A Year of Firsts Ch. 01


Chapter 1

My name is Melanie and I was a fairly late developer and quite shy so I had little to do with boys through most of my time at school. In fact it wasn’t until I was almost eighteen that I really began to take an interest in boys generally and in the whole issue of sex. Up until then I had kind of assumed that it would all happen at some time in the future. I really didn’t have much time for boys anyway because I was very focussed on academic success. I was a good Catholic girl who still went to church every Sunday.

I had developed, finally, very nice breasts, B-cup but very well shaped. I was tall, brunette and not unattractive but certainly not beautiful. I had great skin which I looked after carefully and like all of my friends I was very much a virgin. In my case, although I knew about the mechanics of sex I knew nothing of the thrill of it. At that stage, even though I knew it was possible for girls to masturbate, I didn’t really know how and had no real burning desire to find out. It was all somewhere in the future. Any vague fantasies that I did have were more romantic than sexual and usually involved some movie star rescuing me and kissing me before riding off into the sunset.

But it all changed on my eighteenth birthday. It led to a whole series of first times that I will never forget.

My girlfriends and I had gone to the movies and shopping for my birthday and by the time I got home I was tired. My family had celebrated with me the previous night so after two long nights I couldn’t wait to get into bed and sleep. It was a hot night so I decided to just wear a white tank top and plain white underwear. That in itself was unusual for me because I almost always wore a nightie to bed. It felt kind of daring to be laying in bed dressed so scantily, for me at least.

I fell asleep straight away and slept very deeply for hours. When I woke up I realised that it had been raining but now it had stopped and it was still and quiet and much cooler. I went to close my window.

My room was on the side Anadolu Yakası Escort of our house and very close to the next house. My window was only about 8 feet from the window of the main bedroom in that house. Up until a week before the window was almost never opened. An old lady lived there but she had moved to an old age home and it had just been bought by a couple in the mid-twenties. It was their first home and they seemed like quite nice people. She was petite and quite pretty. He was well built and, in the brief glimpse I had seen, quite good looking.

Their window was opened and I was just about to close mine when I heard a low moan. At first I thought it was a cat but then I heard another and it was definitely human, female and coming from next door. I stood in the dark listening. At first it was pure curiosity to peek into the lives of these strangers. Then it suddenly hit me, the reason she was moaning. It became much more interesting.

Her soft moans continued and then I heard her speak. It was half-spoken, half-moaned. She said, “Yes.” Long and low and drawn out. I think it is the sexiest thing I had ever heard anyone say, just that one word. And it affected me in a way that nothing else ever had.

My nipples hardened instantly. They had already been slightly erect from standing near the open window but this was different. I felt them harden. I felt them respond to the sound. I felt them rubbing against the material of my tank top, more sensitive than they had ever been. I looked down to see them outlined against the fabric. My mouth was suddenly dry and my heart was racing. And then…

I felt a warm tingling in my groin. I felt suddenly sensitive down there too, as if I could feel the cotton of my underwear against me. The whole thing kind of swept over me in a wave. I couldn’t move, straining to hear more sounds from next door, my whole body tense. It was silent for several moments, then the moans began again but with greater intensity.

She was moaning and panting, occasionally Kadıköy Escort she would half-moan a long ‘yessss’ and each time I felt my body respond. I knew that I was wet. I could feel it soaking the crotch of my undies. The lips of my vagina felt unbelievably sensitive. I was holding on to the window sill because my legs felt weak. I wanted to hear everything. I looked into the darkened room wishing that I could see them. My breathing was shallow, my body tense, every sense seemed alive.

Then he moaned, slow and deep. The sound of his male voice caused me to actually gasp. I can still remember the powerful effect even now because I had never felt like this before. He moaned again and then he said, “Ohhh, God” in a way that left no doubt that he was in heaven, or some place very close to heaven. Without even realising that I had done it, my hand was rubbing my underwear, slowly against the growing wet spot. It gave me a shock when I did realise what I was doing. I even pulled my had away for a moment. Then she began to moan more urgently and my hand returned to my sensitive, tingling vagina, rubbing the cotton of my underwear against the swollen lips. I had never felt so good.

She began to gasp urgent sounds, little “yes’s” and “yeah’s”. They were faster now and she was clearly building to something. He began groaning in time with her, I could sense the urgency in their sounds. My own hand was rubbing urgently now too. My fingers had found one spot that felt particularly good and I simply kept rubbing through my now drenched underwear. My legs were trembling and even though my other hand was still on the sill helping to support me, I had a need to rub my breasts. That’s what it was, a need. I had to touch my breasts, to feel them, to rub the hard nipples. My hand carressed them through the light material of my tank top. And that made me moan. I moaned very softly but it wasn’t a conscious decision. My body was responding without me even thinking about it. I cupped one breast, pinching the nipple lightly, then Ataşehir Escort rubbed my hand across it to cup the other breast. Then back to the first and so on.

From the open window next door the sound of the man had died away, but she began to pant, which merged into short squeals of pleasure, then they too began to merge into a single long “yess”, high pitched and rising higher. Then there was a very brief silence. And then they groaned long and low, together, his deep male voice mixed with hers. It lasted for seconds, during which time I pushed my fingers hard against that extra sensitive spot on my underwear and pinched my nipple harder than before, holding both of my hands in those positions for the duration of that final groan of pleasure from my neighbours. I didn’t breathe and it seemed every muscle in my body was tense as I listened to the dying sounds from next door.

My legs were shaking and I knew, somehow instinctively, that the show was over and I moved over to my bed, lay down and felt my body slowly return to normal. I heard a few soft sounds from the window, a woman’s soft laugh, some quiet conversation for a few moments, then the sound of the window closing and then, finally silence.

I lay on top of my sheets, hot and suddenly tired. It was only then that it occurred to me what I had been doing. I had been masturbating. Something I had never contemplated actually doing myself. I guess I had associated it with prostitutes and ‘bad’ girls and the nuns at school had certainly encouraged that belief. I never even imagined that my friends would do such a thing. I felt suddenly embarrassed and a little guilty. It felt like I had just done a bad thing but it also felt so amazingly good. I promised myself that it was a once only event and that I’d never let it happen again. I got up and changed to some dry underwear, kind of disgusted with myself for what I had done to the white cotton ones with the little pink bow I had been wearing. I made a mental note to myself that I would probably have to throw that pair away.

I finally got back into bed, pulled the sheet up and tried to sleep. It took quite a while. My mind kept replaying the sounds I had heard and vague images of what I imagined they were doing flickered in my mind’s eye. Finally, just before dawn, I drifted off to sleep.

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