days,” Mark replied.

“Really? Are you sure?”

“I’m certain. I love you Aaron, and I always will, and I’ll see you on Sunday. Tell Gus that I said hello and that I look forward to talking to him next week,” Mark chuckled.

“Okay, Mark, I’ll look forward to seeing you on Sunday, then. I love you.”

“I love you too, Aaron.”

Aaron hung up the phone. He felt so many things he couldn’t express. With tears running down his face he let out a loud scream, then texted Gus.

“Hey handsome, thank you for your sweet note. I’m about to head out from your place and head home. Call me when you go on lunch, have something to tell you. xo”

Gus received Aaron’s text and smiled, he was glad that Aaron had rested well in his bed, and in his home. Gus’ day was carrying along normally, and he was ahead of schedule with most of his work, he might event be able to take the afternoon off and head out at lunch time.

He texted Aaron back, “Will do, probably just a half day for me. Call you on my way home.”

Aaron got dressed, washed his and Gus’ coffee cups, placed them on the counter, locked Gus’ door and headed home. Aaron didn’t have a full time job since he retired from the military. He received a pension, and supplemental support from the government for being Mark’s primary caretaker. From time to time he’d contract work for one of the large defense contractors in the area, usually from home to assist with proposals about equipment still needed for the never-ending war efforts abroad. He was also an advocate and writer for the wounded veterans group in town, and would help them with their solicitations, mailings, phone banking and annual reports. Aaron had a good life. He had two men who loved him now, and he was worried that the revelation that Mark could speak, and that Mark knew everything, might scare Gus away, he didn’t want that, he truly had fallen for Gus’ and he still loved Mark, like he’d said from the beginning. “Gus will understand,” he thought, as he pulled into his driveway.

Emotion hit Aaron again as he walked passed he and Mark’s wedding picture. “That bastard stayed mute for three years, why, why the fuck would he hold his tongue for that long?” Aaron thought as he made his way through the kitchen into the garage. Some time fishing tomorrow morning with Gus would do his mind good he thought. There was a calmness that always came over Aaron yenimahalle escort when he was near, on, or in the water. The mechanics, techniques, and unknowns of fishing added to his relaxation. He pulled out a couple of his spin cast rods and got them rigged up, and prepared a small tackle box with a set of a dozen different baits he wanted to throw at the spot on the river he had in mind. Aaron had everything set, and organized in the corner of his garage for tomorrow, and as he stepped back into the kitchen, his pocket buzzed, it was Gus.

“Hey fisherman, hows your day?”

“It’s been good Marine, how bout yours? Get some good sleep?”

“I slept well, bubba, thank you for having me stay over last night, it felt so nice to sleep in your arms,” Aaron replied.

“I’m glad you stayed, I’ve been thinking about you all day, look forward to spending time with you this weekend. I’m off work until Monday morning, what are you up to this afternoon?”

“I just finished rigging up my rods, and getting a tackle box packed for tomorrow, so I’m all set on that front.”

“I need to do the same, and also thought I’d hit the grocery store for some beers and food for the party tomorrow afternoon. Want to hang out? I’d be glad to have you back over to my place, we could run some errands together,” Gus suggested.

“Sounds good to me, plus I have something I have to tell you and I’d rather do it in person,” Aaron replied.

“Okay, everything alright Aaron Green?”

“Yeah, everything is okay, good actually, just got some crazy news. When will you be home, I’m gonna hop on the shower and throw my gear in the truck but then I’ll head back your direction,” Aaron responded.

“Should be home in the next ten minutes or so, I’ll see you soon.”

“See you soon furry man.”

Gus was curious what Aaron wanted to tell him in person. What kind of good news wouldn’t be shared immediately in excitement. He had no idea. “Guess I’ll find out soon enough,” Gus thought.

Gus was making himself some lunch when Aaron knocked on the door, “It’s open,” Gus yelled through the living room, and Aaron entered.

“Hey handsome, look at you in your business casual, looking all professional,” Aaron chuckled as he kissed Aaron and patted him on his ass.

Gus resumed making his sandwich for lunch, “You eat anything yet, want a sandwich?”

“Sure, I’ll take one,” Aaron replied.

“So, this news that you needed to share in person, spill it, you’ve got me all nervous.” Gus said as he continued prepping lunch.

Aaron took a deep breath and began, “So I was sitting right over there on your couch this morning, checking my messages on my phone, and I had a couple messages from Mark’s family. One of them was a video message.”

Aaron opened up the message on his phone and played it for Gus.

“Holy shit, Mark can talk!” Gus gasped, “That’s great news!”

“It’s all a bit overwhelming. Yes, it is great news. Mark and I spoke on the phone shortly after for a couple minutes. He told me he’s been able to talk for most of the time I’ve been taking care of him since the attack, but he has chosen not too, I feel like I’m a clusterfuck of emotions about it, I don’t understand why he’d stay silent,” Aaron responded. “He told me not to come out there, and to spend the weekend with you, also told me to tell you hi, and that he’d see me on Sunday, that he had a lot of catching up with his family to do, and that he liked how happy you make me, and that he loved me, and” Aaron blabbered on the brink of tears.

“Whoa whoa there, cowboy, it’s okay,” Gus interjected. Gus put down the lunch supplies and walked over to Aaron, embracing him in a full bear hug, “It’s okay, you’re okay, this is good news, you’re okay.” Gus held Aaron for a couple minutes, until he calmed down and his breathing normalized.

“Aaron, that’s a lot to think about, no doubt, and you and Mark will have a lot of time to catch back up, to ask all the why’s and when’s and what’s, you’ll get all your answers eventually, I’m sure of it,” Gus said calmly.

“Where does this put us, Gus, I’m worried about that, too?” Aaron asked.

“Right where we are Marine, and right where we’ve been going, it doesn’t change a thing on my end, unfortunately for you, I’ve fallen for you, I think you know that. I’m glad that Mark can, and will speak, and I look forward to getting to know him,” Gus responded, “You had a ring on your finger when we met, and you still wear it today, if it didn’t scare me off then, it doesn’t scare me off now that I can actually communicate with your husband. So are you still up for it? For just seeing where things go with us, and taking them as the come, communicating about it through and through? Gus asked.

“Yes. Thank you. I am. And as weird as it might sound, I think you’re the reason Mark started talking again. He said something about how he could tell how happy you made me, and it made him happy, and comfortable enough to start expressing himself verbally again,” Aaron responded.

“Hmm. Welp, guess we’ll need to ask him about that after this weekend then huh?” Gus smiled.

“Guess so,” Aaron followed.

The men carried on with their afternoon, ate lunch, and made a grocery store run together. They made sure to grab enough beer for the weekend, and Aaron got all the supplies he needed to make a shareable appetizer to take with them tomorrow afternoon. After they put away the groceries, Gus invited Aaron to join him in the basement to give him some insight on what they were fishing for tomorrow so Gus’ could get rigged up and a tackle box or two prepared for their excursion. Gus’ basement was a fisherman’s dream. All sorts of equipment and tackle organized with precision, there was even a trolling saltwater kayak. Aaron was impressed, and walked around the basement taking it all in. He and Gus both shared a love for their favorite hobby that most people wouldn’t understand, and in the basement he saw the full extent of Gus’ passion for the sport.

“Wow Gus you planning to open up your own fishing store? This is incredible,” Aaron said, as be picked through lures, and walked along the full wall rack holding two dozen different rods and reels.

“I actually thought about opening up my own shop at one point,” Gus replied, “But then I’d never be able to go fishing, so I decided against it.” Gus smiled at Aaron’s excitement of all of his supplies.

“We could literally go to any body of water and you’d have the right supplies already in hand,” Aaron said.

“There’s always more equipment,” Gus quipped, “Plus where would I meet hot Marines who want to suck me off in the fitting room if I don’t make a venture to the man mall every once in a while?” Gus laughed. Aaron’s laughter followed immediately and the two embraced with a passionate kiss. “I’m still amazed that all of this has transpired in a week, it’s been a whirlwind, Marine, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m glad we’re where we are,” Gus said, looking into Aaron’s beautiful eyes.

“I am too, Gus Wolfe.”

The men’s passion overtook them and within five minutes Gus’ was sprawled out on the floor of his fishing den, ass up, inviting Aaron inside of his saliva drenched asshole. Aaron was the essence of versatile – an eager and passionate bottom and a patient and loving top. After getting good and comfortable with Aaron’s full weight inside him, Gus flipped over onto his back. Aaron grabbed a couple of bucktail lures Gus had sitting on a nearby shelf and used the feathers to tickle Gus’ nipples while he pushed into him from a kneeling position. Gus’ nipples were rock hard and Aaron matched his motion to the circular motion of the feathers that teased Gus’ thick pelt and stimulated his desire. Gus was in heaven. He managed to hold back his load a bit longer than the first time Aaron fucked him, but only by a couple of minutes. Gus and Aaron stared deeply into each other’s eyes as Aaron picked up the pace. They both came at the exact same moment, Aaron into Gus, and Gus, without touching himself, shot three full spurts into his beard.

“Goddamn Marine you feel so good inside me,” Gus shared breathlessly.

Aaron leaned down on top of him and licked up a glob of Gus’ cum from his beard, holding it in his mouth for a moment before swallowing it down. “I love the way you taste, I love the way you smell, I love the way you work my ass, I love the way you hold my cock inside you, I love your handsome smile, I love your beautiful eyes, I love your thick pelt, I love you Gus,” Aaron said, taking Gus’ mouth in his own for a post-sex kiss as he ran his hands through Gus’ fur.

“I love you too, Aaron.”

The two men got up, and in their fishing uniforms, decided which lures Gus should pack up for the morning, based on what Aaron had already packed and where they were headed. The were going after large mouth at a spot on the river where the water flattened out for a hundred yards between two patches of rapids. Rocky bottom, with some grass patches and some deep holes. Aaron also shared that he’d caught flatheads, smallies, blue cats, crappie, and sunfish at this particular place, so the two men made some tackle choices that would allow for a wide variety of spin cast action. Gus brought a couple of rods and the tackle box with him, and the two men went upstairs to cook dinner together, and enjoy each other’s company for the evening. They had a busy day planned for tomorrow and they were both excited for the adventures ahead.

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