A Night of Deflowering


“His strong hands slid down her shoulders and around her back as he pulled her into his body. Her nipples tightened and she wished their clothing would magically disappear leaving nothing between them but heat and skin.”

Brandi is a 33 year old corporate executive with a corporation in Dallas, she has never married. She is not currently dating anyone. She is the executive I have been working with to merge the corporation she works for with my corporation. She finally accepted my invitation to join me at my penthouse. I’m pointing out the view of downtown Dallas in the distance, the concerns she had about being behind closed doors became reality. While I stood behind her, my right hand slowly starts rubbing her arm. She brushes me away by walking away a distance as if she sees something. I follow, casually answering her questions, but again with my hands making contact. After a few seconds, she is out of questions and room at one end of the office. My touch left her arm and slides around to her right breast, cupping it with my hand. Brandi shudders. ” No, John. I don’t want this.” I paid no attention, playing with the nipple and kissing her neck lightly. She winces slightly at the touch of my lips on her neck but involuntarily moving her head towards me as if in approval. That’s how I took it, slipping my other arm from her shoulder and dropping it down and around her waist, my hand landing on her lower stomach. The kisses continue, my right hand moving over to her left breast and my left hand gently massaging her lower stomach through the thin skirt, bunching it up slightly as I inch my fingers downward. Turning her around, my arms went around her, pulling her to me for a very long, deep kiss. Brandi is melting fast as it is and when my tongue starts exploring hers it shatter the remains of her resistance. She is breathing hard, feeling her heart doing a fluttering beat, and that all too familiar feeling between her legs.

None of these signals went unnoticed with me. I have been around this block many times. Actually, I’m a bit amused and surprised by her lack of resistance. Accepting her actions as unspoken approval, I guided her over near the hallway door, placing her on a small plush couch. Brandi glanced into the darkness of the hallway through the partially open door but gave it no more thought as I pull her head toward me for another kiss. I sat beside her, covering her body with mine, my hands never stopping their exploration and my tongue deep inside her mouth doing a slow dance with hers. Brandi’s eyes closed and she relaxes her tense body. I stayed there for several minutes, telling her how beautiful I thought she is and how much I was attracted to her. She is in the mood to accept anything I told her, each expression adding to the dampness she is already feeling. I sensed that she is totally open to my advances. I held my breath. Regardless of what had happened up to this point, this is a big moment. Slowly, I slide down off the couch to my knees in front of her. Brandi is surprised at her disappointment when my mouth left hers. It has been s-o-o-o nice. I place my hands between her knees and very slowly spread them, giving me unhindered view of her under the short skirt. My appreciative moan is audible. My hands went above her knees, pushing her legs wide apart before I lean over and start trailing kisses up her legs right behind where my hands are teasing. Brandi closed her eyes and lifted her hips slightly in reaction to my kisses. I took the chance to push her skirt up above her hips, exposing her thong. It is white, extremely frilly, and very French! I laugh inwardly as I recognized it as one I had bought for her in Paris.

I whispered, ” I knew it would look great on you,” and kept moving higher with my hands, then my kisses. Brandi had slid down so that her back is against the corner of the couch and she is facing away from the open hallway door.
I never lost a step. My hands never stop their upward movement in a tantalizing slow process. The fingers are magic, each little circle making Brandi’s nerve ends explode as they crossed. Finally, mercifully I reach her panties. Those magic fingers never stop tormenting her, teasing her through the little wisp of nothing that covered her as if they weren’t there. She is not sure from where the biggest turn on is coming, my fingers slowly teasing her sensitive pussy lips through the frilly lace or the look on my face coupled with my ragged breathing. She is silently encouraging me with her gentle hip rotations and the soft moans pouring out of her while at the same time I spilled out non-stop compliments about her and expressing how she is my dream. After teasing her for what seems forever, my fingers finally went under the thong and found her, wet and swollen. Brandi reacts with a soft moan. In her fog, she didn’t want me to stop and isn’t even going to pretend. Her legs open wider as my fingers work slow magic on her clit, finally slipping inside her expectant tight tunnel. When they did, she bucks her body up to meet them with a muted cry. They feel wonderful in there, alternating between slow long strokes and then rapid, hard thrusts that made her move against my fingers.

I had my answer about Brandi Roger’s availability. As a matter of fact, it is a bit amazing she has surrendered to my advances so easily. I correctly guessed that she had become so sexually frustrated over the past two days that it only took a tiny shove to create a sexual avalanche. Emboldened with the power, she has so obviously bestowed on me, I knew that I can tease a little more, go even further than I had envisioned. What I had envisioned would be a “wham bam, thank you maam” venture has suddenly became an open playing field. Just as I knew she is about to come, I remove my fingers and peel her thong off so slowly that it is torture for both of us. I took my thumbs and spread her wide open, giving kisses not on her mouth with my tongue searching for hers, but rather on her wet pussy with me receiving her clitoris in my mouth, slowly running my tongue over it. Brandi is unaware that her cries are no longer so muted. Her hips are doing a slow involuntary rotation as I begin a very slow, very soft sucking motion, slipping her clit in and out of my mouth, scrapping it with my teeth. It went very slowly. Finally, she can’t hold it any more and exploded, bucking escort jigolo gaziantep so hard I had to work to stay with her. It is heaven. For both! I’m on my knees on the floor but sort of extended out so that even though her legs went up over my shoulders, she is not in a contorted position, but rather laying out. My hands have slipped under her hips, giving them support as I lift them in the air. There is no doubt that I had complete control of her and I’m welcome to it, as she encouragingly whispers softly to me with her moans.

” Ye-e-s-s-s, ye-e-e-s-s-s-s.” It is soft, but it is very distinguishable. I slow down for a long time, teasing her and allowing her to regain herself. Then, as if on cue, I sucked hard again, sending her over the edge again. For Brandi, it isn’t the first time she had an orgasm with oral sex but it is certainly the very best. The way I’m going about it shows that not only was her pleasure my first priority, but I can’t get enough of pleasing her. If this is my repayment to her for what had happened in the last couple of weeks, she considered it paid in full. I stayed at it for ten minutes, sucking and licking like it is a meal I had not had forever. Her hands alternated between the holding the back of my neck to being stretched high above her head, soaking in the sensations. Slowly came the teasing, probing questions meant to excite even further. ” Has anyone else made you come like this?” Brandi answered, almost in a begging voice, telling me what I wanted to hear. It is the best she has ever received. Finally, I stood up and pulled her forward on the couch. Her face is level with my waist. She almost fainted! It is almost more than she can take!! Sometime, somehow, I had removed my pants during all this and she is staring at that monster cock not more than six inches away. If she had thought it was huge before, Brandi swore it doubled in size at this range. I took her hands and placed them gently on it, feeling the full girth and length for the first time.

Brandi Roger’s heart jumped. It is astonishing, totally freakish! ” Do you want it?” I asked. Her only answer is an unintelligible moan. ” Would you like to have it inside you?” I asked again. I’m being very gentle with my questions. Now is not the time to appear forceful. This had to be nothing more than a gentle coaxing…an invitation. Not a directed order. After a few seconds, Brandi can only nod. Still is holding it, slightly moving the skin up and down with both hands, she causes me to weave back and forth. ” You’ve not answered me,” I whispered. I knew I had the power here. ” Yes,” she said very quietly, hypnotized by the size of the head and the protruding veins. ” Yes, what, Brandi?” I’m pressing a little, I knew, but I just wanted to hear it. ” I would like to have it inside me.” Brandi finally said, not believing those words had come from her mouth. There. It is done! I knew that she may very well change her mind immediately after the erotic haze burned off but for now I had received her spoken approval. I’m right. She regretted the words as soon as they had passed her lips. She is astonished at her muttering and knew it would never happen! Rather than being a jerk about it, I leaned over, tilted her mouth up to mine, and gave her a long deep kiss; my tongue feeling like it is well past her tonsils. Brandi thought she could feel a spurt down between her legs and knew for a fact that it caused a reaction with me. She has it in her hand and feels the sudden lurch! I reach between her legs, slowly inserting two fingers.

” Brandi, you probably don’t want me half as much as I do you. Stay tonight and you’ll get what you want.” Brandi shook her head no. She had not stayed the night with a man in a very long time. This had to stop now. I’ not swayed. I knew I had her just where I wanted her…totally out of her comfort zone, totally unable to say ” no” and mean it. ” Stay tonight, Brandi. It will be something magic that you’ll never forget,” I whispered. My fingers are deep in her, my thumb massaging her swollen clit and two fingers curling up to slowly caress inside her. The words burned her ears and my fingers are blissful inside her pussy. She can barely whisper, let alone speak. She knew she is coming again, her hips starting to slowly thrash around. Sensing her new surrender, I dropped down on my knees and once again buried my face between her legs, this time showing no sense of mercy and sucking on her clit like a vacuum. Just as I did, Sue turns to one side with her mouth open in a wordless scream. She can see over my shoulder straight into the narrow hallway door.

Brandi is obviously at the top again and ready to come, my mouth having become a machine, sucking her clit super fast and hard as if it were a penis. Out of the haze she realized what a sight she must really be! Her blouse still on, short skirt above her waist, and still wearing those stilettos. But what she is experiencing is anything but panic! It has turned all so erotic, so exciting, so overpowering, that she wants it to last longer. She closed her eyes as she ground against me, constantly whispering ” oh, yes, oh, yes,” as I blasted her into another orgasm. I brought her down slowly. She is very tender and sensitive, which I recognized. My tongue became a feather and gave her a mini orgasm during the cooling process. Finally, I stood up and pulled her up with me. My arms went around her and held her for a long time, kisses falling over her face and lips. She can taste herself on my lips as her wetness transferred from my mouth to hers.

” I’m serious about you staying tonight. I really want you to experience something,” I said. At the moment, she is just too high and her nerves too alive to say no. Her legs are still rubber and her pussy is on fire, wanting more and still thinking about that huge thing!! Over the next few hours Brandi’s thoughts wandered. So many erotic happenings in such a short period. I still had a bulge in my pants, I came up behind her, slipping one arm around her to cup her breast, and slide my other down to just above her knees, slowly coming back up her leg, pulling her short skirt up with it. Her body and mind tensed. ” You will follow my directions without question tonight.” Her lack of response was unacceptable. ” Go with me tonight, Brandi. I’ll escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen take you where you’ve never been.” My hands pinched her nipple and went under her thong to find her stiffened clit hidden in the gushing dampness. Brandi has no power to say no, so she just nodded slowly and quietly. ” I know that the past couple of weeks have taken you totally out of your known world, and that I have taken advantage of you. What you need to know is that you have telegraphed sensuality ever since we’ve met. I’m sure I’m not the only man to pick up on it and won’t be the last. I’m just the one that took a chance and moved on it. You’ve proven to me that, without a doubt, I was right.” ” Brandi Rogers, you want my cock in the worse way.”

Brandi blushed under the bold statement. It is bad enough that it was stated so bluntly. It is even worse that it is true. And they both knew it. Brandi stood in awe, or fear, or anticipation. In slow motion, my cock slowly lumbered to life. I’m not circumcised, so the head is still partly hooded as she sees it turn purple and start to swell. Her fingers slowly tantalized her clit as she observed this amazing development before her. My progress is as excruciatingly slow as it is erotic. Watching my face is almost as great a turn on as watching me get hard. She is moving fast and knew she is going to have an orgasm any time, possibly spoiling everything. As if on cue, I quietly said with a raspy voice, ” Take your panties off so I can see you.” What a request! I wanted to see her exposed pussy? It is so raw, so vulgar. So demanding. So exciting!! It almost pushed her over the top. Her thong is already down low from her invading hand, but she slips them down and off, leaving them dangling on one foot. Her fingers migrated back to unfinished business, wanting to quench the fire. I froze her in place. I had no intention of hurrying this. It would most certainly be a one shot night. ” Use your fingers to open yourself up. I want to see your clit.” Brandi moaned. Where is that little word. Could ” no!” be all that far away from her mouth?

Instead she barely hesitated, using both hands to open herself wide for my pleasure, exposing the bundle of nerves that she knew had grown stiff and slipped out of it’s little protective hood. I let out a small groan and I grew even more. By this time I’m sticking well up into the air, about half way hard. The head had pushed the foreskin almost all the way down and Brandi can see a little droplet coming out of the eye of what is becoming a St Bernard head. I continue to keep my hands tucked under my head, which even the inexperience woman knew had to be a real test of my patience. My experienced cock, now has total control. I knew it! Brandi Rogers, that shy 33 year old woman, did not have any control at all. She knew it! She lacked my patience and being on the edge of orgasm, reached for herself again. ” Not yet,” I coaxed. ” Make yourself wait.” She groans with disappointment but followed my lead. Here we are, propped up on our backs, taking an up close and personal view of each other’s genitals. She never had that high on her list of erotic fantasies, but in reality it is unbelievable! She continues to hold herself wide for me, trying not to block my view as she squirms on the bed, grinding her legs together then opening them wide. Her ass is in constant motion, grinding small circles and bucking up and down.

At last, I told her to continue. ” Go ahead,” I said softly. Thankfully, it came out more of an invitation then an order. Her fingers flew to her clit like a magnet, furiously trying to quiet the rage. It didn’t take long as she found the intense pressure and speed too much, exploding in a climax for me that no longer had to be subdued. She cried out in front of me as she gushed, her hips thrashing off the bed as her feet dug in. She sees my reaction through her gyrations as I’m bucking back and forth and groaning. My cock is at full staff , huge and menacing as it stood in a huge curve. The purple head is monstrous when totally unsheathed, dripping and wet. Her mouth hung open, her pussy liquid as she savored the moment. From a distance I’m large. Up close, I’m incredibly massive. Mother never told her about this!! Finally, relief came when I slowly stood up, kneeling down on the floor right beside her, took her hands from her and placed her right hand on my shaft. One of my hands went to her breast, the other replacing her fingers inside of her. Instead of teasing her clit, though, I slide two fingers deep inside her, and then curled them back towards the front. The feeling is immediate and devastating. So that is where the g-spot was! She gasped and grasped me harder as she responded to my touch.

God, so big! ” Do you like it?” It jolted her. It is so raw, so unladylike. She mumbled something. I’m not satisfied.
” Do you like it?” I look at her with the question. ” Yes,” is the soft whisper. ” Do you think you can take it?”
A long hesitation. She knew she is in a bad situation. Anything but the truth seemed ridiculous at the time.
” I don’t know,” is the best she can do. It really scared her now that she realized her hand can hardly handle the full girth. The length is an entirely different thing altogether. She had been astounded with the size before but not apprehensive as she is now, knowing that she is moments away from allowing me to enter her with that club. I pushed her top up and start kissing her breasts. I increase the pressure and speed inside of her with my fingers, then shocked her with some questions. She had thought at that point that she is past shock. ” Have you sucked cock before?” I asked. She hesitated before answering ” yes.” It is a little silly to try to hide something like that at this stage. I’m totally confident of the situation. Brandi is going nowhere except to my bed. Now is the time to get pushy.

Brandi is flat on her back, still writhing continuously from the orgasm that wouldn’t go away and feeling the head of my cock settling in gently against her vagina. My god, it feels good. Surely nothing can be better than this. My whisper broke the silence and her thoughts. ” Told you that you’d be wonderful, didn’t I?” My eyes had a glazed look on them telling her that she had pleased me immensely. ” Welcome to gaziantep escort masaj salonları my world, Brandi.” She barely heard me. When she did speak, it certainly wasn’t with an answer. “A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-H-H-H-H-H-H-H, MY-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y GO-O-O-O-OD-D-D-D, NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O, NO-O-O-O-O-O-O, NO-O-O-O-O-O-O, N-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!!!!!” It is unintelligible and it is loud when it came out of her mouth. Without warning, I had thrusted straight down, burying my fully extended shaft as deep as possible into the unexpected pussy, ripping her soft walls apart and filling her unmercifully from top to bottom before my balls slapping hard against her ass. Brandi screams in pain, her surprise. I’m killing her! Brandi screams again in protest. ” No-o-o-o-o, ple-e-e-e-s-s-s-e-e, no-o-o-o, no-o-o-o-o, no-o-o-o-o-o.” Oh God it hurts! I knew it would. I also knew it would not damage. If she had already taken me half way and responded with an overpowering orgasm this is only the icing on the cake. In minutes, I knew she will explode as never before and that she will never forget it.

Brandi is astonished, frightened, in pain and scared. I’m on top, she is on the bottom with her ankles above her shoulders. There will be no escape. ” A-a-a-a-u-u-u-u-gggg-h-h-h-h-h-h,” again. That menacing hard cock, she thought had just introduced its self to her tight pussy. Strange thoughts at a strange time. ” I took all of him.” It flashed through her mind in a nanosecond. How odd. She is almost proud! My cock head slammed into the utmost depth. Our crotches meshed and her contorted face. ” I’m going to fuck you hard.” Sweet talk. Words spoken to tell her how incredibly wonderful we were. Her ” A-a-a-a-u-u-u-u-g-g-g-g-h-h-h-h,” is slowly becoming an ” U-u-u-u-m-m-m-m,” as I slam into her without mercy. Another small change. ” Um…Um…Um…Uh…Uh…Um,” instead of ” Oh…Oh…Oh!” Each stroke extracting a reaction. The changes were small but easily detectable. It had gone much quicker than Keith would have imagined. This 33 year old woman is taking me stroke for stroke. Brandi winced with every stroke, both up and back. Especially hard to absorb is when I came down, hammering into her without mercy. But there is a difference.
The pressure is still there, the sensation of being filled beyond her limit is obvious. What is quickly deteriorating is the burning sensation that has caused intense pain.

She can handle that! Her moaning and fitful begging is still audible. There is intense discomfort at times. Things change. I feel it when it happens. The tightening of her legs. The slight pressure from her arms that are wrapped around me on each downward stroke. I have been there many times with many women. She is there for the first time. ” Fuck me, Brandi. Ride my cock until we come.” Brandi almost came then. It is enough that she is filled to an extent she thought totally impossible. To hear me beg is another thing. Where did this new Brandi Rogers come from? ” No, you fuck ME, you asshole!” I slam into her hard and deep. Brandi mutters obscenities. She wraps her arms around me, her legs flailing. It is all she can take. She slams herself up against me harder and harder, grinding herself against me with each downward stroke. I threw my head back groaning with the down ward stroke. It heightened her excitement as she slams up hard one last time, catching me coming down and driving me deep. Suddenly, the explosion. Certainly nothing she has ever imagined possible. Brandi came on my shaft like she had never before. Wave after wave came across her as she shook all over. She feels me thrusting hard into her, no longer trying to save myself. It is time.

I cup her breast painfully and then exploded within her with more of a groan than a moan. I bucked forward so deep within her, she feels my semen spurting against her cervix. Not that she had ever quit coming before, but the pressure of my orgasm sent her shaking and screaming again. This is not sweet love. This is not intercourse. This is a hard, hard driving fucking between two people and it is priceless! Who said size didn’t matter? I’m a sexual monster. Brandi realized it more than ever. Perhaps it is just my staying power, maybe because she just excited me so, but I never stopped to rest. My ravishing of her begins. Brandi remembers me saying I had intentionally had a quickie to drain me so that I could start fresh with her. She is mentally thanking the quickie as I gain new strength and slam into her again unmercifully. As my cock went from baring my head on the upward stroke to slamming her pelvis on the down, there is no part of her not filled. Her clit is grinding into me with every stroke. It is then when she starts telling me how much she loves me. It isn’t so much a declaration of her heart as a total abandonment of her body and senses to me. Whatever it is, the words drove me deeper and faster. She can’t stop coming and kept up the sensuous chatter. I punished her with my force and rewarded her with loud groans that never ceased. Constantly, her body is driving up to meet me with every stroke. Her legs can’t decide whether to stick out wide to accommodate me or try to wrap around my driving ass, so she alternated, keeping them in perpetual motion.

She is ready to come again. I begged her to wait. It is perfect. The explosion from within me is slow, ferociously hard, and frightfully noisy. I push myself up off her with my hands, my body still slamming into her and I came with what cannot be described any way other way than a growl. She is there with me, cumming again with her own climax. It won’t stop for either of us. It is the longest and most intense orgasm she has ever had or would have. The silence outside the room is deafening. As she slowly strokes herself to still another orgasm, Besides, this is taking an entirely new direction. Very interesting. Very, very interesting. Cum is running down out of her and down her ass, spreading out on her inner thighs. She feels insatiably nasty. At the end, I crashed down hard on top of her, totally spent. My mouth found hers and never left it for five minutes, long and hot, my tongue and hers becoming one. As she writhed nonstop under me, she realized that if she wanted me, I was hers as much as she is mine. And she did want me. Through all this, she wanted more and would have fucked me all night if we had the time. I slipped out of her and got up. Fully naked, I departed the room. Brandi went straight to the bathroom and couldn’t believe that she is masturbating in the shower. Cum is pouring out of her. She got dressed and left the room, the door still wide open. Brandi Rogers is walking as if she still had a hard cock between her legs.

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