A Toxic Affair with Neighbor


This is purely a work of fiction.

The darkness of the space that I was in was stifling. I could sense it engulfing me day in and day out. There was so much I had to say and do but I could never find the right platform or mode to communicate. These pent up feelings needed a vent for expression. Though I wanted to desperately let go of this dam of emotions, I was conscious of not harming anyone for my sake. I wanted to shed the socially acceptable image that I had built for myself and show the world who I actually was. I wanted to free myself from these societal shackles and obligations & responsibilities. But I was not willing to pay the price for the consequences of the lifestyle that I sought. You can call me cowardly for not trying too hard. But all my attempts so far to live such a lifestyle had failed. I grew too attached to people in my relationships and would place them before me which again led me back to square one. This dichotomy was driving me crazy.

This all changed when she walked in my life. Though this relationship was more toxic than any of my previous ones. It had a cathartic effect that none had ever offered.

Before I take the story any further, I will briefly describe myself. I am 35 year old married male working in Mumbai. I am around 6ft tall, fair with a lean built and am averagely endowed considering my Indian genes (I won’t brag about myself). However I do make up for it in my stamina and pace.

I used to spend my days at work slogging my ass off and nights contemplating my options on improving my situation. One fine Sunday, a married couple moved in the apartment next to mine in the high rise. From the looks of it they appeared a bit conservative, considering the woman was clad in a saree and traditional jewellery. The lady was in her early thirties. Shea was around 5’6″ and had a wheatish complexion. She had forgettable facial feature but there was something about those black eyes that struck a chord in me. The husband was of the same age, tall, fair with a paunch and from the looks of it very hairy.

The first few days were quite uneventful considering I spent most of my day at work and would come home late at night. But that weekend life had a surprise for me.

I came back late on Friday night and was lying on my bed but sleep kept evading me. So I got up and walked up to the window of my living room and lit a cigarette. I took my first puff and was staring at the vastness of the city and relishing in the quiet that it offered at this hour. At this point I heard some rumbling from the neighboring house. I heard the windows slide open and then soft moans of the lady. From my window, I could see the finger of the lady on the window Mersin Escort pane gripping it. From the frequency and tone of the voice I could make out that the lady was standing in the window bending ahead while her husband fucked her from the back.

The whole scenario of hearing them fuck while I enjoyed me cigarette was kind of erotic! The sound of her grunts and intermittent swearing made my loins stir. I looked around and noticed that no one was watching. I pulled out my semi-erect cock and started beating it. I was straining my ears to hear them clearly and bend out of the window. Thats when out of the blue the lady bend out panting and saw me trying to get a sneak peak. Her boobs were hanging. The sight was too much for me to digest and I came hard with a scowl on my face and a small grunt. She saw the scowl on my face and without an hint of expression went back in. The moans also ceased.

I did not see either of them for a week but I did jerk of thinking about her 2-3 daily. It was only the next Friday when I bumped in to the lady in the elevator. I feigned a smile at her she looked at me sternly and walked off. I realised the heat of the moment that day had screwed up my chances of interacting with her ever. I had my dinner and stepped near the balcony for a smoke wishing I would catch some action today. As soon as I stretched myself a bit, I heard the lady speak.

She: You wont see anything today.

Me: Sorry I didn’t mean to sneak up on you.

She: Nevermind. I dont care what you saw and what you think.

Me: That was curt.

She: Like I said. I don’t really care.

Me: I think you are upset and I dont want to disturb your solitude. Plus, I don’t think your husband will appreciate me chatting with you at this ungodly hour.

She: He is not at home… But hold on to your horses… I am not inviting you in.

Me: Did I even utter a word!

She: No wonder you are lonely.

Having said that she shut the window and walked off.

What she said had an impact on me and I dragged myself towards my bedroom.

Next day when I woke up. There was a post it stuck on my door which read “Coffee at 5?”

I wrote “Where?” On it and stuck it on my neighbor’s door.

After sometime the doorbell rang. When I opened the door there was a post it with the address of the coffee shop in a nearby mall.

I reached there on time and waited for her to show up. After waiting for an hour and consuming 2 cups of coffee. I got up to leave. Thats when she walked in. She looked drop dead gorgeous in her chocolate coloured saree. She wore a deep back blouse which really drove me crazy. I could barely Mersin Escort Bayan take my eyes off her. She noticed that and commanded me to stop staring and making her conscious. I shut my now open mouth and sat down for another round of coffee. We introduced ourselves. The conversation was awkward at first but then we got comfortable in each others company. When I asked her, “Why meet me for a coffee?” she said, “I miss the thrill of meeting and hanging out with someone new.”

Soon enough our conversation drifted towards that fateful night when I had seen her half naked. I confessed that I thoroughly enjoyed watching her for that brief moment and that it is etched in my memory. She said that she could gauge it from the ecstatic expression on my face. The reason she did not say anything then was because she was testing my patience and that I had passed with flying colors.

Me: Why did you have to test me?

She: Well, I had something crazy on my mind.

Me: What might that be?

She: I am looking for a potential mate and you fit the bill!

Me: I am sorry. I did not get you.

She: Well dont act so naive. You know what I mean and you want it too. So why beat around the bush!

Me: listen! I dont know what you think about me but I dont want to be the person to ruin your life. This will just end badly for both of us. If not for you atleast I will have a tough time getting over you.

She: If you are such a sissy, you shouldn’t have shown up here. I thought you had some balls but I think you still need to grow them.

Something in me snapped and I glared at her angrily.

Me: Mind your language! I dont have to take this shit from anyone let alone you.

She realised she was losing the plot and kept quiet. We both sat silent for 5-10 mins sipping our coffee. I calmed myself down and asked her.

Me: Why do you want to do this? You seem happy in your married life. Why lose the plot for something as trivial as sex. Also, from what I have heard the other day your husband seems to satisfy you. So why cross the line?

She: It is not about sex and I dont think you can match up to my husband in bed.

Me: Mind it! You are crossing the line. If you dare insult me again…(glaring)

She: Ok! I apologise. I’m just so flustered. The excitement of meeting you is overwhelming but the guilt of it is mind numbing. I am unable to think straight hence…

Me: So go ahead. What is your reason?

She: I miss the excitement of meeting someone new, knowing him emotionally and physically but I dont want to deal with the baggage that follows. I dont want my flings to hamper my married life but I cant Escort Mersin give up on the excitement of life for the monotony of marriage. I dont know if you understand but…

Me: Honestly, I don’t understand you completely but I get the gist of it.

She: Thanks!!

We continued talking about this for sometime discussing the terms of our would be relationship. We were so engrossed that we lost track of time. Soon we left the coffee shop and I offered to drop her home. She obliged and we moved towards the parking lot.

The car was parked in an isolated area in the basement and I took her towards it with my hand placed on the small of her bare back (now that we had some sort of a relationship I could take that liberty). I unlocked the car and she discreetly sneaked into the back seat and shut the door. I stood outside flummoxed. Then she opened the door smiling and asked me to get in the back seat. I looked around and noticed that no one was around and slyly slid in. As soon as we were in the car. I placed my hands around her and grabbed her. I kissed her lips and started exploring her mouth with my tongue. Slowly, she undid my shirt and put it aside. I removed her pallu and started unhooking her blouse while smooching and giving her hickies on the neck.

Soon her blouse and bra were off. I was kissing and biting her all along. The heat of the moment was making us sweat. I cupped her boobs and was sucking them. She was moaning wildly. The whole scenario was so bloody erotic! The tinted glass of the car secured our privacy. We were making out in the car like untamed animals satiating our thirst for each other. Exploring each other with our hands and mouth.

She pushed me away, bunched up her saree near the waist. I grabbed and tore off her wet panties and stuffed them in my pocket. I placed my mouth near her pussy sniffing her and then started licking her pussy hungrily. She was moaning incessantly. After a couple of minutes, she grabbed me by hair and pulled me up. Then she undid my jeans and pulled out my cock. In the meantime I was smooching her, giving her a taste of her own pussy.

She grabbed my cock and started pumping it. Once it was erect she pulled it in her pussy bare. As soon as I entered, she bit my lip hard and I started bleeding. But the passion took over me. I pushed her down on the seat and mounted her & started banging her. The car was moving in sync with our movements. She kept moaning with each of my thrust. Within around 5 mins, We both moaned loudly and I came inside her. I could feel her cumming as her pussy gripped my dick and milked it.

We lay there for a couple of mins before we moved to the front seat. As soon as I sat in the driver seat I saw a parking attendant looking in our direction and stroking his cock. We smiled at him and drove off. We dared each other to not wear any clothing that we had taken off until we reached our apartment parking.

Let me know if you want me to continue writing.

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