A Royal Duty


Ever since he’d been a little boy Jan had wanted to be a soldier. Now, fresh out of training he had been given his dream posting, to the Palace Guard. It was a tremendous honour for a country boy from a tiny village out in the sticks. Of course, it helped that he was highly disciplined, exceptionally tall, muscular and classically handsome — very photogenic for the tourists. To most of Jan’s fellow trainees, such a posting would have been considered deadly dull — but he was delighted. His mother was bursting with pride that he would be serving the Royal Family in this way, the position carried immense prestige and, compared to being posted to some horrific war zone with the UN or NATO, it was extremely comfortable.

However, as Jan prepared for his first stint of night duty his sergeant major warned him of one potential risk. “Remember lad, the Palace grounds are closed at night so there are no outsiders but, despite that, apart from crossing with your fellow sentry every half-hour you are still required to stand completely still at attention. Now, some of the younger Royals seem to think it’s amusing to put that to the test. But whatever they do or say in front of you, however much they try to provoke you, you must not react. If you do they’ll report you. It’s unfair, I know, but there it is.”

By one-thirty in the morning Jan was finding the greatest problem was staying alert. He’d just crossed with his mate at the far end of the Palace as the city hall clock chimed the half-hour, and now he had another 30 minutes before he was finally relieved. Just as he was thinking this, he heard light footsteps on the gravel pathway to his right. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a figure emerge into the building’s floodlighting. To his shock he realised he was being approached by Crown Princess Alexandra — the most photographed woman in the world since the English Princess Di and, if rumours about Kütahya Escort her father’s health were true, weeks from succeeding to the throne. She was dressed in a shimmering white full-length evening gown, sufficiently low cut to emphasise her famous cleavage, a short white fur jacket draped carelessly across her shoulders. As she tottered on her silver stiletto heels she did not appear to be entirely sober.

Jan expected the princess to bypass him without a glance, but to his slight alarm she stood facing him, the top of her head barely reaching the level of his chin. Her rich, sweet-smelling perfume filled his nostrils. He was even more surprised when she spoke, in a slightly slurred voice. “Hello soldier. I can’t sleep, I’ve been to a reception for some dull prime minister from somewhere, and I’m not tired yet. So I decided to come and get some fresh air.”

She then reached out a hand and squeezed Jan’s bicep. Despite the cool of the evening Jan felt a slight sweat break out on his forehead. The beautiful young woman spoke again. “My, they’re building them big at training school these days, aren’t they! I wonder if you’re fully in proportion?”

Jan was aware the princess had ducked down, and the blood drained from his face as he felt a hand firmly brush the front of his trousers, than close around the outline of his cock. Horrified, he glanced down — straight into the stern ice-blue eyes of his future queen, and, he recalled, an honorary colonel of his regiment. Glaring at him, she snapped in a voice straight from the parade ground, “Eyes front soldier, right now — unless you fancy an immediate transfer to Afghanistan.”

His eyes screwed shut in panic, Jan obeyed, as Alexandra continued in a dreamy, sing-song voice. “You see, the problem is, my fiancé is a very nice man, a very good man. Unfortunately, he’s more likely to be sexually aroused by my little brother Kütahya Escort Bayan than by me. So he and I have this sort of understanding…”

Jan, praying that this was some terrible dream, felt her fumbling with the fly of his red dress uniform trousers, then felt the cool night breeze on the front of his underpants. He tried desperately to conjure up the least erotic images he could imagine, or to think of nothing at all; but he knew that, as she pulled his pants down below his balls, his throbbing prick would burst out like a bayonet ready for the charge! He heard, “Well, when you stand to attention you really stand to attention!”

A soft, pampered hand curled around the stem of Jan’s cock, and warm lips closed over its circumcised tip. He stood frozen with a mixture of terror and mounting involuntary arousal as the quite incredible situation developed. Crown Princess Alexandra Olivia, the most desired woman in Europe, was wanking the base of his prick while sucking on the head, as her other hand gently squeezed his balls rhythmically. His sweet innocent girlfriend back in his distant village had never done anything remotely like this to him! He shuddered as he heard the woman mumble around his painfully stiff shaft, “God, you are huge!”

Her teeth grazed gently up and down his organ; her tongue swirled around it like a lollypop, as she moaned, apparently in appreciation of the experience. In utter disbelief Jan was sure she had hummed a few bars of the national anthem! He risked a momentary glance down and saw in astonishment that Her Royal Highness now had a hand thrust up her dress, and was clearly playing with herself.

As he felt an explosion building in his loins, Jan clamped his teeth together to prevent a groan from escaping, his knuckles turning white as he clenched his hand tighter around his rifle. He nearly lost control when the princess dragged Escort Kütahya a long, pointed, manicured nail up his scrotum, simultaneously biting quite hard on the tip of his prick. Jan held off as long as he could, but finally he erupted like a volcano deep into her mouth. He tasted blood in his own mouth as he bit into his cheek to stop himself from roaring with lust. It took an immense effort not to wind his fingers into the woman’s curled auburn locks, to pull her still deeper onto his rampant cock.

As Jan trembled with the after-shock of release the princess stood, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. She smiled as she tenderly stroked her hand across his cheek. “Mmm, that was very nice. I admire the way you maintained your discipline. What’s your name soldier?”

Still almost too terrified to move his lips, Jan told her through gritted teeth, his eyes staring fixedly over her head into the distance. He trembled as her fingernails lightly scratched across the very tip of his twitching knob. “Well Jan, tomorrow I’m going to have you transferred to my personal staff. We’ll come up with some job title or other for you; then you and I will explore your skill at certain military manoeuvres, such as the full frontal assault, and the rear thrust.”

She turned and, the fur jacket draped from a finger over her shoulder, swayed away into the night, her laughter tinkling like a shattering champagne flute. “Bye bye big boy — for now”.

Despite himself, Jan sagged in relief. He could only imagine the punishment he would have faced if he’d been caught with his prick in the mouth of the crown princess. Surely she couldn’t be serious about…

Shit, his prick! The bitch had left the now flagging organ hanging outside his trousers. As he moved to stuff it back inside he heard the crunch of marching feet approaching. His face burning with embarrassment, Jan stood erect and fearfully awaited his fate. Sure enough, the relief detail came into view. One of the troopers exclaimed “Bloody hell Jan, what the fuck…”

He was cut short by the corporal commanding the detail, who looked Jan up and down with a knowing eye. “Leave it son — he’s been Alex’d!”

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