A Walk On The Beach

Big Tits

It was a Friday evening and we decided to leave work and head for the beach. It normally took about an hour and a half for us to drive to our favorite spot, but traffic was a little heavier than normal. We relaxed and listened to the radio and didn’t talk much. You placed your hand on my thigh and squeezed gently, letting me know that you were glad to be with me.

The sun was beginning to set as we reached our “private paradise”. The beach was deserted. I parked far enough away that the high tide would not cause the car to get stuck in the sand. I grabbed the blanket we kept stashed in the trunk for “special occasions” and we walked towards the shore. After we were at the water’s edge, you suggested that we take off our shoes and socks and wade in the ocean. We were still in our work clothes, but at that point we didn’t care if we ever went to work again. It had been a hectic week for both of us and we just wanted to relax for a while.

The seagulls swooped around us. They were used to having people throw food to them and they were probably expecting us to do the same. I picked up a seashell and through it in the air. In unison, they flew towards it. When they realized it was not food, they flew away just as quickly. I was in an ornery mood and you chided me for being so mean. You said, “You are such a big tease”. I just looked at you, winked and said “yeah, who was the big tease when we first met”.

“Well, that was different”, you said with a wry smile. “I didn’t want you to think I was TOO easy, you know”.

“Oh, so you WERE easy. I had heard that about you.”

“You, HAD NOT”, you said, blushingly. “You’re just being a butthead”.

I grabbed your hand and we continued silently down the beach, just holding hands like teenagers. We walked toward the setting sun. It was glowing red, as it sank towards the horizon. The sky had a purple cast to it. The clouds were magnificent hues of pink, purple and orange. A full moon was rising in the sky behind us. At that point there was time was irrelevant. It was just you, me, and the surrounding seascape.

We walked on the beach beneath the full moon, holding hands. We watched as the stars came out. We snuggled Tekirdağ Escort up to each other as we walked. The warm ocean waves brushed across our bare feet. The sand shifted beneath us as we walked. The night air provided enough of a chill to make your nipples erect. When I noticed your nipples, my cock began to get stiffen. It was a little difficult to walk. You noticed I had begun walking different. You started to say something, but then you realized why and reached over and put your hand across my crotch and said, “What’s got you in an uproar”.

I answered, “Only the sexiest woman on the beach”, as I pointed toward your breasts.

You replied, “I AM the ONLY woman on the beach, you big silly”.

“Then I guess that makes you the sexiest, then, doesn’t it”?

“Yes, I guess it does. And it makes you the most hansom man on the beach, too”!

“Yes, and the horniest, as well. It’s a good thing YOU are the sexiest woman on the beach. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here”.

“Without, would be MY guess”.

“Here, let me show you what this blanket is for”, I said as I took the blanket from around you. I ran up on shore where the sand was soft and spread the blanket on the beach. Then I ran back, grabbed your hand squeezed it and whispered, “follow me”. You grinned and half dragged your feet and teasingly whispered, “I don’t know, my mother told me about guys like you”. I tugged harder on your arm and we ran toward the blanket. We fell onto our knees and I looked into your beautiful brown eyes.

“Hi, Beautiful, where have you been all of my life?” I asked.

“In your dreams!” you teased.

I replied, “Maybe I should pinch myself to see if I’m still dreaming”.

Before I knew what was happening, you reached up and pinched my nipple and said, “Here, I’ll save you the trouble”.

“Ouch! That hurt!

But you can hurt me anytime, you sexy thing!” I said, with a gleam in my eye. “You know, turn about is fair play”.

“Ya think?” you laughed.

“I, KNOW”, I said in my deepest, sexiest voice.

I reached up to pinch you back and you grabbed my hand. I reached up with my other hand and you intercepted Tekirdağ Escort Bayan me again. “Oh, I see you’re going to play hard to get, are you”? I grabbed your sides and began to tickle you. You squirmed away and fell back on the blanket. I quickly knelt over you and said, “Now I have you right where I want you!”, as I lowered my mouth to your ear. I began to nibble your ear, knowing how it made you squirm and turned you on. I kissed your neck and you shuddered and began to sigh. Your soft moans were intoxicating. If it was possible to make me any harder, the sounds you were making certainly did the trick. I whispered, “MMMmmmm, I love to hear you when we’re making love! You always make me wonderfully hot, My Love”.

“Oh, honey, I love the ways and places you touch me”, you sighed. “I want you to suck my nipples”, you whispered.

“My pleasure, Sweetheart”, I said as I bit lightly through your dress and bra. Your nipples awakened from their slumber. I lowered the spaghetti straps on your dress. I delicately lifted your breasts out of their prison. I flicked my tongue across each one, in turn. You moaned, lightly. I kissed you between your breasts. I continued to plant kisses all over your breasts and back up to your neck. I kissed your shoulders as I began to unbutton your dress. I caressed your stomach as I lifted your dress lightly over your head.

You began to sigh as I kissed your neck and bare breasts. I always loved the little sounds you made when we were making love. The whimpers wafted over me like an inebriated butterfly. Your stomach muscles contracted as I lightly ran the tips of my fingers over your skin. For the first time since we had been married, I noticed that you curled your toes when I tickled your stomach. It was a delightful observation. I made a mental note to watch your toes more often, to see if this was a one-time occurrence or something that happened every time.

You were wearing my favorite purple silk and lace panties. I had the feeling you had had sex on your mind when you got dressed that morning. I sure did not complain, because it was almost always on my mind. After all, I was married to the sexiest Escort Tekirdağ woman I ever knew. I planted kisses all over those purple panties. I loved the stimulating aroma of your femininity. I ran my tongue along the seams. Slowly, I pulled the panties to one side so I could plant kisses on you. You writhed beneath me. You whispered that you wanted me to taste you. How, could I have resisted your request? I placed my finger inside your moistened panties and flicked my tongue back and forth tasted your essence. You arched your back as you climaxed, unexpectedly. I felt you shudder as the waves of orgasm rolled over you.

When the orgasm had subsided, I began to kiss your stomach again. I worked my way up to your breasts, where I began to suck them and tickle your nipples with my tongue. I kissed your neck. I placed my mouth on yours. We shared your nectar. You slid your tongue in my mouth as if to savor every drop. It had been a while since you kissed me with such abandon. You kindled the passion within me.

I did not bother removing your panties. I merely slid them to the side as I eased myself into your passionate lips. The silk of your panties against me was exhilarating. I could tell you were enjoying my warmth inside you. I kissed you and nibbled on your ears. You pinched my nipples. I always enjoyed it when you did that.

Slowly, I began to intensify the rhythm. You began to scratch my back and pull me toward you faster and harder. It was everything I could do, to keep from exploding. I whispered in your ear and said the things I knew would send you over the edge. Your breathing became faster and shallower. You groaned with pleasure as you had your second orgasm. The sounds excited me to climax, as well. Hot, sticky juices flowed out of you and ran down your ass.

I collapsed beside you and wrapped the blanket around us. We lay next to each other and I cuddled you as we kissed. We whispered, “I love you” in harmony.

We looked up at the stars as we lay together. I began to button your dress. You helped me get dressed, too.

We picked up the blanket and slowly walked back to the car. We stopped occasionally to kiss and hug each other.

When we got to the car, we decided not to make the long drive home. Instead, we stopped at the nearest hotel and rented a room for one tremendously sleepless night.

(c) April 10, 2003 – Bob White Crow (Thank You a_special_brown_eyed_girl for the inspiration) Bob White Crow Enterprises

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