It was a beautiful summers day. Katie loved sunbathing down at the park on these sorts of days. There was a little lake and a breeze that felt delightful on her young skin.
“Shit!”. Katie thought. “I’m supposed to be meeting my friends at the mall in half an hour”.
As she quickly packed up her things and went to leave, she thought she sensed someone watching her, but when she looked around there was no one there.
“Weird” she thought, and put it to the back of her mind.

Katie left the mall at 7pm, her and her friends had decided to watch the new Hunger Games movie. “Jennifer Lawrence is so hot” she thought to herself as she was walking home. Katie had seen the photos released of her in ‘The Fappening’ and had fantasized about having sex with her ever since then. Katie didn’t think of herself as a lesbian though, probably bi-sexual, due to the fact that she was still turned on by guys.
She was mindlessly walking, almost home now, when all of a sudden she felt someone grab her around the neck. Then there was nothing.When Katie woke up, her head was killing and she could barely move. She realized she had been hog-tied and was lying on a cold hard concrete floor. She tried to wiggle around to get a better look at her surroundings. It looked to be some sort of dungeon, there were gallows, shackles on the walls, weird machines, a big bench and cupboards. And in the corner she noticed another person.
It was her mother, Julie. Katie’s stomach dropped.

“MUM! MUMMM!” she cried out, hoping someone would hear.
Her mother was naked and dangling from the roof by chains attached to her hands. Katie could only just see her mothers chest moving, she was still breathing, thank god she was only unconscious.
“HELP” Katie screamed, terrified now.

After 5 minutes of panicked yelling and begging for help, Katie started to give up and she realized no one was coming to rescue her. Then she heard a door open behind her.

“Hello my lovely” said the voice that had just entered the room. He walked around and stood in front of Katie.
“Oh fuck – WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING” Katie screamed at the man.
“Don’t worry Katie, you’ll find out soon enough” he said with a grin.
Max was Julie’s boyfriend. Katie had always liked him, he was always very kind and treated her and her mum very well. Until now, that is.

He picked Katie up by the rope that he hog-tied her with and carried her over to a big bench where he set her down. As he started untying her, she thought – or wished – to herself that he was going to let her go now and that this was all a big joke. She felt a jab in her arm and she immediately felt woozy. All her muscles relaxed and she couldn’t move anything.
“I’ve injected you with a little muscle relaxant and sedative, Katie, not enough to knock you out, but enough to keep you from struggling while I get you into this harness” Max said quietly to her, glancing at a scary looking contraption hanging from the ceiling.
She tried to move her body but it wouldn’t cooperate. The drug made her feel strange. She wanted to fight the man off but she couldn’t move a muscle. So all she could do was watching powerless as Max strapped her arms and legs into the contraption. When he was done, he walked over to a control panel and pushed a button.

Katie felt herself being slowly lifted into the air, as she went up, the machine gradually spread her arms and legs apart. When it finally stopped, Katie was totally spread eagle and felt completely exposed. She looked down and blushed. No one had ever seen her pussy before. It was completely shaven and so smooth.
“You have a beautiful pussy Katie” Max said as he gently stroked her pink lips “I’ve dreamed about seeing it ever since I first laid eyes on you” he said, smiling.
“Don’t fucking touch me you pervert” she managed to say, still groggy from the drugs he had injected in her.
He didn’t say a word, he seemed to be mesmerized by her cunt. “Are you going to let us go?” she asked him.
“Well, I guess that depends how well you behave, and whether or not I am satisfied with you and your mother’s performance”. he replied, stroking her thighs now.
“Performance….?” she asked, confused.
“Yes, performance. You and Julie will pleasure each other, and me. If I am satisfied, I will let you go. If not…well, lets hope it doesn’t come to that.” he said solemnly.

He stopped rubbing her thighs and gave Katie a slap on her pussy. “Ouch! That hurts!” she exclaimed. She looked down to see her lips turning red and puffing up slightly. He walked over to Julie and ‘SMACK’, slapped her in the face. She jolted awake, face reddening, and then she saw Katie.
Katie thought she saw her mother smile…surely not, right?
“Mum….?” she said slowly.
“Hi Katie!” Julie said, sounding…happy? “This must be a dream” Katie thought to herself.
Max started loosening the restraints on Julie, when she was free, she gave him a kiss and walked over to Katie.
“What the fuck is this Mum???” Katie asked, so confused.
“Mine and Max’s anniversary present” she said, with a smile.
“Wha-” Katie started to speak, but she was silenced by Max’s fingers on her lips.
“Enough talk, lets get her warmed up, Julie” he said as he walked over to a large cupboard. When he opened it, Katie saw a huge collection of sex toys and lubricants. He stood in front of it, pondering which ones he wanted them to use first. He grabbed out a bottle of peppermint lube, a ball-gag, and an inflatable butt plug.

“Now Katie, are you going to be quiet? Or do I have to shut you up with this ball-gag?” he asked.
“I’ll be quiet!” she said quickly, not relishing the thought of being gagged. “Good girl.” Julie chimed in.
He handed the lubricant and the butt plug to her mother. She grabbed them excitedly and started pumping up the butt plug. It got scary big. Max noticed the fear in Katie’s eyes and smiled. “Don’t worry, we’ll try not to hurt you…too much” he said mischievously.
Julie let all the air out of the plug and set it down. She opened up the bottle of lube and squirted some into her hand. “That actually smells really good” Katie thought to herself. She felt a cold and hot sensation simultaneously on her asshole. “Oooh” she said, trying to wriggle away, but the contraption was suspending her in such a way that made it impossible.
Julie rubbed around her daughters asshole gently, lubing it up for the fun that was to come. She lent forward and licked Katie’s pussy lips, tickling them with her tongue. “MUM, WHAT THE FUCK? I’M YOUR DAUGHTER!” she yelled.
“I know, isn’t it hot?” Julie replied, briefly looking up and grinning at her. “We’ve been waiting a long time for this you know” she said, then went back to licking her daughters cunt. “I hope you are enjoying that Katie. I wont be…satisfied unless you enjoy it, so make some noise showing your appreciation” Max said to her.
Begrudgingly, she did have to admit it felt pretty good. It was the first time anyone had ever gone down on her. Katie let out a little moan as Julie poked a finger into her anus and wiggled it around. It seemed to make the pussy eating feel a lot better when she had something in her ass.
Max had moved a chair over and was sitting watching intently at his girlfriend molesting her own daughter. He smiled and wondered how he had ended up meeting someone who was so willing, and wanted this as much as he did.
Julie now had a finger knuckle deep in Katie’s ass and was slowly but rhythmically fucking her with it.
“Fuck it.” Katie thought as she closed her eyes and relaxed. “It’s going to happen anyway so I might as well properly enjoy it. I’ll just pretend that it’s Jennifer Lawrence doing this, not my own mother”.
Julie pulled her finger out of her victims ass and bent down to pick up the toy. Katie felt it being pushed against her asshole. She relaxed her sphincter muscles so it would go in without hurting her. It pushed past the bulb so that just the base was showing. It was such a weird sensation of fullness, even without it being inflated.

“Ready?” Julie asked. “Uh, I guess so, you are going to do it anyway though, right?”. She replied only with a smile, and squeezed the pump for the butt plug.
“Ooohhh” slipped out of Katie’s mouth as she felt the toy expand in her ass. It was still hot and cold from the lubricant her mother applied to her as well, which added to the sensation.

As the toy was inflated more and more, Max’s smile grew. He pulled down his pants and whipped out an impossibly huge dick, which he started stroking while he watched them.
When the toy couldn’t get any bigger, Julie fucked the inside of Katie’s ass with it. “Mmmmhm” moaned Katie. “Don’t stop”. She found that she enjoyed the feeling of fullness in her ass. It was kind of like wanting to take a big shit but quite different, and the fact that it was being moved up and down rapidly was so weird.
Her mother stared right into her daughters eyes and pulled the toy quickly out of her ass. As it popped out, her hole gaped for a few seconds before closing back up.
“That is so hot Katie” Julie said. “This is making me so wet, but I will have to wait till I am finished with you before I can get off”.
She knelt down under her and plunged her tongue straight into her asshole and started tongue-fucking her with it. “Oh fuck, that feels so good Mum” Katie moaned. A line of pussy cum was now hanging off her lips. Max walked over and sucked it into his mouth, tasting every bit of it. “So sweet” he said. “Would you like to try it, my love?”.
Katie had never tasted herself before, but she was pleasantly surprised. She sucked her grool off of Max’s finger and let it sit on her tongue. Enjoying the taste, before swallowing it. “Good girl” he said as he moved his head closer to her pussy. He started gently sucking on her clit while her mother tongued her asshole.

“Oooh my” she moaned. All the sensations were so overwhelming and she couldn’t take it anymore. She relaxed and let an orgasm rock through her whole body. Neither her mother or Max let up on their oral pleasuring for a second. As soon as the first orgasm had started to subside, there was another, even more powerful than the first. “Stop please stop. My pussy is so sensitive, I can’t take it anymore” she groaned. Max paused then released his mouth grip on her clit, and tapped Julie on the shoulder. “Enough Julie. Let her recover for a minute.”
Julie stopped and pulled her tongue out of her daughters ass, with a sad look on her face. She was really enjoying mouth fucking Katie’s shithole. So dirty.
When they had both stopped, Katie closed her eyes and tried to get her breathing back to normal. As if they could tell that she was ready to go again, Julie squirted some more lube onto her hands and into Katie’s ass. When she was sufficiently lubricated, Julie put her finger inside again, and another finger. Slowly fucking her, and wiggling them around. “Mmmhm” she moaned. “That’s good Mum”
3 Fingers. It was starting to stretch her hole now, but it didn’t hurt. In and out, slowly picking up the pace. “I am glad they are being gentle” she thought to herself as she let herself enjoy the feeling.
Max walked over to the control panel and pushed a button. She felt her arms being lowered towards the ground, her legs staying at the same height. Max pushed a table over and kept lowering her until Katie’s petite teen body was lying on it. He moved towards her head and dangled his cock in front of her face. It was huge. She had never seen one in real life before, only in porn she had watched with her friends at a sleepover.

“Suck it Katie” Max said firmly. “I’ve never done it before, and it’s so big!” she exclaimed.
“Don’t worry, it’s easy” her mother said to her as she slipped a 4th finger into her daughters ass.
“OK” she said as Max moved closer to her head. He pushed the tip of his huge cock into her wet mouth and just rested it there. “Suck it like you would a lollipop, but no teeth. If you bite me I will have to punish you”. She began sucking Max’s dick, it wasn’t as bad as she expected. He started slowly fucking her mouth as she sucked and was fucked by her mother.
“Mmmm” moaned Max. “See, you are a natural, just like your mum”.
Katie’s ass felt so full now, her mother had 4 fingers in there and was slowly but forcefully, fucking her with them. She was subconsciously rocking on Julie’s hand and moving up and down in time with Max’s thrusts into her mouth.
“I’m gonna cum Katie. Have you ever swallowed cum before?” Max asked her. All she did was shake her head, and continued to suck on his cock. The suction she was creating was amazing. He climbed up onto the table and jammed his cock into her throat. She gagged as he throat fucked her. “I’m gonna cum Katie” he grunted. A few seconds later he climaxed and stopped humping her face. She felt cum being blasted into her throat and mouth and he started pulled out.

She swallowed most of it, but some escaped her mouth and ran down her chin. Her mother, still ass fucking her, stood up and reached over to lick up the remaining cum, not wanting to waste any.
Max was just kneeling over her, panting now. Dick shrinking back to its, still huge, normal size.
“It tasted kinda strange. Not unpleasant though, just weird”. Katie said thoughtfully. Her mother had gone back to her place kneeling on the floor, right in front of Katie’s ass. “5 fingers now baby. Are you ready?” she said to her daughter. All that came out of her mouth was “Mmm”.
Her ass was feeling so full with 4 fingers, she wondered what it would be like with a whole fist in there. “I didn’t know I could fit this much up my ass” she thought to herself, as her mother squirted some more lube onto her hand. She pushed her thumb against her hole. It was met with resistance, but Katie relaxed and it slipped in.
“Oooohh!” she moaned. “It’s so much, please take it out, please”. Her mothers hand didn’t budge. “Please mum, I can’t handle it please”. It looked as if she was going to take her thumb up, but Max just shook his head at Julie. She pushed her hand deeper into Katie’s ass, until her whole hand was buried to the wrist.
Katie felt her mum’s fist rotating in her ass, stretching the walls of her ass. She was breathing heavily now, and it was hard to relax with it in there. She was pushing from inside, trying to force it out, but it just wouldn’t come.
In and out. Julie tried to push it deeper into her daughters colon. “Too much resistance Max. We are going to have to open her up with something thinner first” she said as she started pulling her fist out Katie’s ass. Out it came with a pop, and her asshole prolapse briefly. Julie quickly reached down and held it open with 2 fingers on each hand. “Push Katie. You have a beautiful little rosebud”. she said before licking the walls of her prolapsed anus that were now on the outside of her body. “Fuckkk, that feels so good”. she said before relaxing, not knowing that this would cause her rosebud to go back inside her. “We have to do that again Mum”.

“We will baby, we have all the time in the world”. Julie said to her daughter.
She got up and walked over to the toy cabinet and picked out a 12″ and an 18″ double ended dong, lubing them up as she walked back.
Without a word, she started inserting the smaller dildo into Katie’s ass. It was much smaller than a fist and was easy to take inside her. She was enjoying the feeling of the cock sliding into her ass and she found herself rocking her body into it, matching her mothers slow thrusts.
“Oh yeah, that’s good. Keep going.” Katie moaned. Julie began slowly inserting more of the toy into her ass. 7 inches inches now, it already felt so deep. “How can I possibly fit any more of this in here?” she thought to herself.
Julie began fucking her hard now. Pulling it all the way out and pushing it right back in, trying to break past the resistance in Katie’s ass. “Push Katie. Whenever it feels like I can’t go any further, push hard and it will go further in”. She pushed and felt the huge dildo go another inch into her colon.
“Oh god fuck yes, that feels amazing mum”. Katie said, as the dildo penetrated further and further into her body. Julie began twisting the dildo and fucking her with it at the same time. Julie came from the anal stimulation alone, it felt like her whole body was orgasming. As she came she pushed out hard and Julie forced all 12 inches of the dildo inside her.

Katie gasped “Oh fucking Jesus I can’t believe how good that feels”. She pushed and the head of the dildo popped out of her ass. Max grabbed the end and pulled it almost all the way out, then rammed it back in as far as it would go, again and again, fucking her fast and hard.
“Do you think you can take more in your ass Katie?” he asked. “I don’t know, I can try” she said as he pulled the dildo out of her ass. She gaped once more, “So fucking hot” she heard her mother say.

Max picked up the 18″ dong and lubed it up, then placed it against her ring. It was slightly thicker than the smaller one as well, so when he pushed it inside it stretched her somewhat more. “Hnnngggg” she groaned as it pushed past her sphincter. He pushed it deeper, slowly, 8 inches, pulled it out, thrust back in.
“You have 12 inches of this big cock inside you Katie. How does it feel?” asked Max. “I can’t even describe the feeling, it feels so fucking weird and so good at the same time” she replied. He pushed it another inch and Katie saw her stomach bulge. He pulled it out and thrust it back, bulge again. She could see the dildo hitting her stomach.
“Oh my god, it’s hitting my stomach” she said. “Can you unchain my hands so I can feel the dildo through my skin?”. It felt so fucking weird being able to see and feel that. Almost unbelievable, but it was such a turn on. Max was fucking her hard now with the big toy, it was bulging her stomach every time.
Julie went over to the toy cabinet and got out a vibrator. “You are a virgin, right baby?” she asked her daughter. “Yes mum”.
“Well we will have to change that wont we”. She said as she walked back over with the vibrator. She put the toy into her mouth to lube it up and then rammed it into Katie’s pussy without warning.

“OWWWW! What the fuck Mum, why so hard??” she yelled. “Sorry baby, I got a bit excited, I didn’t mean to hurt you” she said as she started fucking her daughters virgin pussy with the vibrator.
“Mmmm. That feels nice” Katie said as she was fucked in both holes by her mum and her boyfriend.
The toy in her ass wouldn’t go any further, not without potentially injuring Katie anyway. Max pulled the toy out of her ass and she pushed at the same time, completely prolapsing her anus. This time she reached down and rubbed her rosebud with her own hand.
“Fuck that is so hot baby” Julie said, still fucking her daughters pussy with the vibrator. “Oh yes it is. Your daughter is such a slut Julie” Max said.
“Oh, I forgot to mention Katie, your performance is being broadcast over the internet to thousands of people”. said Max “Are people paying to see it?” Katie inquired.

“Yeah. People pay a lot to see younger girls get fucked by family members.” Max said matter of factually. “Will you share some of the profit with me if I agree to perform with you again?” she asked. “You fucking whore, it’s a deal”. he laughed as he reached to shake her ass juice covered hand.
He moved down and positioned himself in front of Katie’s ass. Julie bent down and sucked his once again, hard dick, lubing it up, then he inserted it into Katie’s ass. The whole length of his cock plunging right in. “Oh fuck it’s so warm you little slut” he said before he started fucking her hard with his big cock. Katie started squeezing her ass muscles around his huge dick. After a few minutes of rough fucking, his facial expression changed and she knew he was about to blow his load.
She squeezed as hard as she could around his cock and they orgasmed simultaneously. He squirted a huge load of cum in her young ass as she sprayed cum out of her cunt. Her mum lapped her juices up greedily, not missing a drop.

“Time to fist your ass again baby” Julie said to her daughter.
Her fist went easily into Katie’s ass this time. She started fucking her roughly, using Max’s cum as lube, and Katie started squirting gaziantep escort pussy juice everywhere. Before she knew it, Julie was nearly elbow deep in her ass. After a few minutes of fisting, Max was ready to go again. He positioned himself against Katie’s wet pussy and slowly pushed his cock inside till it was completely buried and pushing against her cervix.
“Oh fuck that feels so intense” she groaned as Max started fucking her newly deflowered pussy.
“Oh god. Uhh oh yeah fuck me” she moaned. Max had started playing with her tits now. Gently squeezing her rock hard nipples in his fingers.
“Ohh” Katie moaned and closed her eyes, enjoying being fucked in both holes at the same time.
Max was fucking her so hard now, slamming her body into the table with each thrust. She didn’t mind, it felt too good. She was experiencing constant full body orgasms now, waves of pleasure that she wished would never stop.
He finally came, blowing a huge load of sticky cum deep inside her pussy. He left his cock buried inside her for a minute, both of them enjoying the feeling. Eventually he pulled out and began undoing the shackles on her legs. When she was free, Max lifted her into a sitting position and sat behind her. He fingered Katie’s cunt, pushing his cum out and into Julie’s waiting mouth.

“I can’t cum again, please stop. I can’t” Katie said, sounding exhausted. Max was playing with her tits and fingering her pussy while her mother was elbow deep in her ass still. He was hitting her g-spot constantly now and somehow managing to rub her clit with his wrist at the same time.
“Fuck it” she thought, “I might as well try and cum again”. She closed her eyes and relaxed her whole body. She could tell now that she would orgasm soon. Katie was now slowly humping Max’s hand and enjoying the sensations she was feeling. All of a sudden, Julie pulled her fist out of her daughters ass and Katie prolapsed and orgasmed with such force that she fell unconscious.
When Katie woke up, she found herself naked in her bed, stuffed with a big butt plug. She could hear her mother coming down the hallway.
The door opened. “Oh, you’re up. How are you feeling?” she asked her daughter with a smile.
“I’m exhausted. I won’t be able to do that again for a while until I recover I don’t think’. she replied. “Don’t worry, it’s your turn to do me next anyway” her mum said, sitting on the edge of the bed, stroking her daughters hair. Katie closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Katie woke up after having the best sleep of her life. The butt plug was still firmly stuck in her ass. The fact that it was there reminded her of what had happened the day before. “I can’t believe I did that” she thought.
“Mumm!” she called out. “MUMMM!” she tried again. Julie came walking down the hall and into her room. “Yes sweet?” she said “I’m just making breakfast”.
“Oh good, I am starving. Hey Ma, can you help me get the butt plug out of my ass please?” she asked, flipping around and sticking her cute butt in the air. Julie walked over and gave her cheek a smack, giggling. “Of course. I’ve been waiting to use this one since last night”. She grabbed the rim of the butt plug and pulled it out quickly. It had been in for so long that her ass gaped wide open, giving Julie a view of deep inside her daughters ass.
“How did I end up with such a perfect, sexy daughter?” she wondered out loud as she played with the massive butt plug she just rescued from Katie’s asshole. Katie turned back around and plonked herself down on the bed as her mum sat down next to her. She stared at Julie for a while, until now she had never realized how beautiful her mother was. She had huge tits that were still perky at age 40, and a nice ass too.
Katie put her arm around her mother and rested her head on her shoulder. Her hand made it’s way inside Julie’s shirt and to her firm breasts. Just as she started massaging her tits, Julie sighed “This will have to wait till after breakfast. The food will burn if I don’t go take it off the stove now”. Julie got up and walked to the kitchen and her daughter followed. Katie noticed Max sitting in at the dinner table using his laptop. He seemed to be watching a movie of some sort. She walked behind Max and got a better look..it was the video of the 3 of them having sex.

“How much money did you earn from making that video, Max?” she questioned. “About $10,000 from the people watching live over the internet.” he answered. “Wow – that’s crazy….so..when are we going to do it again? And do you think I would be able to bring a suitable friend next time?” she asked with a grin.
“We can do it tomorrow if you would like? And of course you can bring a friend.” he said. Katie went to sit on the chair next to Max but he motioned for her to sit on his lap instead. “Fuck it” she thought, sitting on his lap. Immediately his hand found its way to her pussy and started rubbing her pink lips. “Oohh” she moaned, spreading her legs to give her mother’s boyfriend better access to her cunt.
Julie turned around to see her daughter grinding on her boyfriends hand. “That is fucking hot, you two” she said, reaching for her phone. She started up the camera and began filming the scene that was unfolding in her kitchen, with a smile. Julie walked over to Katie and started sucking on her nipples gently. Katie let out another moan “Ohhhh. Fuck that feels good Mum”.
“You don’t know this, but your father always wanted to fuck you as well. He was waiting till you were old enough, but he died when you were too young.” said Julie.
“Oh, really? I would have liked that” she said. “Max, I’m gonna cum”.

He felt her cunt squeeze his fingers hard as she orgasmed, she was writhing in his lap, but he kept fucking her with his fingers..a little faster now, hammering her g-spot. She came again, hard. Squirting cum all over her mums shirt.
Julie stopped sucking on Katie’s tits and knelt down in front of her to suck the rest of the juices out of her dripping wet pussy. “It tastes so sweet” she thought to herself as she swirled it around in her mouth. She stood up and opened her daughters mouth, spitting the sweet squirt into her mouth for her to taste.
“Mmmmhm, that tastes good. I can’t wait to see what yours tastes like, Mum” she said as she swallowed the mouthful of her own pussy juice.
“That will have to wait for our next broadcast my love” she said solemnly. “So, who is this friend you want to bring along?”
“Stephanie Hatzis. She is a bitch to me and I want to teach her a lesson” she grinned.

End of chapter 1

Please leave me feedback, I was bored and wrote this in a couple of hours today. Sorry about formatting and spelling errors etc, typed this up in wordpad >;)
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