A New Town Pt. 03


Exhausted, naked and shocked, I lay there, bent over the tree stump. Chad standing behind me, caressing his softening erection.

“What do you mean, ‘I know, this is my brother James’?”

“Exactly what I said” Chad replied disregardingly so.

“Oliver, this is James. James, I told you about Oliver already, what do you think?”

“Well Chad, the little bitch does take a cock little good man should,” James said as he was walking over.

As he stepped out of the dark woods, I could start to make out his face a bit better.

“You could be twins!”

It’s true, they looked strikingly similar. James was 1 year older, slightly bigger and a bit taller, his legs were, ironically, as thick as tree trunks. He was wearing shorts, and I could see every exquisite muscle work as he strolled over.

“Hang on a minute, James and Chad? CJ Fitness? You two own the gym?”

By now I had relaxed a bit and had sat up on the tree trunk.

“And now we own you” Smirked James, and Chad just laughed.

“I certainly owned your mouth the other night, taught you a lesson.”

“What makes a good student, is the willingness to learn.”

Quick wit has always been a strong point of mine.

I still couldn’t really believe was what happening, everything all seemed a bit surreal. There was I, sat naked (apart from my gym shoes) sat butt naked on the tree stump, probably getting splinters, and still enjoying the after sex euphoria. Chad, stood 2 feet in front of me, jeans at his ankle, one hand on his hip and the other still massaging his well worked organ, all that the same time talking to his brother. I seemed to have slipped into my own world as I take in the scene, I look over my shoulder to really look a James. He’s stood opposite Chad, completely shaved head, you could see your reflection in it, his well built shoulders are exposed by the vest top he’s wearing, that also happen to be showing his chest. Both hands are on hips, and I can’t take my eyes off his shorts. They’re short shorts, if there’s ever a word for them. I can’t büyükesat escort tell if he’s hosting a semi in there or if his bulge is more generous than Chad’s.

“Getting a good look there are ya?”

Suddenly my bubble has popped and I realise that the brothers had stopped chatting a few minutes ago.

“Sorry, I kinda zoned out there for a while”

“James, I’ll see you by the car, don’t be too long” Pulling his jeans, Chad was getting ready to leave.

I however had left my clothes metres away.

As I looked back at James, I saw he had put a hand down his shorts. As he was about to pull his shorts down, he stopped himself.

“Hey Chad, I’ve got a better idea!”

Chad turned on his feet to see what his elder brother had to say.

“Let’s bring him back to ours”

I felt like I wasn’t even there, the way that they were talking about me.

James walked over to me, put his hand on my cock.

“Like anything active, you must warm up first, after having by brothers dick in you, I’d say your sufficiently warmed up for me.”

After I’d finished dressing we started our walk to the car, Chad was already well ahead of us. James has slid his hand down the back of pants as we walked. His fingers were toying my hole, he slipped his fingers in and out, it was little painful after being fucked so hard by Chad but I couldn’t resist him.

As we approached the car, James said “I love finger fucking your wet used cunt, and so will my dick.”

He turned me around and bent me over the hood of the car. My joggers were back down at my ankles before I could even tell what was happening. Suddenly, James’ cock had penetrated me. I could see Chad through the windscreen watching. He rammed me hard 5 or 6 times and pulled out without cumming.

He walked over to the passenger side and slide the passenger’s seat as far forward as it would go before climbing in the back. He beckoned me to join him and so I did.

Chad turned the engine over and cebeci escort drove. James and I in the back, my face and tongue all over his balls, tasting Chads juices. As I got a good long look whilst playing this his throbbing dick, my suspicions from when he entered me back in the car park were confirmed. James was considerably bigger than Chad. At least and inch longer and a good deal wider. The girth of his meat was more than impressive, I could just about wrap my hand around it.

“James you know the rules, no cumming in the car!”

It didn’t matter anyway, we were 2 minutes away from the gym, and they lived in the converted space upstairs.

The front door led straight to the stair case. Chad walked up first and I followed. James again whipped my joggers down which tripped me up. As soon as he’d ripped my joggers he was taking off my tshirt too. He leant forward and softly kissed my lips.

“Now get the fuck up them stairs” he whispered.

My hard on was raging for him, never had I seen a dick like his before, and I was nearly begging for it.

“In here” said Chad from a nearby room, and so I followed his voice. As I walked in the room, I saw Chad relaxing on the bed, slightly sat up against the head board. He was naked, legs slightly apart, his hands working on getting his erection back.

By this point, as much as I loved being dominated, I need to be sucked. I knew he wanted me to go down him but he’d have to wait. As I got onto the bed, I made my way over to him and straddled him, and stood tall on my knees. His face was now level my cock. More willing than I thought, he took my cock in his hand and sucked on the tip of it and then took the head in his mouth, gently sucking and wrapping his tongue around me.

“Chad you little cock sucker!” Exclaimed James, he seemed a little surprised.

“Oh if you want to be a cock sucker I’ll make sure you suck that cock good!”

James was now behind me, he also kneeling either side of Chad. I watched him drool a generous kolej escort amount of spit his solid cock, sliding it up and down in between my arse cheeks. Finally, his big head pushed against my hole and entered me. I nearly came there and then with James’ god like shaft inside me and Chads warm wet mouth on me.

Slowly he circled his hips, making room in my guts. He wanted his dick to thrust into me with ease. The weight of both us had pinned Chad into position, and the force the James was now ramming was forcing me to face fuck Chad. James veining cock was working its magic inside me, I could sense a floating like feeling coming on, through my body it raged. It overpowered me, and I was spurting my load in Chads mouth. James however didn’t stop. He was stilling going for gold. His powerful thrusts were still going strong. Chad was still pinned in front of me being faced fucked by my cum covered cock. My dick was going into over drive as his mouth kept working.

James clenched onto to my hips, and with all his force pushed into me. I felt the very base of his shaft slide past the ring of my hole and jerk. His whole cock jerked and throbbed as he came, and for the second time that night, I felt my insides being flooded. James rolled over and laid next to Chad, opened the draw next to the bed and lit a cigarette. As I went to do the same on the other side, Chad stopped me.

“Can’t you see how hard I am?”

He pulled my hips down to his crutch and entered me again. I wasn’t sure if I could take any more, but after 2 months dry I wasn’t going to stop now. I leant forward onto his chest and let him fuck me again. He didn’t need to spit on his cock as James sperm was serving as a pretty good lube, and there was plenty of it. I could feel his James cum stick to my butt cheeks and Chad vigorously fucked me. All I could think of was James cum covering Chads dick as he fucked me with it. Chad tucked his feet in, and pushed against them so he could raise his hips to mine. Holding my hips he was thrusting furiously. My guts were already filled with cum twice tonight and about to be for a 3rd time. James grabbed Chads balls for the final few thrusts and he came.

I lay ontop of Chad, breathless. He was still inside me, and James was playing with my hole.

James eventually went to his room, and Chad and me lay naked basking in the smell of sex as we slipped into a deep sleep.

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