Adult Situations Ch. 13-14


Chapter 13 — Friend and Family

Friends and family. Ross recalled that in his younger years that was one of the crazy calling plans for your land-line telephone. That was before everyone pretty much had their own phone number and unlimited calls to anybody, anywhere, just about in the world.

Friends and family. That’s what I saw when I looked around the patio on the warm evening. Most people were wearing only their bathing suit bottoms — men and women. I loved seeing women’s bare breasts.

The grill was cooking a large batch of corn on the cob. In the kitchen ready to broil on the grill were steaks, chicken, and salmon. We had a little of everything for everybody.

I was surprised at how social the crowd had become in so short a time. Crystal was the link between everybody there, and many of the people hadn’t met before. There was a good buzz of conversation and laughter.

There were sixteen of us:

Dave (me) and Crystal (my fiancée)

Ross (my dad) and Trish (Crystal’s sister; Ross’s fiancée)

Brian and Beth (Crystal and Trish’s parents)

Greg and Darlene (friends)

Mitch and Deborah (friends)

Jake and Molly (client of Crystal)

William and Allison (client of Crystal)

Kit and Dax (clients of Crystal)

Crystal had made sure in her conversations and telephone calls that everyone understood about the open sex and swinging that was on the agenda for the evening. She also explained to the others about her parents interest in being full participants.

The previous night Crystal and Trish, along with Ross and me, had revealed everything about our sex-filled lifestyle to Beth and Brian. Of course, there was some rather significant sex involved with them, including some incest.

Crystal was at first hesitant about being with her father, as was Trish, but then they realized that they hadn’t really seen much of him for the past ten years since they went off to school and then took jobs. That level of separation plus the basic love they felt bridged the gap. Ross and I made Beth very happy, too; at one point the two of us worked on her together.

Despite the prospect of a major orgy at our party of nearly epic proportions, at least for me, people were hyper-friendly, laid back, and really relaxed. That afternoon, Ross had bought and had delivered another picnic table so that everyone could sit at one long table when the two tables were put together end to end. He was into the whole group friendship scene. He also ordered several more chaises, but they needed to be delivered.

Better yet, the daring Allison had arranged for Crystal to put one of his televisions on the patio. The video she’d done with me was playing in an endless loop. Molly then asked that her video also be shown along with Allison’s. Thus, Jake was appropriately chagrined as the video showed what his wife had done with me. Jake was the cuckold and it was public knowledge. He blushed and avoided commenting. Molly made sure we all knew that I’d fucked her silly and that she’d shown her husband.

William, on the other hand, had given out a hall pass and the video was one result that he hadn’t expected. He had more of a stag-vixen relationship with Allison and was proud about the surprise present she’d given him on Valentine’s Day.

As for me, the ‘other man’, I didn’t like seeing myself on TV that way, at least in a crowd situation. I sure had liked fucking Molly and Allison, and later Kit, however. I had requests to do it again that night.

Crystal had yet to video or do the editing of the video or photography of Kit and Dax. They’d asked for a foursome with Crystal and me. They’d also be at our party and be full and willing participants. The surprise visit by Crystal and Trish’s parents had disrupted the scheduling with them slightly.

Crystal had also alerted the guests in her invitation that she’d have a few video cameras scattered around the premises after the ‘romantic’ activity started. I wondered what the end result of that would be like.

After dinner, there was a mass migration to the pool and the Jacuzzi. All the bikini bottoms and swim suits were shed, too. I loved the variety of how the women treated their pubes. Most were carefully manicured, but Molly had a full bush inside her somewhat conservative bikini. Beth still had a healthy crop, and Kit was bald as a cue ball. The others were in between.

Couples paired off in the pool or spa, and not with their usual partner. Everyone was in tune with the spirit of the evening to diversify and explore.

Not surprising, Deborah captured me and announced that I was ‘hers’ for the next hour. I assured her that I was so worked up, she’d only need a minute or two. She laughed and then grabbed ahold of my cock and did a quick massage to get my juices really flowing as I swelled further.

Couples started to line up along both sides of the pool towards the shallow end rendering blowjobs or cunnilingus to their partner of the moment. Brian esmer gaziantep escort and Darlene were performing on the edge of the spa.

I gently kissed my way around Deb’s upper body, taking time as I passed each breast to suckle the nipple to a white-hot state. We French kissed a lot, too. Our tastes of each other were like a finely inspired cuisine.

I set Deb up on the side of the pool a few feet away from Mitch and Crystal on one side of us, and Beth and Greg on the other side — daughter and mother both being romanced, and having their pussies eaten by two experts.

I focused my mouth and all my kisses to Deb’s private area, along with some fingers eager to again feel the resiliency of her great pussy. The more I teased with my fingers deep inside her, probably touching her G-spot, and with my tongue on her clit, the more her body arched. Deb was moaning and I realized that only her head and shoulders and her feet were touching the deck because she was arched so much. She was like a rainbow of aroused and pulsing female body.

Suddenly, she erupted. “AAARRRGGGUUUGGGHHHH!!! FUCK THAT’S GOOD.” I’m sure the entire neighborhood heard her. She continued, “You are the best pussy eater and finger fucker. I know where to come for the best orgasms in the world.” Most of the others had turned to look at us, too.

I teased, “What about Mitch?”

“He’s good, too. Ask Crystal. Oh, look; they’re fucking now.”

Sure enough, Crystal was now on the edge of the pool’s shallow end, and Mitch had just sunk his man meat into her gorgeous little pussy. I knew what that felt like, so I knew he was in some kind of pussy heaven and also that he was having trouble resisting the urge to blast all the semen in his body into her. I smiled and hoped she was also getting off on his cock.

Deb said, “Time for you to fuck me.” She scooted to the edge of the pool and spread her legs wide, thus creating a more or less engraved invitation for me to take my stiff cock and plunge it into her body.

I didn’t plunge; that would have been too rough. I put the spongy head right into her wet slit, moved it around a little to gather some lubricant, and then pushed into her. I think Deb had a small orgasm. Her whole body shuddered and her arms around me tightened. The moan was pretty loud, too.

Next to us, Greg was fucking Beth and she had an orgasm that made her gasp and claw at the air for additional oxygen. Greg was skilled at eliciting responses like that from the women he was with.

I glanced at Crystal and she and I locked eyes. She smiled at me and said, “Fuck her, Dave. Fuck her well. I want the residue.”

We fucked for another five minutes and then Deb said she needed something cushier under her butt. We got out of the pool and took to one of the chaises. Brian and Darlene were next to us; they’d moved from the side of the Jacuzzi to a chaise.

As Deb and I got situated and reconnected, I wondered how many men end up fucking somebody next to their future father-in-law. Our openness about doing sexual activities had sure created some strange situations.

I buried myself back in Deb as she wrapped her legs around me. We were making out like crazy. Over my shoulders, I heard Crystal cum with a staccato burst of little cries. Mitch must have joined her because I heard his deeper masculine exclamation about the same time.

Deb and I finished up after she’d had a few more orgasms. I felt more in control of my own ejaculation than ever before. I’d waited until I was sure Deb was cumming with a larger girl explosion before I nudged myself off the edge and into a climax. I filled up the poor girl with a gallon of my jizz.

We lay there and cuddled for a bit and then I felt Deb’s body jerk and tremble. I looked down and there was Crystal with her mouth latched onto Deb’s pussy. She was doing clean up duty.

A minute later, Crystal and Deb started to snowball some of the large load that I’d left inside. Crystal called it cum-play. I waited, expecting one or both of them to try to do the same with me. Neither did. There was no shock value because they both knew I would have gladly done the same thing.

Brian, however, was fair game. The two hot, naked women both brought mouthfuls of collected fluids to him and then made out with him, insisting on French kisses. He was a good sport about it, and joining in willingly.

After some playtime, Deb, Brian, Crystal, and I went to the outdoor bar to get some ice water. Sex had heated us up in terms of both arousal and body temperature.

Brian bluntly asked Deb if she were ‘free’ — our group speak for ‘Do you want to fuck?’ The two of them went off together, returning to the same chaise she’d just been on with me. Now, my future father-in-law was getting into my sloppy seconds.

Dax and Kit came up. “How about a review of ‘cumming’ attractions?” He laughed, and Crystal and I joined them. We’d talked about the imminent video earlier.

Kit gaziantep esmer escort was a small buxom brunette with naturally warm Mediterranean complexion all over and green eyes that bore into my soul. She came over and pulled my head down to her level and kissed me. I guessed that she was about eight inches shorter than I was. Dax was about my height, more muscular, but had a more natural tan. He also had sandy colored hair that was kind of unkempt, giving him a beach boy appearance.

The two women moved to Dax and me simultaneously. There was no shyness in the opening round of kisses, and I’m sure that he was enjoying Crystal’s taut breasts pushing against his chest, just as I did with Kit.

We held each other close as we walked back to where the chaises were lined up a few feet from the edge of the pool. We took chaises next to each other. Kit said, “Dax really gets off watching me with another man. That makes it sound like we’ve done a lot of that, but most of it has been fantasy descriptions while we’ve been making love. We have found partners to do something three times before, and that’s over the past six years, and each time was a ‘one off’. Having met you and this group, we’re hoping you’ll keep inviting us. We love the group sex situations here.”

I explained, “Well, Crystal and I just started in on this a few months ago. I guess you heard that we moved in with Ross and Trish, and then we had two other couples join us a couple of times a week for some sexy times. We’re always doing something sexual around here, even when it’s just the four of us.”

“I think that’s so cool. You get to have different partners almost all the time. I love Dax, but I also love variety. He was a pussy hound in college, and I was one his discoveries. Since we got married seven years ago, we’ve been pretty staid, except for those couple of nights I mentioned. We would have loved to repeat the swapping, but the opportunity wasn’t there.”

I said, “Well, I think you’ve both made a good impression on the folks here. You’re welcome to come back. Just check with Ross or me to be sure we’re going to be around. I think every Saturday will be something like this.

Being as small as she was, Kit liked the ‘woman on top’ position. After some blowing, sucking, and some eating of luscious pussy, she had me lie back and she mounted me. She had a snapping pussy; she could grasp and clench my organ as we fucked, and it was like a great fuck with an added handjob at the same time. What muscle control.

Kit was blown away when I ate her out some more after we’d finished. I made sure she got a few more orgasms to round out our fuck session. I offered to snowball with her, but she held up her hand and said she wanted to think about that.

Dax watched our finish in a state of high arousal. As I finally sat up and thought we were done, he moved to the same chaise, said something about ‘Reclamation Sex’, and started to make love to his wife.

Crystal and I both crept away and went back to the bar. She said that Dax was nice, and got exceptionally aroused watching his wife with me. Of course, Jake was doing the same thing about his wife Molly as she was fucking with other men; he was just more open about the cuckold mindset. Molly had done nothing to publicly humiliate or demean him other than pointing out that I was her lover in the video that got played earlier, a point that scored her big points in my book.

Some of the women had sex together as the rest of us watched after the second round. To my surprise, Beth — my future mother-in-law — led one of the more erotic and sexual liaisons with Darlene and Deborah also involved.

Beth ultimately fisted both women, getting her hand and much of her forearm inside each of the women as they moaned and orgasmed from her ministrations. Beth also ate out their messy and cummy pussies, and then snowballed the resultant mixtures with both of them, often in a crossway.

Molly came to me for the third round. Her husband Jake watched as we kissed and as she pushed her erect nips against my chest and lured me to a nearby chaise. He adopted a seat at the bar, apparently having reached his own limit. I doubt his eyes left his wife for the next hour as we played together and then made love. I resolved to not let his leering at us bother me.

Molly was very expressive and hyped up sexually. She started in on me, resurrecting my overworked cock and even commenting on loving the taste of previous pussy on my shaft. She had been part of some sapphic play between some of the women; she told me the whole lezzie scene was a new adventure for her that she liked.

I ate Molly for a while and we even did a side-by-side sixty-nine. I thought that was especially revealing to Jake, given the angle from where he sat and the open exposure of her pussy as I lapped, sucked, bit, and tongued the whole area and brought her to several obvious body-shaking orgasms.

After that, she gaziantep esmer escort bayan mounted me and placed both my hands on her engorged breasts. She instructed, “Pinch and fondle. You can eat them, too. I love to have my nipples sucked on and bitten.” I did as commanded as she rode me and I enjoyed the warmth of her cunt wrapped around my dick. Eventually, when I could tell she was peaking, I joined her and she fell into my arms and our lips rejoined in more epic kisses.

I gave Molly one more orgasm as I ate her pussy after our hot fuck. Jake came closer with bottles of water for each of us.

Molly teased her husband right to the edge of what I thought was acceptable, “See Jake. A man like Dave goes down on me after fucking me and leaving me all full of cum. He even gave me more orgasms after he got his rocks off. He’s not even bothered that there might be jizz inside me from the men I fucked earlier tonight. You’ve got to learn to do that.”

Jake just nodded in an accepting way. I wasn’t sure he was fully onboard with that new agenda item, but he said, “I will, honey. I’ll do it for you.”

I left the two of them and went back to the bar. Over my shoulder, I saw Jake going down on his wife just the way I had. I couldn’t hear them, but she was obviously urging him on. I knew some of my jizz was still oozing out of her.

Looking around the patio, I did a head count and realized that Dax and Kit had left, along with Darlene and Greg. I wondered whether they’d left together, but figured I’d hear more about anything like that the next day.

Beth, my future mother-in-law, was curled up with Mitch — Deb’s husband — on one of the chaises. His cock was still inside her and they were still actively fucking but at a very slow rate. They seemed to be more interested in making out or for him to be sucking on one or the other of her beautiful breasts. I briefly wondered whether Crystal or Trish would enlarge to their mother’s size as they aged, perhaps after nursing a child.

I went around the patio and collected abandoned plastic cups and a few bottles, and did some other straightening. I saw Crystal with William, Allison’s husband, but they were sitting and talking; he had his arm around her. I’d seen them making love together earlier.

* * * * *

I was up early and started to prepare breakfast for the six of us. Crystal was close behind me, and gave me a wifely kiss as she came into the kitchen area. Beth followed her and I got a similar kiss. Both women were only wearing bikini bottoms, so I felt a stir in my groin as they appeared and expressed affection to me with our bare chests together. Did I mention that I love skin-on-skin contact?

Beth said, “That was quite a party last night. I love all your friends. If we lived closer, I’d want to do that every weekend.”

Crystal teased her mother, “Well, you already have the beginnings of a group like that with all the friends you told us about.”

Beth looked thoughtful. She liked the idea of the group sex party more and more. She had mentioned that she and Brian had friends that were intimate, so I kind of thought that ship had already sailed, but I learned later that they typically got together as couples and not as an entire group.

I asked Crystal, “Did last night do anything for Crystal Blue Photography?”

She laughed, “I hope so. Dax and Kit remain enthused about doing another private porn film with the two of us, but I think they just want to fuck with us some more. Allison said that she had shown her photo album and parts of the DVD to a couple of close friends and that they want to do the same thing. So, I think there’ll be some new business.

“More than that, though, is that I loved having them in our mix of friends. I do want to invite them for future parties. They helped make the evening and party the success that it was.”

I asked, “Did Dax and Kit connect with Greg and Darlene? I noticed they had left about the same time.”

Crystal grinned. “They did. They were going to swap, but Greg suggested they do it at their home so their guests could sleep over in the midst of their swap. Darlene told me their plans before they left. I’ll get the juicy details later today, I suspect.”

“Nice. Glad to see some new friendships develop out of our social event.”

Beth laughed, “Socio-sexual event, you mean.”

We finished our breakfast at a slow pace. Afterwards, Beth and Brian packed up their bags, kissed us all goodbye, and headed home. They got an open-ended invitation to come back whenever the mood struck for as long as they wanted.

In the afternoon, I sat with Crystal as she reviewed the recorded videos from the previous night’s party. There were some amazing scenes. I suggested she blur the faces and put them up on some adult website. That earned me a really broad smile from my fiancée.

Chapter 14 — Blue Movies

Crystal asked me over dinner one night, “I need to hire somebody that’s really conversant with video editing software. Do you know anybody that might fit that brief job description?”

The question was aimed at me because I worked in the computer industry. I’d grown up a nerd and let those tendencies lead me into a nice high paying job, even as the head of my own company specializing in that niche. I even had several other nerds working for me on a contract basis for when things got really busy.

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