A New Hunger – What’s Next?


Ben and I enjoyed each other’s company and the crossing of the daylight through the great windows of the master bedroom. I wanted to feel bad, but I couldn’t. It was irresistible, being there with him. In my heart, I think, I knew she wouldn’t mind. Lea. I was right, too. It would turn out later that she was cheating on him that same weekend. I continued my talk with Fiona as he went down on me, eventually deciding that she would come round for dinner that night. He had made me an amazing breakfast, so I knew he could cook. “How’s eight sound?” I asked her, then responded “Sounds good. We’ll see you then. I’ll text you the address.” I texted her and put my phone back on the nightstand, next to the cigarette case. The large tesserae of broken glass and ceramics which formed the mosaic on its surface were quite striking. Bright blues with yellow, scarlet and an accent of green. The sun over the mountains, albeit a little abstract. Like before, I stretched and purred in delight. We never dressed all day. At first we just laid there in the big bed smoking pot and listening to Zeppelin, on vinyl. Vinyl that was in pristine condition. Combined with that, the tone of the needle and the room provided what was really a spectacular aural experience. The sound filled the room, and at exactly the right moments, we could see it in the thick of the smoke. When Zeppelin got tiring we moved on to The Doors, and then… Other bands after that. I don’t remember. Later, when the storm was gone we put down some mats, and did naked yoga out on the balcony. We looked into the sky, and felt its crisp, cold touch on our skin as we stretched and twisted our bodies. The air was frigid, but moist and clean from the snow. Breathing it in felt like drinking cold spring water when desperately thirsty. The trees on the mountains were more than dusted with snow, and the valley floor was carpeted with fresh, white powder. My tightening skin was covered in tiny bumps and my nipples were standing as hard and erect as I can remember. Still, I felt wonderful, and the cold was keeping his cock soft for the time being, which was good because I needed a break. When we went in I was glad, though. The warmth of the indoors was a welcome change, and I hopped right back into bed, clutching the warmth of the sheets and the quilt to my unprotected body. Ben followed me but didn’t get in with me. Instead, he turned up the heat and waited a few moments, looking at me with his swelling cock in his hand. A moment later, he ripped the covers off of me in a swift graceful motion, leaving them folded over themselves rather neatly. He climbed onto the mattress and made got back between my legs. As I rested, he ate me out for over an hour after he had come back from the shower. He didn’t make me cum, but I don’t think he was trying to. Though I did not orgasm, his tongue felt amazing, and was extremely wet. I just laid there and enjoyed it while he enjoyed me. After a while I found myself a little bored, though. It’s not that he wasn’t good at what he was doing – he was, very good as a matter of fact – it’s just that an hour is a long time. I smoked a little of a joint in the cigarette case on the nightstand. His tongue rolling over my clit while I held in the hit was really something. When finally he did finish, he was as hard as I’ve ever seen a guy get. Relaxed on the bed, I let him do what he wanted. I was sleepy, and happy and wouldn’t mind his cock anywhere he wanted to put it, except “Not back in my ass,” as I told him. At first, he just stood over me on his knees stroking his long, hard shaft. Drops of pre-cum were forming at the end, and a slow thread of it dripped from the tip to my belly. Another large bead formed, but he smeared it over his length, giving it a fiercely wet sound when he stroked it. Sleepily, I reached up and took over for him a moment. With eyes closed I retracted my hand and licked my fingers clean of his wet cock. “Mmmh,” I purred as I held firm at the base of his cock and pushed him toward my slick, shining thighs, “Put it back inside me.” At that, he leaned down and kissed me. His body flattened against my own, pressing my nipples into my breasts as they slid outward. His hard stomach rested against my own, and his unyielding cock pressed between us. alsancak escort The warmth of his balls against my clit and labia made me smile as I looked up at him, through half open eyes. I kissed him back and put my hand on the back of his neck. Quite suddenly he slipped backward. Not far, just enough to grant my request and penetrate me. Both of us moaned in pleasure as he sank all the way inside me. It took one sharp thrust and he was sliding into place. He stayed still, the head of his cock lodged firmly against my g-spot. For a moment I laid there letting him adjust, and adjusting myself. In a short time though, I grew restless and tested the water by clenching down on him. Ben’s hands slid up my sides. His fingers running up to my arms, holding them down under the shoulders with his arms as they moved. He held my wrists outstretched with his own arms flat against them. We were pressed together in every part, every way. I lusted for more, and squeezed him again. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me. It was an amazing kiss. Our mouths opened and his tongue caressed mine softly. I extended mine into his mouth and they danced. His cock was still inside me, making me wetter and hotter by the second. I kept giving him little jolts of pressure with it as we remained locked in that kiss. We stayed like that until we were both out of breath, and longer. After we came up for air, I stayed still a while longer. I let his cock jump and throb inside of me while he struggled to hold back. Staying inside me, and staying hard, he kissed my neck. Planting teeth marks on it in ways I’d never experienced. He closed his jaw hard, and it hurt. It hurt but it was spectacular. It was obvious he couldn’t help it, that it was an animal response to his lust for me. I turned my head and elongated my neck, tightening its musculature. As he kissed my neck and bit it again, he arched his back slightly, driving into me harder. Our bodies ground together as he pressed against the most sensitive part of me. He was so hard in me. Hot in me. I loved it, and just let him. I was so relaxed that I was drifting a little again. It’s not as if he was doing anything to wake me, he was just keeping every part of me warm, outside and in. In some moments though, he started to moan. His cock began swelling further, getting even harder. I clenched around him a couple more times as we kissed. I was back in it for a moment, but I knew I’d drift away again soon. Our mingling tongues distracted him, I think, from what was going on downstairs. He started to retract, and prepared to fuck me. I didn’t want that, so I seized his hips in my hands and guided him slowly back into me and held him there by the buttocks, quite still. I shook my head and kissed him, “No, don’t do that,” I said softly. Holding him still with one hand, I put the other on the back of his head where it meets his neck, and kissed him. Foreheads together, we looked in each other’s eyes as I fucked him perfectly still. I put pressure on him and took it away. Then I started swaying my hips a little, grinding against the base of his cock and the rough hair surrounding it. My body would soon surrender to sleep again over passion, and I knew it. I rocked my hips up into him, and pressed hard on his body to keep him with me as I pulled back. Only allowing him an inch or two of movement inside me, I held him tightly with slick walls. His jaw gently closed on the base of my neck again. In my own excitement I bit him hard, and that seemed to do it for him. Remaining in control, I kept up my subtle work on his cock, and he moaned in appreciation. He was quivering inside of me, suspended right at the edge. What I didn’t realize is how close I was. Out of nowhere really, I came. It wasn’t hard, or even sudden. The orgasm was a long, slow burn that took us more than half a minute. Gently, I clenched and spasmed around the hard rod inside of me. I gasped and held him close in my surprise. The fire inside me was small, but one of bright, warm embers. Ben inhaled sharply and held it, just as I had. Breathless, we came together, locked together. Our bodies were so close I almost felt his pleasure along with my own mild orgasm. His was anything but mild, but he didn’t let it show. He stayed alsancak escort bayan put, looking into my eyes as I pumped the cum from him, being careful to maintain a steady rhythm. Shot after long spurt of cum fired into me. As it splashed against me I felt my body tense further and begin again. I was still not cumming like him, though. His orgasm was powerful, violent, and emotional. Mine remained quite calm and serene. More than pleasure, it brought me intense relaxation. As he came in me I spread my legs and curled my toes, making fists of the sheets. I kicked downward into the bed, pulling at the sheets beneath us. Just slightly, my hips rose to meet him. Even then, he continued emptying his balls inside me, and feeling his cum fill me up was extending and enhancing my own orgasm. This went on for seconds longer before we finally rested. For minutes he stayed hard in me, kissing me as he jumped and flickered at the feeling of his cock inside me, surrounded by a pool of his hot cum. I smiled and we both laughed. It came from where we were linked, and spread to our voices. We kissed again, before he finally extracted himself, as he was softening. When he fell out of me, a wet sound accompanied the small river of white that fell into the soft fabrics of the bed. We kissed again before he rose to his knees. He looked at me, and said “Thank you.” “No problem,” I muttered lazily, my head turning to the side, as gravity desired. My arms stretched over my head and rested on the pillow, but did not bring it to me. Ben looked at the clock on the wall and said, “I’d better get started on dinner. Can’t keep Fiona waiting, can we?” “No,” I giggled, “We can’t have that.” As he made for the door, I smacked him on his muscular ass and watched him smile. He went downstairs to start on dinner. I didn’t know what he was planning, but apparently it would take him three hours. After he left, my body relaxed even further in to the mattress, and in moments, I was asleep. What seemed like only moments later, my eyes fluttered open to the glow of sunset through the west window. Ben stood over me quietly. “Hey,” he said, “It’s almost seven, and I thought you might want to get ready before Fiona gets here.” “Seven?” I ask him, frantically. “Yeah.” “I only have an hour!” “Well, you don’t exactly have a lot of options in terms of clothing or anything…” “I keep some backup options in my car.” “Oh. When I went out there, I just thought it looked messy.” “Hey! Well, yeah, that’s pretty much true. But I do have a couple of dresses out there.” For the next hour I dug through my car in a panicked frenzy, and finally found my fourth choice of the dresses I knew were in there somewhere. It would have to do, I decided. The dress was short, soft, sleek, and black. I returned to the safety of the indoors, and it was at that point that I remembered how cold I was. After warming up by the fire, I went back upstairs to Lea’s bedroom. Looked myself up and down, trying on item after item of clothing, then changing back and reexamining. When I had decided on my most simple, elegant little black dress I moved onto shoes, only to realize that I didn’t have anything appropriate, and decided to abandon the prospect altogether. Barefoot is fun. As I was doing my makeup, a little more on auto-pilot, my mind started to drift. I was thinking of Fiona, and how exciting it was that she would soon be in my arms again. I missed her terribly, and I was more than delighted that she was on her way. ‘Looking forward to it’ didn’t really describe my feelings about seeing Fiona. It had been some months, since she’d been studying abroad. Technology had more or less kept us in contact, but we didn’t usually go a week without seeing each other, even though her school was an hour from home. She was a little older than me, she’d graduated two years earlier, and was twenty years old. It was years that I’d known her. We always had a very silly relationship, but a close one. Fiona had a lot of friends a couple years younger than her, and a lot who were several years older than her, and the dynamic sculpted her personality oddly. In elementary school, she was the one who would get the illicit candy and soda with caffeine. As time progressed, she became Escort alsancak known as the girl who could get the things you need. She had been my ticket into all the good parties over the last few years. For that matter, she was the one who provided us with alcohol for our own parties, until she got fed up and made a couple of fake driver’s licenses for the group. Sort of as a result of her position in our crowd, she had a lot fake friends. I know she liked everybody else she knew, but since they were all in their late twenties or older she sometimes got sick of the scenes she was part of. I was only a little more than two years younger than her, so we had the most in common, especially once she graduated and I had taken over most of her rackets at the small level while she got established on campus. My responsibilities had more or less quadrupled in her absence, and I was pretty thrilled to be able to scale back for a few weeks. Fiona was a people person, and I, well, I liked to have some time to myself. I didn’t like my phone to ring at three in the morning, but I think at some level, she did. Nothing like feeling needed, I suppose. Just as I was putting the finishing touches on my makeup I heard the doorbell ring. Instantly I had sprung out of my seat and made for the door. I bounded downstairs with enthusiasm, leaving a cartoon trail of dust in my wake. A moment later I had arrived at the front door, having skipped several stairs with each step. There she was. I could see here through the cracks in the blinds on the window. The stained glass of the door obscured refracted her beautiful face. As soon as I opened the door for her, Fiona leaped on me and hugged me. “It’s been too long,” she said. “It has,” I agreed. When she withdrew and I had a chance to look at her, my jaw nearly dropped. It’s not that Fiona is anything less than a complete knockout, even then, but she looked especially stunning that night. She’s five foot something in the middle. Her collar bone length blonde hair is definitely curled and not wavy, but it falls in large strands that hang on each other appealingly. It covered part of her beautiful face, but in a way that just made her sexier. Despite the nice jewelry to set off her blue eyes, the black heels to go with her black evening dress, and the dress itself, she wore her ironically oversized glasses. She did need them, but her sense of style with them was always a little eccentric. My dress was also black, but a little shorter. I was barefoot since I didn’t have any nice shoes with me. It was only a moment later that I noticed she bore a black leather doctor’s bag. “So, what’s in the bag?” I asked her. “It’s a surprise,” she told me. “A nice one?” “Just think of it as my bag of tricks.” “Sounds fun.” “It will be,” she assured me. “Come on in,” I told her. As she entered she set down her bag and took off her coat. She handed it to me and I hung it up for her. We hugged again, then entered the rest of the house. Ben was between the kitchen and the dining room, bringing the food to the table. He looked over to us as we entered. “Ben, this is my friend Fiona,” I said looking between them, then said, “And Fiona, this is my… friend Ben.” Fiona giggled as she grabbed my butt and kissed my cheek, a little nervous. Dinner looked and smelled amazing. Three recently trimmed beeswax tapers burned brightly in a stand at the center of the table. As the evening progresses, we ate, talked, and drank great wine. Crisp summer whites to go with the elegantly prepared salmon fillet. The fish was wild caught, and its color was genuine. A deep ruby on our plates accompanied by grilled asparagus and summer squashes. For over an hour we sat and talked. Fiona and Ben got to know each other a little. I enjoyed, as always, hearing her tell the stories that I know so well. Of course, I still blushed when I was a character in them. “…And so when it was her turn,” Fiona said, smirking at me, “She coughs so hard that she spat embers on my supplier.” “It was the first time I ever smoked,” I defended. “Oh honey, I’m not making fun. It was cute,” she said. Ben chimed in, “I threw up. The first time my brothers got me stoned they brought out a five foot bong named Achilles, and aptly so.” Fiona and I both laughed. The daylight rolled on, and sunset was burning red outside as the star sank behind the ridge line. Once there was a lull in the conversation, Ben stood up and began gathering up the serving utensils and their dishes. Fiona said “That was delicious, thank you,” to Ben. As he made to stand up, I removed my foot from his crotch.

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