A new start. The love story of a sub pt1


“This is the first part of my first story. Due to English not being my mother tongue, I can post it thanks to the great work and help of naughtyann, a really kind and helpful person to whom I am really grateful. I hope you like the story, please let me know what you think.” My name is Kelly and I am twenty eight years old, with a small body, thin, but not skinny with petite breasts and I am just less than five foot in height. If you need a description of my hair, it is black and I have two styles, in braids for when I go out or loose when I am at home. Tragedy struck my family at an early age as my mother died in a car accident when I was ten, and my elder brother left home the next year, soon after his eighteenth birthday. Dad didn’t cope very well with the loss and started getting drunk after work. In less than a year he was already married with an older woman that he picked up in a pub during one of his evening visits. Neither of them cared about me as they Bostancı Escort were too busy getting drunk so, by the time I was eighteen, I found a part time job and left home, at the same time continuing with my studies and eventually I graduated and tried to find a job. During my years at college I got a little crush for a classmate, and we had a brief relationship, at least full of good sex. It turned out then that I was just another conquest for him to boast of, and when I found him in bed with one of the maids of a local pub, I kicked him out of my life. I always have been quite independent, since I had to grow up alone and I didn’t really want to tie myself down to anyone. I got laid with a few men and even had some lesbian experiences during my years at college, none of them really serious; it was always for fun and to relax. So, when I graduated I left everything and everyone behind, to start my new life. Soon I found a job in a law firm and Bostancı Escort Bayan I decided to separate my professional relationships in the office to my leisure ones. Sometimes I felt alone and went clubbing and got laid, I didn’t mind if it was a girl or a man, but my main interest was just to get fucked and relieve the stress, not to find a story. One night at the pub I met a man, and we started chatting. He was nice looking, but after a little while he started to become rude which made me nervous. A beautiful redheaded woman intervened and I thanked her, and then I started to drink heavily because of the shock. As I left the club, I could hardly stand up and I stumbled on my own foot, falling towards the sidewalk, someone caught me and I saw that it was the redhead. “You can’t go around alone in such a condition” she told me. Then she called for a cab, got in with me and asked for my address then told the driver where to take us. On our Escort Bostancı arrival she took my purse, got my keys out and helped me inside. She laid me on the bed, undressed me, and then took me into the shower. The cold stream of water cleared the fog in my mind enough to understand I had been stupid to get so drunk and, as she dried my body, my inhibitions were wiped out. Thanking her I had the idea of just embracing her neck, pulling her to me I started to kiss her lips. She seemed responsive to my kiss initially but, after a little moment, pushed me away. “You are too drunk to understand what you are doing” she told me. I began crying at her refusal and then my pussy started dripping as I looked at her. Noticing my juices oozing down along my thighs, she glanced at me in acknowledgement. My legs started shaking and I found myself dripping juice like I never thought possible. Already she could see how I felt and told me to kneel in front of her, I obeyed and then she raised her short skirt. “You wanted to kiss me? Then kiss me!” I eagerly put my head between her legs and kissed her shaved cunt. The scent was sweet, the flavour was delicious and I couldn’t avoid my tongue starting to lick her clit.

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