A New Push


The room was amazingly bright considering it was lit only by the many candles placed all around the room, on walls, tables and the fire that crackled in the open fireplace. Nice and warm inside, contrary to the brisk cold of the winter that blew outside. No one would have thought there would have been a storm this night given it was the middle of April. The snow was piling high and the wind blew strong, whistling through the cracks of the windows, sending a chill down your spine.

There was a focal point in this room, the girl, she laid on top of the table. Her long hair flowed wildly around her face, and down the edges of the table. She had been placed up in the middle so that she could be watched and used easily. She squirmed nicely on the table, even though she had not been touched yet, not a hand print, not a stripe. Her milky white skin almost begged for the crimson hand print or the red stripes of the cane. Soon enough, they would appear, the evening was young after all.

The evening had started with Him signalling for her to crawl up on the table. Obediently, she did as she was told, gracefully holding the leash in her mouth, her cuffs ringing daintily as she moved. Crawling up onto the table with the use of the chairs nearby, she positioned herself in the middle. The plug had been there waiting, along with some rope and her vibrator. She had already been given her instructions; she had only been waiting for all His friends to arrive.

When all were seated, pillows were provided for their slaves. First she took the plug and spread the lubricant making the plug glisten in the light. Leaning forward, resting on one hand, she took a deep breath; she placed it up against her hole, applying a slight pressure as it slid in easily enough, until hitting the widest part. Stopping only a moment, she exhaled and again took a deep breath in while at the same time exerting more pressure pushing again, until the plug slid the rest of the way in.

Feeling the heat rise in her face, she realized she was indeed blushing. Never before had she been pushed to do this in front of others. She was comfortable doing it for Master this was a push for her, a push she welcomed, but also feared. Feeling her Master’s support and confidence in her, she knew she could do this.

She turned around and rose onto her knees reciting in her head each of the steps she was to follow. There was no way she was going to mess up any of the steps; no way was she going to embarrass her Master like that.

Next was the rope thong and vibrator, starting with the rope thong she folded it in half bringing manisa escort the loop up between her pussy lips and the two free ends towards the back passing over the plug returning to the front over each hip. She looped the two free ends through the eyelet and pulling them to a certain tautness leaving room for the vibrator. Holding them in place with one hand she picked up the vibrator and slowly slid it between the ropes and lips until it almost all disappeared, only leaving the handle exposed. The task continued with the rope, wrapping the rope around the handle of the vibrator to secure it in place. Finally pulling the rope tight and bringing each end back towards the back. She threaded each end in the rope on opposite cheeks pulling them towards the middle so it looked like one single rope up the back. She neatly tied a double knot with the ends to keep it from loosening.

The leash still in her mouth, she crawled down off the table as she was required to crawl around the room, at the feet of His guests, not too fast, but not too slow, so they could get a good look at the girl. Coming around to her starting point, she turned and moved directly toward the table, where the chair was, and crawled back up on the table. There, she stretched out on her stomach placing a pillow below her pelvis causing her ass to rise ever so slightly in the air, making it the focus for the evening. He moved in, securing her arms behind her back with straps.

This was all so incredibly difficult for her but He had confidence in her, therefore she had confidence. Lastly, He carefully placed the blindfold over her eyes, closing the room off for her. She was left there, as everyone rose, mingled, talked, had drinks in their hands. It was as though she wasn’t even there in the room with them. The slaves were all on their pillows, and watched in awe as their sister squirmed on the table. They could hear her breathing accelerating as the excitement grew with more intensity. For those watching her, and for the girl on the table, it seemed like an eternity, for those socialising; it had been a mere 15 minutes. Some returned to their seats, commenting on the squirming slave, how lovely and graceful she was. They had noticed her strength, her true submissiveness long ago. He too had demonstrated His accomplished skill as a true Master, guiding, teaching, and training His pure slave. They truly were a lucky couple to have found each other.

The squirming didn’t stop the combination of the vibrator, the plug and being bound, was driving her wild inside. Her hips were rocking back and forth, very kütahya escort subtle in her movement, then in tiny little circles. Then she would take a deep breath, as she tried to relax her muscles and then the dance would start again. The show thus far, was stunning, the subject poised on her stage waited patiently for her Master to continue.

As He circulated among His guest, He passed by turning the vibrator on high sending a delicious but incredibly frustrating surge of pleasure through her. Try as she might to hold still, it was next to impossible, slowly, a very tiny movement, her hips rocked back and forth and then little tiny circles. A very low moan escaped her throat as her breathing accelerated and her moans grew.

“Girl, don’t you dare come.” His voice was stern and yet soothing at the same time. He smiled as He walked away from the table, leaving her to wiggle for a bit. He then moved to a smaller table that was set, over to the side. It had been draped with a black sheet, just as she had prepared it. Quietly, without calling attention to Himself, he folded the sheet back, and then pulled it right off. There, on the table, were all the tools He would be using this evening. His paddle, belt, deer skin flogger, along with the matching rope floggers all displayed neatly in the order He preferred them to be. Then there was the cane, His “special” sticks and the crop. In the past few months, she has actually begun to like the crop. It took awhile for Him to get her to this point, but she no longer viewed it as a push, or punishment.

Next to the cane was the Wartenberg wheel, the two sets of clover clamps, weighted and the ones on the chain and the tickler whip. He had so many wonderful toys to torture her with, more than could fit on the table. Only putting out those He planned on using this evening, otherwise, they could be here for way too many hours than she could handle.

As everyone returned to their seats, the room quieted to a hush, once again, she was the focus of the room. Beethoven could be heard in the background. He moved and turned off the vibrator and slowly pulled it from its hole. A puddle had formed on the table below her cunt. He brought the vibrator around to her mouth, bringing it to her lips, she automatically opened up, receiving it into her mouth and she sucked it clean. He placed it on the little table with the rest of the implements.

With His hands, He brushed her back, shoulders, ass and legs, following with a caress. He could feel her relaxing under His touch. He patted her ass, and rubbed, a little harder, stronger, and malatya escort then with tenderness again. Slowly He started to spank her, warming her ass gradually, gradually getting harder, and bringing a healthy rosy glow to her cheeks.

The evening progressed, she in her own world as He moved from flogger to the paddle, the sticks to the tickler. She lay there, wiggling, squirming and crying out in pleasure and pain. As much as she seemed to hate every moment, she loved it too. Those watching were in awe at how much she took, her ass glowing red, along with her thighs and calves having their own redness to them. One slave sitting on her pillow hid her face in her Master’s legs, as it was more than she could handle watching. Still quite new to the scene, she had some difficulty watching her sister be whipped and tortured like this.

The slave laid there, spread out for all to see, in all her glory, off in her own world as she enjoyed the play, gasped as she felt the first hint of the wheel on her shoulders, down her arms and upper back. She cried out, shrieks really, as the tiny little pin pricks rolled down her sides and across her cheeks. She couldn’t get away, she actually wasn’t sure if this was worse than the cane, she didn’t like either one really. He loved it though, loved how it made her move and wriggle. He would get this look in His face as He used the wheel on her, almost childlike in His excitement. It was quite the show for those watching.

To her surprise, He had purchased a second one, and called up Sir George and His slave to assist, giving them each a wheel, one rolled on her ass and legs, the other on her arms and shoulders. He then moved around to her face, crouched down and whispered in her ear, kissing her cheek and mouth. As quickly as the wheels had started, they stopped and she was able to catch her breath again. He caressed her again, up and down, calming her down, helping to regain her focus again.

Ending the scene with the two rope flogger, He flogged her in such a loving way, slower, softer with each stroke, finally the strands caressing her body. She lay there, limp as a rag on the table. He leaned over her, kissing her, brushing His lips across her skin. He could feel the heat rising from her skin. Gently He untied her arms and placed them to the side. With her blanket that was in the care of one of her fellow slaves, He draped her, as she started to shiver. He came around to her head, as the guests rose and mingled once again, and He told her how proud He was of her, kissing her nose, she smiled and drifted off again, pulling the blanket into her.

As much as she was anxious to have the butt plug removed, she was more interested in relaxing and enjoying the cloud she was drifting on. Taking her into His arms, He carried her to the couch, where they sat together and she cuddled into His arms.

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