A Prisoner’s Release


With a harsh buzz, the massive iron gate grinded shut. For Cole it was the sweetest sound in the world. He dropped his meagre belongings so that he could catch the young women jumping onto him. As legs and arms wrapped around him, he grabbed hold of her trim waist. Darn! What a woman she’d blossomed into. The C’s almost D’s, so often the other side of plexiglass, were so much better pressed against his chest. He dragged his eyes out of her tank top seconds before she ceased her kissing. Anna’s small palms roamed over protruding pecs.

“You’re hard,” she said. “Your whole body, I mean. It’s, like, really hard.”

Cole smiled. Stuck together, he knew she must have felt him despite heavy jeans. He didn’t feel guilty. A nice looking woman in his hands; A man was finally free.

“Not much else to do inside other than work out and read. Probably in the best shape of my life.”

“Well, make sure you keep up whatever it was you were doing.”

Anna ran fingers through scruffy hair.

“You should keep your hair like this too. It’s kinda ho- cool.”

Cole looked over each of her shoulders before setting her down.

“No sign of your mother, I see?”

Unbeknownst to her, Anna’s legs squeezed him.

“Did you really think she’d come?”

“I suppose not. She stuck around longer than I thought she would.”

“Two out of six years. Hardly commendable.”

Cole caressed his daughter’s cheek.

“Look at you. Lord, you’ve become such a beautiful young woman. You look more and more like her every day.”

“Dad, you’ve seen me every month since you’ve been inside.”

“Without fail, you showed up. Silly girl. Should have been off living your own life. Yes, I’ve seen you grow, Anna. But only with my eyes. The last time I held you, you were…well, you weren’t nineteen.”

Fingers slid down her neck. They danced between the shoulder straps of her bra and tank top. Anna brushed dirty blonde hair from sky blue eyes.

“So, are we gonna stand here and talk all day? Personally, I’d prefer if you came home with me. I’m gonna cook you something yummy and spoil you rotten for the day.”

Cole’s nostrils flared as he inhaled.

“Sounds like a plan. Now hand me those keys.”

“Don’t worry, dad. You relax. I’ll be your chauffeur.”

“Anna, I haven’t driven a car in over half a decade,” he said, palm open. “I miss it.”

“I bet there’s lots of things you miss.”

He didn’t look at her as lips curled to half a smirk. He was glad she kept the old Torino in good nick. How much more he ought to have taught her about cars. So much of life he’d never get back. But that was his fault.

“Just put your seatbelt on. I know you don’t have your licence. Be a shame if you got grabbed by the cops before you get home.”

“You know me honey,” he said, claiming the driver’s seat. “I’m a bad man.”

Anna took a deep breath and rested her hand on his lap. Maybe it was good that he was driving.

“Now that I have my daddy back, I’m not gonna let any of those bastards take him away from me again.”

Prison guards spat down from watchtowers as they watched Crooked Cole speed away. They watched him leave with the pretty girl who’d never missed a single visit. They couldn’t see him frowning at his cussing kid. Anna’s mind tossed and toiled. She wanted to make him happy. To forget prison. Forget mom. She’d watched the naughty videos on how to do it. Practiced on her toys even. It seemed so simple. But it wasn’t.

Though bumpy roads teased her fingers tantalisingly close, Anna ultimately faltered.

“It’s ok,” Cole said, his big hand covering hers.

Anna knew that it wasn’t ok. That she’d blown her chance. Nearing home, she told herself that she wouldn’t make the same mistake again.


Cole let out a long, throaty sigh and eased back into the kitchen chair. Gulping sounds filled the room followed by another cathartic sigh. With wet lips, he gazed at his daughter

“You knew exactly what I needed, didn’t you?” he said.

Anna wiped fluid from her skin. It was a pointless endeavour as she peeled another potato; smearing herself once again.

“There’s plenty more beer in the fridge, dad. I got a whole crate in. Looking forward to helping you when I get the dinner on.”

Cole cracked open a second can. He didn’t down it in one this time. Too gassy.

“Sure you don’t want any help? Feel pretty useless back here.”

Anna showed the side of her face, and the side of her smile.

“This is my treat. I don’t want you lifting a finger.”

“Not sure I can promise that.”

He could see her smile reflecting off the window. He could see her thin neck and exposed cleavage in the well placed glass. She wore grey sweatpants under her tank top. There was a sliver of skin where the two garments met.

Why, he asked himself, didn’t he try to guide her in the car. He could tell she wanted to do it. But to his frustration, nerves bested her. Him too. Well, it was hardly the most natural of things to do. Soft and manicured, her gentle touch şahinbey escort would have brought great relief to six years of built up tension in a matter of messy, creamy seconds.

Her clothes stretching to her movements, Cole couldn’t avert his eyes away. He didn’t want to. Soft skin taunted him. He rose from the chair. Six tedious years. He decided he’d waited long enough.


Anna heard a husky breath and the sound of a can being crushed.

“Oh, let me get you another, dad.”

A falling vegetable peeler clanged the metal sink. His grasp didn’t find the fridge handle. Big fingertips joining at her tummy, they’d found her waist instead. Anna was shushed before she could get a word out.

“The beer, the food — It’s great, baby. But there’s only one thing I really want right now. One thing I really need.”

She grabbed hold of his thick wrist. All her strength couldn’t stop him sliding up her body. He groaned as he groped her breasts. Her feminine essence overwhelming. His bulge only fattened the more she struggled against it.

“Wait, dad! I get how you feel. But…”

Fingers crept under the front of her top. He caressed her naval and washboard belly. Plump fleshy mounds that were her breasts received attention next. Anna’s light moans emboldened him. He pulled and squeezed at the fabric of shirt and bra. Frantic lips traced her jawline. He thought he knew what softness was until he found her lips. So ripe, so ready, he massaged poking nipples. Like a wild animal freed from his cage, a starved Cole toyed with his helpless prey.

“What’s the matter? Have you forgotten what you said?”

He took his hand out of her cleavage and gave a hard rub to the place between her legs. The deep bass of a fly opening sounded. A man licked his lips as a young woman was forced over the kitchen sink.


Tuesday — 11:30 am — Six months before release.


Anna sat down and smiled at the big man the other side of the glass. Handcuffs rattled as he pressed his palm to hers. They each took a telephone receiver. There was something about the bulky plastic that was a nice departure from her iPhone.

“How have you been,” she asked. “The guards treating you ok?”

“They get a bit funny with me after your visits. Jealous fucks. Nothing I can’t deal with. Probably shouldn’t have told you that.”

“What? Why? That’s ridiculous. I’m going to lodge a formal complaint.”

Cole chuckled all the way through explaining how that would earn him a beating for sure.

“Well, it’s still not right.”

“Anna. Six months and I’m out of here.”

Anna tucked hair behind her ear and leaned closer. She did a good job of pretending to be oblivious to how low her top hung.

“That’s what I wanted to talk about — You coming home.”

“It’ll be a big change. Has your mom been around?”

Anna swallowed her anger. He always asked about the bitch.

“No. Haven’t heard from her in months. Probably off with another rich asshole.”

Cole smirked.

“Sorry to disappoint you, dad, but I guess I’ll just have to do.”

Sudden sternness chased the grin from his face.

“Anna, I don’t want you hanging around for me. I’ve already held you back long enough. Live your life. Your old man will be fine.”

“You’re not that old. For a guy like. Anyway, listen to me for a sec, we don’t have much time.”


Anna swallowed.

“I just want you to know that I’ll be here for you — when you get out. I’m gonna help you get back on your feet. Not because I have to, but because I want to.”

“Thanks, baby doll,” Cole said as a guard walked by. “I really don’t deserve you.”

“Finish up folks!” the guard roared.

“Better go, babe. Wouldn’t want to annoy the pricks more than I have to.”

Anna felt blood rush to her face. She couldn’t leave without saying what she’d come to say.

“Wait! One last thing! I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Mom’s not there for you. I am. And well…”

“Times up! Visitors, move away immediately!”

“I can do everything she does.”

A confused expression on his face, Cole was made to hang up the phone. Still stunned, two guards thuggishly helped him off his seat. His daughter leaned over the table with the same result as before. Even the guards froze where they stood. Her lips practically touching, her breath fogged the screen. He was able to read the word she mouthed before being dragged away.



“I know what I said. I meant it. I just thought it would be different.”

His breath warmed her neck.

“Anna, I’m a bad, bad man. That’s why they put me in jail. But I can’t wait any longer.”

Anna shrieked as her protruding butt was pulled snug to his crotch. Feeling the dark promise of the hardness beneath, she listened to the jingle and rattle of a leather belt loosening.

“I thought maybe we could dress up all fancy, light a few candles, eat together first. Make the moment perfect.”

“Oh, escort şahinbey baby, don’t you realise? The moment is perfect. You’re perfect.”

Anna gasped as lips wet her neck. She felt fingers glide down her back to tug on the waistband of her sweatpants. Cool air assaulted nubile cheeks as pants were violently pulled down.

“Lord have mercy!” her father said.

Anna hid her reluctant smile. It was the purple thong that had earned such a reaction. She wore it just in case. His groping hand was cold from the beer can. Fingers could barely get around his thick wrist as her thong lowered.

“Dad? Don’t you, maybe, want me to suck you first?”

He gave no answer. His touch was surprisingly gentle as stretched underwear dug into her thighs. Eyes wide, Anna shuddered. A tingle shot through her entire body as a swollen penis glanced her skin. It’s weighty warmth jolted her.

“The car was the place for that, baby doll.”

“I…I wanted to…but…”

“I know you did. You’re a good girl.”

Anna let out a long sigh as fingers stroked the flaps and folds of her young vagina. Stubble scraped her face as he pressed closer. She smelt the beer on his breath.

“Try to relax. This won’t take long.”

Anna howled as every fat, unseen inch was forcefully jammed inside her. A thin membrane couldn’t be heard snapping over the grunts and howls.

“Sweet Jesus!” Cole yelled.

Chunky, calloused fingers surrounded her snowy neck. So much power over something so delicate. Anna knew, that if he wanted to, he could snuff her life out in seconds. She didn’t know, however, why the thought made so much fluid drip from her stretched pussy. At least the pain was lessening. The seconds he didn’t move felt like an eternity as a man savoured her ripe womanhood. Hands soon found her hips. Steadying her, throaty gasps matched frenzied thrusts. Anna howled the only words that any girl in her situation would yell.

“Oh, daddy!”

Anna’s knees knocked against the cupboard door. Manly hands attempted to burrow under her top to grab at luscious breasts. Both of them still pretty much clothed, she wondered why he hadn’t made her strip first. His moans loudened as his cock plunged. The first few strokes paining her, Anna’s body was quickly adapting to her father’s girth.

“You’re gonna make me cum!” Anna said.

The article she’d read said men liked hearing that sort of thing.

“Shit! Me too!”

She could see his flushed face reflected back in the window. The face of a monster. An animal. The face of the man she loved. Teeth gritted as bum cheeks clapped. Hands strengthened around her hips. Anna didn’t know why. Her silly father should have known she’d never try to get away. She watched his mouth hang open. His roar was the soundtrack that accompanied the hot river — crashing and curdling with great speed — as it flooded the sanctity of her untouched loins. Burst after burst, shot after shot, his thrusts became more erratic. Tight and unbroken, a veiny link ensured the strong flow of genetic material from one body to the other.


Squeezing the last of himself inside, he pulled out with a groan. Anna stayed bent over the sink. Thong and sweatpants being lifted back up recaptured some of his leaking seed.

“Turn around,” he said.

No tears came from her pretty blue eyes. It gave Cole some conciliatory relief. No longer quite the sexual being he saw stood before him, he worried this might happen. He threw his arms around his daughter. She felt small in his overcompensating hug.

“I love you, Anna.”

Nothing from the girl. Understandable, Cole thought. He kept tight his hug; a little ashamed of peering down at her blank expression. Genetic Sexual Attraction is what the book in prison said. The development of intense feelings between biologically related persons after being separated for a long time. It was the ‘including sexual attraction’ passage he kept going back to. But it wasn’t like they’d been separated. She visited him often enough. Maybe it was the plexiglass. Can you ever really see someone without touching them — a hug, a handshake even. Who knows. Maybe it was all mumbo-jumbo. All a weak attempt to rationalise the terrible things he’d do with Anna. To Anna.

“Are you ok? Did I hurt you?”

Still nothing. Cole reached over, opened the refrigerator and grabbed two beers. He opened one before handing it to Anna. Taking far too much at once, a little beer ran down her chin. Cole wiped it with his thumb.


He smiled. He ran knuckles gently up and down her cheek. It was the same hand he’d used to guide his cock inside her.

“You were really good, Anna. I feel so much better after that. You have no idea.”

His daughter stared straight into his chest as she sipped her beer. She was a little dazed, but she’d be alright. Seeing clear over her head, he took a proper look out the window. Anna had done a good job of maintaining the house. The back yard, however, would keep şahinbey escort bayan Cole occupied for the next few weeks. Yard work could wait. In some ways, she was just like her mother. He groaned as a soft hand found his glazed manhood.

Thick fingers thread her hair. Gazing up at him, he had to stoop to meet succulent lips. Having fucked her, it was about time his tongue visited her mouth. She continued to jerk him as he hoisted her little ass up onto the sink.

“Dad? Can I show you something?”

Pulling his lips away from her neck, he nodded his head. Anna raised the hand that had been on his cock and displayed her bloody fingers. Cole switched between the thin streaks of red on his manhood and the blood on Anna’s fingers. Her period? Had he completely missed her condition in his violent lust? Had he really been that rough?

“Your time of month?”

Anna shook her head.

“I don’t understand. Oh, Anna, I’m sorry. I was a little overexcited. It’s no excuse, I know. Jesus!”

He didn’t know why his little girl’s smile was on the verge of laughter.


Anna nodded her head.

“I’m a virgin, daddy. Well, was a virgin like five minutes ago.”

Five measly minutes. Terrible performance. Eyes stayed locked together. He took her hand. A man slowly sucked his daughter’s bloody fingers clean. Of course he saw her as his own flesh and blood. But there was no denying her divine beauty. Maybe it was another weak justification. But was it really that surprising that his little head had won out in the end. Another thought plagued him. Five minutes. That simply wasn’t going to cut it. He helped as she tried to peel away her soggy undergarments. Anna shrieked as bare bum met cold steel. At her command, he tossed his t-shirt aside. Getting lost in the depths of her cleavage, hands roamed his scarred, hair-bristled chest.

“So terrible, daddy. What those bad men did to you. So sexy.”

Anna’s tongue traced a salivary path from hardened scar tissue to nipple.

“You stayed pure? Just for me?”

“Yes. For you. I’m not bleeding anymore, dad.”

Kicking his pants free, smooth legs wrapped around him. Her milky canal made re-entering the girl a doddle. Pinning her to him, Cole found himself being more gentle with his novice lover. As a ponytail came undone, dirty blonde hair collapsed around her shoulders. They spoke between manic kisses.

“A pretty girl like you. That can’t have been easy?”

Hairy testicles rolled on the sink as the dagger that was his cock plunged deeper.

“It was easy knowing I was giving it to you.”

“How many hearts did you have to break, baby doll?”

Her breasts wobbled to his force. So much for going easy. No matter, he could feel her pussy moulding around him. Anna tried to answer, but her words melted to moans as her father pecked her neck.

Cole did wonder how many men she had to deny. Even in the neighbourhood alone. There were plenty who’d be after a girl as beautiful as Anna. Didn’t the Watson’s have a son Anna’s age? Cole concluded, at that moment, that fucking your daughter by the kitchen window might not be the most neighbourly of things to be doing.

“Hold on to me, baby.”

It wasn’t lost on him how he’d said those exact same words to her another lifetime ago. But this was now. Having spread for him, Anna’s arms and legs tightened. She was light in his grip. Her pussy greased his cock as he carried her to the middle of the room. The rug felt good between his toes. Fingers ran over bulging biceps. The love juice of their previous union began to trickle down smooth thighs. Riding him as he stood, Anna spoke.

“Oh my God! I feel something in my belly.”

“That’s good.”

“No! I think I’m gonna pee!”

Cole’s fingers dug into elastic ass flesh as he rammed into her.

“You’re about to have your first real orgasm, baby.”

She held onto the big man for dear life. Cole felt the frantic rolls of her climax seeking hips. Sharp fingernails digging into muscle, the pain was a dark delight. As his testicles stirred, lips glanced her ear.

“And if you need to pee, go right ahead.”

“Oh Dad! Oh my God!”

“Oh, Anna! Yes!”

Her squirts washed his meat and diluted streams of cum. She slammed herself unapologetically against balls and thighs. He smiled as her head fell back to throw out her orgasmic screams. He brought his lips to her neck. Tightening her grip on his groin, Anna ruffled his messy hair. Knees buckled as a man surrendered what he could no longer hold. He pumped deep the juice of his tormented balls. So very much, he worried the poor girl might indeed burst. Eyes met as semen gushed. Her smile was electric. Still shooting inside her, they collapsed where he stood. His muscled body softened her fall.

Their link broken mid tumble, Cole watched the final milky pulses jut from his cock. He looked over at the woman lying next to him; her perspiring chest rising and falling in desperate pursuit of air. Next time, Cole decided, when he wouldn’t be quite so lust drunk, he’d remove her bra. The heavy breathing of smitten lovers filled the room.

“Sorry for cussing, dad, but HOLY FUCK!”

Cole chuckled as he rubbed her leg. He felt a little less bad about her first time being so matter of fact. About being fucked over a sink by her horny father.

“What in the heavens was that?”

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