Ace’s on the High Seas

Belle Delphine

The door buzzer sounded. And again. Sandy opened her eyes slowly, trying to remember where she was. Not remembering anything with great clarity. She could feel the knocking in her head… from the night before. She’d had a few too many at the office party for Christmas.

“I hope I never did anything I might live to regret!” she thought.

The buzzer rang again, this time more shrilly. “Damn, THAT’s what it was…” she got off the couch where she had been sleeping and walked unsteadily to the door, and peeped through the spy hole. “It’s HIM!” she gasped, in her head.

Knowing full well, suddenly, what she had done last night, she called out tentatively, “Wh.. whoo is it?”

A muffled voice, masculine and throaty, burbled from the other side of the door, “Jack Winslow, Miss Taylor, we met last night at the Christmas party for Handworkers Inc.”

Sandy cracked open the door to the limit of the security chain, ‘How can I help you, Jack?” she asked. Her tummy began to squeeze in excitement at seeing Jack, she had always fancied his dark look, from afar, and had often fantasised about him holding her and kissing her. Now he was in front of her, within reach and asking her to let him into her home.

“I was hoping that I could help you, Miss Winslow, as it seemed just a little bit like you were somewhat inebriated after the party last night, and we did all commit to going boating today.”


“Yes, boating, in the bay and up or down the coast.” Jack was beginning to sound a little peeved.

“Oh Shit! Yes… I remember now… vaguely…’ Sandy’s voice trailed off.

She suddenly became aware that they were still conversing through the crack of the door, and got a little flustered and apologetically closed, unlatched and then reopened the door wider to allow Jack access to her flat.

“I’m so terribly sorry, Jack, I passed out on the couch when I got home and woke there when you buzzed my bell. Come in. can I get you some coffee?”

“Let me get the coffee, why don’t you do something about the state of undress you find yourself in… and we can get going…”

Sandy looked down for the first time… and realised that she had only a t-shirt on, and nothing else… and it didn’t quite cover all the places it needed to cover.

Jack had been incredibly taken aback, and had worked hard to hide his shock, and pleasure, at seeing the beautiful flash of pink skin below the shirt, and the distinct shape of two gorgeous round and full breasts under the slight fabric of the t-shirt. He was dressed for the occasion, crisp white shorts, neatly pressed, and a blue and white horizontal striped shirt buttoned twice at the neck. He has a pair of sneakers on and no socks. Sand is impressed with the ensemble and she smiles inwardly.

He could just smell her womanhood, and her scent was musk-filled and rich. He found himself growing in his excitement. He needed to hide his embarrassment, so redirected her attention to getting ready as he busied himself getting coffee for them, as she disappeared into the bedroom and subsequently the bathroom to shower…

Handing her the coffee as she emerged from the bedroom some ten minutes later, her hair damp from the jet of water in the quick shower she had taken to wake up, they gulped it down, and briefly reacquainted themselves with each other. Sandy remembered being finally and officially introduced to the striking figure of Jack Winslow at the start of proceedings last night at the party, and immediately sensed the electric vibe between them when he took her hand in his, and held it for a few seconds as they exchanged glances and names.

Sandy felt a shiver of pleasure ripple though her groin and her tummy… she pinched her muscles together, to try and hold the feeling, remembering the touch last night as they met for the first time. She smiled, and rested her hand on his leg as he sat on the arm of her couch, drinking his coffee as quickly as the hot liquid would allow. I’ve had my eye on you for some time, Mister Winslow, Sandy thought.

He visibly jumped as her hand touched him, and then as it rested a little longer than was almost appropriate, he seemed to squirm even more. The electricity was beginning again.

“We should be going,” he trembled, Kıbrıs Escort “we don’t want people to think that we have gotten lost somehow.”

“And where might that be?” Sandy was quick. Rapier like wit she had was on even before her eyes came open each morning.

“Erm,… I don’t know, stuff … I don’t know, I am just the chauffeur today.” Jack stumbled as he tried to find words. The sight of the T-shirt lifting and flashing him a view of the pleasures it was trying to cover, and then her touching him had completely unnerved him.

Sandy picked up her tote bag and her hand bag a she headed for the door after Jack, and locked the door as she closed them safely on the outside, “Let’s get the show on the road,” she said nonchalantly.

The car ride to the marina was brief, and took them some 20 minutes. The boats they were going to be using were moored to the floating docks already, and the canopies over the deck area were pulled up and tightened off, so that the sun had as little place to burn the revelers as possible.

The large cabin in the centre front of the boat could accommodate a fairly large size group, and the four guests that had decided to take the company launch out today were far less than usually utilised the vessel. The captain and one crew member then, were all that was necessary to manage the boat today. The Captain was already on the upper deck and had his back to Sandy and Jack as they came aboard. His cap set rakishly off to one side, his silver blonde hair and tanned skin showing the suns aging effects had had their chances with him.

Jack helped Sandy into the lower deck area where it formed a sort of well, the gunwale and deck forming one solid unit, the steps to the deck set into the shape of the gunwale as well. The built in sofas around the outside of the deck area were covered with plush leather, fine piping finishing the joints off, and were stuffed and really comfortable to sit on.

Two waitrons stood to attention with trays holding canapés and glasses of champagne that Sandy could take at will as she finished the one held in hand. Jack had a long sip of the glass he took, needing the strength after the flash of hot flesh he had got when he collected Sandy and the electrifying ride over.

Once they were aboard, the moorings were cast off, engines were started, and the craft eased away from the side and began to move to the open seas, the calm evening playing its part as all was serene and picture perfect. Jack stood just behind Sandy, his arm out to support her in case the swell at sea was rougher than thought. They rode the small swell, swaying slightly together, each tense and aware of the other, the smiles on their faces slight, but evident.

Sandy adjusted her position slightly as a larger swell made the boat ride up and roll over the top of it, and she leaned back into Jack almost by accident. His arm closed around her and she used the momentum to have him pull her closer, the back of his hand brushing against the underside of her large breast. An instant and intense current of electricity rushed through her body.

She rested her head on his shoulder allowing the breeze to blow her hair back out of her eyes, and she closed them briefly, took a deep breath of his aroma and then opened them again to appreciate the sunset as it unfolded for them.

“I have an envelope for you.” a voice said suddenly, behind them.

Jack and Sandy both turned together and again they brushed against each other, and the electricity made Sandy feel her nipples start to stiffen and grow under her dress, her skin flashing into a sudden goose flesh. Jack took the envelope and opened it, reading it silently before he turned to Sandy and read it aloud to her.

” “This is to say a huge thank you for the organisation of the event last night. Please use this opportunity to enjoy the sunset, the evening and the cruise up and down the coastline for as long as you wish to. The boat only has to be moored at her home berth by 10 am tomorrow morning, so it is totally at your disposal. You may take her anywhere you wish as long as you are back by then. All her amenities are yours. The food and drink is all for you, in grateful appreciation. Thank you again. Sir Andrew Moorcraft, CEO” “

“Oh Kıbrıs Escort Bayan my god! This is amazing, it appears we are the ONLY passenger on board tonight… apart from the crew!” Sandy said, slightly excitedly. Oh, who am I kidding I’m SO turned on by this, she thought.

She acted instinctively and reached over and aimed a light kiss on Jack’s cheek, at which he twisted ever so slightly and he had her mouth under his, and he was kissing her deeply, his tongue capturing hers with his. She sucked her breath in suddenly and with it his scent was also drawn into her head. She melted, her eyes closed and she breathed in again a few more times to get more of his scent.

Her free hand went around his head and back and pulled him closer as she kissed him back. His hands moved around behind her and squeezed her buttock, feeling the line of her g-string under her sheer cotton dress. He held his glass lightly, looking over her shoulder for a place to set it down. A waitron appeared miraculously and took the half consumed glass of champagne from him, then removed the glass that Sandy held as well, and as magically disappeared like mist.

Jack now had both hands free, as did Sandy. The rocking of the boat had them somewhat unsteady on their feet so the collapsed onto one of the soft couches in the gunwale, and the gust of wind generated by the fall, blew the cotton skirt Sandy was wearing, up into a cloud of cloth and it settled, exposing her thighs to the elements and to Jack’s hands.

Jack was not slow in taking advantage of the opportunity nature had presented and he slid his hand up her thigh and teased the string of the g-string, lifting it before sliding his fingers along the crease of her ass, nudging and teasing his fingers in between her legs. Sandy lifted her leg slightly and allowed him access as she rubbed his cock through the fabric of his shorts.

They were now moaning a little more loudly as they kissed, and Jack had settled a little more comfortably on the couch, and shifted Sandy onto the couch.

“Something tells me these crew members have not been too shocked by this and were expecting it…” he said, quietly to Sandy.

“Mmmm… what are we really doing here…?”

“I’m kissing you, and fondling your ass and pussy, is what we are doing here…”

“No, I mean I hardly know you, and we’re already at this sort of level… What are we doing here…?”

Suddenly his fingers reached a place in her pussy that she knew was going to make any and all resistance crumble, and she twitched a little, then she whispered, “I think I now know what we’re doing… and I like it… do it some more… please…”

Jack rolled his thumb over her clitoris and sent shock waves through Sandy’s body once more. She giggled and rolled over a little more so that he could get at her a little easier… Jack pulled his hand away, and looked around on boat, and no-one was to be seen anywhere. He and Sandy were the only people on deck.

The boat was hardly moving in the dim light after the sunset had faded, and the waves were so small that it felt like they were sailing on a sea of glass, it was so smooth. Dolphins could be seen swimming alongside the boat in the glimmer and sparkle of the bow wave, making their own little waves and splashes as they crashed through the water alongside the vessel.

Sandy leapt to the railing and hung her hand over the side in an attempt to touch one of them, and Jack followed her over, watching her as she bent over the railing, her perky beautiful ass shaped in the cotton of her dress making him want to remove the dress even more. He reached forward and found the zipper holding the dress together, and slid it slowly, erotically down allowing the folds to fall back and reveal her back and the strap of the bra she was wearing… his fingers found the clasp as quickly as the zipper and the clips soon parted and Sandy was hanging over the side virtually naked, her dress and bra now in total disarray.

Sandy stepped back from the railing but kept her back to Jack allowing her dress and bra to fall to the floor. She now only had her heels and her g-string on. She thrust her hips back into Jack’s groin area, feeling his cock, now hard and proudly erect, and she ground Escort Kıbrıs her ass across his shaft a few times and he moaned, “Oh… that is so intense and exciting!” Sandy slid her g-string down, bending over totally and leaving her ass in Jacks eye line, showing him everything she had to offer.

Jack pushed her forward again, and she grabs the railing, hearing the belt buckle loosen in Jacks shorts. They soon make another noise as they hit the floor. He lifted his shirt off over his head and stepped forward taking hold of Sandy as she grasped the railing, her ass pointed at him, accusingly. Jack slid his hand between her legs from the back and with his middle finger her found her clitoris on the first attempt and with two fingers her rolled it between them, while he slipped his thumb into her pussy and hooked it forward finding her g-spot and beginning to massage it.

Sandy had never had this done to her before and she jerked from the shock, but Jack held on, and with his other hand guided his now fully erect cock between her legs. He pulled her against him, and slipped his arms around her grasping her large and firm breasts teasing the nipples into hard peaks on each one.

“Jack, oh Jack, this is so good, fuck me, Jack, fuck me harder. Fill me with your cock…”, Sandy begged…

“Oh my god you’re so wet!” Jack groaned… “I’m so hard for you..!!”

Jack stepped back and pulled Sandy upright, turning her around. He took her hand and lead her to the cabin door, looking inside, he turned the already dim lights down a little more, leaving enough light to see, but creating an ambience in the cabin. He led Sandy to the large sofa bed in the centre of the cabin, and pulled her down alongside him. His arms encircled her and she cuddled into his shoulder as they lay together.

Jack slipped his hands between them and cupped Sandy’s gorgeous tits, and teased the nipples hard. Her dollar coin nipples shrank and stiffened under his attention, and stood out proudly and hard. He bent forward and sucked them each in turn and made them glisten, then he blew gently on them and they stiffened even more.

Sandy shivered from the sensation, and she giggled, “Oooh… that is so nice, Jack, do it again…? Please.”

The coolness from the light breeze of their passage across the bay that they had found on the deck was now gone, and the cabin was a lot warmer, as were the two of them. They held each other as they explored their respective bodies with hand and kiss, finger and tongue probing and teasing the places and zones they stimulated. Sandy found she was breathing heavier and she was feeling a little more flushed… warm and ardent for more of Jack, inside her again after the brief time on deck earlier…

She pushed him back into the broad Sofa bed, straddling his hips with hers and reaching down she found his huge cock and stroked it through the lips of her pussy, reigniting the fires she had felt there earlier as well. She slipped his tip inside her pussy and began to slide onto his shaft, easing him inside her and making her pussy spasm with anticipation, welcoming him into her, filling her up and making her close her eyes from the sensations and each stroke had her moaning; “Oh… yes, Jack, yes… Oh,… Ooh… that feels SOO good. Fuck me, Jack, fill me up with your cock…!”

Jack was also writhing and twitching as he lay there while Sandy rode him. He pushed his hips up each time she sank down on him and twisted a little as well, and this helped to drive him over the edge and as he did she began bouncing and jumping as well, as she began to cum too.

The vessel rode slowly back into port, the bow wave slight and the water behind showing a little translucence where the dolphins till cavorted. Jack held Sandy with a blanket around their shoulders in the cool evening air. His hand squeezed her bum lightly, and she pushed back into his arms. She dropped her head onto his shoulder and turned and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you, Jack. That was an amazing evening.” Sandy purred. “I never once imagined that this could or would be what we’d be doing tonight.”

“It was a total surprise to me too,” Jack said slowly, “but it’s one I cannot say I have not enjoyed myself.”

Later as Jack pulled up at the door of Sandy’s apartment, she turned to him, and smiled. “Care for a night-cap, Mister Winslow?”

“I’d love that.”Jack said. “I just don’t have my toothbrush with me…”

We have a drug store downstairs, thought Sandy, and yes I would love to wake up next to you tomorrow…

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