A Very Special Hen Night


The white long sleeved blouse felt smooth against her skin and as she raised her hand to ring the bell, she experienced a moment of doubt. This was the day before her wedding and Jane had spent weeks preparing for her special day. Everything was in order, the flowers, the caterers, the reception, and that dress, it had all been meticulously planned and more than once she had considered throwing the whole thing in. Geoff didn’t seem too fussed over the preparations, no matter what she proposed he threw his hands in the air and made an excuse to leave the house. Jane had eventually enlisted the help of her mother, two sisters and Geoff’s sister, who seemed determined to make her special day something to remember. Jenny had seemed a little weird the first time they’d met six months ago. It had been at a pub in the heart of Edinburgh. An all girl band who dressed in Catholic school uniforms and sang old Runaway and Joan Jett songs, mixed with a healthy dose of AC/DC and of late, Metallica. Geoff had introduced Jenny as his kid sister, the wild child and left them to swap war stories while he busied himself with another round of darts.The door opened suddenly and Jane cracked a cheery grin. Jenny was dressed in a white ruffled blouse and black, zip up mini skirt, the guitar hung loosely around her neck, a smoke dangled from her mouth. “Hi babe,” her eyes lit up, “wow, look at you, is that your going away outfit?”“How did you guess?”“Let’s just say,” she looked past her, “that the only thing left on your list was the going away outfit,” she tossed the cigarette into her mother’s prize dahlias.“Am I right or am I right?”“Right,” she smoothed out the incredibly short shirtdress that flared out at the bottom, it was the shortest dress she had ever worn, the generous flares puffed out at the hem, made from a leather synthetic it felt dangerous.“Cool,” Jenny’s eyes lit up, “my brother will be cumming in his pants when he sees you,” she licked her lips, “you look good enough to eat.”“You think?” Jane blushed.“I know,” she grabbed her hand, “come on lover girl, let’s get you upstairs and covered in cream.”Jane managed a smirk as she shut the door behind her.“Maybe not the cream,” she pulled her eyes from Jenny’s black fishnets, “but maybe some hints.”“Oh,” she glanced over her shoulder, “you want the birds and bees talk? I have some wonderful books to show you. Did you know that rear entry allows a man the deepest penetration?”Jane didn’t say anything as she followed her up the stairs to the bedroom. Most Friday nights she was down at the local youth club at her church, but tonight she had excused herself. The youth leader had chuckled merrily as he farewelled her.“Perfectly understandable, I’d be a bundle of nerves.”“Not nervous, just,” she shifted from one foot to the other, “just nervous.”“You want to say a quick prayer?”“No,” she looked past him, “but remember me in your prayers tonight, I’m afraid I’m too nervous for prayers.”Jenny’s İstanbul Escort bedroom walls were covered in rock posters, occult paraphernalia and a life size manikin hanging by a noose, a hangover from her Goth days she had confessed off handedly.“I really should take him down, but he looks so peaceful up there and he never bothers anybody.”“Nervous?”“Terrified,” she confessed, “I rang him earlier but he was on a boy’s night out.”“He’ll be home late,” Jenny nodded, “he’s staying at our dad’s place anyway, and mum is out at her boyfriend’s place, why didn’t you ask to stay here?”“Bad luck I suppose,” she arranged herself on the bed and stared at her reflection, “you think it’s too plain?”“Hmm,” Jenny adjusted the collar, “very fucking hot, did you wear that for me or him?”“Jenny,” her eyelids flew up, “that’s terrible.”“I know,” she set her guitar down and pulled the tie from her raven locks, they tumbled down to her waist and she reached for the inevitable bottle of vodka.“I know you’re not into this,” she held up the bottle, “but under the circumstances, do you mind if I have a drink?”“Go ahead,” Jane smiled, “you should know I’m not a prude, I might have one myself.”“Now you’re talking, lover girl.”Her eyes softened as she watched her going through the motions. Jenny was one of her best friends, granted she was nothing like the church types she usually hung out with, Jenny was worldly wise, and she had discovered to her surprise, staunchly bisexual. At first she had been shocked by the news but the idea had grown on her, now she liked having a bisexual best friend. Had the youth pastor and her friends known, she would have been admonished and told to seek the Lord, but in an environment where your eternal soul was guarded jealously from the tainted world, it was refreshing to have at least one secret. Jenny was her friend, her unofficial confidante and as of tomorrow, her sister in law.The drink made her feel warm and relaxed and she stared at herself in the mirror while she brushed her golden locks in the mirror, she had always considered herself plain and ordinary, but these last few weeks she had grown accustomed to the compliments of her friends and family. The hair had been done two weeks ago in preparation for the final hair appointment tomorrow, courtesy of one of Jenny’s friends who worked in the music industry.“She’s done all the big weddings,” she had reassured her, “you name it, she can do it for you.”“You want another?” Jenny coughed and held up the bottle.Jane hesitated.“Hey, I’m sorry,” she smiled, “but it’s not a crime and it is your wedding tomorrow, this settles your nerves, besides your hen night was one of those non drinking nights.”“It wasn’t exactly,” she replied, “I had a couple, but okay, it will settle my nerves.”Another hour ticked by and she felt definitely tipsy, the jokes got more ribald and suddenly she felt something she hadn’t felt in a long İstanbul Escort Bayan time, relaxed. No subject was taboo with her new friend, why couldn’t she be like this with Geoff?“How you feeling?”“God,” she smoothed out her dress, “feels good.”“Feeling good is good enough for me,” Jenny sang gently as she strummed on a guitar.Jane rose and wandered to the window while Jenny sang a couple of bars from an old Janis Joplin song. From up here she could see the entire street, in the distance the lights around Edinburgh castle had just come on, illuminating the walls in a golden sheen. He had proposed to her on those battlements. She had cried and hugged him and they had celebrated in a quiet little restaurant in Rose Street. “You want something to eat?”“Cream,” she grinned stupidly and held out her arms, “all over.”“Ooh, you are wasted,” Jenny sniggered, “no more alcohol for you.”“Humph,” she moved to the bed and fell onto it in resignation, “not even a little bit?”“No,” Jenny leaned over and kissed her brow, “I want you fresh as an unpicked rose tomorrow.”Jane brushed her hands through her hair and giggled.“I’ll be a deflowered rose tomorrow.”“That didn’t even make sense,” Jenny smirked, “you mean to tell me?”“Not even in high school,” she confessed, “I came close with Jim but he moved away and I lost his phone number, by the time he got back to Edinburgh I was going out with Tony.”“God,” Jenny slipped her hand over the dress, “no wonder you’re so nervous.”Jane said nothing as she stared into her eyes. Jenny, the woman of the world was three years younger than her, but she’d lived a lifetime of experiences in the last five years. Her gap year had been spent in Australia and Thailand. After returning to Scotland she had worked in London, Dublin, Hamburg and Rome, just to name a few cities. In between times she had backpacked through Europe, gone on a charity trek along the Spice Road, and taught English in Yekaterinburg. All Jane could manage was six months in Dublin on a missionary visit with her local church, the last five years had seen her working in two department stores and a youth hostel.“Yeah, I’m nervous,” she confessed, “what if, you know, what if he doesn’t like me?”“He’ll like you,” Jenny reassured her and slid off the bed, “just do what comes natural.”She padded downstairs to the kitchen leaving Jane to contemplate the hidden mysteries of sex, it was natural so she’d been told. You would know what to do when the time came, there was no need for sex education or books, the Lord would protect and guide you. But nothing seemed natural right now as she stared at the dangling manikin.“What is it like?” Jane asked the manikin earnestly a few minutes later, “will I bleed? Will I scream or will it just be splendiferous?”She giggled.“You’ll bleed like a stuck pig,” Jenny deposited the tray on the bedside table.“Hmm,” Jane smiled dreamily, “I hope that’s low fat.”“Oh it’s high Escort İstanbul fat,” she passed her a bowl of strawberries and cream, “but we’re going to have hot sex in about ten minutes so you’ll work it all off in no time.”“Jenny,” she raised an eyebrow, “that’s disgusting.”“What, sex with your own kind?” Jenny smiled, “it’s a whole lot of fun.”“What’s it like?”“With a woman?”“Yes,” she popped a strawberry in her mouth, “not that I’m thinking of, you know, but it’s always had me curious.”“It’s different,” she replied, “think, soft, sensual, caressing, stroking, sucking, biting, and when you’re done you can do the postmortem,” she smirked, “the you didn’t mean what you said, did you, kind of thing.”“Weird.”“You think so?” Jenny cocked an eyebrow, “how would you know if you haven’t tried?”“I don’t know,” she confessed a few moments later, “just sounds weird doing it with a woman.”“It’s sex for the sake of enjoyment,” Jenny pushed the plate away and reached for the bottle, “you have sex to either reproduce or to have fun and enjoy yourself.”“I suppose,” she finished her bowl and burped, “God, I can feel the pounds just piling on now,” she smoothed out her blouse slowly.”“Want another?”Jenny’s face swam before her and she felt the warmth in her belly, Jenny looked down and smiled slyly.“Look at you, lying on my bed, drunk as a monkey. And here was me thinking I was going to have to play with myself again.”Jane giggled stupidly.“Masturbation? Now that will turn you into a sex maniac so the pastor told me once.”“The pastor probably does it five times a day,” Jenny smirked and held up the joint, “you want a bit more or have you had enough?” “This is your last night of freedom,” she licked her lips, “what are you going to do with it?”Jane sat up slowly and rolled her head from side to side, she could hear strange transistor music coming from somewhere in the distance. She sighed and opened her eyes demurely.She blinked.“You are so drunk,” Jenny stroked her face, “look at your eyes, you’ve been sitting staring at Joan Jett for the last half an hour.”“I have?” she smiled stupidly and smoothing out her dress, shivered with delight, “well this is my real hen night, he’s off having a few drinks with his dad and I’m sitting drinking with his sister.”Jenny smiled and undid her cuffs and rolled them up. Jane’s eyes followed every move as she undid a button and stroked her throat. She looked almost beautiful in the lamplight, like an angel come down to Earth and when she opened her eyes, Jane leaned across and kissed her lips firmly.“You kissed me,” Jenny’s eyes opened suddenly.It was as much a question as a statement and at first Jane thought she’d upset her.“I,” she stopped but Jenny was staring smilingly at her, one finger resting on the next button.“You kissed me,” the smile broadened, “I can’t believe my brother’s fiance kissed me,” she fell back against the pillows and kicked her feet in the air, “oh, I’ll never wash that spot again.”Jane shrieked with laughter and fell backwards into the bed.“Did I shock you?”“Just a bit,” Jenny rolled over and slid next to her, “but what happens if I do this?”She slid a finger down down the front of her dress but just as she got to her pubic mound Jane jumped and her friend giggled.

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