A Tale Of Two Sisters Ch. 01


The spring of my junior year in college, I went to my parent’s house for Spring Break. Not all that exciting, but it was away from the campus and my small apartment. I wound up travelling to Connecticut to visit with my Grandmother. It seemed that I had a lot of time on my hands.

However, all was not lost. It was a previous lifetime, when we did things that even Presidents won’t admit to. I had scored some good hashish and wanted to share. I had a woman friend, the daughter of a Professor of mine who was going to Art school in New York, just a short train ride from where I was staying.

She met me at Grand Central Station and we took the subway to her apartment in Brooklyn. She lived in this old brownstone apartment building that had an elevator straight out of Hollywood, brass cage and all. She told me that she shared her building with four other women, but because of class breaks, most would be gone for the weekend, so we had the place to ourselves.

I had known her for about 3 years. She had lived in apartment over mine the previous summer, but we had both been involved with other people. I had broken up with my girl friend about 3 months before; she had a “friend,” but they just hung out a lot.

I made myself at home in the apartment, changed into something more comfortable and proceeded to dig around my backpack for the hash. Needless to say, we got very stoned, very hungry, very horny and not in that order.

What stated out as a search for food, ended up very different. We made our way outdoors to a lovely late spring morning. We ran down to the corner deli and bought mounds of sandwich breads, meats and various munchies to satisfy our instant hunger. I’m sure the counter guys thought we were nuts as we spent most of the time trying to make up our minds, giggling and trying not let on how stoned we were. Three or four bags in tow we made our way back to the apartment. I made a mad dash for the elevator, making a silly game of it all. My friend and I grabbed for the handle at the same time. She got the handle; I got a handful of the softest tit I had felt in a long time.

Immediately embarrassed but not taking my hand off it too soon, I laughed, saying that it was the best thing I had grabbed onto in a long time. She laughed as well and said that it had been some time since she had been grabbed. I looked at her for a moment and decided to take a chance. I put the bags down and move towards her. I slipped my arms around her and kissed her deeply. She closed her eyes, sighed deeply and kissed back teasing her tongue along my lips. I had an instant hard on straining at my pants uncomfortably.

I pulled her closer and she ground her body into mine, moaning slightly. We broke free from the kiss looking into each other’s eyes. I turned and closed the elevator doors and pushed “3” and pulled her close to me again. Since it was a short ride, we just held each other running our hand over each other’s bodies. As soon as the elevator stopped, we tore open the doors and made a mad dash into the apartment, stopping to throw the food on the counter. As they say, “lust was in the air.”

She made it to the bedroom first. Her back was turned away from me as I entered the room. She was a short woman, just a little over five feet tall with dark blond hair falling in curls to her shoulders. She was not thin, not fat, but a full figured woman. She was taking a baggy sweatshirt off over her head and at the same time trying to take off her pants at the same time. She was in such a hurry that she forgot that she had sneakers on and fell over onto the futon on the floor. I burst out in a fit of giggles.

“Damn you, at least you could help a girl get out of her clothes, instead of standing there laughing your ass off!”

I needed no further encouragement. She managed to get the sweatshirt off and was naked from the waist up facing me. She had not been wearing a bra, a fact that had been lost to me. You have to remember that my intentions were to party for the weekend, not have sex with a friend. Her breasts were small, maybe a large A-cup, but with very pointed long puffy nipples, hanging down slightly. Just about a mouthful, I thought. I intended to find out just how much of them I could stuff in my mouth.

She was still struggling with her pants and shoes.

“Well don’t just stand there,” she said, “Close your mouth and help me”

I reached down, trying not to laugh and untied her shoelaces and pulled her pants off at the same time. She was wearing soft cotton panties with a hint of curly of pubic hair showing through, barely visible. The panties were off in a second.

This was not the first time I had ever seen her naked. A group of us had gone to a quarry the summer before to skinny dip. Everyone had just let it all hang out. Ten to fifteen stoned hippies at a quarry, does not make an orgy, just a great afternoon in the sun.

She moved over on the futon and held her hand out.

“What are you waiting for? I promise not to bite… too hard”

I looked for the first time at her in a sexual way. She made no attempt to cover up and Maraş Escort in fact was running her hands slowly over her body, pulling on her nipples, then putting her hands between her legs, a couple of fingers disappearing in to the folds of her pussy. Her hair had been trimmed, but it was long and curly down by her labia. My sense of smell had not been damage by smoking, so the sweetest aroma filled the air as she played with herself.

By now my clothes were in a pile at he foot of the futon.

“Well, come on in.”

I lay down next to her. Quickly she rolled over on top of me rubbing her moist fingers over my lips. A sweet taste filled my mouth.

“Don’t keep that all you yourself,” I said.

I could feel how wet she was. I was very hard and I reached down to put my penis into the sweetest pussy I had ever felt.

I sunk right in and it seamed that she could have sucked my balls in at the same time. She rode me like a horse whipping her hair back and forth, moaning the whole time. I put my hand up underneath her ass cheeks and lifted her up and down, slipping a finger into her puckered anus.

“Oh Yes” she cried, rocking back onto my finger. “My God, that feels good.”

She fell forward and my finger popped out. My mouth was now filled with a very soft tit, with a huge nipple. They were red and puffy as she had been pulling on them while she was riding the horse. First the right, then the left, I suckled them for all they were worth. Her breath was raspy and her moans were getting louder, as she continued to ride my cock. I was trying to make it last a good long time, but the sounds of her moans and the sweet smell from between her legs was too much.

I felt a massive load building up and she obviously felt it too. She started bouncing up and down with reckless abandon. It’s a good thing the rest of the building wasn’t home. We were loud.

“Oh, shit. I’m gonna cum,” I cried.

“Do it, do it nooooow,” as she came in buckets all over me, flooding the base of my cock with torrents of her cum. “Keep going, keep going… I’m cumming again.”

And she was, wave after wave of shuddering with her pussy clamping down on my cock like a vise, sucking it up and not letting go. Just them I let loose with a huge load of my own coating her pussy walls with what I thought had to be gallons of cum.

She came again, and again, the last time pulling herself off of me and rolling over on her side gasping for air.

I still hadn’t finished and a long string of cum landed on her thigh, and ran down her ass. She reached back and rubbed it on her ass cheek, then slipped her finger in her mouth.

“Hmmm, tasty. I’ll have to get some more of that flavor.”

Out of breath, all I could do way lay there, the room spinning slowly.

After a while, she got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom calling over her shoulder.

“Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

“I promise not to move a muscle.”

A few minutes later she rejoined me in bed, snuggling up to me, her hair tickling my chin, her soft breasts on my hairy chest.

“I just had to clean up a bit. Were you saving it up for me?”

“No, it’s just been a couple of weeks since I’ve been with someone.”

“Well, I’m glad I could help with your problem,” she said laughing.

The room had become quite warm, with the afternoon sunshine streaming through the windows. She got out of bed and opened the windows wide open, standing naked as the cool breeze blew in. Her nipples were immediately hard. I got out of bed moving toward her as she turned to the window. I cupped her tits with my hands pulling gently and kneading the tips with my hands.

A soft moan. “Mmmm, that feels so good. I’ll cum right here.”

“My thoughts exactly.”

Slowly I turned her to me and got on my knees in front of her. I buried my tongue in her pussy, pulling her lips back with my fingers. They were long and hung down a couple of inches or so. She was incredibly wet, her juices overflowing into my beard and tongue. She moved and placed one of her legs on the low windowsill to allow me better access. I found her clit rock hard, peeking out of its hood, bright pink.

Alternately flicking and sucking on it made her even wetter.

“Suck on it baby, I want to cum again. Bite that little thing … Oh, man.”

She started moving back and forth on my tongue, holding my head in her hands, and forcing me deeper into her folds. I was finding it hard to breathe and pulled back a bit to get some air.

“Don’t you dare stop now,” forcing my face deeper. Her pussy was slick with juices and some ran down the side of leg. I hung on for dear life sucking her pussy, holding on to her ass cheeks. Just them a river of cum flooded my mouth, spilling over my face. Sweet nectar of the Gods! Nothing finer this side of the Brooklyn Bridge for sure.

She was not one for many words, but as I was clutching her legs, in front of the open third floor window she said, “I hope somebody was watching the show, It sure was good for me.”

We made our way back Maraş Escort Bayan to the bed, dozing off.

Hunger and urge to pee woke me up. I stopped in the kitchen after a trip to the toilet to see what was left to eat. Grabbing some cookies. I went back to the bedroom. My lady friend had kicked the light blanket off and was lying curled up around the pillow face down. She looked really good in that position. I was semi-hard in no time. As I lay down next to her, she mumbled something unintelligible that ended with “OK?”

No knowing what she had said, but not wanting to spoil something that I didn’t know anything about, yet, I rolled on top of her back positioning myself in a sitting position just above her ass cheeks. I proceeded to massage her shoulders and back, working my way slowly lower and lower, so that I was kneading her butt too. After a bit she shifted herself and parted her legs so that I had a good view of her anal ring and her by now very wet pussy. She wasn’t saying too much, just soft moans and cries of anticipation. I shifted back some more so that I was sitting further down her thighs. I then ran my hands up and down her parted legs slowly bring my massaging hands closer and closer to her asshole and pussy. Every time I touched either one, there was a sharp intake of breath.

I pulled slightly on the curly hair that surrounded her pussy and brushed up against her clit, then taking it with my thumb and forefinger and rolling it between them.

Her moans were now much louder. I inserted a couple of finger in her flooding pussy and gently moved them in and out. She bucked back on them raising her ass in the air a little each time to meet my fingers moving in and out.

“Umm, Jesus that feels good. Just keep doing that.”

“I promise not to stop.” I said.

My cock was fully ridged by now, precum leaking out onto her leg. I ran my other index finger through it and placed on her asshole. She stiffened at the touch, but when I didn’t insert it, she relaxed. I probed with my finger and she relaxed even more allowing me to gently insert my finger past the tight ring. She was tight, but certainly no anal virgin.

I asked if I was hurting her, or did she want me to stop.

“Not a chance. Just go slow, please.”

I has slowed down my finger in her pussy, but now I slowly matched stroke for stoke – asshole, pussy – asshole, pussy.

Her moans were becoming louder and her pussy was wetter than ever.

“Just fuck me now. I want you inside me, I don’t care where, Just fuck me.”

I placed a pillow under her and as her ass raised up for me I stuffed my prick into her very moist pussy, jamming it in to the hilt.

“Oh, My God… That feels so good”

“Yes, it does. Fits like a glove,” I replied.

And it did too.

By now she had brought herself up on her hands and knees, gently rocking back into my thrusts. It was a slow pace, but I could feel the tension building as her muscles grabbed hold of my cock. I placed my hand on the small of her back and played with her asshole, flicking my thumb in and out. Every time I put my thumb in, she squirmed pushed back even harder. I could feel my penis moving in and out with my thumb and it created a truly memorable sensation. I could feel myself coming closed to the edge, when she said, “Wait.”

Moving forward a bit, she reached for some lotion,

“Use this in my ass. Fuck my ass, I want to feel you all the way in” Hurry.”

I didn’t need any encouragement.

The lotion felt cool as I rubbed some on. I stroked myself a few times coating my cock with lots of lubricant. I positioned myself above her asshole and teased her with just the tip of my cock.

“You bastard, Don’t tease me any more. I need your dick in my ass. Come on. Shove it in.”

So I did. All the way in on the first try, my balls resting against her cheeks.

“Oooohhh yeah, that’s just the way I like it. Bang it, baby.”

She was tight, no doubt about it, but was no stranger to the finer points of ass fucking. You have to give a girl credit when she tells you what she likes. She made this no secret by all the moaning she was doing.

It was like plowing a field. I was ridding her hard like a jackhammer, but wasn’t sure how long I’d last. I could feel it building. She was still on her knees and had one hand between her legs playing with her sopping wet pussy and grabbing my balls every once in a while.

“I’m going to cum… I’m gonna let loose,” I said.

“Go ahead, I’m ready. Fill me up, baby. Cum in my ass. Fuck my asshole.”

I came deep in her bowels, long thrusting spurts, 2 or 3 times.

She screamed out, “Here I go.”

I could feel her cumming, clamping down on my cock with all her muscles. That was a first for me. She squeezed my balls in her hands, milking then for all they were worth.

I was spent, but she just kept cumming. With one last deep moan she was finished, and I collapsed on top of her, by cock still buried in her ass.

By the time we finally got out of bed, it was dark, the only light in the room Escort Maraş were the streetlights from below and the view of the city.

I headed for the shower to clean up a bit. She came in the bathroom and pulled open the curtain so we could talk. Stark naked and sitting on the toilet, she was peeing a river. The sound of the water hitting water excited me a bit with an instant boner. I was covered with soap and was washing my penis when I felt a hand grasp me.

“Here, let me help you with that. It looks dangerous in that condition.”

The warm water and her hand massaging made me harder that I thought was possible after an afternoon of serious fucking. Slowly but surely her continued ministering brought me closer and closer to the edge of cumming again. I had to brace myself so that I wouldn’t fall over, so I moved closer to her hoping that she would take me in her mouth.

“Not so fast, buddy. I want to make sure that you’re real clean. We have plenty of time for anything you want to do.”

Her hand was a blur, running up and down my shaft, squeezing me harder. I felt a tightening in my balls, rising up my cock and getting ready to spurt out the tip. Where it would land I really didn’t care.

“Just let me go,” I cried. “I need to cum,” I shouted over the running water.

I guess I hadn’t been paying to much attention, so I failed to notice that my friend, while sitting on the toilet, had been playing with herself all along. She had three fingers up her pussy massaging her clit. She was breathing hard with her eyes closed and must have been close to orgasm.

I couldn’t take it much longer. “Catch it. Here I go… Ugh, Oh man.”

I came in hard spurts of white jism flying through the air landing on her chest, some hitting the tip of one of her puffy nipples. I guess it sent her over the edge too, because she moaned loudly closing her legs around her fingers. She waited a few moments before she moved a hand up to her breast catching some of the cum with her fingers bringing it to her lips.

“You taste so fine, sweetie. I love the taste of you. We should have done this a long time ago.” She continued to rub it over her nipples, pulling on them, making them hard.

I was slowly turning into a prune as the shower water was still running. A lot had been splashed on the floor and big puddles would have to wait until later.

“Hey, can you wash my back, I think I can take care of the rest of it?” she said stepping into the shower stall.

I found the soap again, and proceeded to scrub her back lightly moving side to side and lower and lower to her ass cheeks. She moved her legs apart so that I could clean all those hard places to get. Placing her hands in front of her on the stall, she moved back bringing her ass up a bit. I kneeled down spreading her cheeks apart with my hands. I began at the top of her crack, slowly tracing my tongue down to her asshole. Just then she tuned off the water.

“I don’t want you to drown. That would be hard to explain to your parents how you died. That just wouldn’t do,” she said in mock horror, knowing my parents probably wouldn’t approve of my spring break activities.

Even with my tongue teasing her butt, I had to laugh.

“Yeah, Mom and Dad would have heart attacks if you told them that I drowned with my face in your ass. It’s not as if I’m a virgin, but … ” I trailed off.

We both started laughing, kind of breaking the mood and any hope of continuing what we were starting up again.

Getting out of the shower, I said, “Let’s get out of here. I’m cold. I’m hungry too, for food. Desert can wait.”

Drying off and getting dressed we made plans to go to Manhattan. We thought we could catch some live music, a bite to eat, then continue where we left off.

We made our way by subway into Manhattan, stopping by a little bistro to get some quick eats. That satisfied one of the major requirements. Next stop was some music. We ended up at The Bottom Line. After waiting a bit, we got a table close to the stage. It was the early show and Asleep at the Wheel was due to hit the stage at 7:30. We ordered a couple of drinks and settled into our chairs. By the time the opening act was done – a folk singer whose name escapes me – we had a good buzz on. The band was smokin’ and did two great short sets. I guess we were a little bit more drunk by the time we left, but somehow we made it back to Brooklyn.

I wasn’t looking forward to getting on the train in the morning after all the fun I had been having. But that’s all the time I had. My parents were leaving to drive back home sometime after Noon and if I missed the ride I would hear about it for years.

We decided to make the best of it. I could hardly keep my hands off of her. During the subway ride home I kept running my hands underneath her sweatshirt and around the front to play with her nipples. I had learned that she was supper sensitive and if I played with them enough, she could be brought to orgasm without too much trouble. The subway car was nearly empty. The fact that there might be somebody paying attention made the excitement even greater. Although we were sitting side by side she moved as close to me as she could without being on top of me. I was kneading and pulling on her nipple with my right hand and had my other hand in her lap tracing circles on her pussy mound.

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