A Wild Ride


It’s a beautiful sunny, summer day so I call to let you know that I’ll be by in about a half hour to pick you up. In all honesty, I won’t be there for an hour at least, but know that you’ll never be ready to go in a half an hour anyways.I tell you to wear a short skirt and a halter top as I want to take you out for a ride on my new bike. One more thing, “Don’t bother wearing panties”.You tell me you can’t wait to see me knowing it’s been a while since I let you cum and you know that it’s likely that I’ll grant you permission.I get there in about 90 minutes but you’re not ready to go yet, surprise, surprise. I don’t mind though.  You smell terrific and look even better. I play with the dogs and take them for a quick walk while you finish getting ready.Upon my return you’re waiting for me and I reach under your skirt to verify that you’re indeed pantiless, which of course you are. We make our way outside and hop onto the bike. You try to do it as lady-like esat escort as possible but there’s only so much you can do based on how you’re dressed and how big the bike is.You settle in and straddle the big saddle and I can only imagine what type of mess you’re going to leave on the leather by the time we’re done. I let you know that we’re going to go by the sex shop and get you a couple of new toys.Once there, we look around and settle on a remote controlled anal plug and a large black dildo, knowing how much you like to fantasize about fucking big black guys in front of me. I hand you my credit card and make you pay for it. The guy behind the counter smirks at you as he alternates looking at your tiny frame vs. the huge rubber cock that you’re purchasing.  You avoid eye contact with him as he’s now leering at you lecherously.We leave the store and you whisper to me to hurry up and get you home so we can try out our new toys. etimesgut escort bayan I tell you that’s not exactly what I had in mind for today and you look at me with those adorable eyes, your mouth pouting that you’re not going to get your way today.We’re now in the parking lot and I tell you to “Go over behind the parked cars next to us, squat down and push that toy into your ass, so I can connect my phone to it.”  You smile knowing that you’re in for a fun ride back home.While you dash out of sight I proceed to grab a large o-ring that’s been MacGyver’d with some tie wraps which I had prepared ahead of time and proceed to adhere the new black dildo onto the passenger portion of the saddle, so that it’s sticking straight up, nice and solid.I just finish getting it all tightened down as you begin walking toward me, obviously walking a little funny from being stretched out from the thick plug in your ass. Escort etlik You immediately notice the gigantic rubber cock mounted on the saddle and your eyes grow wide.You shake your head and say, “No fucking way”.  I reach for my phone and give your ass a taste of what that new anal toy can do and you almost lose your balance due to the intense sensations reverberating in your ass.You plead with me: “I can’t do this, it’s too much.” I don’t even respond. I just look at you deeply in your pretty eyes and you know there’s no denying me.I walk over to you, place my hands under your armpits and lift you up easily and walk you over to the bike. I lift you even higher into the air so that you’re hovering over the big cock and I slowly lower you down as you reach down and aim the dildo right into your cunt. I slowly slide you down onto it, all the way until you’ve been completely impaled on it. I’m surprised how easily you take the whole thing.You look very content now. Your eyes are closed as you try to think about how you’re going to make it home with your holes being stretched open like this. I remind you that you’re not permitted to cum unless you’ve been granted permission. I start the bike up and the thing rumbles like 100 stampeding elephants.

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