A Walk In The Forest


It was late morning before they woke, rays of sunlight slipping through the curtains and spilling over the duvet. The warmth of the day was becoming apparent and the sound of nature floated in through the window they had left open last night. They both milled around lazily, getting showered and dressed in their own time and catching quick touches of each other as they slipped past. It felt like a Sunday, but it was even more comforting to realise it was a bank holiday, making it feel like they were playing truant.By eleven o’clock they were pulling out of the driveway and enjoying the wind as it rushed through their open windows, the background rumble of the Aston Martin seeming as natural as the rivers and trees they sped past. After a pleasant journey through the winding country lanes, they arrived at a forest brazzers far away from civilisation. Taking a hamper and her camera with them, they made their way over the tree bark and between two large conifers where the tourist path began. As they walked through the woods, sunlight splattered through the canopy above and left a warming glow on the fauna below. ‘Give me a minute,’ she asked as she noticed an ‘Oyster’ mushroom at the foot of an elm tree. Her interest in photography was newly found, but she had a good eye and was eager to keep practicing.Birds rustled the undergrowth, and the occasional rabbit would dash for freedom across their path as they wound their way through the trails and between the coppices. Every so often they would pause as a potential photoshoot presented itself, or cuckold porno they’d spot a rare bird of prey seeking its quarry. After a lengthy stroll into the ‘heart’ of the forest, they sat down to open the hamper. They were far away from the noises of everyday life and could have been the last two people on earth for all they knew. They lay on the woodland floor picking lazily at the food they’d cobbled together before leaving the house, chunks of bread ripped from the loaf and layered with scoops of pate. ‘For a picnic, this ain’t bad,’ he said as he gazed at the scenery before him. ‘And we’ve yet to open the Champagne,’ she whispered as she drew the bottle out of the hamper, her eyes focused solely on him. ‘Where are the glasses?’ he enquired, looking into the basket. czech porno ‘I didn’t pack any,’ she smiled as she lent back with the bottle and undid the belt from her wrap-around dress. ‘I was hoping you’d pop your cork over me,’ she said as the dress fell away, revealing black sheer underwear and stockings.He leant over her and kissed her hard on the mouth, his tongue darting inside to find hers and his head twisting to reach deeper and deeper. She held the bottle between her legs, startled but enjoying the cold glass against her inner thighs. She pulled it closer and harder against her panties, feeling its hardness against her damp pussy, the coldness turning her clit into stone, then started sliding it up and down over herself. He took the bottle from her but left it gently touching her legs as he removed the soft metal covering, then unwound the cage keeping the cork in place. As he twisted the cork, the bottle slipped deliciously over her clit, soaking her underwear. The cork flew out, disturbing some birds and a shot of champagne exploded over her body.

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