A Taste of What’s to Come Part 6B


“Ladies…it’s time to start fucking some asses.”

That’s exactly what I said to them, as I held my rock hard cock in my hand.

“Lube up,” I said.

All the girls lined up doggystyle on the couch, their various-sized asses staring me down. I decided to put my boxers back on as I got ready. I found that with my erection, it was an amazing sensation to grip my cock through the boxers and jerk it over the cloth, just a little. I’d jerk it again and and again, smooth strokes up and down, and every once and a while, I’d do little rapid strokes just to intensify it. Something about this act, a completely dry rub on my dick, got me going just as much as the wet version. So I jerked myself exactly like that, as I watched an assembly line of girls popping lube caps and squirting them into their hands, then rubbing the dollops of lube onto and into their wanting assholes. The sound, oh my goodness that sound, it was so damn sexy. It was a chorus line of squishes, of moistness on skin, of occasional funny farts that got the girls going in an unstoppable giggle. I could see Ananya rub her clit every time she heard one of those noises. Needless to say, she didn’t find those noises funny…

I stroked and stroked over the boxers, but finally took them off, already a bit of precum presenting itself on the tip of my dick. The girls kept lubing. I could see Zoe plunge a couple of heavily lubed fingers deep into her ass. I could see Nava and Ananya doing the same to each other, then swapping the tastes upon their fingers. I could see Deisha feasting away at the asshole of my newest recruit, Heather. I watched her, and finally she caught sight of me, stopped mid lick, and scurried over to her place in the line to start lubing up.

Zoe’s looked the most wanting. I got up behind her.

“Yes papi,” she said, spreading her cheeks apart. “Get it.”

I positioned my cock up against her supremely round bubble butt. I pushed the tip of my dick into her ass, and almost fell into her, as her ass muscles gripped me and pulled me in. It was so ridiculously hot. Not just sexy, I mean. It was literally hot inside her ass. I was suctioned in by the force of her muscles, and I remained in a steady position, as a sauna encircled every inch of my cock. It was so damn amazing that my cock engorged even more, so when I stood there, behind Zoe, my cock fully sunk into her volcano-hot ass, I got so ridiculously horny on top of my already horny feeling, and so I grunted audibles, loud and primal and surely incoherent, and like that wild animal I pulsed or you could say even spasmed in that position against her juicy ass. Like I was a teenager all over again. Like I had no control over what I was even doing. I just vibrated, like a creature emerging into something completely foreign, where the sounds of my vibrations were wet and sloppy like that creature going from sea to land, but in this case the creature was my cock, guided in a moist sea of lube, towards a much hotter surface of juicy Latina ass. Her ass was absolutely thrilling, and when she heard my noises, she turned her head to see me and smiled wide.

“Oooh papi, that good huh?” she said. She took control and started backing her ass up against me over and over, doing all the work of fucking my cock as the eyes rolled into the back of my head and my audibles continued.

I finally looked down and saw that my cock was coated with a naughty froth from our frenzied friction.

“Look at that,” was all I could mumble out.

Zoe stopped her fucking and pulled herself off of me. She turned around on the couch and saw the froth that she created. Now her eyes were looking wild, and she was quick to look at me with those crazed eyes and tell me to “use her mouth the same way I just used her ass.”

And so I did. I grabbed her ponytail and used it to push her head forward onto my cock. Her thick lips were wide and ready to receive, and so it was nearly effortless to let my frothy dirty member sink all the way to the back of her throat. Suddenly I was deep in her throat, just the way I had been deep in her ass. I spasmed again like a reckless teenager, like a fish flopping on land, and the other girls watched and listened to the sloppy gyrations, my cock sloppily thrusting in and out of her mouth.

“Fuck yeah,” said Deisha. “I could watch you two all day.”

I pulled out of Zoe’s mouth, but she grabbed me by the base of my cock and licked the precum off my tip like a lollipop with a little sugar on top.

“It’s better to share, no?” asked Elisa.

Zoe hopped back into position, so once again all of their asses were on the couch, facing me.

“She’s right,” said Ananya. “Why don’t you…sample all of us?”

“Now when you say that Annie,” said Deisha, “that doesn’t really mean a sample right?”

The other girls laughed, including Ananya.

“In fact,” continued Deisha, “correct me if I’m wrong, of course, but I believe what that actually means, is that you sir, will be inserting your penis into each girl’s ass here, one by one, just for a little bit, maybe just a couple thrusts, so that you get to “sample” and I do want to emphasize the air quotes there, you get to “sample” fucking our asses. Is, uh, that about correct, Ananya?”

Ananya grooved her ass into the air with the help of some sensual gyrations from her abs. “Couldn’t have said it better,” she said.

I knew that was my cue. I climbed behind Ananya and sunk in. Three quick thrusts. Bam. Bam. Bam. When I pulled out I smelled a waft of Indian spices. When I shuffled over to Nava and tossed my cock in her, uh uh uh, I pulled out to the same scent. At this point my cock was already dirty, thanks to my two Indian beauties. Zoe’s ass, when I came up to her, was already gaping and ready. I didn’t hold back with her, not a couple soft thrusts leading into harder ones. Nope. Instead, I slammed my cock deep into her four consecutive times, and four consecutive times she took it like a champ and squealed upon each thrust. I pulled out and my cock was pulsing, just like my heart.

“This is so fucking hot,” I said. “You girls are the best.” I started to scoot over to Deisha.

“Oh my god, look at that thing,” said Deisha. “Look how naughty that is.”

Deisha embraced me in a kiss as I got up behind her and glided into her well-lubed ass. Squish squish squish squish.

“It’s only getting naughtier,” I said.

“Especially now,” said Mandy, as she took a hand and spread open her cheek. My cock was so well lubed with both the lube itself and the ass juices of Ananya, Nava, Zoe, and Deisha that it was nearly effortless to slide into Mandy’s ass. I started my thrusts and could sense something was up. So I looked underneath me and saw that Hermione was directly under my balls, watching my dirty cock go in and out. She was inhaling.

“Just had to, my love,” she said. “I’ll cue up.” She jiggled her booty back in line.

Ananya, Nava, Zoe, Deisha, Mandy.

My cock was throbbing beyond reason at this point. When I pulled out of Mandy I had to grab it by the base to hold back the sensation. I was going to cum if I didn’t let up a little. I gave myself a few seconds and inched up behind Dana. I gave her ass a slap, and when I removed my hand I was surprised to see a bit of nastiness on her ass cheek. I looked at my hand and then at my cock. Boy, was it dirty! I saw a face towel nearby and went to get it but Nava was quick to yell at me.

“You gotta sample all of us,” she said. “That’s only fair, ya? Then we can sample you!”

A bunch of the girls started fingering themselves. I heard Hermione groan and whisper, “So hot.”

I returned to Dana and watched my once peach-colored cock enter the tan ass of Dana, and I couldn’t help but notice that the color of my cock was actually quite similar to her skin tone. I grabbed her by her blonde ponytail and fucked her real good.

Elisa, when I slid into her, started speaking in a language I didn’t quite understand. But it was soft and beautiful and so was fucking her pale ass. My mind wandered, imagining myself visiting Elisa during the winter at her cottage in Iceland. I imagined a very cozy fireplace and a very cozy cup of tea nearby, as I cuddled up behind Elisa with socks on while passionately sliding in and out of her ass. My imagination snapped back to reality as I looked down to see that very sight, and it turned me on even more and I increased the force in which I stuck my penis into her. When I left her to mount Hermione, I stuck a thumb in Elisa’s butt on the way by and made sure to give it a good suck. A little snack for the road, you could say.

“Come on, love,” said Hermione. “Bury that cock in my asshole.”

Wafts of ass in every direction I turned. It was fun watching the freckles just outside of Hermione’s asshole jiggle up and down and around as I slammed my erection deep into her bowels. I kept going a little bit longer with Hermione as I turned to my newest recruit, Heather.

“Do you wanna?” I asked her.

Heather leaned over to see my cock sliding in and out of Hermione’s ass.

“I know we just met,” I said. “It’s a lot, I know.”

Before Heather could say a word, Deisha tapped me on the shoulder. “Uh, dude, you gotta taste her first. I mean, even if she’s not ready. You just gotta try it, I’m telling you man.”

I turned back to Heather. “Is that ok? I mean, I understand if–“

“Eat it,” said Heather. “I’m ready. Bury your face in there. Then ask me again.”

I pulled out my cock and could barely recognize it. It was beyond filthy. But it wasn’t disgusting by any means. There was just a lot of…work…put into it. I came up behind Heather and gave her a smile, and she reciprocated, then put her head down, her ass up, and used both hands to spread open her hole. It looked real good, I must admit. Her butthole looked nice and dirty, a very stark sight.

I leaned in and took a lick. And it hit me. I couldn’t believe it. I instantly looked at Ananya and gave her a look. One of acknowledgment. One that told her that I just found another gaziantep escort muse in my ass tasting adventures. There wasn’t even a hint of jealously coming from Ananya’s face. If anything, it turned her on even more. And it sure as hell turned me on more. I stuck my tongue out and tried my best to penetrate her butthole, sinking deeper and wiggling around for a better taste. It was a very sweet and earthy ass, kind of like Nava’s but without the Indian tang. It was sweet. That was the best word to describe it. I know a lot of people like to say when they eat an ass that it’s sweet like strawberries, but we all know that’s a lot of bullshit. But this ass, by no means was it strawberries, but it was truly like a hint of sugar. Sugary ass. But let me remind you that it still was ass. You might think that this kind of thing isn’t for you, that it’s unnatural and gross and weird, but when you’re there and you’re eating it and you’re horny as fuck, all that goes out the window and it really is a treat. It was the kind of ass that called me for seconds. And in seconds I was lapping the sugary remnants of Heather’s ass like a fiend. I detached from my octopus-like grip.

“So let me ask you again,” I said.

Heather flung her hair back and moaned. “No need to,” she said. “Put it in. Please, hurry. Put that dirty cock in my asshole right now. Please fuck me. Fuck me in my ass right now.”

I was already ready to go halfway through her statement. I took a dollop of lube and squirted it directly onto her butthole, and then I slid my dick gracefully into her, deeper and deeper, inch by inch, like a gentleman, of course 😉

I pulled back out near the tip, and then thrusted back in. I did it again. And again. And again. Thrust thrust thrust, pound pound pound, smoosh smoosh smoosh. Heather had her head in the air and her mouth open and she was even drooling a bit.

“Keep fucking my ass,” she said. “Keep going.”

So I grabbed her hips and really started going at it. And as I kept going, I forgot about the protocol that we had agreed to. But it seemed like the girls didn’t care, as they all had gathered around us, all behind me, watching my cock dip in and out of Heather’s untouched ass. She was screaming with each thrust, and the girls commented that they could see her thighs shiver as I kept going. It was so damn tight. I could feel the feeling again. So I pulled out. And when I did, we all, including Heather in a nearly drunken stupor, looked at the creation we had all together made from the sampling of fucking 9 sexy teenage asses.

Ananya wedged herself to the front of the kneeling group of girls. She turned to all of them with her instructions. “Just smell it, first.”

So that’s what they did. Nine teenage girls. All smelling the tang from my ass-fucking cock. It was like a group of curious dogs, meeting a stranger for the first time. Except these women knew what they were doing and were choosing to do it, and I got to stand there and simply be the recipient of their horny willingness.

I could see the fervency in each of their eyes. I had a moment where I just stepped back in my mind. I mean, was this really happening? How? How was Ananya able to find so many girls of such like-mindedness? It was beyond a dream, and the greatest part was that it was actually happening, in front of me that very moment.

“Ok ladies,” said Ananya. “Time to feast.”

And on cue they were unleashed. Nine teenage girls all converged upon my cock, tongues out, moans accompanying the action, and a swirling sensation emerged on every single exposed inch of my cock. Ananya was suctioned to the head of my dick, while Elisa, Dana, and Deisha licked the left side of my dick, and Heather, Hermione, Mandy, and Zoe lapped up what was on the right side of my dick. And Nava was underneath them all, sucking on my balls and reaching the spots that the others couldn’t reach.

The hottest thing about it all was amongst all the moans and sucking sounds, there was an occasional swallowing noise from various girls. They were all eating their ass juice, and making sure it stayed with them for the near future. When I closed my eyes it sounded like they were all having popsicles on a hot summer day. It was even more fun to open my eyes again and see that instead of a popsicle they were cleaning the ass off of my penis.

I heard Elisa gag a little bit, and her eyes water as well. I looked down at her and she was fanning herself.

“Got a little too real, huh?” I asked.

Elisa nodded. “I just need a sec.”

That’s when Ananya turned to Elisa. “It’s ok, don’t push too much. Let me take it from you.” And she proceeded to make out with Elisa and suck the contents of her tongue off of her and into her own mouth. Ananya went back to the tip of my dick and sucked it some more. Then she stood up and arched herself over the girls beneath her to reach me at eye and mouth level.

“Have some,” she said. “Sharing is caring.”

I opened my mouth and we started to make out. And it tasted like ass. Like young, fresh ass. It was dirty indeed, but it was so sexy, so full of vigor. My cock got even harder and some of the girls were quick to lick up the nastiness that they hadn’t seen before. Elisa stood up as well and joined us in our make out session. She just needed a second, indeed.

“Man,” I said. “I wish I could fuck you all at the same time.”

Dana stood up. “You’re super horny, aren’t you?”

I nodded my head.

“I can see it in his eyes,” said Zoe.

The rest of the girls stood up.

“You wanna pound the living daylights out of one of us, huh?” said Nava. “Slam us hardcore until you cum super hard, ya?”

“You’re all right,” I said. “So I guess the question is, who’s it gonna be?”

“Maybe you want my ass, papi,” said Zoe.

“Dude you could fuck my throat,” said Deisha.

“Or perhaps, love,” said Hermione, “you could fuck one of our snatches.”

“Ooh mine!” said Mandy.

“Don’t forget about me,” said Elisa.

“I’ve been practicing,” said Nava. “You could fuck my mouth just like a pussy, no joke.”

I put my finger on my chin. “Decisions, decisions, decisions.”

“Not really, bro,” said Deisha. “We all know who it’s gonna be.”

I looked at Ananya.

“It’s ok,” said Dana. “It’s not like you’re not gonna fuck all of us anyway.”

“Yeah dude,” said Deisha. “You just need to get that first nut out, right?”

I smiled at Ananya and she smiled back. “Let’s fuck,” I said.

The girls parted from the cluster and allowed me to sit on the floor. Ananya sat on top of me, with all the other girls now surrounding us to see various views. “Don’t hold back,” said Ananya.

“Like animals,” we both said.

She lifted herself up a bit and squatted over my dick. She took her hand and spread her pussy lips open a bit, then used the tip of my dick and guided it directly into that spot. I slid smoothly into her vagina and we both let out big sighs.

“Let’s go,” she said.

So I started. And I didn’t ease into it. I just started fucking her. Hard. Deep. Fast. Even Faster. I was slamming her in her pussy. My balls were slapping their sweaty selves against her asshole as a I thrusted up and in her pussy. We were in a rapid rhythm. We were fucking hard. No words exchanged. Just cock into pussy. In and out, in and out, in and out. Stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke. Ugh unh unh uhhh uhhhh. I held my two hands under each of her ass cheeks as I lifted by legs up and thrusted my hard cock rapidly into her pussy. She was able to hold her position and take the jack hammering my dick was providing.

She was so damn wet. And not only did I know it from the fact that it was so easy to slide in and out of her, but also that Mandy squeaked when a little bit of Ananya’s pussy juice splashed up into her eye.

It wasn’t until after that I was told this, but apparently as we continued to fuck each other so quickly, the girls were listening to this newly-formed beast, a compilation of grunting sounds equally created by Ananya and myself. We were fucking and then grunting to match it, then fucking harder to match that, then grunting some more to match that. It was primal, I was told.

And in that moment, it sure felt like it too. I was slapping my balls so hard against her that I could feel a little bit of that feeling you get if you accidentally get hit down there if you’re not expecting it. The gut feeling. But that feeling was washed away by a much more powerful feeling, one of my hard cock being gripped by a super hot and smooth and slightly rough and slippery pussy, one that was milking my cock and leading to a tingling emerging in my balls and rising to the base of my cock.

“Oh my fucking god,” was what I yelled as I began to cum.

When I pulled out I had already shot a load deep into her pussy, but my second and third ejaculations were so damn strong that they shot up onto her back and sprayed a thick spray of cum all around her ass as well. The girls converged once again and began to lick her back, lick her ass, and get underneath her and start suctioning the cum out of her pussy.

I collapsed back onto the floor and felt one or maybe it was two girls lick the excess cum oozing out of me.

“You were right,” I said to Deisha. “Had to get that first nut out.”

“Just promise me something,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“That you fuck each of us the same way you just did Ananya,” said Deisha.

The other girls looked at me like Disney characters, wide eyed and hopeful. I nodded my head in approval.

What happened from that point onward was pretty epic, to say the least. It’s the type of thing someone could write a story about, for sure 😉 But what really was of note, was what happened when I woke up after all of that, about 3 in the morning. I had to use the bathroom, so I left the room, which we had turned into a giant sleepover. And on my way to the bathroom, I had an encounter that, well, I’ll just say it was an unforgettable one. Maybe someone else should tell that story…

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