Accidentally Modified


“Okay Mr. Jacob’s, you’re all done.” The nurse began, as she punched buttons on the tablet screen next to my hospital bed.

I sat there trying to figure out why she had called me Mr. Jacobs. The anesthesia was still wearing off, but I was aware enough to know that my name was Simon, and my last name wasn’t Jacobs. Before I could ask her, she quickly removed the bed sheets leaving my lower half completely exposed. I rushed to find something, anything to pull back over me, but there was nothing except that blanket she took. My face instantly went flush upon seeing my goods completely shaved and on display. The nurse controlled the situation though with her professionalism as she searched for any scaring or imperfections and made notes on her tablet.

When she was done with her checks, she pulled a fancy bag up from the floor and said, “Here is your new instruction manual, instructing you, or anyone else, on how to work you, and your new controller.”

She handed me the bag, only making me even more confused. My new instruction manual? How to work me? It sounded as strange as I felt at that moment.

The nurse continued on, “You have received all of our platinum upgrades which include: adjustable member sizing, ten different vibrating function, the g-spot expansion bulb, the inline thrusting capability, active partner contouring, increased sensitivity, controlled orgasm, doll mode, permanent hair removal, and an upgraded semen tank with a capacity of a half-liter.”

The look on my face must have been one of complete shock, because I had no idea what she was talking about. I only came in for a standard penis enlargement, not for some dollification mods.

She was in the middle of explaining something when I was finally able to grasp hold of a question. “Excuse me ma’am, but my name is Simon…” I interrupted.

The color on the nurse’s face went from normal pink flesh tone to a pale white in a fraction of a second. The typing on her tablet stopped and she quickly grabbed for my charts.

“Let me just see one thing here.” She said, as she fingered through the papers.

The clock ticked away loudly in the corner as she searched, and eventually, a forced smile grew on her ghostly face.

“Sorry, the name must have just been stuck in my head, but everything looks good Simon. Please sign here.”


Back at my downtown apartment, I set everything down on the counter, trying to process what had just happened. The doctors had just done some extensive work, but I didn’t feel any different other than being completely hairless in my nether regions. I grabbed the remote-control box and began to open it when a hand slipped around the side of my waist and grabbed the booklet. It was my girlfriend Laura, wearing only a long sleeve black bodysuit. It was my favorite, because it had zero butt coverage except for the thong strap that disappeared between her butt cheeks. She usually wore it with leggings or a mini skirt just to tease me.

“Operators Manual: Male Sybian Modifications.” Laura read aloud with excitement. “Simon, what did you order?”

Before I could respond, she stole the remote control out of my hand and started to feel the buttons.

“Be careful with that Laura! I’m not sure what it does yet. I think they mixed my charts with another…”

Before I could finish, I felt a pressure in my jeans as my member started to grow. It felt completely involuntary and It didn’t take long before I had to undo bursa escort bayan my jeans, because the restriction became painful.

“Laura, hold on!” I tried to tell her, as I watched it increase to the size of a large cucumber.

The pressure was intense, but it felt surprisingly good at the same time. I felt an overwhelming need to rub it, but Laura immediately grabbed my hand to stop me. Neither of us spoke as it continued to get bigger. It eventually stopped growing, but at this point it looked more like those fake overgrown dildos they sell at sex stores than a normal erected penis. Laura released my hand and started gently stroking the length of my disproportional erection with her nails. I inadvertently moaned at her touch from an overpowering sensation, ten times that of what I am used to feeling from her touch.

“It looks like they gave you everything!” She said, now holding me in her hand.

My mind became foggy with her touches, then without warning, a long and continuous stream of white liquid jetted from my penis for about three whole seconds. The sensation was unearthly, making me moan out even louder and start shaking at the knees.

“Oops!” Giggled Laura. “Wrong button, but good to know!”

I wanted her to stop so I could start to figure things out, but didn’t say anything, because with each new button, something new and wild happened to me. With one button, a large bulb grew near the base of my penis. I knew that if Laura rode me backwards, that bulb would fit perfectly into her g-spot. Eventually she reduced the size of my erection, but not before playing with the vibration settings, which literally made me lay myself over the counter for support.

“Laura!” I finally got out. “Stop touching buttons for a second. I’m feeling extremely horny, tired, and I need to process all of this!”

I started walking towards the bedroom, but before I could make it there, I heard her say, “Let’s see what Sybian mode does.”

Of course she wouldn’t listen. She’s more curious that a cat. Instantly, my ball sack inflated and lifted outwards. The texture of it changed as well. Small spines grew all over the surface looking exactly like a clit massager.

“Whoa!” I exclaimed, admiring the change. Again, if Laura mounted me backwards while I laid down, I would literally be her personal Sybian.

She turned on the vibrations again, and this time I could feel them in both my penis and in my new clit massager of a scrotum. It was as if my balls had become vibrating eggs themselves! Laura must have hit another button, because now my penis began to do circular rotations at the base, which turned into larger rotating circles at the tip. The feeling was weird but good too. It was as if there was a machine inside of me doing these things.

“This is amazing!” Laura shouted, with her eyes transfixed on my moving parts. With another button push, an added thrusting motion began within the rotations.

The thrusting was great because it was as if a hand began stroking me. “Hey, this is cool and all, but I really think I need to chill for a minute. This is a lot to take in.” I said.

But I could tell Laura still wanted to play with me.

“I want to try one more thing!” She said with a smile.

I couldn’t tell what button she had pressed, but my body became stiff as a board, and ultra-relaxed. Nothing moved except for my new rotating and vibrating functions.

“This is supposedly görükle escort doll mode.” She said. “Do you feel any different?”

I wanted to respond, but the only thing that came out of my mouth was a small sensual moan. My body was completely immobilized, but all my senses were still on.

“Oh my God! You can be turned into a sex doll. I am so turned on right now Simon.”

The only response that I could make was another small sexual moan and whimper.

“Sorry babe, but I have to get you in the bed right this second!” She said, as she snaked her arms underneath my armpits and dragged me into the room.

Lying me on the bed with a couple pillows under my head, I saw her remove my shoes and my jeans. She raised my hands over my head and lifted my shirt off. Lastly, she pulled down my underwear and removed my socks, leaving me completely naked, and unable to do anything about it. I watched her slide off the shoulder straps of her bodysuit, then slowly push it down her body. She seriously had the most rockin body. Great proportions, a perfect ass, and always completely waxed on her lady parts.

Laura grabbed the remote and stopped my moving parts. I felt oddly still for a second, then I watched her move in close and envelop my penis with her mouth. A loud gasp and moan escaped my mouth. She sucked on it for a few seconds, and then with it still in her mouth, I watched her push a button, and I felt the stream of semen shoot from me into her mouth, forcing me to make more sensual noises.

Pulling her mouth off, I watched her swallow and say, “Wow, that’s actually pretty sweet!”

I couldn’t believe what was happening right now, and I couldn’t tell if I was more mad at the doctors for messing up on me, or more excited about the new modifications and what they meant for my sex life.

“Alright Simon, take me for a ride!” Laura said, as she swung her leg over my body and positioned herself with her beautiful ass pointed towards my face and her opening hovering just above my penis. I watched her slowly lower down until the tip of my penis kissed her opening, then in one foul swoop, she dropped down, engulfing me. The feeling was off the charts, and she was so wet that she slid down with ease.

“Ooh! That’s nice,” She said, “but I think I’d like you a little bigger please.”

Punching a button on the remote. I felt my penis growing inside of her bigger and bigger, not knowing when she was going to stop. When it felt like there was no more room, I saw her release the button and take a small breath.

“Wow!” She gasped. “That should do it, but I think I want that G-spot bump too while I’m at it.”

With another button, I felt the lower front part of my penis start pressing firming into what I think was her G-spot.

“Yup, that’s the spot.” She said, in a breathy tone. “Let’s get some contouring going and then we’ll hit the road, shall we?”

Instantly, my new clit massager (inflated ball sack) pressed tightly against her exposed self, while my balls clamped firmly on either side of her clit. At this point, every space between her and I had been filled, and we were completely connected.

In her breathy voice she said, “Okay… let’s go slow Simon…”

And that’s when the rotations started. They must have started out on the highest setting, because Laura’s hips began circling my torso.

“Oh God!” She exclaimed, as my penis forced her to do circles.

Even bursa escort bayan though she was being dragged around, the clit massager followed her closely, never allowing itself to be separated. With another button, the vibrations roared to life. A loud moan left my mouth as well as a sharp gasp from hers. I don’t think Laura knew what she was getting in to when she wanted to go for a ride.

“Fuck!” She breathed.

I could tell she was liking it, and I was enjoying it as well! I could feel myself inside her wetness, pulling her along with each circle, while my balls, never relenting, followed her and vibrated up and down her clit.

Laura’s wetness trickled down my waist as her moan’s became louder. Finally, I knew she fell off the ledge when the moans turned to screams.

“Ahhhhhhh!” She yelled.

She was lost in her orgasm and stuck on repeat with her noises. Her orgasm must have lasted two whole minutes from the sounds of it. When she finally quieted down, all my moving parts slowed down as well. They were still going, but at a much slower speed. Her circling hips stopped circling and began thrusting forwards and backwards, resisting my circling movements, which felt amazing. Even after all of this stimulation, I had not yet orgasmed myself. Immediately, the thrusting feature of my penis activated, and everything came back to life.

“One more babe!” Laura struggled, as she continued to resist the circular motions. With each thrust of my penis, I could feel her lift off of me slightly. Since she hadn’t turned that feature off, I could only assume that it didn’t hurt. After another minute or two, I could feel my orgasm finally start to build. She must have been using the orgasm control earlier on, but now I felt free to enjoy myself too.

The room felt overly heated and there was a strong smell of sex in the air. Both Laura and I were panting and moaning as we built up together. The vibrations increased as well as the speed of everything else. I could feel my vision blurring again, and without warning, the semen button was pressed, causing me to empty my tank, while sending me into an explosive orgasm. Every inch of my body screamed to move. My toes wanted to curl, my hands wanted to grip, and my abs wanted to contract, but I was stuck in my lying position, more frustrated than ever. All of these emotions, feeling, and sensations were adding up to an experience that I never thought possible.

Laura must have been holding down the semen button, because white liquid spurted out from in-between us like a pipe that sprung a leak. Subtle cries and heavy breathing came from her as she came down from another incredible orgasm. Mine on the other hand was still going. As long as that button was being held, my orgasm rolled along ebbing and flowing throughout every inch my body. I couldn’t even guess how long it lasted until eventually the semen tank emptied and it ended. The next thing I knew was I was lying completely drenched in a sticky pool of liquid. Laura on the other hand, literally fell sideways off of me into a small heap on the edge of the bed.

We both said nothing at first, but after a couple minutes, I could start to move my hands and feet again. All the movement was coming back to me slowly. When I gathered the strength to sit up, I watched my ball sack deflate back to its normal size, while my penis shrank as well.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, while lying in a puddle of semen on the bed.

“That was incredible!” Said Laura. “My friends will never believe me.”

It took a second for me to register what she was saying, but before I could get up to protest, I felt my body go stiff as a board again, and settle back down on the bed.

“That’s why Sammy and Jill are gonna have to experience it for themselves!”

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