A Vacation Ch. 02

Adria Rae

How had it happened that he was the only person here? His two hosts were at work, and his two companions had decided to go hunting for souvenirs? Had that been it? They had all left early that morning while he was sleeping off the better part of his hangover. Had he really drank that much? He laughed silently to himself upon realizing that he had indeed, and that he had gone on to have an incredible night of drunken shenanigans with his assembled friends.

His thoughts drifted to that one friend, who had once been something more. He found it odd that he still thought about her, even after she had made it clear through inaction that she didn’t think about him. But there was still that feeling, that feeling that, maybe she did. Maybe when she was alone she thought back to those nights where he had told her all of the wicked things he would do to her when they were finally together. How he had dreamed of pushing her into an airport bathroom as soon as she stepped off the plane. Maybe she thought about how he had promised to bury his sticky hot seed in her, and how he had groaned and grunted as those ropes of torrid semen shot into his hand in his backyard. Maybe. If he still thought about the symphony of delighted moans that tumbled from her plush lips as she pushed herself to orgasm after orgasm, eight times one night, then maybe she still thought about him…

Two realizations struck him in that same instant. The first was that the front door was opening, which normally would not have been an issue except for the second realization. He had unzipped his jeans and was fishing out the growing erection he had found there. He quickly fought to hide it, tucking himself away, but lacking the time to zip his fly he just leaned forward, hoping it would go away and no one would notice his unzipped zipper.

Then she came in, and he felt the nervous fear of being caught slip away, to be replaced by a different sort of nervousness. Yesterday he had caught her playing with herself, caught her making those self-induced sounds of pleasure. And instead of leaving, instead of retreating to the sanctity of the guest room, he had joined her. She had taken him into her mouth, and into her body, and left him a weakened, sweaty heap as he wandered to the shower. Today she was all dolled up for work in a pretty dress that showed off enough skin to be appealing, but not enough to be revealing. Her hair was arrayed in bouncy curls and she grinned at him as she set down her purse and wandered into the kitchen.

“How’s your head?” She asked as she filled a glass with water.

“It’s okay…” He leaned back against the couch, tilting his head to peer at her. He thought about asking if she would get him a glass, and then decided not to. He turned his head then, looking at the floor as his arm draped itself over the back of the couch.

“Good.” She laughed as she came back into the room, setting her water on the table. “You were pretty out of it last night…”

“Yeah…” He laughed softly and shrugged his shoulders. “What can you Ordu Escort do?”

“Hmm.” She agreed before moving to sit in his lap. Momentarily shocked by the action, he opened his mouth… perhaps to protest? But no sound came forth as she leaned her back against his chest. “I can think of some things.”

“Hangover cures?” He joked, trying to win this newest bout with his nerves.

“Better.” She said against his temple, her lips barely brushing the skin.

“Mm… I like that idea…” He mumbled back to her, his hand stealing to her knee.

“Do you?” She asked coyly, running her fingers over the fingers he had placed against her skin.

“I do…” He answered, those fingers sliding toward her waist, gathering the fabric of her dress as they did, he relished the smooth feeling of her thighs. “A lot.”

“Mm…” Was the only reply.

The one hand continued on its slow, meandering path towards her hips, while the other reached up, brushing a few errant curls away to clear a place for him. He kissed her shoulder first, and then her neck, briefly sucking at the tender flesh with each momentary touch of his lips. That hand continued, its questing digits joining those of its partner to push the rest of her dress up, revealing a naughty triangle of black, satiny fabric. The fact that she had worn sexy underwear to work offered a momentary thrill. She had been thinking of this, hadn’t she?

Her breath caught in her throat as the unexpected touch of his fingers through her panties sent a thrill through her. A tiny giggle escaped her as she regained her composure. With two fingers moving upward, he pressed the fabric between her lips, seeking to coax that moisture out of her. Then they hit her waistband. All four of his fingertips peeked under the elastic, separating as they sought out her secrets, each of her lips receiving the caress of two fingers. His palm rested against the smooth triangle of skin where her pubic hair should’ve been, another momentary thrill shot through him. He had forgotten that. Though he was reluctant to do so, he carefully extracted himself from beneath her, offering a coy smile to her sullen pout.

“Where are you going?” She asked with a frown.

“Nowhere.” He answered gently as he sank to his knees on the floor. His hands slid over her calves and over her thighs again, this time hooking the tiny string that held her panties together to yank them down. She lifted her hips to help him, and he smiled at her. With that obstruction gone, he took hold of her knees and pulled them apart as wide was they would go, brazenly exposing her to his hungry eyes.

He held onto them, placing his first kiss just above his fingers, a second hit her and then a third. She could feel his hot breath against her inner thigh as his hands pushed at her knees.

“Wider…” He urged, that same moist breath hitting her between the legs this time. He was teasing her. Taunting her. And she whimpered quietly as she tried to accommodate him, scooting down against the couch, Ordu Escort Bayan her thighs spreading just a little more. He cooed as she obeyed. “Good girl…”

He kissed the blank space above her lips, allowing the tip of his tongue to trail downward, stopping abruptly when it go to close to the place she wanted it. Her hips pressed forward, seeking fulfillment, and with little reluctance, he gave in.

His eyes rolled upwards to meet hers, and the light lick that dragged his tongue along the crevice of her lips hardly matched the lust burning in his eyes. She groaned softly at the touch, and her hips tilted again. His tongue met the rosy bud of her clit, and circled it, coating her skin with saliva. No longer teasing, he repeated the gesture, a long slow stroke of his tongue ending in a gentle flicker. She shuddered at that brush with pleasure, and he took it as encouragement.

His lips captured the hard pink bud, transporting her to a world of soft, warm suction and precise flicks of his skilled tongue. Her hands moved through his hair, not so much petting as combing and grasping, guiding him towards her climax. Her breathing grew heavy, and her toes started to curl as his relentless assault continued. Her hips bucked lightly and her thighs closed around him, but he reached up and pressed them apart again, holding her thighs wide open as he assailed her wet cunny. That action, in its simplicity, pushed her over the edge. She moaned loudly as her hips continued to buck, grinding her wetness against his chin and the mound above pressing to his nose. Her fingers grasped his hair until he felt the barest hints of pain, but he continued. Sucking, licking, painting meaningless designs across the skin of her clit as her whole body quaked with climax. Long moments passed, and she lay against the couch, trying to regain her breath. He grinned at her, his mouth glistening and placed a kiss against her thigh.

“Uno mas?” He teased, a twinge of merriment mixing with the wanton desire in his eyes.

“…No…” She managed, swallowing hard as she lifted her hand to beckon him towards her. He stood, and she leaned forward. Carelessly undoing his belt, and popping the button away, she was far more careful tugging them down around his ankles, but in her haste she pulled his boxers with them, and his arousal was revealed to her, bobbing proudly in front of him. She grasped the swollen shaft, and brought the spongy head to her lips offering a gentle kiss that sucked away the glob of precum that had been clinging to him. She licked her lips and met his gaze before sending that first hesitant lick around the crown of his cock. Her tongue ran down the shaft then, leaving a swath of spit from engorged tip to rock hard base.

“Ungh…fuck…” His voice had taken on a gravelly, animalistic quality as the taste of her climax and the smell of sex seeped into his brain. Now it was his turn to pet her, running his fingers through her hair as she bobbed gracefully upon his dick. She moaned then, vibrating around Escort Ordu him as that sound mingled with his groan and the unmistakable smacking of broken suction as she worked the erection in her mouth. His hips twitched, and his breath caught in his throat, and with some reluctance he added hoarsely, “St-stop…”

To spite him, she gave him one more lick; his urgency having rekindled the blaze of her own passions she leaned back against the couch and lifted her legs, placing her heels at the edge of the cushions which placed her moist arousal on display. Seeing his chance to fulfill the building ache in his body, he knelt before her again. This time, however, it was the swollen tip of his cock that met her, not the pointed tip of his tongue. He pushed against her, not to enter her, but just to barely cover his helmet with her lips, and then pushed upward, dragging himself along the length of her pussy and over the hard nub of her clit. She cooed at the teasing, and he guided himself back down through the same channel. Then he entered her… pushing the head of his cock past her lips… closing his eyes as he felt the smooth heat around him… and then he stopped. He pulled himself from her and repeated the process, this time eliciting a growl of frustration to which he licked his lips and replaced his head inside her.

“No…” She whimpered lifting her hips to take a little more of him into her. Pleading she looked into his eyes and gasped, “More.”

He obliged her, driving into her, withdrawing nearly all the way and slamming back against her. She hooked her hands under her knees to help hold her legs up and open as he grabbed her by the hips to steady his deep quick thrusts. She watched him as he pistoned in an out of her, marveling at how it looked to see his hard cock vanish into her soft wetness only to re-emerge and disappear again. He plunged into her, stabbing at her core, and she moaned, gasping at the feeling of him so deep inside her, cooing at the sensations building in the pit of her stomach. His hands slid over her thighs and over her hands to replace them. With her knees bent over his hands he continued to fuck her, panting as the moments stretched on, as ecstasy piled on top of ecstasy. Her hands slid across his hips, her nails digging into his flesh, spurring him to harder, faster thrusts until all at once at a great cry tore from his throat and his body shuddered. His cock twitched in side her, once. Twice. Three times. Each jerk shooting a torrent of heat into her womb. The orgasm broke his rhythm, and though he attempted to keep his wobbly body thrusting into her, it was the thought of being filled with the product of his lust that pushed her into a second orgasm. Her nails left deep marks in his hips as she clung to him, each spasmodic clench of her body around his shaft punctuated by a throaty, all-too-feminine groan.

“Fuck…” He mumbled as they both came down, and he moved to collapse on the couch, his softening member resting against his thigh.

“Mm…” She echoed his sentiment, leaning her head back to stare at the ceiling before she rested her head against his arm for a few minutes. Then, with some reluctance, she got up and moved towards the shower, and he got dressed again, having banished all depressing thoughts of his absent friend.

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