A Weekend Visit


Several weeks after the trip to the lake classes were in session and Angie was back in school. We hadn’t seen each other since the night in the shower house and I was climbing the walls to be with her again. She and her husband were offered a chance to spend the next weekend in Lancing paid for by his employer, where he was having meetings. When she told me she was almost disappointed.

“It sounds like you’ll have a great weekend. It will be whatever you make of it.” I said to her.

“What I really want is a weekend with you,” she said. “I can’t get that night out of my head and I don’t want to be unhappy anymore. Frank, I need to be with you.” The tears welled in the corners of her eyes and I gently reached up to wipe them dry while my heart raced in my chest.

“Go and try to enjoy yourself, Ange. We can sort this out down the road but we can’t have anyone suspect that something happened between us. Not for now, anyway.”

“I’ll skip this trip. Dave is always in meetings and then has drinks talking business and whatever else with the guys from his company, so I would be on my own. I can take only so many shopping trips before I’m bored stiff.” Heh, she said stiff. I smiled. We could hear Dave and my wife talking out on the deck as we walked out together. The kids were playing a game on the walk-out patio in the back yard and we were on the deck up above, enjoying the view over the rolling hills from our home on a bluff.

“You sure did pick the perfect spot up here, Frank. How did you find this piece of ground?” Dave asked.

“I’ve been watching it since I was a kid. Every time we drove by I thought it would be perfect to build in the trees as long as the woods weren’t disturbed much, I replied. “The builders had to work a lot more carefully to dig the basement and we pumped in the concrete for the foundation between the big oak trees out front. They did a great job- you wouldn’t know the house is here unless you were really looking for it.”

“You’ll have to let us come up here for a weekend sometime when you’re gone,” Ange said.

The thought of Angie in my house made my pulse quicken. The master bedroom was all windows on the east side and since the back yard was adjacent to a national forest there were no neighbors or prying eyes for miles. When was the last time the shades were drawn, I asked myself? From where I stood I could see Ange naked in my bedroom, showering in the glass stall overlooking the back yard and the river down the hill a hundred yards further. Soapy streams ran from her body as she lathered her fit body. Her fingers worked her nipples, bringing them to full attention and she put her foot on the ledge as she soaped her neatly trimmed pussy. Her fingers spent several moments exploring, one hand in front and the other making long strokes between the cheeks of her fabulous ass. After rinsing her tan, smooth skin, she turned off the spray and reached for a towel. Drops of water clinged to her and I imagined licking each drop off her body from head to toes.

She reached for a thick white towel and patted the drops of water from her arms and legs. She stepped from the stall, wrapping her hair in the towel as she did, then wandered into the large walk-in closet to the back of the bathroom. Her fingers grazed the sleeves of my jackets and shirts and she leaned in to smell the scent of my clothing. Angie retreated from the closet, then walked into the bedroom, pulling the towel from her hair and dropping in on the bed as she passed by. I could see her bare feet in the thick carpet, long dark legs ending at the creamy white flesh of her privates. Her tiny, yet well-rounded ass was as tight as any 18 year old’s and her trimmed bush revealed her very long labia.

Angie turned toward the bed, placed one knee on top, and pushed herself onto the comforter, stretching out on her flat stomach, hands above her head and flexed legs spread slightly. Toes pointed, the sight of her sexy feet and ankles made my prick begin to throb. Rolling onto her back in the middle of the king sized bed, she spread her legs out wide, enjoying the space all to herself. Her wandering hands caressed her skin, feeling her flat stomach that showed no evidence of bearing two children, her a-cup breasts with long, thick gum-drop shaped nipples. Her left hand massaged and squeezed her nipples which sooon stood at full attention. Probably harder than most guy’s dicks, I thought as I watched her pull and roll them between her fingers. Her right hand rested above her pubic mound, fingers trailing through her trimmed pubes and lightly diddling her succulent lips. I was ready for her and started through the open French doors that led to the private master bedroom deck…

“Frank!” my wife said, for the second, or was it the third time. I snapped back to reality and was hoping I hadn’t been caught with that glassy-eyed look while staring at Angie as she sat on the sofa next to Dave with bare legs and feet curled beneath her. “Did you hear Dave?”

“Ah, no, sorry. Just thinking about work for a minute. Our proposal for the new power system at the Trabzon Escort plant is ready to go and we will be starting on it soon… What were you saying?” I asked.

“Well, since Angie won’t be going with me this trip and the kids will be with my folks in Lancing I thought she might like you to come down for a couple of days. You haven’t been away for a while you said, so…what do you think?” asked Dave.

I looked at my wife and with a broad smile she quickly said yes for both of us.

“Oh, good!” Ange exclaimed. We didn’t make direct eye contact but the excitement was beginning to build.

“I’m sure we could be down early Friday evening. If you don’t want to cook we’ll buy you dinner.” I suggested.

“Sounds fine,” my wife replied, “we still haven’t been to that new place downtown.”

The week flew by with the construction proposal being accepted and Friday found me with nothing urgent to do by noon so I took the rest of the day off. I phoned my wife and let her know I’d be home early to pack and that we could go as soon as she got home and threw a few things in a suitcase.

We arrived at Dave and Angie’s at about 5pm and a couple hours early. Angie was in a pair of old, worn denim shorts and a tank top when she answered the door, barefoot and braless. “Just tidying up a little,” she said. “Come on in. I’m just about finished and need to take a quick shower in a little bit. Help yourself to a drink if you’d like,” she called to us as her hot ass and bare feet hurried down the hall towards their bedroom. We opened the fridge to find wine coolers, beer and sodas in neat rows on the bottom shelf. My wife picked out a Mike’s Hard Lime and I grabbed a Coke and mixed a drink behind the bar.

I rubbed my cock through my slacks causing it to stiffen slightly as I thought of Angie naked down the hall. I liked showing off my cock which made my wife horny just by looking at it and making other women take second glance to make sure they saw what they thought they saw. Angie was no stranger to seeing my cock outlined in my pants or shorts since I rarely wore underwear and didn’t mind sporting a little bit an erection when going out, especially with two fine-looking women. It might not have been in the absolute best of taste, but it wasn’t vulgar by any means. A loose pair of silk boxers would offer little more modesty, I rationalized.

Ten minutes later Angie appeared from her bedroom door dressed in white capris and a nice sleeveless top. She wore open-toes pumps that nicely showed her ankles, high arches and long toes and accentuated her toned calves.

I whistled. “Wow, what’s the occasion?” I joked.

“Nothin'” she replied. “I just have to take my dear sister and her hick husband out tonight and thought I’d try to look nice to keep you from getting us stopped at the door.”

“Ouch!” I said back as my wife laughed at the sparring.

We sat for a few minutes and finished our drinks then decided we should head downtown. It wasn’t far, only ten to fifteen minutes and we had a reservation but we left a little early anyway. As we walked to the car I was checking out Angie’s ass. No lines-or no, was that the outline of a thong I could see high on her ass cheeks? I couldn’t tell but determined I would know before the end of the night. The restaurant was booked and lively with pleasant music filling the air. Our waiter showed us to a cozy round booth toward the back and I slid in between Angie and my wife. Our waiter took our drink order and promised to be right back. Perfect, I thought.

Our conversation varied from teaching to my wife’s work and then to mine, and after another drink, light teasing about our sex lives. My wife made a small penis joke and we all burst out laughing, which opened the door for me to tell a big penis joke. “My penis is so big that when I fly coach, it sits in first class.” Laughter came from both girls and I told another. “My penis is so big I can change channels without the remote,” I said, laughing.

“Uh, yeah, sure” Angie teased.

“No its true!”

Angie looked at her sister with an eyebrow raised, who said, “Well, maybe not quite THAT big, but close!” with a large smile.

“So, where’s the cart to get that thing out of here with?” Angie asked, looking around as if I’d needed one to get my cock into the restaurant and it was missing.

“That’s what you two are for!” I said with smile while looking right into her eyes. Again we all burst out laughing. We tried to keep our voices hushed so as not to disturb the other patrons but our laughter was contagious and it was apparent everyone was enjoying themselves. Dinner was excellent. I had steak and shrimp and both ladies had pasta dishes. Several times when Angie put her hands on her lap to wipe her fingers she would coyly reach over and rub my leg as I joked with the gals. I adjusted my cock down my right pant leg and nudged her leg with mine keeping light pressure on to indicate my desire to flirt. Fortunately the tablecloth would cover any action going on under the table. The next time she Trabzon Escort Bayan reached over, Angie’s hand explored a little farther and her fingertips grazed my thick shaft. Not sure she’s actually made contact she did it again, this time tracing the length of my nearly 8″ cock and I heard the faintest sigh as she moved her hand back above the table. Christ, how am I going to walk out of here with this salami in my pants I wondered.

My wife and I each ordered another drink before we decided we should head for home. At 205lbs I hardly had a buzz but my wife was already getting the mellow look on her face like she could just put her head on my lap and fall asleep. Angie had showed me mercy and has quit teasing me, thankfully noticing that my wife was also getting feely as the evening progressed. It was time to head for home and I escorted my wife and Angie from the restaurant and down the street, one arm around each sister.

As we walked, my wife suggested Angie drive us home, as I’d already had four drinks and even if I weren’t over the limit, might be pretty close. I agreed and said, “Let me find my keys.”

My wife quickly said, “Check his pockets!” She put her left hand in my pocket, fishing for more than my keys when all of a sudden Angie boldy offered to check my right pocket and shoved her hand in. Well, my keys were in the right side all right but with the two girls playing pocket pool with my cock and balls I was nearly ready to burst from my slacks. Finally I pulled their hands free and fished out the keys, taking Angie’s right hand in mine before placing the keys in her palm. My cock bulged in agony.

The girls stepped back for a moment to admire their ‘handywork’, giggling and whispering, “My cock is SOO big,” then “How big is it?”

“Get in before someone calls the cops for indecent exposure!” I laughed, and we piled in to the car and headed home.

The house was quiet when we returned and Angie offered us a nightcap. I asked for another rum and coke and my wife had another Mike’s Hard Lime. Angie came around the end of the bar barefoot and I was sure with one less button fastened on her blouse. I know she wasn’t wearing a bra since her perky A cup breasts didn’t need the support and as she leaned to hand my drink over I could easily see down her blouse and her perfect left nipple. My eyes froze for a moment as Angie looked into them, then she broke our gaze and offered the other drink to her sister who was looking at pictures and souvenirs on Dave and Angie’s bookshelves.

We made small talk for a while and as my wife finished her drink decided if she didn’t get to bed soon she’d fall asleep while we talked on the sofa. She stood and leaned to me for a goodnight kiss and planted her hand right on top of my cock. “Come to bed soon, ok?” she said and down the hallway she went.

Angie and I just looked at each other for a moment and then she went about picking up the few glasses and desert plates we had dirtied when we got home. She quickly put them in the dishwasher and once my wife closed the door to our bedroom, Angie turned down the lights and came to sit next to me on the sofa, right leg underneath her with the heel of her foot practically in her pussy and the other up, with her heel resting on the edge of the cushion and her toes pointing toward the floor. My cock responded to the sight of her sexy arch and toes in such a sexy pose.

Angie leaned towards me and placed her right hand on the back of my neck and her left right on the bulge in my trousers. “God! You made me so horny talking about your cock in the restaurant! Why do you do that to me?” she whispered. Before I could answer she continued. “I could hardly wait for Kate to go to bed so I could have you again!”

“I could hardly wait, either. This past week was a blur and all I could think of was getting here to see you. I got horny as an eighteen year old just seeing your sexy butt in those old shorts. All I could think of was pulling them off and bending you over in the hallway before you went for a shower.”

“Does my sister know?” Angie asked.

“No way. You two are so open about your sex lives that she doesn’t see anything in our flirting. And talking sex with you two just makes her feel like we’re all closer friends-and that’s it.”

“Well, she can’t know. I need your big cock. Dave just doesn’t know what it takes to satisfy me like you do. He’ll never figure it out. Frank, you do the right things and say the right things. Sometimes I just want to burst.” Her right hand began to lightly massage the back of my neck as she ran her fingers through my hair and her left worked my cock as it strained to be free. Her touch was electric. The outline of the head was clearly visible through the fabric and her fingers traced the rim from side to side. I turned to face her and placed my left hand on her leg. I wanted to go straight to her crotch but enjoy getting her so worked up that she just loses all her inhibitions. So I waited. I bent towards her and our lips briefly touched. We looked into each other’s eyes and recognized Escort Trabzon the passion that could not be quelled. I nibbled at her bottom lip then with a little lick began to kiss her tender lips. Angie pulled herself to me, swinging her left leg over my lap and mounting me as we kissed and clawed at each other’s clothing.

My right hand went straight to her breasts and I pulled and twisted her nipples through her blouse. My left hand was on her ass, squeezing and exploring as she worked her hips, grinding her pussy into my extremely hard cock. I reached from behind to rub her pussy through her pants and could feel a wetness on my finger tips. For twenty minutes we hardly spoke, only parting our lips long enough to catch a breath. Angie opened the front of my shirt and pushed it down over my shoulders, bending down to lick and suck my nipples. She sure knew which buttons to push. I worked my hands under her blouse, fingers caressing her warm, smooth skin. Angie’s breasts were small, but her thick nipples more than made up for it in my book. I moved my fingers to the button on her pants and worked it loose, then the zipper. Once loosened, I shoved my hands down the back to feel her ass. We continued to kiss as I massaged her butt cheeks and lightly explored her anus and slick pussy lips. Her scent was wonderful I noticed, just like camping.

I eased Angie onto her back and began to pull her capris, panties and all over her firm ass. She was willing and stretched her legs straight to let me slide them completely off. Dropping them to the floor, I parted and held her legs momentarily, ass still in the air, admiring her neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair and smooth-shaved lips. The fingers of her right hand brushed over her short hair and her middle finger parted her lips, stroking from her opening to her clit and back. “Mmmm, you look so damn sexy when you do that!” I breathed.

“Frank, wait here a minute,” Angie said and rolled from the sofa and onto her feet in one smooth motion. She bent to pick up her capris and panties, then turned and gave me a full-tongue kiss before heading down the hallway toward her bedroom. I heard water run for just a minute and then she was back in the hall, this time wearing a short silk robe and nothing else. The dim light from the other end of the hall outlined her body. Damn, but she was put together nice!

Angie took my hand and pulled me to my feet. She loosened my belt and fly then dropped my slacks to the floor. I stepped out of them and she pushed me back into the sofa. “Now, where were we?” she asked.

Again she straddled my hips and we kissed, her smooth pussy grinding my aching cock, but not letting it into her slick hole. I had to taste her, so I eased her onto her back once again and pulled her hips into my lap. Her robe fell completely open and I raised her legs to where they were before she went to freshen up. “I think this is where we left off,” I whispered to her with a mischievous smile. “Mmm, you’re so sexy, Ange,” I said Easing her legs back. I took in the beautiful sight of Angie’s bare ass, then with both hands began to explore, massaging her cheeks, parting her lips, dipping into the wetness of her vagina. Angie’s quiet moans signaled her approval so I placed my hands on her waist and rolled her hips back, putting her ass higher in the air. As her legs rested on her chest I kissed the backs of her legs, then her ass, working closer and closer to her pussy. Her hips bucked in reaction to my first kiss there. I gently licked and sucked her outer lips, then placed a kiss right on her clitoral hood. My tongue flicked her clit and her stomach began to quiver in anticipation of her first orgasm. I flicked her clit again with my tongue then began to kiss, lick and suck with abandon. My tongue dipped into her soaked vagina then traced her lips back to her clit. Sucking and licking, I drove her over the edge as an orgasm exploded within her. Gasping, Angie grabbed my head and held me tight.

I kissed my way to her anus and lightly tongued her tight hole as she came down from her high. She was completely at my mercy and would let me do anything to pleasure her. As I licked and sucked her ass and pussy, her fingers worked their way to her lower lips and she began to masturbate. “I need to come again, Frank! Don’t stop..please!” she said.

I licked and tickled her anus with my tongue while she continued to work her pussy. My cock was so hard that it could hardly take the suspense of wanting to be inside her, but I knew it would be soon enough. Again I saw the ripples of pleasure begin in her abdomen and I began to work my tongue into her ass just as a second orgasm ripped through her body. “Oh GOD, YES, YES, YES!” she cried out, trying to mute her voice and not wake her sister.

As Angie’s orgasm subsided I slid out from beneath her and stood. My nearly 8″ cock swung before me and Angie reached up to stroke it with her left hand, the fingers of her right hand still gently rubbing over her engorged pussy lips. She cupped my balls in her palm then began to stroke me again. She lifted her head and pulled me towards her, licking a large drop of precum from the tip of my cock. Ange left the drop on her tongue and raised up farther to kiss me. I sucked her tongue into my mouth as the sweet fluid mixed with our saliva. “Mmmm, you’re naughty,” I whispered in Angie’s ear.

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