A Room With A View


“Look, Claire, there he is!”“Ooo, I see what you mean, Annie. He is rather gorgeous. And you say he often walks around like that in his flat? In just his boxer shorts?”“Yes, and he must know that anyone of us in these flats across the road can see him.”“Has he seen you watching?”“I don’t know. Maybe. I usually stay behind the curtain. I don’t want him to think I’m spying on him.”“But you are spying,” you say. “Maybe you just don’t want him to see you and so you close the curtains.”I blush. That’s probably more like the truth.You look at him again, discreetly, staying hidden. “Have you seen the bulge in his boxers, Annie? That’s quite something he’s got tucked in there. Has he ever taken them off? In the window, I mean.”You know me too well, know what I like. “Not so far. Or not when I’ve been watching anyway.”“I bet he works out. Look at those muscles. I’d love to feel them.”“I want to see his cock.”You pretend to look shocked, although I know you’d like to see it too. Then I see that look come over your face, the one that means you’ve had an idea. “Why don’t you give him a show, too? Let him see you in your scanties?”“No way! He’ll probably start wanking kolej escort or something.”“Well, yes,” you say, as if that was your idea all along; which it probably was.“And why me anyway? Why don’t you do it? ”You shrug. “He’s your neighbour. But I will if you won’t.”Sod that, I’m not having you say I was too scared to show a guy my bra and knickers. “Okay, you’re on. So should I get undressed now?”“Maybe just take your top off? Walk around in your bra. That should get him looking. Then you could take your jeans off. You have got knickers on today, haven’t you?”I smile and nod. These jeans are a bit itchy, so it’s not a commando day. “He is still there, isn’t he?”“Yes, but hurry up.”Something crosses my mind. “What if he’s gay?”“What if he is? We’ll soon know, he’ll just ignore you. Now stop making excuses and get that top off.”Fair point. Quickly, I slip off my t-shirt. I’m wearing a quite skimpy black bra, which nicely shows off my firm little tits. I’m glad I’ve been keeping up my gym appointments, too. My tummy is pretty trim, nothing to be ashamed of there.I casually walk in front of the window. I deliberately sihhiye escort bayan don’t look across at him; I don’t want him to think I’m doing this for his benefit. You’re still out of sight, behind the curtain.“Ooo, Annie, he’s seen you. He’s looking!”I turn my back on the window, move sideways, then back again, letting him get a good look at me from all angles. I catch your eye: you’re loving this.“Go on,” you hiss, “Get your jeans off.”I stand to undo the buttons, slowly, just enough to show the front of my knickers. I can’t stop myself looking across… fuck it, I can’t see him.“He’s gone, Claire.”“No he hasn’t, he’s just by the curtain. He’s hiding too. Keep going, you’ve got him.”Now I feel safe to look across to his flat. Claire’s right; I can see him, staying in the shadows. Bad boy, spying on me like that!I pause, then take hold of my jeans and pull them down, as casually as I can. I’m wearing matching black panties, rather small and lacy, which fit snugly round my bum and over my plump pubic mound.There’s a squawk of excitement from you. “Oh Annie, look, can you see? He’s got his hand in his boxers.”Oh Escort sincan goodness, you’re right. I can see his hand moving. He’s playing with himself stroking his dick. At least he must like what he sees.I bend over, letting him see my cute bum. I’ve never met anyone who can resist my firm round cheeks. I know you can’t.“Go on Annie, let him see them properly. Take your panties off. And your bra. Show him everything.”“No way, Claire! I’m not letting him see my tits. Or my pussy.”“You have to. Look, he’s still rubbing. Don’t you want to see him get his dick out?”Of course I do. And anyway, getting down to my undies is getting me aroused. Still in front of the window, I slip a hand inside my knickers and feel the warm wetness between my legs. The tip of one finger I slide inside my vagina, and a dribble of juice runs out. I’m enjoying this more than I’d care to admit.I decide to get rid of my bra first, leave the best until last. I reach behind my back and find the catch. Here goes. With an expert twist, I undo it and, in one casual movement, let the straps slip down my arms. And there they are. Hello boys!I turn nonchalantly, watching my bare breasts bounce gently with the movement. They’re firm and perky, and my dark nipples stand out, already hard with excitement. I look out of the window. He’s still there, his hand buried in his shorts. By this time he must know I’ve seen him, but he’s not moving. He must’ve guessed what’s going on.

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