Abby Spies Autumn


It was the first of November, and already the winter was turning out to be a particularly unusual one. It had come suddenly in mid-October in the form of a blizzard, which promptly melted away. Then it snowed again but melted again in time for Halloween. And now it was so nice and beautiful out, if Abby hadn’t known better, she would’ve sworn it was May. Maybe the scientists were on to something with this whole global warming thing.

She took particular notice of the warm weather today because it reminded her of a hot day earlier in the summer, when she had met a guy named Gavin. That day had been sweltering, not just warm, but she found it quite a coincidence that it was high temperatures again—nearly 80 degrees–as she drove into the city to reconnect with Gavin for the first time since they’d met.

Abby had hired Gavin to help her pack her things into a moving truck when she was forced to move back in with her parents. Somehow they ended up fucking on the floor right there in her empty apartment. Abby had never forgotten how great it was, and very much intended to have seen Gavin again long before now, but she’d lost his cell phone number, and living with her nosey parents didn’t help. Since that summer afternoon, Abby had only had sex twice, neither occasion very thrilling.

But then she took the initiative. She called the moving company that had sent Gavin, and talked to someone named Rene who, though wouldn’t give his phone number, did reveal his last name. He was in the book, and while the listed number was out of service–it was an old phone book—the address, hopefully, was correct. Because that’s where she was heading.

It seemed so stupid and juvenile and creepy to just show up like this, Abby knew. But she wasn’t looking for him to ask him out and start some serious relationship. She just needed stimulation. She needed to cum. And what guy wouldn’t like that kind of drop-in?

She arrived at the surprisingly nice one-story home at a little past 3, hoping but not expecting that he would be in. There were two cars in the driveway, which was both a good and bad sign. Obviously someone was home, but who, and how many? She recognized Gavin’s vehicle, but the other could have belonged to a parent, a friend, or, sadly, a girlfriend. She decided to risk embarrassment and find out.

An attractive blonde, young but older than her, answered the door. Shit. Either it was a girlfriend or Gavin’s—

“I’m his sister,” the blonde said, expertly reading Abby’s expression. She laughed. “You are looking for Gavin, right?”

“Um..yeah. How did you know?”

“You’re either here for him or me, and we haven’t met. I’m Alana.”

“Abby.” They shook hands.

“Is he expecting you?”

“No. I’m just dropping in…”

“Okay. Because he literally just stepped into the shower. And he takes long showers. I can go knock on the door, tell him to hurry up…”

Abby shook her head. Meeting Gavin’s sister had increased her anxiety level. She realized how insane this was, just dropping in on a one-afternoon-stand after nearly half a year of no contact. No, she’d rather let Gavin take his time. It’d give her time to work up the courage to face him and think of what to say.

“That’s okay. I’d rather you just let him be. I’m fine waiting. It’s such a nice day.”

Alana shrugged. “Okay. I have to get going, but I can leave him a note under the bathroom door.”

“That would be great.”

Alana did as promised, then left in her car. Abby waited near the door for a moment, then decided to walk around. She ventured into the backyard, across a deck spanning the entire rear of the house. The warm sun hit her, enveloping her like a blanket over a body that chilled with nervousness. It wasn’t like her to be so nervous, but she’d been waiting and hoping for this for so long.

Abby was a very cute, adorable even, 20 year old with dark hair in a pixie cut, bright, blue eyes, and an almost too hot to touch body. She was petite and tight all over, from her amazing little ass to her proud and perky B-cups. She knew how she looked, and she could have had her pick of men, but things had been so hectic lately. Besides, the men in her new neighborhood were all either stuffed shirts or complete Ataşehir Escort creeps. She hadn’t really met anyone since Gavin that she felt comfortable with. The two fucks she’d had since him was an ex on her birthday—that was a mistake—and a bar pick-up a couple months later who turned out to be too drunk to do much at all. Since going out and finding good dick was turning out to be such a hassle, Abby turned to seeking out Gavin, hoping he would still be more of a sure thing.

She walked to the far edge of the deck, looking over the neatly kept yard with all its flowering bushes and expert landscaping. The yard was enclosed by a chain-link fence, painted dark green and somewhat concealed by hordes of small vines clinging to it. But what really caught Abby’s eye was something she spotted on the other side of that fence, in the yard of Gavin’s neighbor.

This house also had a deck, though smaller, and the back door led right out onto it. And next to the door, stretched out on a reclining beach chair and bathed in the sunlight, was a strikingly beautiful young woman. Abby was not gay or bi or even the slightest bit interested, but she couldn’t help but notice how perfect this girl’s body was. She had a solid, toned figure with firm breasts easy to make out even at more than half of a backyard’s distance. Everything about her was smooth, and her skin was a slightly pale shade of white that somehow made her look more nude than if she’d been tanner.

The girl wasn’t nude, though. She wore a skimpy orange bikini that perfectly matched her long, curly, fiery red hair. Obviously this girl was taking advantage of the unseasonably warm afternoon.

When Abby realized she’d been staring, she looked around to make sure no one had noticed. Fortunately, there were so many trees and other large growth around that the backyards all had a good amount of privacy. In fact, with the bushes and privacy fence in the neighbor’s yard, the only way someone could have spotted the young sunbather was if they were standing right there on Gavin’s deck.

Abby was about to turn back to wait by the back door for Gavin again when a movement caught her eye. Abby looked and couldn’t believe it when she saw the sunbather lift her arm and place her hand between her legs. She didn’t just place her hand between her legs, though, but under her bikini bottoms! Before she could even register what was actually happening, the sunbather was obviously and quite frantically playing with herself.

Abby froze, watching through her wide, blue eyes as the scene continued. The sunbather’s hand was moving back and forth and up down over her mound, obviously playing with her clit. The girl’s body squirmed, her back arching, her chest raising, and her legs spreading as she rubbed herself faster and harder. Soon the rubbing was replaced by a definite in and out fucking motion. Abby couldn’t see the slender fingers actually going into the pussy because of the bikini that covered her there, but there was no question it was happening.

The sunbather hit a nerve, and her body jumped and bucked in the chair. She sat up, grabbed her bottoms and pulled them off, then wriggled them down her legs and kicked the garment away. She dropped back down into the chair, breathing heavily now, and showing in full view her fingers fucking herself deeply and rapidly. The girl ground her hips to her own hand, while her other hand wandered up her flat tummy to her still covered breasts. She plucked her nipples through the material.

Abby normally wouldn’t have considered doing anything but watching, but there were so many factors going against her today. She was primed for sex, urged on by so many recent fantasies involving Gavin and on edge because she was now so close to him. Hell, he was naked and in the shower at this very moment, probably soaping up his body, rubbing his hands indifferently but strongly over his big dick. And then there was this girl, doing something so private right out in the open, and she was apparently doing it very well, because she was thrashing in that chair as if involved in an actual sex romp. And the warm caress of the much needed November sun wasn’t helping to calm Abby down.

She cupped her own hand over Ataşehir Escort Bayan the crotch of her jeans, felt warmth through the material, and noticed a wetness coating her skin beneath. My God, Abby thought. That was quick.

Abby looked around, making sure once more that she was well concealed in the back yard. The only sign of life was still the sunbather, and she was concerned with other matters at the moment. Satisfied she could enjoy herself in private, Abby unfastened her jeans and slipped her hand between her legs.

She knew what it looked like, but Abby wasn’t masturbating to the female sunbather as much as to the fantasies of Gavin that the redhead’s display just happened to have triggered. Abby saw the girl bucking against her hand, biting her lip and massaging her breasts, but she was imagining Gavin fucking her, licking her own lips, and pawing at her own breasts. The girl across the way represented exactly what Abby hoped to be feeling very soon, maybe as soon as Gavin got out of the shower…

Abby touched her clit, a sharp shiver darting up her spine. She rubbed it back and forth, gently at first, but then harder. Every bone in her body buzzed with pleasure. Her muscles tightened, then relaxed, slumping into a satisfying relaxed state before going rigid again with sexual tension. Her nipples were on fire, and she reached up beneath her shirt, pushed up her bra, and pinched them.

The redhead rolled to her side, so her back and her incredible, heart-shaped little ass were facing Abby. She gripped an armrest of the chair with all her might as her other hand still shook between her legs. Her ass clenched up and she kicked her legs restlessly. Abby could see her hand clearly fucking three fingers into the tight little cunt. With no ambience but a light breeze and distant traffic, Abby could even hear the wet squishing as the fingers fucked in and out.

Then Abby saw why the girl had turned to her side. With her other hand, the sunbather reached back and found the strings of her bikini top. She pulled one and the bikini came undone. It slumped down as the redhead rolled again onto her back, and then she grabbed it and tossed it away. Now this girl with the heavenly body was completely naked outside, highlighted in the sun, displayed perfectly in the recliner with her hand busy at her pussy and two of the most gorgeous breasts on the planet rolling freely with the movement. The long, pink nipples grew in the light right before Abby’s eyes.

Abby could only imagine how the air and the sun would feel on her own breasts, and she longed for the chance. Fuck it, she thought, and she pushed her top and bra up to her neck, freeing her smaller but no less firm breasts to the outdoors. Her nipples were a darker pink, and small, but they felt so much bigger with all the energy that seemed to be flowing through them. Abby often came with the help of nipple stimulation, and so when she touched them, her lust grew ten-fold. Her knees buckled, and she stumbled forward a step, grabbing a railing at the deck edge to catch herself.

Though she’d only touched her nipples for that short instant, it was enough to start a chain reaction of pleasure. She could feel it coming, and kept her hand busy on her clit, rubbing faster and faster, feeling her body tighten and threaten to snap at any second. She gritted her teeth, concentrating on staying on her feet as she leaned against the deck railing, her small tits still exposed and jiggling from the movement of her hand at her clit.

Abby was almost there, she felt it coming, and then she looked up, ready to scream, and everything just suddenly stopped. The redhead was there, no longer on the deck next door but right up next to the fence separating her property from Gavin’s. She was still completely naked, her white skin radiating, even in the shade of a huge oak tree, and she was smiling and watching Abby as she tweaked her long nipples.

Abby’s orgasm backed off, but didn’t disappear. It had been scared, but not killed. Abby herself was terrified. How the fuck could she have let this happen. Masturbating in a strange place outdoors!? And now she’d been caught.

But as embarrassed as she was, Abby didn’t run, Escort Ataşehir or even pull her hand from her soaking pussy. She just stood there, breasts still free, nipples still electrified, staring back at the nude, gorgeous sunbather.

“Come here,” was all the sunbather said as she gave a confident, impossibly sexy grin.

Abby would never understand what came over her, but she found herself in a trace, trapped in a state of limbo between a spectacular orgasm and a disappointing tease. She had the choice to just leave herself be and call it up to a tease, but Abby was too far gone, controlled by that much-needed orgasm. There was a part of her that wanted to be okay with this; not intimidated, but in control. If she had covered up, she was caught and embarrassed, but if she was as free and confident about her position as the redhead obviously was, there wasn’t quite so much for her to regret. She straightened up and nervously but steadily marched off the deck and right to the redhead, pretending to be as nonchalant as possible.

The chain link fence was all that separated them when they met, but it hardly mattered because the redhead reached over it, taking Abby’s face in her hands, and Abby let her, then did the same to the stranger. The redhead leaned in, and Abby didn’t pull away. They kissed, which was a surprise Abby didn’t even register until her tongue was slipping between the stranger’s lips. Their breasts pushed against the criss-crossed metal of the fence, their nipples poking through and meeting, rubbing, together. The redhead slipped the same fingers she’d been fingering herself with through a lower hole in the fence and slid them into Abby’s pants and down along her wet pussy lips.

The kiss was not particularly deep or long, but incredibly lustful and absolutely necessary. Feeling the sunbather’s fingers on her clit was awesome but frightening. Sensing the girl’s hard nipples against her own hard nipples as they pressed through the cold chain sent Abby into a explosive orgasm, but the kiss sealed it, made her enjoy it, made her feel thankful about the decision to take this impossible step.

Abby could not return Autumn’s favor by caressing her with her own hands. She had to grip the chain link fence as she came, for it was all she could do to stay in that spot and on her feet as wave after monstrous wave of ecstasy rolled and crashed over her. She shook and shuddered, trembled and snapped, even shed a couple tears it all felt so good. She was breathing rapidly, then not breathing at all, and when the single kiss broke and the girls’ tongues parted, Abby buried her face in the redhead’s shoulder, fighting the urge to scream for fear of being caught in such a position. The redhead, meanwhile, just kept holding and caressing her, letting her ride out the orgasm until it was fully beyond her.

It took minutes before Abby felt safe and strong and sturdy enough to finally be let go. She found solid footing, pushed away from the fence and began to quickly compose herself, feeling a flood of embarrassment at what she’d just done, and not sure how to handle the aftermath.

But the redhead made it easy. She introduced herself as Autumn, but the way she spoke didn’t make Abby feel required to divulge her own identity. Abby never felt like anything was expected of her, as if this Autumn knew this had been a freak thing instead of the beginning of a real relationship. It genuinely comforted Abby, who was suddenly very confused about who she was and how to go from this. Despite all that, Abby did feel guilty that, from what she could tell, Autumn had sacrificed her own orgasm to help her get one.

A look into Autumn’s beautiful blue eyes told Abby the redhead was thinking along those same lines, but didn’t seem bothered by it.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude or anything…”

Autumn assured her all was fine.

“Just promise me you’ll come visit again sometime,” Autumn said. It wasn’t obvious if that was meant as a joke or not.

Abby had no intention of letting this turn into a habit, no matter how good it felt. And yet she found herself nodding as her mind spun in every direction.


And even though she said it with the conviction of a person who is in no way interested, but doesn’t want to be rude, Abby knew she would see Autumn again. Perhaps very soon.

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