A Night Out Alone


I see you enter the night club even through the large crowd that has already gathered here. There is just something about you. Could it be because of your long curly red hair. Maybe it is your black shimmering dress that comes down to mid thigh. The silky material looking almost wet and slippery in the constantly changing light of the club. The lights being reflecting in a multitude of color as you glided across the crowded floor. Maybe it’s the way your smooth tan shoulders are bare, or the way the shimmering dress molds itself over your enticing looking breast, then down and over the flatness of your tummy, molding around your tight bottom before flowing to loose folds around your firm thighs. It has a nice plunging neckline that ends only a few inches above your belly button. Maybe it’s the fact that the back of the dress is almost none existent. It opens all the way down to the beginning swell of your bottom exposing your naked back to the world. It is very obvious, even from across the room, that you aren’t wearing a bra as your nipples are standing hard, not that your firm 34B breasts need one or that could wear one with this dress. Maybe it’s the way your tan long legs look so elegant even with out stockings. Your heels perhaps, black open toed heels with leather straps running around and up your calf tying off just below the back of your knees.

The way you moved with a purpose yet holding back, waiting for something. And your eyes, so bright and exciting to gaze into. They seem to look over everyone it seems as if you’re searching for someone?


Even before you order your first drink men are approaching you for a dance or to get your drink for you. As you make your own way to the long polished bar you turn down most, accepted others. Still none of the men seem to be what you need tonight. It is a busy night and the bar itself seems to overflow with patrons. Between a couple of drinks and a few dances you work your way down to the far end, around the corner near the waitress’s station. It’s darker here and more isolated then the rest. Ordering a vodka tonic with a twist of lime you survey the club. Maybe tonight you would find what you were looking for. I watch as you sit on the tall barstool, gazing out over the sunken floor of the club. The multitude of tables filled to capacity, the large dance floor with bodies grinding away to the throbbing beat of the live band.

Several more men have tried, and failed, to entice you to more then just a dance or drink. Each one seeming almost boyish in their attempts. There is one that doesn’t seem to understand being turned down and actually is becoming a bit angry with you. You stand beside your barstool keeping it between yourself and him. As you try your best to be polite while he keeps rambling on and on.

As you stand there facing him you feel warm fingers slide across the bare skin of your back. The feeling is almost electrifying. The touch, soft like a whisper of warm breath, yet there is a firmness to it. A knowing touch, an intimate caress without hesitation. Glancing back you can only make out a hand as it seems to float in the air. There is a small alcove at the end of the bar that you hadn’t even noticed. It’s completed shrouded in darkness from the way the lighting is arranged. Looking hard into the darkness you can just make out a shape, no details, no signs as to who I am. Turning back to the man talking at you allowing the fingers to continue, welcoming the touch. The caresses causing your own skin to warm and tingle. Your face to flush a little with excitement.

As you listen (almost) to this man drone on about how great you look and how wonderful he is you feel my hand on the back of your right thigh. A shudder runs up your spine as my other hand continues its gentle caress of your bare back. The hand slides lower almost to your knee and then slowly begins moving upwards. Finger tips brushing along the inside of your firm smooth thigh. You feel the back of your dress rising slowly as the hand moves higher. Before it reaches the juncture of your thighs it moves across to your left inner thighs. You skin feels so warm and smooth under my touch. You feel flush with the excitement of my intimate touch, especially in such a public place.

You realize the man talking at you is muttering something about you being a tease and moves off in search of easier prey. You sigh with relief that his is gone so you can better savor the hands touching you from the darkness. The warmth growing between your thighs. You take a step back and stand with your legs slightly apart giving invite to the intimate caresses.

You realize that this is what you were looking for all along. Not a man as much as the touch, the feeling. Of course the added excitement of it happening in a public place adds to the erotic sensations. My hand slides further up your inner thigh even higher this time. You can feel the edge of my fingers brushing lightly across the tiny strip of material covering your Rize Escort sex. You can feel the warmth of my fingers as you realize that you have already become very moist. Feeling your lips swelling with your own passion. Your clit begins to pulse with excitement. You shiver as my nails lightly scratch your inner thighs.

Turning my hand you feel my hand covering your entire panty covered pussy. My fingers sliding along the moist silky material. Feeling the heat and moisture growing as I message your lips, the tips of my fingers sliding over your tingling clit. Tracing the little string cradled between your firm cheeks. Moaning softly as my fingers press the silky material between your swollen lips. Pressing back against my hand in need of a firmer touch, rolling your hips slowly as you feel your clit sliding between two fingers.

Savoring the sensations as I cup your firm bottom in my hand. Messaging each of your bare cheeks as my other hand joins in. Both of my hands under the back of your dress now, you feel the cool air in the club flowing across your wet skimpy g-string panties. Looking down to make sure the front of your dress still covers you, you see that your nipples have grown extremely hard and erect. They are practically aching for attention. You know the back of your dress is raised high enough for my eyes to see your tight little ass cheeks. The little red silky strip rising up from between your cheeks looking so sexy to my eyes.

Taking another step back you encourage me to go further and of course I do. One hand continues its stroking of your ass while the other slowly begins to slide around your left hip under your dress. You find that you are holding your breath as my fingers, my hand inches closer to your erotic center. Just as my fingers reach the edge of your little g-string a waitress shows up and is talking to you. It actually takes you a moment before you realize she is wanting to know if the drink on the bar is yours. As you acknowledge that it is she stares at you for a moment longer. With an almost knowing little smile she hands you your drink before placing her order.

My fingers slide over the front panel of your little panties and down to cup your smolder pussy in my hand. A shudder runs through you as the waitress waits for her order and continues to glance over at you. Her eyes seem to take in every detail of your body as you feel yourself becoming even wetter. She seems to stare right at where my hand is and you wonder if she can see my hand moving under your dress. With a wink and blowing you a little kiss the waitress collects her order and moves back into the throng of patrons. You watch her very longs legs and tight little ass moving away and even see several hands copping a feel as her hands are full.

As you take a long sip of your drink you take another step back moving further into the darken alcove. You feel me standing now right behind you. The warmth of my body against your smooth bare back, the light spicy scent of my aftershave has you feeling warmer by the moment. The feel of my breath on your cheek and neck as fingers slide down over your moist panties. The palm of my hand pressing firmly against your hardening clit. Pressing your body back against mine as my fingers caress you so intimately in this public place. The other hand slips around your waist and up inside the front of your dress caressing your firm belly with slow circles that reach to the bottom of your breast and down past your belly button.

I guide us both back a little further so we are enclosed in the dark shadow but so we can still observe the rest of the club and its patrons. You feel my breath across your ear and cheek as I whisper, “I know what you want. I’ll give you what you need.” My deep voice seems to rumble from my chest as you press back tighter against me. You can feel that I’m already hard as you grind your exposed ass back against me.

My fingers slipping under the little patch of material covering your sex. Glad that you took the time to make it nice and smooth before coming out tonight. As my finger slips further you gasp as it brushs against the exposed tip of your erect clit. The sensitive bud slipping free of its hood and the light touch of my finger feeling so good. Sliding my fingers lower I feel how moist you are already, your swollen lips parting for my exploring finger. My other hand has slid up to cup your firm breast, messaging your flesh as I moisten my fingers in your juices.

Your nipples are hard and painfully erect as your excitement grows hotter. You feel my hand covering your entire breast, your hard nipple pressing into the palm as I hold you firmly to my chest. Reaching back between us you run your fingers along the hard outline of my cock. Squeezing me tightly in your hand as two fingers delve inside you. Slowly my fingers slip in and out of your tight little pussy. You are so hot and wet as your juices coat my fingers. Your hand pressing mine tighter against your pussy as you Rize Escort Bayan roll your hips on my fingers.

With glazed eyes you watch the crowd before us, see the couples dancing, watching the waitresses getting their drinks. Some of the waitresses occasionally looking our way but none showing that they actually see us. Or if they can see us, realize that you are being fingered right before them. I slide my fingers free of your wonderful wet pussy. Hearing your moan at the loss. I slide my hands to the sides of your panties and slip them over your hips, guiding them downward until they fall to your feet. “Give them to me.” You hear me whisper in your ear. Slipping one foot free you use the other to raise them until you can get a hold of them. Before you hand them back you use them to wipe your juices from your inner thighs and wet pussy. Them you flip them back letting them hit me in the face. Your sweet intoxicating aroma filling my nose as I take them and put them away in a pocket.

As my hand returns to your sweet tight pussy you reach for and slide my pants zipper down. Your slender hand slips inside my trousers and grasp my hardness. Pulling me free you stroke my hard length, feel the juices leaking from the tip. Coating your fingers in my pre-cum you wet the entire shaft as you savor the full heavy stiffen of my cock. As you imagine what I will feel like deep inside your pussy you place my hot hard shaft against your ass crack as you press back harder.

My slippery fingers return to your hot little pussy and stroke your sensitive clit. Feeling my fingers dancing circles around your expose little nub of flesh. My other hand slides up your body, between your breast, covering your neck lifting your chin as you lay your head back on my shoulder. My fingers glide over your cheeks as I rub you harder, caressing your lips as my fingers slide back inside you, nipping at your ear as my thumb strokes your clit, kissing your throat as I pump my fingers in your wetness. You feel yourself rising quickly to an orgasm as you breathing quickens. Just a little bit more, another minute you think to yourself.

As you rub your firm ass up and down against my hardness the waitress from earlier returns. She is looking right at you smiling. You hope that she can’t see you but she stares as if looking right into your eyes. As my fingers work your pussy harder and faster, my thumb stroking your hard clit you can’t stop yourself. Your entire body shudders, trying to keep from crying out in pleasure you grasp my hand and hold it to your mouth. Still staring at the waitress with the knowing smile you cum for me. Your sweet cum soaking my fingers as they fuck upwards inside you. Feeling your pussy grasping at my fingers as they curl and twist inside you, spasms running through you each time my thumb strokes your hard clit. Your entire body trembling in pleasure as you cum hard and long staring into her eyes. You know she had to have heard you but she doesn’t say anything, just stands there looking into your soul.

Slowly your climax passes and you relax back into my arms. You watch as the waitress turns to collect her drinks. Looking down her body you can see that her nipples are hard and erect through her thin blouse and did she just rub herself through her black slacks. Smiling to yourself as you pull my hand away from your very wet pussy you bring my equally wet fingers to your own lips. You taste your climax on my finger before slipping one digit into you mouth. You moan around my finger as your tongue swirls all around. Sliding my finger in and out of your sweet little mouth while you clean your juices from it as you continue to rub your tight ass along the length of my hot cock. Finally letting my finger free you guide it back over your shoulder so I may savor your spicy flavor for myself.

You taste so good my sweet little Lady, I could devour you for hours.

You release my hand as I begin to nip and kiss your shoulders. My hands slide up your arms slowly, caressing your arms until they rest gently but firmly on your shoulders. As my hands begin to slide back down your arms you feel the straps of your dress slipping down with them. You hands quickly move up to hold the material across your breasts but as my hands move lower you allow them to be pulled away. Breathing hard as you feel your dress sliding down your body, slowly exposing more and more of yourself right here in a crowded club. Shivering in excitement as the dress slips free to pool around your heeled feet.

There you are in a crowd night club, naked except for your sexy heels. Standing in a darkened corner after just cumming from being finger-fucked by a stranger. Holding onto my hot hard cock while my hands continue to caress your body. You have never felt so sexy, so erotic, so alive as you do right now.

Stepping out of your dress and kicking it off to the side you turn on me. Your eyes sparkling with the fire of your passion, your lust. Grabbing my button up Escort Rize shirt in your hands you quickly remove it. Turning and pushing my back up against the wall standing sideways to the crowd of people. Still unable to see me clearly, grasping my face in both hands you kiss me hard and deep. Feeling my mustache and goatee against your face as our tongues battle back and forth. Feeling your hard nipples pressing into my chest as you mold yourself against me. You can feel the heat of my hardness against your lower tummy, the swollen head rubbing against the belly button ring you are wearing.

Without breaking our passionate kiss you reach down and undo my belt and the button of my slacks. In one quick motion you squat down, your knees spread wide and pull my trousers and boxers down to my feet. My hot hard cock bobbing in front of your face as you help me remove my pants and boxers completely. Both of us naked now in this club. You press one of your hands against my chest keeping me against the wall. The other wraps around my hot shaft, slowly stroking me as you look up my body, trying to see my face yet glad you can’t.

You feel my cock throb in your hand as your moist tongue flicks out and taste the juices leaking from the tip. Smiling to yourself as your tongue slides all around the swollen head. Feeling how hot and hard I am in your hand, inhaling my slightly musky scent. Reaching down with your free hand you play with your hot wet cunt. Taking the silky head between your lips you moan in pleasure as your own fingers dance across your hard clit. Feeling my fingers in your hair as you suck on the smooth head. Slowly taking more and more of me into your warm mouth. Feeling the hardness under the soft skin, savoring the taste, the smell of me, you can feel the blood pumping and throbbing in my hard shaft with your fingers, with your tongue.

Hearing my own moans of pleasure from the feeling your wonderful tongue and lips are causing. Feeling the power you have over me as you suckle the swollen head. Coating my hardness in your saliva as you taste more pre-cum leaking onto your tongue. Sucking and licking as you caress my heavy cum filled balls. Sliding two of your own fingers deep inside your hot wet pussy. Out of the corner of your eye you can see the people moving about in the club. The erotic thrill of sucking my hard cock right here, right now, has you so hot and wet. Your juices as flowing freely from your wet tight cunt.

Pumping your mouth on my hard hot cock as you finger yourself to climax. Feeling your tight pussy pulsating with pleasure as you cum on your own fingers while sucking me deep into your warm wet mouth. My fingers tighten in your hair as I begin to use your mouth for my pleasure. My hips thrusting my swollen cock into your mouth. Fucking you mouth as your tongue licks me so good. Feeling like such a little slut sucking my cock here in the club. Sucking and licking as you feel my cock harden even more, feel the smooth head swell. Then the taste of my cum squirting across your tongue. Filling your sweet mouth as you suck and lick and swallow all of my hot cum. Your lips tight around the hard shaft, feeling the cum rushing out hot and thick. Both of us moaning in pleasure as you taste my cum, coating your tongue and lips. Even after drinking down the last of my cum you continue to suckle and lick my cock clean. Letting me slip free of your wonderful mouth you look up towards my face. I can just see your tongue sliding around your sweet lips for any that might have escaped.

Reaching down and I lift your up until we are kissing once again. I can taste myself in your mouth, on your tongue and on your lips. It is my turn for a little tongue worshipping and as we continue kissing passionately I turn you until you are up against the wall. Feeling your hands on my back, your nails biting into my skin as I nip and kiss your neck. My own hands caressing, squeezing, messaging you entire body as my lips and tongue devour you. Moving slowly lower my hands cup your breast, squeeze as my mouth begins to kiss and suckle each one. They fit in my hands perfectly, so firm and warm. They are the perfect size, the perfect shape, and your nipples where made for loving. My tongue sliding around your areola, Your hard little nipple between my lips as my tongue flicks rapidly over the tip. Hearing the sharp intake of your breath as you feel my teeth gently biting into your sensitive hard nipple. First one then the other. My mouth moving back and forth as you look out at the crowd. Your hands caressing my shaved head, feeling my mustache and goatee against your hot skin. Pulling my face tighter to your breast.

Your can feel your own moisture wetting your slender thighs as I nip at your tender nipples, licking all around your puckered areolas, kiss your sweet flesh. After several wonderful minutes of my mouth on your firm breast I feel your hands on my shoulders urging me lower. Moving almost with painful slowness I kiss and lick and nip at your firm belly. Sucking and nipping at your smooth skin. Memorizing every contour with my mouth, my lips, my tongue. I find your belly button and swirl my tongue all around and into the sensitive little area. My tongue flicking your belly ring, my tongue probing inside.

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