A View with a Screw


The hotel clerk hands us the keys.

“You’re gonna love the view,” he goes. “See all over the city from way up there.”

I’ve got my sights set for an entirely different view, though, I think to myself, glancing down at Jocelyn’s plump ass straining in her denim shorts. I can’t wait to rip those off and-

“Do you guys have pizza?” Jocelyn suddenly asks.

“Er, our kitchen doesn’t do pizza.”

Jocelyn pouts. Doesn’t her boyfriend ever feed the poor girl? Guess it’s up to me to do it, with both pizza and dick.

“No problem, you head up,” I tell her, taking the second room key from the clerk, “and I’ll go get some.”

While she’s not keen on going up alone, she seems happy enough with the prospect of pizza. Thing is, it takes me a bit to find a place nearby, so I’m thinking all the sides are a must, too, since we’ll both be fairly hungry by the time I get back.

The elevator takes forever to get to our floor, and little wonder! When I step through the door I’m met with the sight of massive windows overlooking the river. The view stretches all the way to the Gold Coast, seemingly. But I’ve hardly got time to evaluate this, because I’ve noticed Jocelyn lying on the floor by the window, catching some sun.

She’s completely naked.

My breath leaves me, and I drop the bag of pizza and breads and stuff on the floor, kicking the door shut behind me.

Jocelyn’s got headphones on, her head bobbing away to whatever music she’s listening to. Her body is amazing, glowing in the sunlight. Perfect curves all over. She’s resting on her elbows, so her back swoops down to the hollow at the base of her spine before rising deliciously over the curve of her ass. Thick thighs and shapely calves finish off the landscape of her body.

My dick stirs at the sight of her.

I kick my shoes off and sneak up behind her, crouching down beside her. It’s warm by the windows, and we’re so high up I almost feel a sense of vertigo glancing briefly out the window. From where I’m sitting I can see straight into the crack of Jocelyn’s ass, at the dark secret spot between her legs. Now my dick springs to full attention, straining against my pants.

I reach out, hovering my hand above Jocelyn’s skin, following the contours of her legs up to her ass and down again. The urge to grab her, touch her skin, feel her body, is overwhelming. I clasp my hand onto her calf, and she yelps in surprise, clenching her ass cheeks together and yanking the headphones off.

“Got pizza,” I say lamely, staring at her ass, admiring her round cheeks and the cleft between.

“Scared the hell out of me,” she goes.

I rub my hand up her leg, onto her thigh. I love how thick they are. I could stroke those sexy thighs forever, if but for the fact there’s more fun to be had further up. Her skin is so warm, almost hot.

Jocelyn seems content to just lay there while I explore her body. She grins at me like I’m an idiot, but I don’t care. I grab one of her ass cheeks in my hand, kneading the soft flesh. I reach out with my other hand to massage the other cheek, rotating her ass and pulling her cheeks apart to get a naughty glimpse of her puckered asshole. I wonder if the boyfriend has conquered this hole yet?

“You right there?” she goes, but doesn’t protest.

I glide my fingers up her back, trailing across her shoulders and stroking the back of her neck, playing with her hair. I flatten my Sivas Escort palms against her skin and run my hands down her beautiful body until I’m on her ass again. I give her a little spank, just to see her flesh jiggle.


My hand slips down between Jocelyn’s thighs where my fingers probe gently at her pussy. First thing I notice is that it feels smooth; the second is that it also feels warm and wet. I raise my fingers to my mouth and taste her.

“Come round here,” she says, so I shuffle around to sit in front of her.

She has the most adorable face. The first time I ever saw her I thought she was the cutest thing. I was turned on pretty much immediately. Half Chinese and half Filipino. Chipmunk teeth with narrow eyes that curve like halved almonds. There’s even a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks.

Jocelyn bites her bottom lip as she hurriedly unbuckles me, tugging my zipper down. Her breath has that sweet smell a lot of girls have when they’re horny. I sit up so that it’s easier for her to reach in and pull my hard dick out, while I continue to run my hands over her back. As soon as I feel her lips first kiss the tip of my dick, then open around the head and swallow half it down, I’m in heaven.

I run my fingers through her hair, groaning aloud as her tongue slides under my shaft.

“Fuuuuccck,” I moan.

“Soon,” she mumbles around a mouthful of dick, before continuing to suck slowly on it.

She bends her knees against the floor so that her ass lifts in the air. I wish I was down that end now, getting a good look at it.

Jocelyn’s lips pull all the way up my shaft, holding fast to the soft fleshy head of my circumcised cock, and when she finally pulls it free of her mouth it’s with a loud sucking sound.

“On your side,” I command, expecting to be obeyed.

“Yes daddy,” she whispers with a small grin.

Jocelyn rolls over, her back to the window and the sun. Her tits come into full view. They’re fucking stunning. The perfect handful. As I stretch out alongside her I kiss her full on the mouth, sucking at her bottom lip, feeling her tongue in my mouth, hot and warm. Then I slide my tongue down her throat, over her chest to those amazing tits. They’re so soft against my mouth. I kiss across one until I get to her nipple, a beautifully nubby nipple. A couple of licks before I close my mouth over it and gently suck it into my mouth.

Jocelyn whimpers.

I suck harder, and can feel her nipple respond by getting harder itself. Then I reach down and grab her other breast with my hand, dipping my head down to roughly suck on it, nibbling on her nipple.

But I’ve not reached my ultimate destination yet, and my cock’s eager to be in Jocelyn’s mouth again. So I stretch out fully until I’m face to face with Jocelyn’s pussy.

I take hold of her ankle and pull it closer, forcing her leg to bend up at the knee, opening his thighs wide. Her shaved pussy lips spread with the movement, slick with her juices. I position my dick in front of her mouth again then bend my head to the task of finally tasting her delicious pussy. I nuzzle against it, rubbing her wetness all over my face, parting her pussy wider with my nose before letting me tongue slide slowly over her lips. Wide and flat I try for, just to tease the labia first. Her mouth swallows my dick hungrily.

69 in front of big glass windows. If Sivas Escort Bayan only the ants below could know.

I pull at her labia with my lips, opening her wider, revealing her pinkness. My tongue darts inside, licking up her juices, probing against her hole. My chin must be rubbing on her clit because she’s moaning and moaning so much.

So am I, truth be told. She’s sucking my dick so good. That boyfriend of hers isone lucky guy. Though I’m sure he wouldn’t think so if he knew what his little angel was getting up to right now.

Her thigh’s all wet, and it’s dribbling down onto the carpet. I want to fuck her so badly, but there’s no rush. I use my fingers to spread her pussy open, but her pussy lips are slippery so it’s not easy. I massage them as I curl my tongue slowly under Jocelyn’s clit. I give it a few flicks before sliding my tongue across it, pressing harder and harder with every lick.

She groans, stroking my balls with her fingers, sliding her tongue up and down the underside of my shaft.

I start flicking my tongue really fast against her clitty, slowly inching my fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her moist folds part enough to allow passage. I give her asshole a cheeky lick while I’m at it.

“Pre-cum,” she goes, using her fingertip to dab at the hole of my cock and pull a string of sticky pre-cum from it. She kisses under my helmet, massaging the soft head with her fingers, squeezing more pre-cum from it.

I’m so fucking hard by now. It feels like a rock. I don’t think it’s possible to get any harder.

“On your knees, babe,” I groan.

She lets go of my cock and spins around, facing the window and pressing her palms against the glass. I quickly undress, squatting down behind her so that our bodies are pressed together. I love how warm her skin is. I get my hands under her ass and squeeze, pulling her higher so that her ass isn’t resting on the heels of her feet.

From this position I’m able to slide my dick between her thighs and rub it against her pussy. I let the head tickle her clit, then just slide it back and forth underneath so that her wet pussy lips open around my shaft. But I don’t fuck her. Not yet. I just rub her pussy with the topside of my shaft, teasing her clit.

My hands reach around and grab her tits, squeezing them together, pinching her nipples with thumb and forefinger. I nibble on her ear lobes, gently biting the nape of her neck. Biting her shoulder hard as I angle my hips so that my cock rubs harder against her pussy lips – leaving a little calling card impression in her flesh for the boyfriend to find later.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” Jocelyn’s gasping.

I take a fistful of hair and yank her head back, kissing her passionately. It’s like we’re trying to devour each other.

I relinquish my hold and stand up, ordering Jocelyn to do likewise.

She’s panting, staring at my cock. I notice her wetness dribble down the inside of her thigh.

So I push her up against the glass window. From the outside her ass and shoulders would be like suction cups against it. I lift one of Jocelyn’s legs and rest her foot on a side-table. We’re kissing again as our bodies press together, and I angle my hips and thrust up so that my cock finds her open pussy, still slick with her juices, and slips in.

It’s like fucking heaven.

And she’s tight. She grips my cock like it’s a fist, so I ease Escort Sivas in gently until I’m up to my balls, then pull out almost all the way before sliding it slowly back in. Jocelyn’s mouth forms an O and she knits her brows together as I keep thrusting.

“Pound me,” she gasps.

My pleasure. I thrust harder, squeezing my ass tight to get deeper into her. She drops her leg and spins around, hands flat against the glass again, ass in the air. My cock’s straight in, easy as, and I’m pumping away, bashing my hips against her ass. Jocelyn’s pussy is fucking dripping as we fuck, and my balls are bouncing against her clit, driving her wild.

It’s all I can do to stop from cumming. Her pussy’s going to milk me dry at this rate.

Her head falls against the glass, drool coming from her lip. I keep smashing her from behind, picking up the pace, her pussy making squelching noises as I ram my cock in and out.

I pull her up, leading her over to the side table, and throw her over it. Her feet leave the floor and her ass totally exposed. All mine. I kneel down and start licking her asshole while I finger her pussy some more. Jocelyn squirms. She wants more dick.

I walk around and grab her by the hair.


She opens her mouth, and I guide my dick inside, slowly thrusting. Her lips close over my shaft as I face-fuck her on the table. I reach over and slide my hand over her ass, finding her wet slit and rubbing it with my fingers. I insert one into her hole, sliding my finger in and out in time with my dick in her mouth. I find her clit and work it some more until she shivers.

I imagine she’s just cum.

So I go back around and spread her legs wide. The table top is saturated.

I start fucking Jocelyn on the table while she grips its legs on the other side. I reach under my balls and press my thumb against her clit, twirling it around in circles as I thrust into her.

Then I flip her over, getting her into a sitting position on the side-table. She hooks her legs around me as I lean in to suck on her tongue, pinching her nipples between my fingers. Then I lean back and take hold of my cock, guiding it straight back into her pussy. Jocelyn and I seem to groan at exactly the same time, which makes her laugh.

I put my hands under her ass, trying to position my feet just right.

Jocelyn shakes her head. “Oh no, you don’t…”

“Yup,” I grin.

I lift her off the side-table, my hands under her ass as she wraps her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. In this position my dick sinks even deeper into her pussy than before. I hold her tight and with my legs spread apart for balance, start thrusting as fast as I can.

Jocelyn nearly starts screaming from the pleasure.

It’s too much for me, too. I feel my balls tighten, the familiar build up in them reaching up through my cock, swelling the head even bigger.

“Oh my fucking god, Jocelyn,” I’m going, sweat starting to form on my forehead.

Fuck fuck fuck.

Jocelyn’s pussy is so good. So tight.

I pound her pussy until I’m ready to cum.

She sees it on my face. She’s watching me intently, a cheeky smile on her face.

I feel her pussy squeeze me as she tightens her pelvic muscles.

I explode, cumming inside her pussy, barely able to hold her up as the orgasm rips through me, sucking not only the cum from my balls but the energy from my limbs.

When I’m finally done we both stagger and fall to the floor.

Jocelyn’s laughing, and I notice now we’re both drenched in sweat. She moves in closer and we tenderly kiss as she drapes an arm across my chest.

“I hope that pizza’s still warm,” she goes.

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