A Surprise For Mindy

Female Ejaculation

On her knees nothing on but heels.Mindy hears a voice beside her Master’s.The door opens a pretty red head walks in.Master behind her, the women kneels. Master says the women is a gift.Her name is Candy, she was given to Master.It turns out she is a escort, Master did a favor.Candy was the gift for said favor. Mindy kisses Candy as they kneel together.Master Sincan Escort takes a seat on the sofa.He is pleased as Mindy and Candy kiss.Master pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Candy grabs them, putting them on Mindy.With Mindy’s hands cuffed behind her back.Candy pushes her back on the floor.Spreads Etlik Escort Mindy’s thighs and licks her wet cunt. Mindy moans, looks over at Master.He rasises his scotch on the rocks.Leaning back to enjoy the show.Mindy bites her lip. Candy licks Mindy’s wet pink cunt…sucking on her clit, and fingers Çankaya Escort her star.Mindy wiggles, crys out, and cums all over Candy.Candy sits on Mindy’s face, and grinds. Mindy sucks on Candy’s cunt.Slurping sounds are heard loudly in the room.Master’s cock is bulging, he needs some wet cunt.Mindy feels her legs being spread wide. Master’s cock thrusts in her wetness hard.She crys out, as Candy cums in Mindy’s mouth.Mindy wiggles and thrusts her hips as he fucks her hard.Candy slides off Mindy’s face and kisses her. Master thrusts so deep into Mindy, cumming deep in her.Candy kneels and licks Master’s cock clean.Then she bends kissing Mindy and sharing the cum.Master is pleased.   

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