A Wonderful Friendship Pt. 01


Mike glanced at his watch outside of him home, seeing it was six am, thoughts came out as he started to walk, thinking this is a beautiful warm day. He went for a walk. day, and it will get warm threw out the day. Being sixty-five years old, in good shape from the gym is a good thing, but I still smoke cigarette and marijuana. Everyday I still think of my dead wife after five years. I know I loved her very deeply, who I would not play around, but now I seem to enjoy being a gay man. I seem to enjoy the erotic sensations of being with a man.

Right now I have come to a man-friendship, who lives across from me on this street, and his name is Steve. We met a neighborhood party with couples, single men and women, and married people. We meet at the food table where we both walked toward the pool. Steve mentioned he had a model train sets, I mentioned that I had one too. Finally, we came to see the same things, with us being sixty-five old, we both work at the gym, as well as many different things we.

After two hours of walking, Mike got home an notice there was a phone call from Steve. Mike picked up the phone, called Steve back saying, “Is this Steve?”

“Yes, are you Mike?” Steve said it.

“Yes, it is.” as Mike responded.

“I was thinking of you. It would be a nice to get together to get to know each other better.” as Steve said, asking, “I was wondering if you were not busy tonight I would cook a couple of steaks?”

“That would be nice. What time do you want me to come by?” as Mike responded.

“Come around seven pm.” as Steve said it.


Mike got there at seven pm, knocking on the door, it opened with Steve saying, “Come inside Mike.”

When the parted Mike entered Steve’s house, as he did Steve hugged Mike warmly. Mike said, “I got us some Guinness Stout.”

“That is nice. I will get you a cold one as I drink the same thing too. Come to my kitchen so I can take out the steaks. Before I cook them, we should go outside and relax a bit.” as Steve warmly smiled at Mike.

“That would be nice. I smoke cigarettes if you do not mind.” as Mike said it. Mike looked at Steve, seeing he is wearing short, and a loosed fitting shirts.

“Sure it OK to smoke as I do it too.” as Steve conveyed his thought to Mike, and lead him outside on the wooden deck and a hot tub.

When they got outside, setting their beers down, and Steve lit up Mike cigarettes as well as his saying, “I guessed you like this place. I put in a hot tub, refurnished my living room with big flat TV, and redid my living room with a large bathroom.” as Steve mentioned it.

Mike took a sip of beer, and a puff of smoke saying, “You have a nice backyard. It is so comfortable out here, with the trees. It would be nice when you get into the hot tub?” as Mike said it.

“Thanks for noticing my backyard. When I come out here at night, I go into the hot tub naked, also I come out here in the nude get my body tanned.” as Steve responded.

“I have one too. I go out in the nude too. Once I am out here at night I smoke done I go to bed.” as Mike said it, asking, “Do you come out before you go to bed some marijuana and cigarettes to get more relaxing. I usually have a beer, and when I am?”

“I too like to smoke some marijuana before I go to bed out here. It is so relaxing too. If you want after dinner we can smoke some, as I have plenty of it.” as Steve smiled at Mike.

“That would be nice after dinner. Can I get another beer?” as Mike smiled back at Steve.

“No, you do not have to get one. I will get it for you and bring out the steaks to cook.” saying that as Steve rubbed Mikes arm warmly.

Steve returned with the steaks and two bottles of Guinness, putting the steaks on the table and handed one beer to Mike saying, “I have to you something so that you’re not surprised. I am a gay man, who enjoy erotic men to be with.”

“I knew that when we first met. You see I am a gay man who; like you, enjoy the erotic sensations of being with a man.” as Mike reach out, pulling Steve closer as Mike kissed Steve.

When they parted, Steve said, “That was nice.” as Steve held Mike closer.

Both of them sat down for dinner outside, smiling at each other as they conveyed their thought to each other. They realized that they were sixty-five years old, and like going to the gym to workout. Steve mentioned that he had a partner or many years, but he died of heart attack. Telling Mike that he enjoys life, wanted to go on living, but had a hard time getting over his partner died. His trains sets help Steve to go on living, and enjoy other men.

Mike mentioned the had been married to a woman; whom he missed a lot, only found out that he like being a gay man. As Mike related it to Steve, that he went to a bathhouse, here in town, to learn how to be with and enjoy erotic sensations of being with a man.

Finally, Mike said, “I hope I did not bore you with my story about my wife, my trains sets in my basement, or my gay life.”

“No, you did not bore me. I found your stories interesting demetevler escort to listen to you. I mean I told you a lot of things I do, like my train set in my basement, and my erotic feeling of being with a man. I should also tell you that in the last couple of months I want to have a steady partner to be with. I do not know if you would be right to be with, but that is up to us to learn.” as Steve smiled at Mike.

Mike reach out, kissed Steve on warm lips, parted, saying, “We will find out, won’t we. Here I will help you out. You mentioned you have some marijuana?”

Steve smiled at Mike, saying, “I will go and get the smoke for us. When you done putting them in the kitchen go ahead and get in the hot tub. You can drop your clothes in the living room, as I know you like being naked.”

Mike was in the hot tub, bringing out two more beer, when he saw Steve come in, thinking, WOW he does have a large meaty cock, but mine is just about the same thing too.

Steve sat at the edge of the hot tub, filled up the pipe with marijuana, lit it, took several hits, and handed to Mike, saying, “I can see you look at my cock. Well, it is nine inches plus, and seven inches around when really hard. I do not want you to be surprised when my hard cock in your mouth or im your virgin ass.”

“You do surprise me, but mine is good size like yours. Only you will have to find out for yourself.” as Mike said, and standing up with his hard cock jutting award, added, “As you can see, mine does look the same. Play with it as I take a couple more hit of marijuana.”

Steve handed Mike the pipe thinking, he does not that he is really an attractive man to be with. His cock must be wonderful to feel it. I cannot resist the temptation of feeling it. Steve reached out, as Mike took more smoke, and ran his hand up down uncircumcised cock, thinking, Oh WOW, he feels incredible in my hand, asking, “Mike you feel incredible in my hand. Do you take Levitra to keep really hard?

Mike took sever more hits of marijuana, handed the pipe to Steve, lit a cigarette, saying, “I am glad you like feeling my cock. I know when I feel yours I will feel wonderful. Yeah, I took one before I came over. I have to ask you something, because my cock in clean-shaven, do you shave your cock and balls every day.”

Steve set the pipe down, took a sip of beer, lit a cigarettes, smiled at Mike, saying, “I shave mine every day in the morning before I have coffee. It feel so free of all the hair down there. Go ahead and feel my growing hard cock, cause I can see you want to.”

Mike leaned into Steve, kissed him on his lips as his hand went wrapped around Steve growing hard-on, saying into his ears, “You feel so sexy, feeling you like this. I bet you cock-head and shaft tastes really good.”

Steve, smiled at Mike, eased him back so he could get nice and warm in the hot tub, saying, “Thank you. You do feel good playing with me. I can see you like talking really nasty to me, and that feel really good to hear from you.”

Mike knew he wanted to feel Steve cock in the hot tub, and want to Steve to kiss him as his thought came out, I want Steve to feel the same I do right now. I want to run my hands all over his body, feel his large cock in my hand, play with his foreskin, and kissed him passionately on his soaking wet lips. Mike look at Steve, smiling warmly, leaned into so they both enjoy the warm of the hot tub. Kissing Steve slowly on hot warm lips, finally parted saying, “Steve I want you sexually. I want to feel us together tonight, and tomorrow too. I love the way you feel next to me. Oh, I think will enjoy each other.”

Steve listen to Mike, took a couple more hits of smoke, said, “I feel the same way too. I love it when you stroke my cock, and kissed me warmly. You right, now I feel so comfortable with you.”

Mike, listen to Steve, as he smoke some marijuana, finally saying, “I think either you or me mentioned that we had a virgin ass. I want you to fuck me when you are ready to fuck me. I want to feel all of your stiff, hard girths enter my ass bareback style. I know I want to feel all of your cock, all the way in me till you cum inside anal the canal. I can see it in your eyes Steve, that you are thinking about it?”

Steve smiled back at Mike, taking the last hit of marijuana, saying, “Yes, I want you to bareback me with your huge, uncut, big cock, and release yourself deep into my tight anal canal. In fact I you did not mention it, I was going to.”

Mike lit up a cigarettes, sipping his beer, saying, “Go ahead and fill that pipe up cause I want to tell you more of what I want with us. I am glad you like bareback a man like me, who would enjoy it too. I want to lather up your cock; before teasing me with some Albolene cream. I want to make you nice and smooth so you can enter my tight ass opening. I want to feel on top of me, spreading my legs wider, wrapping them on your shoulders, we kissed passionately as you slowly enter my ass canal. I want you to feel ever inch or my wet tight ass opening otele gelen escort before I squeeze it tightly around your cock.” pausing adding, “I can see you got that pipe filled, but I guess you were distracted.

“Here the pipe to smoke some.” smiling back at Mike, Steve added, “I was amazed with you telling stories so I would stay hard. Mike you like telling stories, but I thing you and me know that we want to live them.”

“Yes, you are right about that. Have ever had a man lick your anal opening with his tongue as probed deeper into your canal? Feel the wetness of my tongue as it tantalizing every nerve ending around your anal opening.” as Mike smiled at Steve.

Steve could not stop puffing marijuana, as listen to Mike. He handed the pipe to Mike saying, “Oh, WOW. That would feel great to have you eat my ass. I have not done that before, but this would be wonderful.”

“You know this smoke is good. It makes me get hornier just smoking it with you. You really want to know right now?” as Mike conveyed his thoughts.

“What do you want to tell me, that you horny guy.” as Steve said it, setting down the pipe, lit a cigarette, and sip from his beer.

“I want you to take me to bed so I can satisfy your cock shaft in my mouth till it cums. I like to swallow all of it.” as Mike looked at Steve.

“Oh, fuck that would be incredible, but I want you to put a butt plug in me and will do the same to you. I do not know if you have one, but I have several of them.”

Mike got up, sat in Steve lap, kissed him deeply on his lips, saying, “I will do whatever you want to. I want us to feel the pleasure of each other. Just take me to bed. I want to suck your horny, large cock in my mouth and in my tight virgin ass.”

Steve smiled back at Mike, saying, “Before we go off, lets smoke a cigarette and finish our beers. I know we are so horny right now.”

They both lit up cigarettes, sip their beers, talking about other things they like doing, finally, Steve help Mike out of the hot tub, dried each other off as they kissed each other. As they walked off toward Steve’s bed nude, and they were holding hands.

Upon reaching the darkly light bedroom, Steve turned to Mike, holding his warm naked body next to him, saying, “I want you, Mike. I want to fuck you in your virgin ass.” as Steve kissed Mike.

Parting, Mike looked at Steve as he responded, “Oh Steve I have never wanted to be with a man like tonight. I want us to feel the pleasure each will convey to each other. Now take me to bed, you slut man.”

Steve laid Mike down, saying, “I want gay men in one of my best DVD.”

Mike laid on the bed, with a hard, long, thick dick sticking out, and saw that Steve had a beautiful gorgeous long, thick cock too as he thought, I want to take Steve cock in my mouth, making really wet and slippery as it goes deep in my mouth. I want Steve to make it really wet when he fucks me on my back, so I can feel his cock and his warm body rotating all over my body too.

Steve turned on the gay porno, as he came to bed, seeing Mike looking at him saying, “What are thinking about, Mike?”

“I was watching you, and the gorgeous cock goes across the room to turn on the movie, and I want to suck your cock till it was really wet in my slippery mouth. I wanted to lay her on my back, lift my legs up in the air, and watch you fuck my tight virgin ass.”

Steve laid next to Mike, looking at him, kissing him deeply on his warm lips, parting, Steve said, “You like being my slut man tonight. I want you so much, Mike. Now kiss me, Mike.”

They both caressed each other bodies, feeling each other nipples, occasionally biting into each other’s nipples. They could feel their hands feeling each other face as they kissed passionately on their lips. Mike legs where wrapped around on Steve waist, as he felt his beautiful, long, thick cock riding on his cock too. Mike ran his hands allover Steve back, pulling him tight against his body, saying, “Oh, Steve I want you in my ass. I am so turned on right now by you. Please, I want you fuck me, till you cum in my ass.” as Mike said it, kissing Steve again.

Steve, looked at Mike after kissing, saying, “Mike I want you on my large cock, as it enters you. Mike, I would take my time more with other men, but I am so excited by you being with me. I can feel your large cock riding against my cock too. It just so exciting me, that I want you more than anything else.”

“Steve, you are very erotic right now. Take my virgin ass, please. Oh, Steve bring your cock to my mouth so I can make it really horny for ass.”

Steve, got up bring his large enormous cock into Mike mouth. Suddenly he felt mouth envelop his cock head, making it really wet his saliva, yelling out, “Oh Mike that feels wonderful. Suck all of my cock. Yes that it. Make it soapy wet from you sucking my cock. Oh, fuck that arousal foreplay is incredible.”

Mike could not say a word, but enjoyed taking Steve attractive, elongated thickened wide cock into his mouth, as balgat escort he looked up at Steve as his hands gripped his cheeks, pulling him deeper into his mouth. Mike could only take three quarter of his cock, but he loves taking it deep into his wet saliva mouth.

Steve could not take any longer, slipped his cock out Mike’s mouth, saying, “You cocksucker, I love that. Now lay there cause I am so hot to fuck you. Put a pillow underneath your upper ass cheeks, so I can really fuck you.”

“Please do it you hot erotic man. I took out the butt plug, so I am ready for you, Steve.” smiling at Steve as he said it.

“I am going make you really wet for my cock. Right now I am going to put some Albolene in and around your opening. Feel my one finger enter your opening as I massage it so it can take my second finger. I am going to spread your opening so it is not painful for my big, thick cock to enter you. I can see your face get excited as I insert my second finger into your ass opening. Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do like it. It is spreading my out so it will not be painful for the first time. I just want you in me, if pain arises I will tell you to stop for a moment to get used to feel you in me. I want your whole cock way deep into my ass, Steve. I want to feel you explode your cum way deep into your ass. Do not stop. Just keep pounding into my ass canal till you cannot stand any longer.” as Mike looked at Steve.

“Oh, I can see you are enjoying my fingers up your ass. Feel all three fingers in you to spread you out for my thickening, long shaft of my cock. Tell me to do you like all three fingers spread you out, Mike.” as Steve smiled at Mike.

“I love it. It turns me on so much, Steve. I can see your cock is really hard and ready to fuck me. Go ahead Steve, I am ready for your thickening, elongated cock to enter my virgin ass. I can see the look in your eyes Steve, that you so ready to fuck me in my virgins ass canal, and I want it too.” as Mike reached down to ass cheeks, spreading them wider for Steve’s cock.

Steve sat back on his knees, grabbing the Albolene cream, spreading it liberally all over his thick, elongated cock, saying, “Mike I beat you are enjoy me as I make it really wet with Albolene cream.”

“Yes, it does turn me on. Really erotic to watch you stroking your large, impaling cock before you enter me. I am so excited Steve.” as Mike smiled warmly at Steve.

Steve kept stroking his wet cock, looked at Mike, saying, “You ready for my hard cock?”

“Come on my man-lover, fuck me.” as Mike spread his legs wider for Steve.

Steve eased his body closer to Mike, with one hand he held his cock to guided into Mike anal canal opening, will his other hand held legs apart. Slowly he feeds his cock into Mikes, warming opening canal. He felt his cock go in about four inches, feeling the intense pleasure throughout his cock, looked at Mike saying, “Do you feel any pain?”

“No not at all. My ass just feels bigger with each penetrating movement of your cock. Go deeper, I want to feel all of your cock Steve. This feels so incredibly erotic as you go in deeper.” as Mike smile at Steve.

Steve smiled at Mike as his cock went in almost eight inches. He rocked back an forth into Mike smooth, cream-filled canal, occasionally feeling Mike anus opening gripping his cock, then release his cock. Steve puts MMikes legs over his shoulder, as he got all the way into Mike anus till hairless cock rested against his anal opening, thinking, Oh my God he feels so incredible being all they way into Mike. So unimagined and astounding against my bare, naked cock, as this sexual feeling radiating throughout my body. I just want to hold this man next to me. Feeling his warm naked body against mine as his sex is so satisfy.

“Oh, Steve you feel incredible in me. I can feel your body resting against my anal opening, and is do unimagined to feel your cock way deep in me. Steve kiss me you man-lover. I want to feel all of us contacting sexually.” as Mike said it reaching out with his hands, gripping his face as they came together kissing passionately.

Parting from kissing as Steve looked at Mike, saying, “Oh, Mike I never thought I would feel astounding with my big, large, long, cock enter your virgin ass. Oh, fuck, I am going to fuck you really good, till you scream out with our sexual activity of lust. Tear me up, ripped into my skin with your fingernails, scream out loudly, as pound into your tight ass. Squeeze my cock with every thrust I make into you, Mike.” as Steve said it, adding as slipped his cock halfway out, “Feel it, thrust back into your ass, as I bury it way deep into your anal canal.”

“Oh, fuck, please fuck me harder Steve. I want all of your ravishing, gorgeous cock to fill me up with all of your cum. Fuck me, Steve. Yes that it pounds into tight ass canal. Fuck, fuck, keep fucking my whole body.” as Mike looked up at Steve.

Steve kept slipping his cock all the way in, almost pulling it out, then slammed into Mikes ass, thinking, Oh my god Mike feels incredible as squeeze my cock. Mike anal canal feels so hot, warm and slippery with Albolene cream made me fill Mike up with cock. When it reaches the end of his anal canal, I just want to bury my cock, leaving in all the way as I can feel my body just ripple with sexual lust, feeling it gyrate around on my cock. I am almost ready to cum. I can feel the tension building up in cock balls sack.

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