Chapter 2

Note: Taking her to new places

Older /Anal /Fisting Fiction

Janet and I had a really nice dinner, Lobster and raw oysters with corn on the cob and it was steamed.

Every bite was sweet as the next. Before during and after dinner we consumed 2 1/2 bottles of wine. You could say that all that wine made her really horny.

We cleaned up and i help her dry the dishes and put them away. She said “her EX would never help her in the kitchen.” I said ” growing up I helped my mother all the time.” I told her ” my mother raise me with manners. I told her” by teaching me to be polite to women has got me a lot of pussy most of my life.” My mother told me ” if you treat a woman with respect you get a lot more from them later.”

Janet said ” I saw that right from the start, all the people I talked with said you were always polite. You always asked them if you could help them in some way.” She said ” one call I made was to Bob and Sam. Bob told me you would offer your help to carry things in from the car when his wife returned from shopping. You offered to watch the kids while he and his wife needed their private time.” She said “they told her that out of all the contractors that worked on their house you were the only one that got more work from them.”

“Well little did they know Sam was a redhead and I love redheads, that entire job I had thoughts of fucking her like a wildman” I said to her.

“Really” is all she said

” It pays to be nice” I told her “it has got me more work and word of mouth is a very good way to not have down time between jobs.”

” Speaking of down time” she says ” I think it is time for more fun,” “don’t you think”?

” Your reading my mind my dear, lets do it to it.”

Off to bed we went, we did not make it to the bed room with any clothes on. She hopped in and laid down on her back, Legs spread wide open. Low and behold she was shaved clean and I asked her” when did you do that?” She said “when you were cooking and watching the steamer pot and setting the table I went in and did it as fast as I could without cutting myself, do you like it?”

” I love it, just how I like eating pussy” ” I’m glad you like it” she said and I lowered my face to her waiting and wanting pussy.

I love oral sex more then anything else. There is something about being up close and personal that just blows my mind and other things. “LOL” By now you should realize I love 69 by my handle, “roofer2469. “

I like finding the women whose ex’s never would go down on them. Everyone of them would tell me it was the best orgasm’s they had ever had and all of them would asked for more.

Janet told me ” I want you to lick my pussy for as long as you want, all night if need be.” I asked her ” and what are you going to do for me?”

She said “when she has had enough she would reward me handsomely.”

“OK” I replied and went to town on this horny old bag.

I like to tease them to the point where they grab my head and stuff my face into the pussy. I started by licking her inner thighs right up to her lips, never going near her Clit, always going near it but gaziantep escort never touching it. Lick her down over her little brown eye, licking her crack from bottom to top or front to back. I was stopping at her hot hole and sticking my tongue inside her dripping hot honey pot. Drop back down and suck on her asshole, teasing her with the tip of my tongue, sucking on it to get it nice and relaxed.

It is one lesson that has stayed with me my whole life, paying attention to there assholes always gets them really fucking hot and sooner or later they are going to tell you to fuck them up their asses. Even after her telling me ” she does not do anal” and me plowing her ass that afternoon I was getting to her and that it felt” Soooooo good and don’t stop” keep doing what your doing, don’t stop, please keep going.” Her ass got so relaxed that my tongue was going inside her asshole with ease. She was cooing and moaning to beat the band.

I figured it was time to go up and lip grab her clit and stop teasing her. Well let me tell you that was the perfect time, she let out a scream that just about gave me a heart attack. She grabbed my head and stuffed it into her pussy, I swear she was trying to drive my head deep inside her. trust me that thought has always turned me on, My whole head inside a women’s pussy, right past my ears, wiggle your ears and watch them cum in buckets.

That old saying ” If you make them and take them beyond where they have ever been they are yours for life.” I bump into old girlfriends now and then and everyone of them greets me with a smile and a big hug. You can see it in their eyes they remember just how fucking good you licked them to a frazzle. how you drove them wild and made them crazy. How hard of a time they have had trying to find another man to do to them what I have done to them. Many women have asked for my hand in marriage and disappoint them by saying ” NO”.

Why would I want to be tied down to one pussy?

By now she is so hot I stick two fingers inside her dripping pussy, curl them up to find her little hot bump, getting it to grow for me, making it hard as a little rock, then licking her Clit and pressing up against her bump at the same time. She lets out a long a loud scream as she goes off like a rocket. that is the move to get her seeping juice, like a turned on water faucet. I place three fingers inside and start rubbing her to another big gush of juice.

“Oh my God” she says ” you are touching me in places only my dildo has touched.” I said “give me ten more minutes and your going to say that again, “OH?” “YUP”

I was sucking her Clit lightly pulling it away from her just like sucking her nipples. she was non stop leaking now, in went four fingers. This woman was her own lube tube. Now I am wiggling my fingers inside her and stroking in and out of her slow at first then picking up the tempo and just waiting for her to start seeping again.

As soon as it starts flowing it’s time to try and get my whole hand up her hot dripping pussy. She was soaking wet by now so this should go in without much of a struggle.

By now she has both her hands around my arm and using it like a big Kong Dong dildo. The top knuckles are having a tough time getting past her outside lips. I’m looking for the super glide, this may not go as I planned.

All of a sudden her pussy relaxed and my hand went in with no effort at all.

She was in for it now. I put some lube around my arm knowing full well where it was going. She pulled it in as far as she could get it, right up against her cervix. She held it there for a minute or so getting used of the size taking up the space inside feeling the full feeling. I said “let go of my arm doll” and she did looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes. “be gentle with me” I said “Remember my mother taught me manners” “Yes you did”.

I had her right where I wanted her and she knew it. I told her” this is going to take you places you have never been before.” Twice today you have taken me places I have never been before.” “You fucked my ass off and now you have your hand and arm stuffed up inside of me, that makes two firsts today for me.” Little did she know what she was in for.

I slowly started pulling my arm out up to my wrist and pushing back in to the end. With a closed fist pulling out slowly was getting her to start shaking, I stopped moving to let her settle down, push back in and start shaking again. Open my hand pull out and she would not shake, Hmmmmm that was interesting.

I eased back up to the end and started to wiggle my fingers, THAT WAS THE TRICK!!!

She started gushing pussy juice to no end, I tossed the lube up on the head board, We were not going to need that anymore.

She was on a steady and non stop orgasm. “Faster” she says as I get a nice and steady pace going, shes breathing faster like shes giving birth all over again. The panting starts as shes getting more horny then she has ever been before. And all the time pouring her sweet juice out all over me, her and the bed. “Oh my God” she keeps saying “That feels so fucking good, I don’t want you to stop, Please keep fucking me like this.”

I started to go a little faster and you could see that was exactly what she wanted.” You know just when to change pace, don’t you?” “Yes I do doll, your in for a wild time and it is not over yet.”

She looked at me with wonderment in her eyes.”This gets better”? she said “YUP” is all I said.

Now I close my fist and start pulling out past my wrist up to the first row of knuckles, then push back in and she starts to shake like before. Her pussy juice is getting heavy now thicker then before, it looks like very light white cream, and it is real slippery. This is what I was waiting for, her deep cream.

Her eyes are closed and I grab the dildo and put it under her dripping hole. I’m getting faster now,really getting faster and it is sending her off to a constant orgasm. I slowly push the dildo in her tight little asshole. Her eyes open wide feeling it getting pushed up inside her.”Your a sneak ya know?” “yes and your in trouble now” I said. Her look was “What am I in for now?”

I get this thing stuffed inside her where it stops from going in anymore, a good 12 inches is deep inside her, filling her bowels to the hilt. I pull my arm back to my hand, then push the dildo in her ass. I pull it out then stuff my hand and arm back up her cunt. I get a good steady pace going and this is what she has been waiting for, little did I know this woman was willing me to do this. Now the sounds start, moaning, groaning, whimpering, gasping, grunting and screaming. I’m fucking her for all she can take. My arm and the dildo look like the steam locomotive moving at a high rate of speed. This horny old bitch is getting fucked like there is no tomorrow. And telling me to “Keep going” her voice trailing off because it feels to good to speak, to waste her breath on a not stop orgasm.

I turned the dildo on to the highest speed it would go and start ramming her harder and faster, driving each one of them to the end, it is like punching a punching bag, ending inside her cunt and ass with force.”Oh my God” she kept repeating, over and over cumming her brains out. She was shaking like crazy now, taking this assault and not wanting it to stop. Her thick white cream cumming out of her, lubing the dildo up for it’s next deep plunge.

Her body went stiff, her eyes rolled up under her eye lids and she passed out.

I guess that was her point of no return. Shes out cold her body shaking badly, and both my arm and the dildo stuck up inside her. She was so stiff I could not pull either one out as of yet. Her pussy and ass clamped shut when she lost it. I stopped moving for a good 15 minutes, she came to finally and released her grip on me. I slowly pulled both out, first the dildo, it popped out with a loud POP!!! Next I slowly pulled my arm out, more heavy white cream oozes out of her. She grabs my arm to stop a minute she must be very tender after what I just put her through.

I open my fist and pull ever so slowly out of her, I’m up to the finger and hand knuckle and her lips stretch open wider, she grabs my hand to stop it and gets settled for the last of my fingers coming out. I ease my hand out of her and the woman had to gaping holes wide open.

I stuffed my throbbing hard cock in her ass never even asking her where she wanted it.

I was blasting her deep in the ass in less then two minutes. I knew it would not take long, after doing and watching what I did to her I knew I was not going to last at all.

It was a powerful and blasting shot and I collapsed next to her with cum still coming out of my cock. her juices and my cum were all over us, the bed and some of it made it to the floor.

After an hour she was able to talk again. She was next to me my arms around her holding her close and tight to me. She was crying softly and telling me” That feeling I just gave her was the most intense she has ever felt from any man that she has had.”

No one ever did that to her before.

She asked me “Can you stay the night?” “I sure can doll” “Good” she said “In the morning I will return the favor my young stud” “I hope you sleep well” she says”your in for it in the morning” she says.

I told her to “stop teasing me” She smiled at me and snuggled on my shoulder, “I have a surprise for you and you might not be able to take it!!!”

I fell asleep thinking” what the hell have I got myself into now?”


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