A Not So Trivial Pursuit

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Kevin pulled himself out of his old beat-up blue Ford Escort and stretched his body from the long drive. The 18-year-old had been in the car for over 6 hours. His 6 foot 2 frame did not appreciate the confines of the small car for that long. Kevin had come to visit his older brother, Tom. Tom was 21 and a junior in college going for a teaching degree.

Kevin walked from the parking lot towards the somewhat dilapidated apartment building. The building was literally next door to the college campus so it entirely housed college students who didn’t want to live in the dorms. Kevin’s brother lived here with his roommate Jordan. It was the first time Kevin had visited his brother at school and he was looking forward to being away from home and going to some college parties.

It was one of the first warm days of the late arriving spring and Kevin was reminded of this by the pair of lovely college girls who walked out of the building devoid of their heavy winter clothes. Both girls, one with blonde and pink streaked hair the other a redhead, sported lots of pale springtime flesh. Kevin smiled to himself as he walked into the building, envisioning wild college parties in the coming week. Kevin terribly shy when it came to talking to girls but his optimistic imagination pushed those thoughts right out of his head.

Bounding up the stairs two at a time Kevin was quickly in front of his brother’s door on the third floor. He rapped on the door and stood slightly bouncing on the balls of his feet. After about a minute of standing there in silence the young man knocked a little louder. Kevin finally heard the sound of someone approaching the door. When the door was opened Kevin was shocked to see a dazzling blonde haired girl wrapped in an emerald towel and dripping water from the shower she had just enjoyed. Shapely legs, glistening cleavage and a radiant smile jumbled his thoughts and dried his mouth.

“Um…I’m sorry. Um, I must have the, uh, wrong place,” Kevin stammered as he tried somewhat successfully to keep his eyes on her face. “Nope. Come on in Kevin, Tom had to go into work for a little while but he should back soon,” she said as she motioned him inside and stepped to the side.

“Oh, thanks,” Kevin managed to get out, confusion written on his face.

The girl in the towel noticed his confusion. “I’m Jordyn, didn’t your brother tell you about me?” “Jordyn? Um, well he told me he had a roommate named Jordan, but he didn’t tell me…” Kevin’s voice trailed off into mumbles and his face turned red.

Understanding dawned on her face. “I knew he didn’t tell your parents he was living with a girl. I figured he told you that I was his girlfriend.”

“He had just said that he was living with another guy from the teaching program.” As he followed her into to the living room the towel she had wrapped about herself rode up enticingly high. Jordyn motioned for him to take a seat on the couch. “Well, I am in the teaching program with him, but as you might have guessed I am not a guy,” she joked with that dazzling smile. After that she looked down at the towel she was wearing. Her face turned red and high pitched noise jumped from her throat and she quickly headed for the bedroom.

“Be right back,” Jordyn called in a singsong voice. As she ran into the bedroom the emerald towel showed him a peek of her well-toned ass. Several minutes later Jordyn returned with that towel wrapped around her head and wearing a floor length floral skirt and a white form fitting tank top.

They sat talking on the couch for the next hour. Jordyn did most of the talking. Kevin was uncomfortable and entranced by the nineteen year old Isparta Escort student. He felt somewhat guilty when he found himself trying to discern her nipples through the white material of the tank top stretched thin by her generous breasts. This was his brother’s girlfriend after all. That thought slipped away when she smiled that great smile which was framed by sparkling green eyes and thick, blonde and somewhat wild hair. Tom finally came home and Kevin quickly jumped up to greet him.

“Hey squirt,” Tom joked as he gave his brother a hug. While to two brother’s had very similar features, Kevin stood about 5 inches taller than his older brother.

They spent the next several hours catching up with each other. With his brother there Kevin tried his best to keep his gaze from lingering to long on the beautiful young woman.


Pushing himself up from the dinner table, Kevin smacked his hands together. “OK, what crazy party are we going to?” he asked with a wide grin.

“Sorry Kev, there’s not much going on until Wednesday. We’re usually just stay in on Monday’s.”

“But it is…” Karen started as she walked back in from the Kitchen with a bright red pitcher, “MARGARITA MONDAY!”

“Honey, you and Kev are going to have to start without me. I’ve got to get that big British Literature paper done. I’ve got to work tomorrow night and I want to be able take Kevin out to some parties later in the week.”

Jordyn put on a mock pouting face and plopped down onto Tom’s lap. “Don’t be too long. You know how I get with margaritas.” Jordyn leaned in and began passionately kissing Tom.

Kevin stared for a minute, mesmerized. He heard a slight moan from Jordyn and shifted a little bit realizing he was starting to get hard. He decided to go sit down in the living room before his bulge gave him away.

A couple of minutes later Jordyn bounded in with the pitcher and a couple of margarita glasses and plopped down on the couch. Jordyn poured him a glasses which he quickly tried. It was a little strong but not so much that it was hard to drink.

“Do you wanna play Drunken Pursuit?” Jordyn asked Kevin. Some naughty thoughts ran through his head with that question.

“Um, What’s that?”

“It’s Trivial Pursuit but when you get a question wrong you have to take a drink, and if you get a pie question wrong you have to finish your drink.” Kevin nodded and Jordyn pulled the game out from under the coffee table.

After about 40 minutes Kevin started feeling a buzz and began to be a little more comfortable talking with the gorgeous Jordyn. He also noticed she seemed to be touching him quite a bit. Every time she passed him the dice she pressed them into his hands and she was constantly touching his arm and shoulder when talking to him. They eventually finished the first pitcher. Jordyn got up to make another one and Kevin got up to use the bathroom. Kevin realized he was getting a little tipsy when he stood up from the couch.

Kevin got back from the bathroom before Jordyn and sat down on the same spot of the couch. When Jordyn returned with the new pitcher she sat down a lot closer than she had before. She was actually pressed against him from hip to knee. Kevin could feel the heat from her body through the thin material of her long flowing skirt. Looking over he realized he could now see down the shirt of the 5 foot 5 girl. Kevin’s heartbeat quickened as he looked at the inner slopes of her breasts now visible to him. Kevin was imagining himself sliding his hand into Jordyn’s shirt and feeling those tits. It had been over a year since Kevin had fooled around with a girl. He Isparta Escort Bayan was a good looking guy but he was just painfully shy around women.

“Hey,” Tom called out. Kevin whipped his eyes from staring down Jordyn’s shirt and looked behind him, turning beet red. Kevin let out an audible sigh of relief when he realized his brother hadn’t seen him but was just calling from the other room.

“The damn computer crashed again. I’m gonna have to go to the fucking computer lab to redo the paper,” Tom vented in a frustrated voice. Jordyn jumped up and walked toward the other room. “I’m sorry sweetie. Are you going to have to do it all over?”

“Yup. It’s gonna take me at least another two hours. Sorry Kev but I’ve gotta get this paper done.”

“Hey, this is still a lot more fun than being at home with mom and dad,” Kevin reassured his brother.

Tom turned to Jordyn and gave her a kiss. After he finished he grabbed his bag and opened the door.

“Take care of the squirt for me will you hon. Don’t let him have to much more to drink he’s looking pretty flush.” Kevin got a little redder at the comment from his brother. It had been Tom’s girlfriend and not the alcohol that had him flushed.

“OK squirt, let’s get back to the game so I can kick your ass,” Jordyn said with a roughish grin.

“Well, I kind of doubt your going to kick my ass since I already have 3 pies and you only have 1 itsy bitsy piece,” Kevin teased her as he sat back down on the couch.

“I was just being nice because you are a guest,” joked Jordyn and sat down right against Kevin again.

After another hour of play the tequila in the drinks started to loosen and warm them up. Jordyn murmured something about being hot and pulled her long skirt up and pooled it about her waist, exposing her legs up to mid thigh level.

“That’s cheating. You’re trying to distract me with those beautiful legs.” Wow. That was definitely the alcohol talking.

“No, but that’s a good idea,” Jordyn said in a mischievous voice. She then kicked her legs in the air which caused the bunched up skirt she was wearing to reveal her tiny black thong. She quickly pushed down her skirt but took notice of the look on Kevin’s face.

A couple of turns later Kevin was trying to think of an answer for a pie question Jordyn decided she would try to distract him.

Kevin was sitting trying to remember who the first president of the 20th century was and saw Jordyn inching her skirt up slowly. Any thoughts of presidents flew out of his head as she stopped her skirt just short of being able to see the thong. She looked up at him with those shining green eyes and then suddenly threw her left leg up over his right.

“I tried a new type of razor today and I was wondering if you thought it worked well,” she said in a too innocent voice. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her thigh. Kevin was amazed at the heat between his hand and her thigh. His eyes were glued to his hand on her thigh and then he rubbed it slowly a couple of times. Kevin thought he heard a small gasp as he rubbed her thigh.

“Well, what’s your answer?” Jordyn asked with a catch in her voice.

“Um…uh…i’ll have to say…uh…I’m not sure,” Kevin stammered, he couldn’t remember his last name at that point.

“I guess it’s my turn then. You need to finish that drink too.” Jordyn pulled her leg off of his and grabbed the die. Kevin came back to reality and tried to arrange his shirt to cover his erection which was straining against his shorts. Ten minutes later Kevin landed on a pie spot again and held his breath wondering what this increasingly uninhibited Escort Isparta girl would do. She asked him a question about Ted Williams that he immediately knew the answer to. He didn’t answer right away. Instead he pretended to be thinking about the answer.

“It is just to warm in hear,” Jordyn said slyly as she picked up a magazine from the end table. She pulled out the front of her tank top and began fanning herself with the magazine. Kevin had a very good view of her unclad breasts. Kevin was beginning to feel very warm as well. Jordyn had beautiful quarter sized nipples which Kevin thought he saw harden as he stared at them. A heavy silence filled the room for over a minute.

“Well?” Jordyn prompted him. She let go of her tank top which closed the great view he had and broke the spell. Somehow Kevin got the answer out and they continued the game.

Over the next twenty minutes Jordyn made quite a run and soon was in a position to win the game with a final question. Kevin was slow in getting the card out, not wanting this game to end.

“What poet’s life work was entitled ‘Leaves of Grass’?” Kevin asked with a sinking feeling. She had told him earlier how much she loved poetry. A smile quickly spread over her beautiful face.

“That would be one of my favorites, Walt Whitman,” Jordyn answered with a triumphant smile.

“Sorry, no,” Kevin lied.

“It is so. Let me see that card,” Jordyn said to him as she reached for the telling card. Kevin put his arm behind him and leaned back into the couch. Not to be denied Jordyn crawled on top of him to reach the card. Kevin held her off with one hand and held the card with the other behind them. Jordyn was able to wrestle his arm he was using to block her down and promptly sat on it. Kevin immediately felt heat and wetness on his arm. His arm was completely under her skirt and had only the thin strip of fabric from her thong between his arm and her pussy. He also realized she was as excited as he was from the wetness of that strip of fabric. Kevin tried to pull his arm loose but only succeeded in grinding the bone of his arm into her pussy lips. A gasp burst from Jordyn’s mouth. She stopped reaching for the card and closed her eyes. Kevin thought he felt her grind herself into his arm. Sliding his trapped arm forward and slightly upward Kevin elicited a long throaty moan from Jordyn.

Jordyn took her forearms and rested them on his chest and slowly ground herself into his arm. Kevin was sure the sound of his wildly pounding heart was filling the room. Jordyn’s gyrations and small moans stopped after a minute and she finally opened her eyes.

“You are very sweet and very cute but we can’t do this. I’m going out with your brother. It’s just not right.” There was a lot of reluctance in her voice. Kevin’s head agreed with what she said but his deprived body cried in protest. The struggling young man nodded his agreement. Jordyn leaned down and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. She mumbled “very sweet” again and gave him a kiss on the mouth as well that might have lasted a little longer than she intended. She finally broke the kiss and pulled his arm out from under her and then began sliding down off of him. Unfortunately for their good intentions she slid right onto his tented shorts. An electric shock ran through them both and this time a moan escaped both mouths. They both involuntarily thrust their hips. Through the material of his shorts his erection had spread her lips. The material of his shorts was practically soaking wet. They were locked together like that for several moments panting. A sudden knock on the door almost stopped Kevin’s heart.

“Jo, Kev, I forgot my keys, open up,” called out Tom through the door. Jordyn jumped up followed quickly by Kevin. Jordyn smoothed her clothes and headed for the door while Kevin rushed to the bathroom needing to hide the wet spot on his shorts from their accidental contact.

To be continued…

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