A Rendezvous Between


At opposite ends of the continent, each sat in front of a similar screen at a similar desk in a very similar room.

Anxiously, she logged into the familiar chat, looking forward to their nightly meeting.

At nearly the same moment, his fingers were tapping his password into his machine, and suddenly they were together.

As the bright screen displayed his arrival, she closed her eyes and saw him, in her mind’s eye. As she tapped out a warm greeting, she pictured his face, his strong body, his arms open and waiting for an embrace.

Replying in kind, he saw her as well. A slight girl with a lovely face and a proportionally attractive figure, that was how he imagined her. Raven black hair cascaded down her back, splaying over her sweater-covered shoulders. He always imagined her a little shorter than himself, so that he could look down into her eyes and see deep inside her.

Running her hands over her own real body, clad only in a bra and a wispy pair of panties, she breathed deeply and began.

“God, I’ve missed you since last night,” she typed, as she stepped forward into his imaginary arms.

“You’re breathtaking as ever to me,” he replied, as his fingers worked their way into her shoulder muscles.

Rolling her own nipple between her fingers, she responded to his hands by snuggling into his chest and reaching around to massage his posterior.

At their desks, sitting in front of their glowing screens, each closed their eyes, as did their imagined counterparts. Relaxing in each others’ embrace, feeling secure in their lust, they let go momentarily and submerged themselves in their roles. As they stood there, arms about each other, rubbing and slowly grinding, a change came over them.

As their eyes simultaneously opened, they stared deep into those of the other, incredulous at this event. Gazing about, they found themselves in a place between everywhere, a square of ground among a wide blackness sparked with lights. There was a lush bed situated in the center on a piece of thick carpet, suspended in this unexplained space.

Gripping him tightly, she realized that he was now as solid as she. His fingers, paused for a moment, went back to work on her shoulders as he gazed at her Kuşadası Escort with a slightly puzzled expression.

Moaning slightly at his touch, she decided to take advantage of this situation. Reaching up to his face, which looked just like she always imagined it, she grasped his smooth cheeks and brought him down to her lips. As they met, he responded, pressing his lips on hers, parting them, and darting his tongue into her mouth.

His hands slid slowly from her shoulders and grasped the bottom of her sweater. Tugging insistently, he pulled the garment up as far as it would go. Grudgingly breaking their kiss for a moment, she allowed him to remove it, and did the same to his shirt. Now, bare-chested, they pressed together, hot skin against hot skin, and resumed their tongue exploration.

His hands slid down her smooth back, disappearing beneath the band of her long black skirt. No panties were present, of course, and he didn’t expect any. Cupping a smooth, creamy globe in each hand, he massaged gently, moving lower and lower as she moaned into his mouth. Brushing against her warm, hairless lips, he felt her dewy moisture leaking from between them.

As she felt his fingers brush her sensitive heat, she moaned and pressed her hips down, into his hand. He parted her labia with a finger and eased it gently into her slit, rubbing up and down slowly. Eliciting fantastic moans, he slid his other hand between them, tugged her skirt down, and let it fall in a heap on the floor. With two fingers, he penetrated her, causing a shudder of pleasure. With his thumb, wet with her juices, he slid up and down between her labia, rubbing up against her sensitive clit time and again.

Shaking slightly, exerting effort to remain standing, she held onto his shoulder with one hand and used the other to effortlessly remove his pants. He, too, was lacking underwear, and his stiffness stoof up between them, brushing against her belly as he pleasured her with is hand. Gripping it firmly but gently, she started to rub it up and down, from base to head, causing low grunts of pleasure to issue forth into her mouth.

Grabbing her about the hips, he lifted her up and set her on the edge of the nearby bed. Without removing Kuşadası Escort Bayan his fingers, he broke the kiss and began to suck on her nipples, alternating from one breast to the other. Lying back limply on the bed at his ministrations, she reveled in the sensations and unconsciously spread her legs further apart.

Licking his way down her breast, he made his way past her belly button and approached her hairless slit. Removing his fingers, he spread her open and ran his tongue from bottom to top in broad, slow strokes, steadily closing on her clit with every lick. Burying his tongue deep inside her, he pushed it in and out, causing her to shudder and moan more forcefully. Replacing his tongue with the two fingers, he licked his way to her clit and fastened his lips around it.

Fucking quickly and steadily with his fingers, he sucked her clit into his mouth, licking at it faster and faster. She began to tense up, and finally exploded, screaming, shuddering and gushing juices all over his face. Lapping it up, he slowed his fingers gradually and finally stood.

Grasping her face at the jawline with both hands, he tilted it up and mashed his lips into hers, their tongues fencing about in ecstasy as she tasted her own juices on his face.

Smiling slightly as the kiss broke, she grabbed his cock and stood up. Swivelling, she pushed him lightly and he fell onto the edge of the bed. Grasping his his hands and placing them on her breasts, she put her own hands about his neck and swung her legs over until she was straddling him. Slowly, she lowered herself, until she could feel his mast at the ready, pressing lightly at her dripping entrance. She leaned her face in for another kiss, and he gladly obliged. As their tongues again twined with each other, she suddenly dropped herself on him, fully impaling herself on his cock. Her wet, incredibly tight pussy closed over it like a glove, and she could feel it filling her completely. Watching his face, she ground her pelvis slowly against his, barely moving.

Fighting for control, he sat there gasping in intense pleasure. With his hands resting on her ass, he revelled in the amazing feeling of wet, warm tightness surrounding his cock. Her Escort Kuşadası pussy muscles rippled up and down the length of his shaft, bringing groans to his lips. Slowly, almost unconsciously, he began to make tiny thrusting motions, driving himself completely into her and pulling out in small increments.

As she felt him begin to stir, she responded with her own movement. Slowly, they began to build up a rhythm, thrusting inside and pulling out more and more each time. Soon enough, he was pushing his full length into her each thrust, and she felt the wondrous fullness over and over. As he drove his rock hard cock into her, he brought his hand around and began to gently rub her clit. The sensations grew and built on each other deep inside her, and she began to feel the familar tingling sensation.

“Oh, God, I’m going to cum!” she screamed as he pounded into her. The building sensations reached a crescendo, and she went over the edge in full force. Wet, sweet juices flooded from within her, and her whole body twitched and shuddered with her orgasm.

As he felt the flood of juices on his cock, her pussy tightened like a vise and his pleasure was more than he could bear. Lost in her orgasm as she was, she still felt the tightening of his balls and his cock grow even further within her spasming depths.

“Yes! Yes! Cum inside me! Shoot your hot cum into my pussy!” she screamed, as she felt the first surge of his orgasm fill her with warm, sticky sperm. Shot after shot of hot cum coated the walls of her pussy, sending her over the edge into yet another shuddering orgasm. Their mingled juices spilled from her pussy, coating his cock and dripping unnoticed.

Finally, spent, he slowed to a stop. Embracing, eyes closed, they struggled to regain their breath, still locked in a deep kiss.

Gradually, she realized she could no longer feel him against her. Opening her eyes, she was once again staring at the familiar screen, in her familiar chair, in her ordinary room. Sighing, still weak from her orgasms, she wondered at the vividness of her imagination. Tapping out a farewell and logging off, she turned out the light and made her way to her bed.

Just before sleep arrived, she realized a strange feeling had been nagging at her. Sliding a hand beneath the covers, she dipped a pair of fingers into her still-sopping pussy. Withdrawing them, she stared incredulously, then tasted the juices.

The salty, slightly bitter mixture of juices she tasted then was most definitely not solely her own.

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