Acquaintance of the Family Pt. 01


I first met Ed at a family gathering one summer when I was in college. My family on my mothers side had deep connections to the area in which I went to school and every year we would gather at a grand house on the lake that my uncle used to take care of before he moved away. The owner gave him use of the house for at least two weeks every summer and we would grill, drink, and swim until we were exhausted. It was a beautiful property and the house itself had 4 floors. The bottom floor led to the lake and had a sauna and a small gym area. The first floor had an outrageously comfortable sitting area and large windows overlooking the lake along with a nice little kitchen. The top two floors were filled with bedrooms, including the master bedroom on the top floor, which I eventually found out belonged to Ed, the current caretaker, when the house was otherwise unoccupied.

I was helping my uncle out with grilling and just having a drink on the patio when Ed first came around to grab something he had left in the house. My uncle was old friends with Ed and they greeted each other warmly before my uncle said, “Have you met Matt, Ed? He’s going to school up here now.”

I thought I caught Ed looking me up and down quickly. I was wearing tight shorts and a tight shirt that really showed off my tight young figure. My blond hair fell down around my shoulders. There had been rumors that Ed was something of a bull in the local gay scene, which was kind of on the dl and quite small. Kind of an open secret kind of thing that I had heard murmurs of before from family members.

“No kidding,” Ed said in response with a grin. “You like it up here, eh? Not a whole lot to do.”

“Oh, I love it. And I find ways to stay active,” I said with a smile. “The occasional party here and there.”

“Not a whole lot of girls, though, I suppose,” he said, slyly.

Just as slyly, I responded, “Oh, I’m not too worried about that,” giving him kind of a side eye to see his reaction. There, I had dropped the hint.

Ed happened to be just my type. He was in incredible shape, essentially a triathlete, who spent his large amount of free time exercising and working out. He had a strong chiseled face and tight muscles. Frankly, he was hot as fuck.

Ed considered me thoughtfully for a moment when I casually let him know I didn’t care about girls before we continued a pleasant but shallow conversation about school and the area etc. We clearly were hitting it off but before long, he decided he had to go about his business. Probably didn’t want to raise any suspicion, lol.

The last thing he said was, “Well, maybe I’ll see you around, Matt,” with a smile and a slight raising of his eyebrows. A hint of interest maybe?

“Hopefully,” I replied, returning the look and kind of hoping our connection was what I thought it was. With that he went about his business.

After he got what he needed, Ed was within sight of me as he was walking from the house and I watched him from the side of my vision as he went, checking him out one last time. Before he went out of view, I caught him turn around and look at me. I decided to call him out and let him know that I noticed by giving him a little wave. I thought I noticed Ed blush slightly as he waved back and turn the corner.

I was excited by meeting Ed but I assumed I would just use it as fantasy material, maybe jerking off to the thought of hooking up with him, but not really thinking too much of it. I had plenty more drinks, had a great night, and moved on.

Maybe a month later, I was horny as fuck one night. It was still August, so the area was very quiet and virtually no one from school was around yet. Let’s just say I hadn’t gotten laid in a while. I fantasized about hooking up with Ed for a week or so after meeting him but had since gotten on to different jerk off material. Our paths didn’t really have a chance to cross and to be honest I’m not even sure what I would say to him to instigate a hook up if they did. “Hey, feel like dicking down your old friend’s nephew?”

That being said, this one night I was so fucking horny. I went online looking to see if anyone around the area was hanging around adam4adam but the pickings were usually incredibly thin in the area. Without much hope I started to browse the men that were online. Amazingly, I actually stumbled upon a profile that caught my eye. The main image and the only unlocked one was a clear pic of a man in summer athletic gear. No face yet but he had on small shorts and a tight tank top. He was jacked and tan. I opened the link and read that he was in his 40’s and a top. His blurb said he was looking for a fun, casual hookup with a smart, clean büyükesat escort younger bottom. He said he could host and he claimed he had an 8 inch cock. I was sold.

I sent him a message saying I was totally interested, totally a bottom, and thought our interests matched to a T. I unlocked my profile pics. He now had pics of my body, my ass, my face, and my hard dick. After I pressed send, I waited. And nothing. Ultimately I ended up jerking off to some porn and calling it a night with just slight disappointment. Just before I logged off A4A, I heard a sound and noticed a new message in my inbox.

The guy had written me back! Out of curiosity, I opened it. I wasn’t looking to hook up, having blown my load, but who knows. Maybe something for later.

My brain exploded when I read the first lines in the message. “Hi! Uhh, this is awkward but is this Matt, Dan’s nephew? I don’t know if you’ll remember me but this is Ed, the caretaker of the lake house.” I simultaneously felt my stomach sink in nervousness and excitement rise in my balls and ass as I realized what had happened. Holy shit!

He continued, “I wasn’t sure I would respond to you at first but I figured, hey, we’re both adults. So I wanted to let you know I would be happy to have you over for a couple drinks at some point if you are interested. No pressure to do anything, of course. And because I’ve basically seen your entire body naked at this point, I’ve unlocked my pics for you 🙂 Fair’s fair. Let me know what you think. And again, no pressure. – Ed”

I was knocked over. My sex life had never veered so close to my family life before. I wasn’t sure quite what to do. Suddenly it dawned on me that I had naked pictures of this man I had fantasized about just sitting there, waiting to be opened. I opened his profile and my heart started beating a little bit faster as I took in his full pictures. I recognized his handsome face and his hard body. What really caught my breath was the picture of his cock, hard as steel, sticking out from his muscular crotch area. The 8 inch measurement sure looked accurate and it had a nice muscular heftiness to it that matched the rest of his physique. A picture of his legs and ass made me breath heavy, imagining him driving that cock into me with all his ample force. I knew right away I would meet Ed for a couple drinks. Hopefully, quite a bit more…

Kindly though, Ed had logged out, reducing any pressure to get right back to him. I decided to hold off until the next day so as to not seem too eager (I knew how to play the game, lol). Even though I had just recently busted a load, I was rock hard after the whole thing played out and found myself in bed jerking off, thinking about having that dick in my mouth and Ed’s muscled body driving his manhood into my ass over and over. I came with force and quickly fell into blissful sleep.

I woke up the next morning and was quickly hard as a rock again. I decided I needed to get the ball rolling on this or I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything, lol. I opened up A4A and wrote back. “Hi Ed! Of course I remember you, how could I forget 🙂 I would love to have a couple drinks at your place. Why don’t you text me and we can set up a time. My number is (obviously I’m not gonna write my number in here). Love your pics by the way. – Matt

I sent off my message and began to go about my day, distracted, of course. It was only a couple of hours before I received a text on my phone. It was from an unknown number and it was from Ed. “Hi Matt! Thanks for getting back to me. Would love to have you over tomorrow night. No one staying at the house so I have the whole thing to myself. Does 8 work for you? I’ve got a great bottle of wine I’d love to share with someone.”

Thinking there was no need for playing around anymore, I responded right away. “I would love that, Ed. Can’t wait to spend some time together. See you tomorrow at 8.”

And there it was, I had a date with a hot as fuck 40 year old top who knew everybody in my family at a house I had been going to every year for most of my life. I couldn’t fucking wait.

The next 24+ hours took forever. I made sure to smoke some weed to get great sleep that night before. I wanted to be well rested and energetic, lol. I ate healthy and light and the day simply crawled by as all I could think about was Ed and his masculine aura that I would be basking in later that night.

Eventually, it was around 7 and the time to leave was almost near. I shaved, cleaned up all over, and had a little dinner. I made sure to wear my tightest jeans and shirt, showing off my tight ass and body. I looked cebeci escort at myself in the mirror one last time and nodded in approval. Ed was gonna want to fuck me so hard.

I pulled up to the house right on time after rolling down the long driveway. I could see Ed through the window setting things up and my stomach made a leap as reality set in. He was also wearing somewhat tight clothing. I could see him getting things just right, adjusting a bottle of wine on a table and setting up two glasses. We might just have a nice little connection here. I had felt it when I met him at the family party but I could just tell that this was going to be good.

I knocked on the door and Ed yelled to come in, which I did. I knew the drill and took off my shoes and strode in barefoot as Ed came out of the kitchen.

“Hi there, Ed,” I said somewhat nervously but with a very open smile.

“Hi Matt! So glad to have you here. Must feel weird to be here without the family around, huh?”

“Yeah, a bit,” I said with a little laugh. “But it’s also nice too.”

Ed offered me some wine and I was happy to partake. It was a nice red wine and we sat down on the couch, overlooking the lake, to get a little more comfortable. I felt very comfortable with Ed. He a was a warm man and we talked about a bunch of things. How he came to be up here, school, the area. It really let us settle down and relax. And the wine didn’t hurt either, lol.

We were feeling very comfortable with each other. We had slowly gotten closer and closer with each sip of wine and had begun to flirt more and more. More laughing and light touching of each other. Eventually there was a lull in conversation and we were close enough that Ed naturally put his arm around me and pulled me into his body. Of course, I more than allowed him to take control of the situation. I tucked my legs up onto the couch, making myself smaller, and turned my head towards his as I felt his warmth envelop me. At the same time we leaned in toward each other and our lips met in a firm but tender kiss. With butterflies in my stomach, I pulled away and made eye contact with Ed. We both laughed warmly and went back in for more.

Before long we were full on making out. I started to feel up Eds ample chest and rock hard abs, teasing a journey south towards his cock. When I could take it no longer, I suddenly swung my leg over Ed and straddled him. Ed moaned his approval as we began to make out harder and harder while I slowly dry humped his lap. I could feel his cock swelling in size as I explored his mouth and ample lips. Ed had his hands firmly on my ass and was beginning to try and migrate them down my pants to play with my bare cheeks, and I’m assuming something a little deeper than that 🙂

My cock was so hard against my tight pants that I was beginning to get quite a bit uncomfortable. I figured it was a good excuse to strip down, not that I necessarily needed an excuse, lol.

“It sure is hot in here,” I said. “Maybe I’ll get a little more comfortable if you don’t mind.”

Ed laughed and said, “What do you think? Of course I don’t mind!”

I leaned in and gave him a big kiss on the lips before unstraddling him. I backed up just enough for him to get a show. I can only imagine what I looked like from outside the large windows facing the lake. I ripped my shirt off quickly but I was much more deliberate taking off my pants. I unzipped and unbuttoned before hooking my thumbs around the waist and slowly rocking my hips back and forth while sliding my jeans down to my ankles before stepping out of them. I loved Ed’s big dumb grin on his face while I did this. I then turned around with my ass facing Ed as I slowly bent down, removing my underwear and giving him a good look of my smooth, tight ass. I heard a deep sound from inside Ed’s throat voicing his approval and I can imagine his dick twitched inside his pants. I know that mine did outside my pants!

I turned around and walked as sexily as I could toward Ed. I decided not to try and remove his clothes yet. I wanted to signal that my body was his to do as he pleased with and leave him covered up for a little bit while I was completely naked and exposed. I straddled Ed again and leaned in to plant a kiss on him while he began the process of exploring my smooth, almost hairless twink body. While we made out, Ed was running his hands up and down my thighs, hips, lats and back before finally grabbing a handful of my ass in each hand. He was kneading my ass and allowing his finger to migrate ever closer to my hole, which was buzzing in anticipation. Several times he grazed the entrance, kolej escort which sent electricity up my spine and produced a low moan and an increase in intensity to our kissing.

Ed’s cock was practically bursting through his pants and I could feel him shifting uncomfortably. So I decided enough was enough and it was time to give my new lover some relief.

I started by pulling away from the kiss and reaching down to pull his shirt off. I threw it to the side and appreciated the look of relief on Ed’s face. I leaned back in for a kiss but quickly began to kiss down his neck, to his chest, and then lower as I slunk off him to my knees on the ground at his feet. As I kissed below his navel I unbuttoned his pants, unzipped them, and began to pull his pants off, to which Ed responded by raising his hips. To my delight, I was given quick access to a view of his cock, as Ed had decided not to wear underwear tonight. A smart decision.

In no time, Ed’s rock hard cock was sprung free of his pants and not 6 inches from my face as I pulled his pants off and threw those onto the growing pile of clothes. I took just a second to appreciate his member. Just as it looked in the pictures, Ed’s cock was meaty and a good 8 inches long. It had a muscularity that matched his physique and the cut head was glistening with just a slight sheen of precum.

Not wanting to waste time, I dove in. Feeling no need to tease or build up any more tension. I looked Ed in the eyes while I grabbed his fat dick and, tongue first, put my mouth over his ample head. I made a point of licking off all the precum that had accumulated. I savored the taste before going down on him and pulling back up while applying light suction. Ed threw his head back and moaned while stroking my shoulders. “Holy shit, baby, that feels so fucking good,” he said, as I began to exhibit my expertise at sucking dick.

We settled in to our first real sex act. I really got into it. I massaged his balls, took them into my mouth, swallowed down his shaft, and spending time focusing my mouth on the head while jerking him off. I would look up into his eyes from time to time. Ed was looking at me with true appreciation and approval while stroking my hair softly or lightly grabbing on to my shoulders. When I hit a particularly sensitive spot, he would throw his head back and moan. He was vocal the entire time, telling me how good it felt, how I clearly love sucking dick and generally coaxing me on. Feeling my jaw getting a little tired I focused in on the areas that had made him moan the most, mainly his head, hoping to get him to blow his load into my mouth. I was a hungry little cocksucker! I trapped his head by pursing my lips below his corona and jerked him off hard, using the mixture of saliva and precum that we had produced. Meanwhile I began to use my tongue to lash at his dick head. My assumption was correct and I felt Ed tense up with pleasure and he began to moan louder and louder.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck..” He exclaimed over and over. I could tell he was close so I began to go at a just slightly more intense of a pace. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum, Matt! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!,” he exclaimed.

I prepared myself for the inevitable and kept at my task of handling his hard, now heaving, cock. Within seconds of his exclamation, I felt him pull his hips slightly into the couch before thrusting up slightly and tensing up. Simultaneously, I felt his balls and cock pulse as I felt a large splash of cum spew out of the head that was held in my mouth resulting in my tongue getting coated by a very thick, pungent, and delicious glaze while Ed convulsed in pleasure. I eagerly swallowed his load as he pumped layer after layer of salty glaze into my mouth to the point that I couldn’t keep up my swallowing and I had nice collection of his fluid built up, resulting in one particularly large gulp as his orgasm finally subsided. My entire olfactory system was imbued with the flavor of Ed’s cum as I greedily sucked the last of his load out of his dick. I let his cock drop from my mouth finally and, still on my knees, I made sure to lick my lips and the corner of my mouth to not miss a drop. Ed was in a dazed post-orgasm glow with his legs limp and splayed out.

“Holy shit,” he said. “That was amazing, Matt!” He seemed, at least temporarily, totally spent.

I pulled my self up to sit next to him, laying my hand on his thigh and cuddling up to his chest with a post-blowjob glow of my own going on. I really let myself appreciate the essence of his seed that had permeated my mouth and nose.

“Oh god,” Ed said, “I’m sorry, you need to cum too!” He had a slight note of concern or disappointment in himself in his tone.

I looked at him and said with a mischievous smile, “Don’t worry, I will. When we have round two..”

Ed laughed and said, “Oh yeah, how could I forget round two!” As he said it, his hand found its way to cupping and lightly squeezing my butt cheek as we both anticipated what was to come later in the evening.

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