A Wife Strays Ch. 03


(Sorry it has taken so long to get round to adding another chapter, real life’s intrusions. Please remember this is just a fantasy.)


After the last episode with Sean at his friend’s flat, I avoided all contact with him for a few weeks. I was aware that, as a 40-year-old married woman, I was being faintly ridiculous in expecting anything other than sex from a “boy” of 20. However, I had not rationalised my feelings sufficiently at the time to distinguish obsession from love, which is what I believed I was feeling then. I was confused and hurt by his suggestions and so I ignored all his calls and messages. I also needed to analyse the excitement his words had aroused in me, in order to sort out my confusion, but nothing seemed to make much sense to me any more. Eventually, my need to see him overcame my reluctance and I called him and arranged to meet him at the same country lane where we had first made love. I thought that by meeting him there I could ensure that we would be alone and also hoped that I could re-capture the magic of that night.

As the evening approached I found all the familiar excitement welling up in me and I longed to be in his arms again. I arrived first and sat in my car waiting impatiently. As I saw his car approach, my heart started to beat faster and I felt butterflies in my stomach. I remember telling myself not to be so stupid and steeling myself to resist any suggestions he may make that were not to my liking.

He was quite sheepish as he opened the door to my car and got in, much more like the Sean I had first encountered. He asked why I had ignored all his calls and I explained how much his behaviour at Phil’s flat had upset me. I recall telling him that I was not some tart to be paraded in front of his friends and that if there was any repetition, I would end it all. He appeared genuinely remorseful, saying that he had only behaved the way he did because he liked to show me off in front of his friends and that they were jealous of him. He reached up and stroked my hair and kissed me lightly on my neck and although he didn’t know it, this simple action aroused such passion in me, that I forgave him there and then. Within minutes I was naked in the back of my car with Sean’s hard cock working its magic deep in my pussy and his eyes doing the same deep in my soul. I came quickly and repeatedly until at last I felt him come in me and this final release made me burst into tears. All the emotional conflict of the past few weeks came flooding out and I sobbed uncontrollably. He held me close to comfort me until I stopped and regained some control over my emotions and I felt as close to him then as I ever did before of after.

The next few months passed much as our first few had, meeting up, making love in our cars or in the open when the weather and circumstances allowed, and never once was Sean anything other than the perfect lover that he had been initially.

In the autumn, when his baby was a year old, his wife returned to work, with her mother acting as a child minder. This meant his flat was empty most of the day and when his shift pattern allowed, we started to meet there. Although we both realised the dangers in this, it was worth the risk, since the weather was beginning to make our meetings in the car rather chilly experiences. It was also nice to languish in bed with him, rather than having to hurry to get dressed. On my fourth or fifth visit there, he surprised me by taking some photographs from his bedside cabinet, most of which were of his naked wife, but some showing them in quite varying sex acts. I was surprised how jealous I felt, because even though I knew that he must have Cebeci Escort still been making love with her, she was indeed very beautiful. Sean then asked me if Mike ever took any of me, and I told him we had taken some many years ago whilst on holiday, but it was not something we did any more. He then asked if he could take some of me, but I stopped that idea immediately, because I feared straight away that he would show them to his friends. He didn’t try to push it any further, but instead began to ask if Mike and I did anything like he and his wife did in the photographs. I explained to him that they hadn’t invented sex and that I had done most of them and quite a few that they probably hadn’t tried. He quizzed me on all the photographs and I had to admit that there were two of them doing things that I had tried in a small way, but not as fully as their photographs depicted. The first was of Sean having anal sex with her and the other was one of her securely bound to their bed, in such a way as to make movement on her part virtually impossible.

These two then seemed to excite Sean. He began by asking me if I had ever had anal sex and I explained that Mike and I had tried on a few occasions, but each time I had stopped because I found it painful. I also said that like many couples we had experimented with mild bondage, but that I disliked being completely bound as it made me feel slightly insecure during sex. He then started going on at me to let him try anal with me because it would be like taking my virginity. I tried to change the conversation, telling him that he had been the first man whose cum I had swallowed, but this seemed to excite him even more. I could feel he was rock hard against my leg and he rolled over on top of me and pushed my knees up and apart. He entered my pussy immediately and began to fuck me furiously. I felt his hands move round beneath me, pulling my cheeks apart, and he began to rub my anus with one of his fingers, as he often had in the past. I find this quite erotic as I am quite sensitive there, but this time he slowly began to work his finger inside my bottom, using the wetness that had leaked from my pussy to help lubricate me. I found this very exciting and as he began to wiggle his finger inside me, it helped stimulate my fast approaching orgasm. He sensed my mounting excitement and speeded up his pounding of my pussy and I felt him start to pump into me as I climaxed. As he started to soften, he withdrew his cock from me, but left his finger in place, gently rotating it. As he slowly started to remove it, he whispered in my ear “I’d love to have my cock in your arse one day Lin”.

I thought about his words over the next few days and decided that I would allow him to try. It made me excited to think that he may be the first man to have me in this way and I felt it would be like my gift to him which in some way would draw us closer. Because I had tried and failed in the past, I consulted many internet pages about the subject and prepared myself as best I could. During the week I bought condoms and lubricant (even going to the ridiculous lengths of going to separate chemists in case someone guessed my motives!) and one afternoon I tried and succeeded in getting one of my smaller, softer vibrators in without too much discomfort. On the Friday morning when I was meeting him next, I carefully washed myself in preparation and I convinced myself that I was ready, but nevertheless felt more than a little trepidation as I set off.

Sean was his usual excited self when I eventually arrived at his flat and he was immediately hurrying me to get my clothes off. I Kolej Escort wanted to be as relaxed as possible for my “deflowering” so I tried to slow him down. I slowly undressed him whilst he was standing up, lingering to take him in my mouth while I was on my knees in front of him. I looked up and watched his face contort as I sucked him, loving the feeling of having him in my mouth and in my control. Eventually I stood up and removed the rest of my clothes, then made him sit down in an armchair. I followed and knelt in front of him and continued to suck him, slowly and deliberately, each time making sure that I sucked his big head really hard, so that it sort of popped into my mouth. He was already beginning to breathe quickly and I felt him pulling at my hair, trying to make me speed up. I then stopped and moved up and straddled over him, felt behind me and took his engorged cock and fed it into my soaking pussy. It felt wonderful as I slowly slid down the full length until he was fully inside me. I then treated him to a very slow fuck, raising myself up until his cock was just outside of my pussy and then slowly, slowly sliding back down on him. I could feel him getting close so I sat down on him and rubbed my clit hard against him to make myself come, which I did, a few seconds after he came, moaning and pulling me down to him.

I looked at him and said “I hope you aren’t going to be this impatient with me all morning” and when he frowned and asked me why, it was then that I told him I was going to let him try what he wanted so much. He still looked puzzled and I said, “You know – my bottom”. A big boyish grin spread across his face, but all he could find to say was “Great”. I don’t know what I had expected, but I was disappointed that he hadn’t got more idea what a momentous decision it was for me and what exactly I was permitting him to do. I know there is a lot of reference to anal sex in stories on here, but I do not believe that any woman would undertake it lightly or casually.

After a few minutes lying together, I slid out from under him and fetched my handbag. I passed him the condoms and tube of lubricant and told him he would have to use both. I then went and sat back in the armchair and put one leg over each arm so that I was fully stretched and open. I pushed Sean’s head down towards my pussy so that he knew exactly what I wanted and lay there wantonly as he licked and sucked me. Gradually he began to take the lead, running his tongue a little further down and just flicking my anus (sorry – I can’t think of a nicer word) with it. I found myself lifting myself a little and he began to massage my bottom, rubbing his hands all over it as he continued to lick me. He paused for a moment and picked up the tube of lubricant and squeezed a little onto my bottom. Very slowly he began to rub it round and round and then a finger slipped into me, so gently and so slowly, that it felt wonderful, not scary at all.

I was trying to concentrate on these new feelings when I realised that he had succeeded in getting two fingers gently inside me. I felt more of the cold liquid on my bottom as he squeezed some lubricant onto me while he worked his fingers in and out. The physical sensations were undeniably pleasurable and I relaxed even more when he put his other hand on my face, gently stroking, promising that he’d never hurt me. Then he gently, firmly, pushed with the head of his cock against me. I must have moved away from him involuntarily, perhaps still scared, but he again promised that he’d stop at any time. The fact that he was listening, willing to stop for me, in spite of his own pleasure, Rus Escort helped me to relax again. Gently, firmly, slowly, steadily, he pushed his hard cock against my hole. It felt slippery, warm, big and exciting! He pushed gently with the head of his cock and I was taking slow deep breaths and pushing gently back against him. Suddenly there was a fleeting moment of intense pain, which almost immediately gave way to a feeling of fullness.

He paused there, just inside me, and asked gently, “How are you? Does it hurt? Should I stop?” I remember saying, “No I’m fine, but go slowly.” In reality, it felt a bit like I needed to “go” but the surrounding pressure and sensations made it very different. We stayed like that for awhile, which gave me an opportunity to get used to his cock in there and then he began to move slowly, keeping his movements gentle and subtle at first. I loved the sensation of feeling my bottom slowly being filled by his cock. It felt like I was swallowing him. I put my hands against his chest to stop him and then began to slowly push back on him at the pace I felt comfortable with. Then, almost miraculously it seemed to me, he was right in me. I couldn’t believe it – it did not hurt and I felt so full, complete.

He started moving slowly, pulling about halfway out, but this felt so strange that I grabbed his hips and said, “No! Don’t pull out!” Sean said, “It’s okay! Just relax and when you feel me push, you do the same.” It was one of the most exquisite sensations for me as he slid back in the first time, amazingly pleasurable. I couldn’t help but moan and push back towards him.

The slow rhythm took a while to synchronise, but the sensations I experienced were so intense, incredible, and heavenly, that it was nearly mind-blowing. But suddenly Sean said, “Lin, I can’t hold on any longer…. I can’t…. I’m going to come” I wanted this delicious feeling to go on and his sudden release surprised me as I felt him tense and push right inside me. I could feel him pulsing as he came.

He laid quietly on me for a few moments and then pushed himself up. I thought that he would pull out, but then I felt him touch my exposed clitoris and penetrate my pussy with some fingers. My body went crazy! My clit seemed to explode and my vagina contracted and I could feel my anus clamping on his semi-rigid cock still lodged in me. I lay panting, my legs splayed as the intensity of my orgasm subsided. The last physical sensation I remember is the very strange feeling as his cock slipped out of me.

We lay together for a long time and I felt really contented. Soon though, Sean had to leave for work and I found myself at home, trying to analyse my feelings about the morning. In addition to the physical pleasures, there were complex emotional and psychological issues, which contributed to the erotic experience. In one way I had found being anally penetrated the ultimate act of submission and my idea that anal sex was naughty, forbidden and taboo made it even more exciting. But for me, the amount of trust I had to place in Sean really heightened my physical pleasure. Anal sex was my way of saying, “Here is a delicate part of my body where no one has been before, and I trust you not to hurt me but to make me feel good.” I felt I had entrusted him with my deepest vulnerabilities.

I felt high from the experience, and I couldn’t wait to do it again. As we explored it further, it became better and better. The sex got hotter, more adventurous and my orgasms became more fierce and explosive, some of the best I’d ever felt in my life. I confess too that beyond the deep physical gratification, the naughtiness of it all really turned me on. When you add the emotional aspects of anal sex—trust, the forbidden, surrender, submission—to the physical sensations, you have a very powerful sexual experience. Unfortunately for me Sean was too young, inexperienced and selfish to appreciate what it all meant and to him it became just another hold he had over me.

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