A Stolen Afternoon


It all began out of frustration and dissatisfaction with the way things were. Allie, mother of one, married to a man that loved his job more than pleasuring his wife, was starving for some real sex.

Knowing that a fuck buddy would be a little risqué, but realizing her husband was so caught up in his own selfish life he would never notice. So she decided to explore some blast from the past options, and found that the best she’d ever had was indeed still interested in keeping the fun alive. He had since married, and was happy with his marriage, but needed a little fun on the side to keep things interesting. Tyler began to chat with Allie, telling her what he’d do to her if they were together, how he would own her, as he knew what she liked only as a real lover of pleasure can. He kept her in a frenzied state of arousal to the point so that when they talked she would stroke her moist lips n clit, imagining his hands over her body, teasing pleasing, and making her beg for mercy.

Allie imagined what it would be like one day to just have him fuck her senseless, she remembered his long Kıbrıs Escort thick cock and his marvelously large hands they seemed to need no instruction of where to go or what to do. She decided that her imagination just wasn’t working, she wanted the real thing, so during one of their steamy chats the subject came up of getting together for an afternoon of pleasure, and maybe see if that steamy chemistry they once had, was still there. The date was set, the time and place, and even the events that were going to happen, but nothing could have prepared either of them for the amazing few hours they had.

Tyler arrived first, setting the stage, quiet area, pillow and blankets for rug burn protection, plenty of room to get frisky. Allie arrived, her long dirty blond hair back in a pony tail, short khaki skirt, and brown zip up hoodie with nothing underneath either. She came to please and be pleased. Tyler met her at the door, and led her to their love nest for the afternoon. Tyler, excited to see her, holds her close, and crushes his lips to hers, …and the fun begins.

The Kıbrıs Escort Bayan chemistry was still there, it hit them both like a ton of bricks, within minutes Allie was naked, her large perky breasts begging to be fondled and sucked, her slick lips dripping wait waiting to be rubbed, and assaulted. Tyler reaches down teasing Allies pussy with the tips of his fingers as they kiss, tongues entwining, meeting, remember days past, times previously forgotten. The stroking and caressing lead to Tyler naked throwing Allie over his knee, treating her like his dirty little slut. She gasps with surprise, her big blue eyes widen in shock, as he begins spanking with one hand and finger fucking her slick wet pussy, dripping with her juices. He begins to talk to her, asking her how she likes his fingers assaulting her clit and riding in and out of her pussy….she moans his name, begs for him to go faster and harder, just please don’t stop. He slows down, teasing her, drawing out the desire as Allie arches her back for more.

He leans down to bite her on her big round Escort Kıbrıs ass, leaving his mark on her to remember for days to come. Allie moans as she begins to ride the waves of the orgasm he has brought her to. He cant take it anymore, rolling her over, pinning her arms above her head, he spreads her legs wide as her pussy dripping wait awaits his long hard cock. He pounds himself into her, yanking her hair and calling her his horny little whore as Allie begins to get close to climaxing again. Tyler reaches down to nibble on each nipple and bite her shoulder as they both begin to shake with pleasure as the waves of ecstasy overcome them. As if this wasn’t enough, Tyler pumps his cum into her, mixing their juices, knowing she will go home, to life as normal with his marks and scent all over her. As he lies on top of her, they both catch their breath, in awe and shock of the swiftness and pleasure of a few stolen moments.

Both Tyler and Allie, slowly return to their dressed state as they say their goodbyes, each knows what the other is thinking…….soon… there will be another afternoon and some exploration of pleasure and orgasms. As Allie lies in bed that night next to her gently snoring husband, it isn’t him she is thinking about as she feels the bruise on her shoulder, its Tyler and his wonderful roughness that seems to know exactly when and what she wants.

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