A Witches Story Ch. 03


“The other girls were all nude and now the Grand Master and her three Hand-Maids removed their robes as well. It was a solemn and exhilarating experience. All of the girls had shaved pussies and even though I AM a girl, I was getting hot just looking at them.”

“One of the girls from the far side of the pool came over and took my trembling hand. She led me to the table and the Grand Master Witch turned the page of the dusty old book. It read; All members of this coven must keep the hair on their womanhood cleanly shaven or plucked at all times. This is the first one of the three bodily symbols of the Blue Witch Coven.”

“She told me to lie on my back on the table so that my genitals and pubic hair could be inspected. I slid up on the table and lay there as two of the girls took my thighs and pulled my reluctant legs apart. I looked away – and then closed my eyes – but I could feel them gently touching my pussy and stroking my fine pubic hairs.”

“The Grand Master Witch stepped between my legs and put her face down in my crack with some sort of optical inspection tool. (I told her that I was NOT a virgin but she just waved me to be silent.) She was gentle and the tool was not cold or uncomfortable but she took a long time inspecting me. She then moved up to my breasts and felt them and finally peered in my nose, ears, and mouth. All the while – I kept my eyes closed as much as possible.”

“Once satisfied she told me to get back up but NOT get dressed. I asked what they were looking for but she said that there were many signs that I might not be capable of being a good Blue Witch but I exhibited none of them. I thought that the word ‘exhibited’ really summed it up!”

“I looked down at my neatly trimmed pussy hairs. They were very precise but still I guessed what was coming next. I was a long way from being perfectly bare down there like those other girls! I always think that it is more nude than nude to be able to see practically inside of another girl when she does not at least have her pussy hair.”

“She told me to walk over and sit on the edge of the pool with my legs in the water. One of the girls picked up a wicker basket and set it floating in the pool in front of me. It sank slowly to the bottom with a stream of bubbles rising to the surface. I had no idea as to what was inside.”

“I was instructed to slip into the water up to my neck and float with my back against the side and my arms holding me up on the ladder. What ever I did, I was to not move as they removed the wisps of pussy hair between my legs.”

Thinking about her story, I looked at her soft and exotic pussy lips as she floated Van Escort on her back in my tub and realized that she must have kept it shaved ever since college. Her cunt was lovely and I longed to touch it – hell, I longed to thrust my now-hard penis directly into it!

She continued, “Once in the water I kept and eye on the other girls as they walked around to the far side of the pool. On cue, three of them dove in with nary a splash. They swam to the bottom below me and began removing items from the basket. I could not see what they had in their hands but I felt the water move as they came up below me. I took a deep breath anticipating being pulled underwater again but that did not happen!”

“One of the girls took one of my ankles that the other girl took the other. They pulled my legs apart and the third girl came up between my legs to my crotch. She took a razor of some sort and began to shave away the hairs on the front of my pussy. The blade was quite sharp and I barely felt a thing. They all stayed underwater for a long time and the water grew glass calm on the surface as they worked.”

“I asked one of the girls on the side next to me how long they could stay underwater but I was met with silence. It must have been two or three minutes! Then the girl in the middle turned and swam to the other side and surfaced. Another girl dove in and took the razor from her and swam underwater back to the place between my legs. ”

“The other two girls were “tagged-out” shortly after by their replacements. The new shaving girl finished up the area between my legs and then pried my butt cheeks apart to get the fine hairs around my ass-hole!”

“God, they were meticulous! This went on for quite a while and before long the third team was under inspecting their work and going over the rest of my body. I am fairly hairless so it was not too bad – the razor kind of scared me but they were very skilled!”

“I must have passed the inspection because soon they all swam to the bottom and then swam to the far side of the pool and finally surfaced and exited.”

Katie paused in her story. She turned on the hot water and I hopped out to go get more wine. I returned and sat on the side of the tub as we both enjoyed another (large) glass. She swished around in the tub and turned over on her front. She came up to me with her head resting on my knees. Her hands moved quickly to my penis, which had been standing unbendingly erect for the past ten minutes! Her hands slowly stroked my balls, and then moves up the length of my shaft to the head.

I spread my legs wide as I sat on the side of the tub with Van Escort Bayan this slippery naked girl floating between them. She cupped my balls with one hand and stroked my massive erection with the other one! She almost ‘wanked’ me off at that point but I struggled to hold on!

Breathlessly, I suggest I get back down into the tub with her. She said that she would have to insist. That sounded kind of ominous. Maybe there was something to this witch thing. I slid back into the bath and sat down in front of her on my knees and haunches. She prided my legs open and admired my hard cock that was several inches below the surface. She submerged her head in my lap as she took her hands and spread my legs even wider!

Underwater, she grabbed my penis and took the whole thing into her mouth, and the tip was almost down her throat. My eyes rolled into the back of my head in ecstasy, the warm and wet combination on my penis was overpowering. Then she slowly took my penis out of her mouth, licked her tongue around the tip and on the sensitive underside of the shaft. Ahhhhh!

She took the whole thing in her mouth again all the while keeping her head deep underwater in the bathtub. I thrust into her open and willing mouth and my pubic bone splashed against her forehead that was just breaking the surface. Her legs were kicking behind her and her cute bottom was awash in the warm candlelight.

I ran my hands down her back and took her by the waist to keep her head firmly on my cock. It was heaven to feel her smooth and slippery skin! I gently pushed her down and with no resistance she went completely underwater and all but disappeared. The candlelight reflected off the black surface of the water and if anybody had come in, they would have believed that I was alone. She had never indicated that she needed to come up for air so I assumed that she was OK.

She had now been underwater for well over a minute and maybe a lot longer but my personnel pleasure was too great to worry about that little detail. I felt her hands moved up under my ass and her fingers gripped my butt and pulled me deeper into her sucking mermaid … er water witches … mouth.

I ran my hands around to her belly and tried to snake a finger down past her belly button to her pussy. I was getting closer but it was too far to reach without having her head come off of my dick! I did not want that!

She kept up her amazing underwater blow-job and I could feel the pressure building in my balls. She sucked deeply and ran her tongue around my cock. My cock ached and almost felt like shooting pains as I held back from a premature release. Escort Van Water splashed out of the tub swamping some of the candles and washing away a couple of dry towels. Nothing was going to stay dry tonight!

After yet another minute had past (it must have been over three) I could stand it no more! My body tensed as I shot my semen deep into her throat water-filled throat. The cum kept going and going into her! I’ve never had an orgasm like this in my life! I could feel the torrent of fluid pulsing down my boner! Katie made sure to get all my jizz by milking it with her mouth and lips.

I shook and quivered and almost passed out but she was not done yet! Still underwater she rolled on her back and started to kiss me on my submerged balls and the area just behind. (!) She STILL had not come up for air and I was becoming concerned that she was going to drown with me practically sitting on her face!

Enough was enough!!! I pulled her out from under me and put my hands under her armpits and pulled her gasping and kicking to the surface. Her hair was in her face and her chest heaved as she finally got to breathe. I held her out of the water until I could get a better grip on her and turn her around.

She regained her balance and sat up choking and coughing. She said, “Whew that was awesome! I could feel your hot spunk filling my throat and then forcing its way down into me! Your balls are so amazing and your ass is so sexy! I did not want to come up!” She coughed some more and I could see how much water she had swallowed and partially inhaled.

I replied that SHE was the one that was sexy and I have never experienced anything remotely like that before! Half of the water had either sloshed out of the tub or gone (hopefully) down the drain. My cock was aching but this time in a good way. I could still feel it quivering as the last drops of fluid came out and formed a white cloud in the bathwater between us.

She shook the water out of her nose and ears again and said, “Now let me get on with my story while YOU recharge. You should REALLY be fucking my aching cunt while I am underwater and not messing around with all this silly oral stuff. What do you think?”

I told her that I could not agree more.

She continued, “While I am telling you more of my story and your ‘equipment’ is recovering, think how sexy it will be to fuck me underwater with you lying on top of me helpless this time. Do you think you could do that?”

With that, she pushed her self up into a sitting position and pulled her legs under her. She slid back to the far end of the tub on her small bottom to get more comfortable. She faced me with her arms wrapped around her upturned knees. After shaking some more of the water out of her hair she continued with her story. The water was streaked with semen. What a night this was turning out to be!

To be continued!

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