A Real Evening (Getting) Off


I had been waiting for this day all week. It was Thursday, and I had promised myself a duvet day on Friday. As a hard-working marketing executive I work long hours, and I had accumulated myself a little free time on my flexi-hours. I knew what I was going to do with my time, and I loved it.

I’m single, 35 and attractive with brunette hair cut into a cheeky, short bob. My weight is slightly above perfect because of my heavy breasts, hips and butt, but I kind of like myself this way. In fact, I absolutely love my body and everything it can do for me.

Despite the fact that men are always coming onto me, I’m having a period of being single. I’ve just come out of a five year relationship that was going nowhere, and quite frankly I’m enjoying sexual freedom for the first time in my life. My job is going well, I’m financially secure and I feel in control of my own life – it’s a good feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I love having sex with men – and I’ve been doing that quite a bit. I had really looked forward to trying out some different men when I broke up with my boyfriend, but I also discovered a surprising truth about myself. At the moment, the thing I really, really adore about being single is being able to pleasure myself whenever and however I like.

So I had set the date for a romantic time – with myself. I decided to increase the anticipation by not touching myself for three whole days beforehand. This is harder than you might think for a woman like me, because I have a high sex drive and since my boyfriend left I have been orgasming at least once every night. Why the hell not?

I did find my hand wandering between my legs last thing at night, but I turned over resolutely, and made myself sleep. I woke a couple of times soaking between my legs and longing to rub my clit into oblivion, but I stayed steadfast and held off. The shower was another test of my will. On the Thursday morning my nipples went rock hard, and my breasts seemed to firm up and swell before my eyes as I soaped them a little longer than was strictly necessary, moving my hand over my belly and down over my cunt, moving my fingers behind me and between my buttocks – loving the feel of the cheeks which were so smooth against my hand. A ‘hygienic’ probe inside my anus left me groaning loudly with pleasure and it was all I could do to wrestle myself out of the shower and get dressed for work.

As I drove home that night, the traffic was heavier than usual, and I couldn’t wait for my hot self-date. In the traffic, I teased myself by putting my hand up my skirt, gently moving my panties to the side and circling the tip of my clit with my fingers. My whole body thrummed, and I realised when my head went back and my eyes closed that I would have to stop. I was stationary at a red light, and when I looked up I realised a lorry driver’s cab was right next to me and he was very clearly enjoying mecidiyeköy escort the view of my pleasure. My first instinct was to pull my skirt down as if nothing had happened, but then I became bold. I hitched my skirt right up and showed him the dark shape of my beautiful pussy. I don’t care if people think I’m conceited – it IS beautiful and it really deserves to be seen. I leaned back for him so that he could see more of it, and his face said it all. It was worth the horns sounding behind us to share that moment.

By now I was so wound up I thought I might explode at any moment, but I wanted to savour my first orgasm in three days. The minute I was home I locked the front door and (thank God for Winter darkness) closed all my curtains. I switched off all the lights at the front of my house and made it clear that I was not at home.

I ran upstairs and tore my clothes off – so eager to get at myself for the first time in days. My beautiful body looked so enticing – but I wanted to get perfectly clean for my act of self-love. I ran the shower and jumped in, soaping every inch of myself and moaning slightly as I pinched my nipples and made sure my pussy and ass were clean inside and out.

I had planned to watch a porno first, but I didn’t need to even think of it, I was so hot for a release. I opened the drawer to my night stand and took out my favourite dildo. This one doesn’t even vibrate; it’s just the size and feel of a good, hard cock. I began tracing it round my nipples and between my large breasts, pushing them together as if it were a real cock and I was giving it pleasure. It wasn’t long before I was desperate to push it inside me. My legs had opened wide all by themselves, my pussy was soaking. I circled my clit with it first, and then slowly, agonisingly slowly, pushed it in, inch by heavenly inch. My vagina pulsed around it, grabbing it greedily, savouring the feeling with every nerve end. My clit was so swollen I knew I wasn’t even going to need to rub it from the outside, my dildo would do it all from inside my beautiful cunt. I shifted on the bed slightly so I could appreciate the sight of my body. My generous buttocks were curving away underneath my shaved pussy, with it’s gorgeous lips parted to show the dildo, now almost completely hidden inside. I took my hand away for a moment to enjoy the complete view, lifting my buttocks so I could see the dark beauty of my anus below my throbbing vagina. I had been gently working myself into a frenzy for about fifteen minutes now, and I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer. I was going to give in to the pleasure of the first orgasm of my date.

I changed the pace, using one hand to thrust the dildo in and out of my pussy and the other to pinch my nipples, hard. I was seconds away. I could feel the build starting, my muscles tightening around the dildo that I kept thrusting in nişantaşı escort and out, faster and faster. In the mirror, I could see a beautiful sex-flush rising up from my breasts, which looked huge from this angle, with their hard nipples pointing skyward. The pleasure grew and grew, radiating out from my pussy and filling my whole body. My back arched of its own volition as the power of my orgasm took over, filling my throat with a guttural moan and nearly pushing me off the bed. My eyes closed, and I writhed and thrusted for several minutes, wanting to fully enjoy this moment which I had created for my own pleasure. The lorry driver’s hungry and admiring face entered my mind and heightened the sensation as I climaxed, my vaginal muscles clenching tight again and again.

After the feelings subsided, I let myself doze for a short time. I needed some energy for later. After about half an hour, I felt refreshed, and ready for the rest of my date. I slipped on my favourite dress – this was no time to be wearing my comfy old dressing gown and slippers! This was a night for sex, and I was going to feel beautiful for every second of it. I went downstairs and poured myself a large glass of wine. I had prepared myself the perfect romantic supper, and as it cooked in the oven I sipped my wine, listening to my favourite tracks on my sound system. After I had eaten, I felt that it was time to take my date in a slightly different direction.

I slipped a porno into my TV in the lounge and sat back, sipping my second glass of wine. I know you can get all kinds of stuff on the net, but I am very fond of this DVD. I’m white and maybe that’s why I adore men who are different from me – any race, any size. This DVD starts with a gorgeous black man and he never fails to pleasure me, every time. I like to think he’d be pleased about that, because he looks generous and sweet as well as phenomenally sexy. I made a bargain with myself that I wouldn’t orgasm until his section of the video had played at least once, and settled in for some more, pure pleasure.

Although I had on my favourite dress, this was date night so my bra and panties had been left upstairs. I love wearing clothes without underwear. It feels such a deliciously dirty secret to have nothing between my beautiful pussy and the world outside. It’s fun going bra-less as well. Men are so obvious. I adore it when they can’t take their eyes off my breasts and nipples. On more than one occasion I’ve seen an erection happen – and I’ve just smiled. They knew I saw it and they loved that I enjoyed it.

As the familiar pictures of my favourite pornstar moved in front of me, and he took his clothes off (I imagine it’s just for me) I teased my erect nipples, rubbing both of them through the fabric of my dress. I decided that however I decided to come, I was going to come with my dress on, and this gave me etiler escort and extra thrill because the fabric is sheer and silken, perfect for teasing and stroking, I discovered that evening.

I moved one hand inside my breast, cupping it and enjoying it’s heaviness as I lifted it and let it fall. My skin felt so soft and healthy, and my body was beginning to crave a release for the second time. This was turning out to be my best date ever. My hand wandered down between my legs and, as my left hand massaged my breasts, my right hand took on the lead role of pleasuring my pussy. First, I stroked my clit, loving its hardness as it responded to my skilful fingers. I allowed three of my fingers inside my tight vagina, letting them explore the sides, and move in and out like miniature penises. I wondered how my vagina felt to fuck, noticing its rifts and ridges, designed to maximise the pleasure the male organ would feel once inside me. I watched my favourite star, enjoying the sights and sounds of his pleasure as he worked himself up to shooting his load all over the camera once more, just for me.

I moved the DVD back to my favourite part as I prepared myself to come – I had been going for about half an hour now and I couldn’t last much longer. I was having so much fun! I thought to myself how much I loved wanking now, and how I hadn’t appreciated its wondrous possibilities when I was younger. I was at my sexual peak, and I loved enjoying myself in this way more than I ever thought I could.

I decided that this time I was going to come using just the outside of my clit. I removed my fingers from my vagina, and put my dress over my pussy. This would be interesting! I started to massage my clit with my index finger through the sheer, silken fabric. The millions of nerve endings responded straight away with an electric jolt. My body was loving the feel of my hands through the fabric. I rubbed harder, with more determination, savouring the silken fabric rubbing my breasts, my nipples and of course, the centre of all the action, my clit. The circles around it became smaller, and firmer, more concentrated on the head, the centre of my pleasure. My eyes took in the muscular form and delicious cock of my cinema idol as he rubbed his cock furiously, taking himself to the same place I was going. I pushed harder, and then held back, waiting for his semen to spurt so I could heighten my orgasm by coming at exactly the same time. I was panting with the effort of holding off, my body desperate, longing for release and yet thrilling to the tension I was creating. This was the moment…I rubbed again, and felt my whole body contract with the familiar waves of pleasure as I saw the spunk spurting out of his gorgeous cock, heading straight in the direction of my open mouth. My body shuddered with pleasure, my back arching again as I came even harder than the first time, bunching the silken fabric of my dress against my pussy, worshipping the pleasure she was giving me tonight. I sighed with satisfaction and lay back, spent. But this was the good part. I knew that in an hour or two I’d be enjoying myself all over again.

Man, this date was going well…

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