A New Day, A New Us part 2


Wednesday morning wake up goes well considering I unnerved the hell out of Dad and Katy as I quietly barged in on their training session and added myself into the mix. It was a little awkward at first but Dad warmed up to it quickly and Katy seemed to feel better taking swings at me while listening to Dad. Showered and fed Katy, Liz and I piled off onto our vehicles and head off to school.

Our arrival isn’t some grand event save for when the busses let students off and I see Devin head over to us wearing a military jacket with a hood on it, all camouflage. He seems happy that we’ve waited for him and it’s Jun who gets the ball rolling.

“So is that like your Dad’s or something,” Jun asks about the coat.

“Nah, my granddad. He served in a war and we got his stuff when he died,” Devin says as we walk into school,” I’m the only one it fits because he was big like me.”

“Well if I ever need a place to hide I’ll just have you crouch down and I’ll duck behind you,” Natsuko says getting a laugh from everyone.

Day goes by pretty smoothly and during lunch I get the chance to learn up a little on Devin. Apparently Devin’s parents moved up here when his dad got some job with an organic farm company or some such shit. He’s not used to not having a lot of chores to take up his personal time and doesn’t really know what to do most days. Only downer on the day is the white shirts, new club doesn’t even have a name but even if I wanted to stay in my homeroom I don’t have a choice about it. Heather is already at my homeroom sitting with her friends working on club business and while she knows I’m there I don’t think she’s happy to see me. I get my pass and almost get out the door when pretty boy and a couple of his friends decide to have a word.

“Not so fast degenerate,” pretty boy says getting my attention,” We got some things to go over with you.”

Pretty boy’s friends have him flanked and are staring. One on his left is about 5’7” and very thing, scraggly brunette hair and generally unkempt clothes even though they’re dress clothes. It’s the thick glasses that have me not paying attention to him. It’s the girl on his right that draws some of my attention, 5’10” and built more like me than I’d care to admit. She’s also a blonde and is currently staring a hole through me with some steely blue eyes. I turn my attention back to the ring leader as he resumes talking.

“You left Heather out in the rain last night,” pretty boy says grumpily,” Do you not have any decency in your body?”

“Not towards people who cross me,” I reply coldly.

“She needed you, a person in need of assistance needed your help and you didn’t bother to even show some decency and help her out,” pretty boy says getting more upset.

“Oh my lord, what have I done? I left my bat shit crazy cheating ex girlfriend on the side of the road for stalking me,” I say with mocking shock before turning serious,” Get out of my way.”

I watch the three part and I pass through them unscathed. I get to the gym where everyone else is waiting and going over their own homework. Being last however gets me some serious attention and Katy is the first to comment.

“You get held up by something more pressing Guy,” Katy asks.

“Not really, I don’t know what they’re calling themselves but my ex has some really stupid ideas about how to get my attention,” I reply sitting down.

“What do you mean Heather is trying to get your attention,” Kori asks visibly upset with the news.

“She tried to get me to give her a ride home last night as I was on my way home from Mathilda’s house,” I tell them all.

“She did what,” Kori says angrily getting up,” I’m gonna kick her head in.”

“Babe, before you do that let me give you some news first,” I tell her getting up and keeping her from marching down the bleachers,” She stopped me, is convinced we’re still in a relationship and I left her ass on the side of the road. Now do you really need to jump on her for being a stupid and honestly crazy bitch?”

Kori sits back down and I move to sit behind her and keep her wrapped in my arms till our final bell rings. The rest of the crew heads out but I keep Kori in my arms and she finally nudges me to let me know she’s okay. We catch Liz and Greg on our way out and follow them a little but Liz notices me and gets a sour look on her face.

“Hey Greg, how are you doing man,” I ask him as Kori and I catch up.

“Hey Guy, I’m okay. What’s going on,” Greg asks in reply seeming a little nervous.

“Nothing much man, can I talk to you privately,” I ask him before heading towards his car.

I can tell he’s following me but Kori is keeping Elizabeth away while I get some alone time with Greg. I lean on his decent family car and watch him walk up confused.

“So what do you want to talk about,” Greg asks plainly.

“Well if you didn’t notice I’m doing some recruiting for my little group of ‘pariahs’ and I wanted to extend an invitation to you if you are interested,” I tell him smiling under my hood.

“Ummm wow, I don’t really think I should,” Greg tells me getting nervous,” I’m kinda in a different type of group for school activities.”

“Really, which one would that be,” I ask now curious.

“Our group you degenerate,” I hear from my right.

I turn and see pretty boy is back and has brought the dork with the glasses and Heather with him. Heather looks a lot drier than the night prior but her mood is a little sour seeing Kori within shouting distance. I stop leaning on the car and turn to address the assembled group.

“Wow, so you’re dating my sister but you’re a goody church boy and you’re fronting for the new Mormon faith at school,” I say to Greg not taking my eyes off of pretty boy.

“Hey Kyle, everything is okay we’re just talking,” Greg says trying to explain.

“Well I’m pretty sure this degenerate is trying to bring down your good sense and standards,” Kyle says with an air of superiority,” You should clear off filth.”

“Wow, people still actually name their children Kyle,” I say starting to laugh,” wouldn’t have been easier to name you prison bitch and just dispel the illusion?”

“Guy back off now,” Heather says intervening,” You didn’t want to be a part of this and now you need to back off and figure out what your priorities are.”

I turn my head to see the big blonde girl walking up behind Liz and Kori, Heather shakes her head and the girl backs off but I can tell she’s waiting. Heather got some muscle, now I’m interested in what’s going to happen but the little dork decides he’s gonna get his two cents in.

“Maybe you should review a tactical retreat option for this particular encounter,” the little dork says smugly.

“Hey Taylor, back up man. This isn’t something we need to start getting into a fight over,” Greg says trying to play diplomat.

“Greg, go tell my sister that you’ll really enjoy giving her a ride over to your house today,” I tell Greg not breaking eye contact with Taylor.

I watch Greg turn and head over Liz and Kori when the little shit, Taylor, decides to push me a little. I let his hand make contact and quickly grab his wrist and pull him forward and off balance, as soon as he’s falling forward I sidestep and trip him without turning and hear him crash into the pavement behind me. Kyle looks ready to throw down and Heather is shocked by the quickness of my action which gets me a wonderful shiver up my spine as I hear Taylor groaning in pain.

“Watch your step, it’s dangerous what can just be found out in the parking lot,” I say behind me keeping my eyes focused on Kyle,” It’s a good piece of advice for all of you. You think you are better because of clothes or morals? Heather I’m gonna tell you this now, next time I have to deal with one of the neo-Nazi brigade I’m not going to stop.”

I can see Heather’s face get a grim determination to it but Kyle is the cooler head and backs up a step before nodding to their blonde girlfriend and heading off with Taylor trailing after them. Greg and Liz come back over to the car and Greg starts to say something but I cut him off with a glare before backing up and heading over to my bike with Kori. We leave school on my bike and get her home before I have to head home and try to put in some family time to see what I can fix in my home life. Oddly I get in and the only vehicle home is the family car that Katy drives.

I get into the house and catch Katy changing in her room as I head to mine. I know she saw me a little out of the corner of her eye and I smirk as I drop my bag off and get into some workout clothes and head into the garage in a tank top and shorts. Once inside I get my hands taped up and start working with the heavy bag, my little demonstration has my blood pumping a little more than normal. I’m working out for about ten minutes when Katy comes in.

“Hey your folks say dinner is our responsibility tonight since they’re out at a company dinner,” Katy says.

“Great, Liz is out and I’m guessing you don’t cook much,” I reply turning to see her.

Katy’s changed into a sports bra and shorts to work out, I shake my head a little at the attire as she starts to put on hand pads and I quickly see a little flesh peeking out of her shorts. I’m definitely game for this and stop my heavy bag work and get some sparring fingered gloves on.

“I thought you didn’t fight girls,” Katy asks perking up at the chance to spar.

“I don’t, this is going to be me proving a point,” I tell her smiling.

I watch her get into a boxer stance and start bobbing around me, I don’t move and wait for Katy to get back in front of me confused before ducking under her hands and grabbing her by the waist and ass lift her up and as ‘gently’ as I can slam her down onto the mat. Apparently Dad hasn’t been working with her on ground and pound since I’m seeing Katy a little groggy and shaken by the quickness of the take down. I move up to a mounted position and when she sees where I am I drop a hard right past her ear and slam my fist against the mat. We sit there in silence for a moment before I grab Katy’s hair in my hand and pull her head up off the ground while keeping my body on top of hers but sliding down and kiss her when our faces meet. I love the quickness and aggression that Katy gets when her blood is pumping and I feel her bite my lip a little as we start pulling each other out of our clothes. I’m half hard but have a wonderfully wicked idea.

I get Katy’s shorts off and immediately shove three fingers in her pussy, my fingerless gloves making the intrusion a little wider than normal. I move up and resume my top mounted position keeping my fingers inside her and taking her hair in my hand pull Katy’s mouth onto my cock. I can only get about an inch in at this angle but Katy is a trooper, I watch as she takes her hands and moves her breasts around my cock and starts tit fucking me while licking my head. I haven’t had a good boob job in a while and of all the girls Katy has the biggest, solid C cup all around my cock. I’ve got one hand gripping the hair on the top of Katy’s head and the other in her pussy when I see that grin on her face, she wants something more. I let Katy go and get up off of her chest, I watch as she gets off her back and onto her knees. I let Katy get herself turned away from me and marvel as while sitting up off her legs a little spreads her ass cheeks with her hands showing me her tight hole.

“Do you still have it in you,” Katy asks peeking over her shoulder.

I move up behind Katy’s ass and line my cockhead up with her asshole. I feel a little tension at first but after a little prodding I’ve got the first inch inside her. I stop and wait for a moment when she turns to me again.

“Are you seriously not able to get any dee…,” is where Katy stops talking.

I shut her up by slamming my cock all into her asshole. I haven’t fucked Katy’s ass in months, mostly we’ve been making love or doing oral sex but I’m remembering our first time and more than a few times after that. I use one hand to grip Katy by the back of the neck and the other to reach around and squeeze her breast. Katy moves her own hands from her ass to my hand on her breast and my hip behind her trying to hold me inside. I feel her shudder a little at my size as her body starts to get familiar with my cock in her ass before I pull half way back and slam forward causing her breast to bounce a little. Every thrust makes Katy moan a little and I can feel her try to clench down on my cock every time I’m buried all the way inside of her. I speed up my thrusts and Katy moves her hand off my hip and down to her pussy, frantically rubbing her clit and talking dirty.

“Come on you fucker, cum in your bitch,” Katy growls spurring me on.

I am frantic with my thrusting into her ass and I start to feel that tingle in the base of my cock. Katy is starting to cum as well but I want something different as I pull out of her ass and turn her around to face my cock. Katy’s only confused for a second but quickly puts my cockhead into her mouth and starts jacking me off with her free hand. Katy’s orgasm gets her to moan on my cock and the vibration is enough to send me over the edge as I shoot my load into her mouth. Katy works me over with her hand until no more comes out and I sit down on the mats bare assed for a moment before she crawls up to me and bites my chin a little smiling.

“Kori was right, you are definitely getting back into who I wanted to be a girlfriend of,” Katy says smirking.

“Yeah well I’m just doing what I need to so that this gets back on track,” I tell her bumping our foreheads together.

We both get our clothes picked up and share a shower, lightly kissing while we clean up. After the shower I make some soup and sandwiches and about the time we both get sat down Liz comes in and slams the door behind her. Katy and I both watch as she storms off to her room and when I try to get up Katy shakes me off and heads down the hall to speak with Liz. I get into the kitchen and make a plate for Liz before sitting back down and starting my own meal. About halfway through it Katy comes back out with Liz behind her. I say nothing as they both sit down and we all eat in quiet. The girls put the dishes in the washer while I head back to my room and relax on my bed. Sure enough I’m only lying there for a few minutes when my phone goes off, it’s Kori. Apparently she and Katy are talking about sex with me. Katy likes the force and Kori loves the spontaneity of what I’m doing when I suggest they get the other girlfriends involved in the conversation online before heading to my computer. Its a few moments before Mathilda and Imelda are sharing their two cents but Imelda is in the left out category since she’s still down in Texas. I don’t have to say anything as Kori is swearing that we haven’t forgotten about her and Matty even says she wants to see the one girl who could keep up with her in a workout. I let the women fight it out amongst themselves when I get a knock on my door. Liz pokes her head in and I let the girls know I’m going have company and that I’ll be a bit busy for a few before turning away from the computer. Liz has a tank top and some sweat pants on as she sits down on my bed to talk with me.

“Greg doesn’t like that I’m giving him the cold shoulder now,” Liz says quietly.

“Okay, but how do you feel about it,” I ask sitting down next to her.

“I don’t know, I am craving touch but he’s so damn set on the whole love thing that I’m not feeling loved. I mean I understand the no sex for him but I tried to get him to at least get undressed in front of me and just have us kiss and hold each other and he couldn’t do that,” Liz says visibly frustrated.

I can see Elizabeth is in an unusual place, I know guys would beat down the door to get her as a girlfriend with her dancer build and friendly/popular girl personality. I crawl up to the top of my bed and pull her up after me and just let her lay down with her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her and just let her try to relax. We only cuddle for a while when she decides to start talking again.

“Did you really want to invite Greg into your crew,” Liz asks looking up at me.

“Yeah, I mean he needs the change. He’s all proper and has no self worth seeing,” I tell Liz making eye contact,” I mean I was him minus the whole church thing and I hoped that I could get him out of his shell and into someone a little more like me.”

“Yeah, I see the similarity. I mean he’s nice and sweet but I need to know with him,” Liz tells me resting her head,” I feel like I’m guessing with him.”

We continue to quietly hold each other when we hear Mom and Dad arrive home. Both of us meet Katy in the hallway and greet our parents as they come in the door.

“I’m impressed, I walk in the door and there’s no party going on and no kids I have to throw out,” Dad says jokingly.

“Dad, it’s a school night. We save the parties for the weekend,” I reply smirking,” And when are you two taking a weekend off again?”

Mom and Dad laugh a little and we all chat lightly in the living room about our days. Everyone leaves out their more intense moments which keep the mood light. We all finally head off to our own rooms and I hop on my computer and check in with Jun and Kori on face book. Jun concerned with some the growing group of ‘reformists’ as he calls them and Kori is still upset with Heather and how she’s pining after me. I tell them that we’ll tackle those problems if we need to and that Heather will either figure it out or we get to keep making fun of her for trying. Jun seems to agree but Kori is still upset about the persistence of Heather. We sign off and I get to bed for the night.

Thursday in the morning and it seems like the only person in the home who didn’t get any loving yesterday was Liz as the rest of us are buzzing around happily as we all get breakfast and I leave early to pick up Kori on my bike. Kori greets me warmly, pulling my helmet off and giving me a deep kiss before putting it back on and getting hers out of the storage. I wave to Mary before the both of us head off to school. Everyone is grouped up in the parking lot and talking amongst themselves when Natsuko notices we have someone eyeing us up. I check the direction and spot a guy in a white dress shirt and Khakis with a shoulder bag staring but when I turn and look at him fully he heads off to class. I shrug it off and we all disperse for our classes.

During lunch time everyone is crowded around the table and Jun’s crew of nerds and geeks are at the nearest adjoining table when a small crowd of students all dressed in white button up shirts and dress slacks or skirts come filing into the cafeteria. I count about fifteen of them enter being led by Taylor, the kid with the glasses that I made face plant in the parking lot yesterday. They move around a different table, one populated with a few of the punks group, before I hear Taylor start speaking.

“You freaks need to get into a different change of clothes and take that metal out of your faces,” Taylor starts in poking one of the guys,” The new student body of this school won’t stand for freaks like you wandering around the campus making the rest of us look bad.”

“Hey screw you asshole,” A girl from the table spits out at Taylor.

“You see, that’s your problem,” Taylor says walking around the table to her,” No respect, not for yourself and not for anyone else. I’d suggest bad parenting but people like you deserve to be abandoned like trash since they don’t really contribute anything.”

I watch the punk boy next to her start to stand when two guys grab his shoulders and sit him back down hard. Taylor has the girl cornered as he continues berating her.

“So you think walking around looking like some cheap hooker in bad clothing makes you special,” Taylor continues,” I’m guessing your Daddy just stopped liking you at home so you dress like this so at least someone will pay attention to you.”

I can feel everyone at my table staring over to the girl and while I am the first one to stand up it’s not for the reason they think. I take my tray and walk to a trash can and throw away what’s left of my lunch and Taylor takes notice.

“See that right there,” Taylor says pointing me out,” Even the big bad rebel doesn’t have want anything to do with this or you. Now take that metal out of your face now.”

I pause at the trash can then move over to the punk table cutting through the circle of ‘reformists’. Taylor turns his attention to me as I approach and smiles.

“Oh you care to join in finally,” Taylor says smirking,” So why don’t you tell me what you think about this filthy little bitch.”

“Oh you mean her, I don’t know her. I don’t know any of them but I’ve known you for less than a day and already I can tell I’m going to have no regrets about what happens next,” I tell Taylor plainly.

“Really, and what do you think will happen next,” Taylor asks chuckling.

“You’re going to do something stupid like touch me, then I’m going to break at least one bone in your hand and your nose,” I explain starting in,” You’re friends have me outnumbered fifteen to one so they’ll jump in.”

“Right we have you outnumbered and maybe you’ll get some respect beaten into you,” Taylor says cutting me off.

“Oh I’ll get hit but then it’ll be fifteen on six when my table jumps in. Once they see everyone fighting the eight nerds by my table will probably jump in just to make a point so then that fifteen on fourteen,” I explain watching Taylor’s group start to look around,” Then finally there are the five here, five people who you have been verbally bullying for the past few minutes. Now by my math that makes your fifteen to nineteen angry little ‘rebels’.”

I watch Taylor look around to his people, then to my table and the nerds next to it. Everyone in my crew is standing up and the nerds are looking straight at Taylor like he’s a marked man. I watch him back up smiling as the rest of his ‘friends’ start to back off. I watch them leave with Taylor still smiling even though he’s the one leaving. Most of the three tables start to breathe a sigh of relief but I’m not happy with the situation and quickly grab my bag from my table and head out of the cafeteria. I get about a hundred feet away from the cafeteria before I get grabbed by my shoulder, its Katy and the rest of the crew is hot on her heels to catch up.

“Hey what’s wrong,” Katy asks worried.

“I’m not some damn hero who is going to fight everyone’s battles for them but for some damn reason when I don’t you all stare at me like I’m doing something wrong,” I say as everyone approaches,” You know what just happened back there, that was me making a fool out of myself.”

I watch Kori wave everyone off including Katy and quietly walk me over to a bench before sitting down with me. I let her take my hand and after a few moments she decides to speak.

“Baby that’s not why you are mad is it,” Kori asks.

“I don’t know, I was just going to leave then that fucker decides to call me out right there,” I tell her trying to find words to finish.

“Baby you did what you needed to do. People step up to you and they either back down or get knocked down. I think you’re just upset that you didn’t get to knock him down again,” Kori says keeping her eyes on my hand.

“I am trying to lead but I’m not seeing a point honey,” I tell her quietly,” I mean what they were doing was messed up but why does everyone wait for me to get involved before they consider standing up for themselves?”

I feel Kori put her arm around me and we sit quietly on the bench when I get that feeling that someone is watching me again. I raise my hood and head to see a couple of the punks from the table standing there. I stand up and they back up from me when I do.

“Next time start swinging back,” I tell forcefully,” You are supposed to be something that makes older people back off and people our age sit away from you.”

I watch the girl who was being picked on the most steps forward and quickly look around before leaning in to speak.

“We can’t get into trouble cause we’re holding for Johnny,” the girl whispers to me.

“Excuse me,” I reply getting angry,” you are fucking holding for Johnny? He’s not even a student here anymore and you are holding for him? Get on whatever you use for communication and tell him that he will show up after school today or I’m gonna hunts his ass down and bring a beating with me.”

I watch the punks back up from me and taking Kori in hand we head off to our next classes. The rest of the day is a blur and I don’t even react when Heather tries to stop me to talk as I’m getting my pass from homeroom before heading out to the Gym. I get there before everyone else and watch as the girls’ basket ball practice kicks off. I watch them work their drills with Coach Campbell shouting out orders as the rest of my friends start piling in and make their way to me. Everyone is a little more quiet than usual as Kori starts explaining what is going on and why I was angry at lunch. I let her get into the details when I get the creepy being watched feeling and start looking around. Only Natsuko notices and I nod to her as she nonchalantly heads down the bleachers and starts making her way around the Gym.

With my freaking ‘spidey sense’ tingling for no damn reason and still being pissed off about jumping in to defend drug mules at school it’s a wonder that I even noticed the final bell. I head out of the gym with the crew and almost plow through a group of white shirts as I beeline it towards one of the punk boys I saved during lunch. He sees me coming and puts his hands up like he doesn’t want to fight.

“Where the fuck is Johnny,” I growl more than ask.

“Dude, he told the others to bring their shit in and had one of them take what I was holding so that I could tell you that he couldn’t make it today,” the kid spits out to me scared.

I watch as the rest of the crew surrounds the punk and it’s Katy who backs me up and decides to talk to the boy.

“Okay, I get that you’re a messenger and don’t want any trouble,” Katy starts in,” But Vlad Tepes was known famously for killing the messenger when they didn’t do what he said.”

“But he didn’t ask me anything,” the boy says scared.

“Where is Johnny at right now,” Katy asks in a calm voice.

The punk boy gives up the location where Johnny is waiting for the others. I let the crew disperse taking Kori with me on my bike and heading off to where Johnny is waiting. It takes us about a half hour to get there but if there is another meeting ground of abandoned motor homes and cars with punks, Goths, and general issue emo kids congregating I’d like to know where else it could be. We pull up on my bike and it gets a few admirers but as soon as my helmet comes off people start to keep their distance. I walk through the small army of unwashed masses and make my way to the ‘nicest’ of the homes in the shanty town where Johnny is sitting around with a couple girls just talking about how he’s still running shit. All the bravado and boasting stop as soon as he sees me and Kori.

“Guy, it’s so good to see you. I didn’t know you were coming or I would have gotten out some… well shit I wouldn’t have gotten out shit but I would have at least not been so busy,” Johnny explains pulling himself off of a car backseat that doubles as a couch.

“Johnny you might want to find somewhere private we can talk or I’m going to have to do this in front of everyone,” I tell him keeping my voice calm.

Johnny’s normally dark features pale a little at the thought and for a black guy I’m not used to seeing someone get pale visibly. I let him lead us to a double wide and once he gets inside Kori and I wait a minute as a few other punks scramble out before we can get in. The whole trailer is decorated in early fuck with a side of dumpster but I pull up a reasonable looking chair for Kori to sit on and lean against the wall facing Johnny who is sitting in a broken recliner.

“So I’m just guessing you need me for something since we don’t really socialize that much,” Johnny says starting the conversation.

“Actually you have a problem, you’re runners are drawing too much attention and making themselves targets,” I reply plainly.

I go into detail the events surrounding lunch and explain a little about the new group that’s bringing morals back into high school. Johnny doesn’t take it seriously until I explain five of his runners were all sitting down at the same table and hoping for the best when I intervened. I can see he’s visibly upset but not so much at me.

“Well I guess I owe you for backing up my people,” Johnny concedes.

“What are they running for you man,” I ask genuinely concerned.

“Just blue pills and weed,” Johnny says smiling,” I stay away from the bigger stuff and since weed is legal I got my own license to grow it and I’m working on getting a real farm built in a couple years.”

“Oh my god, you riding a punked out tractor to the theme of Old MacDonald is the first image I got,” Kori bursts out getting all of us laughing.

The moment is a good one but I’m here with a purpose. Once we all calm down I get my game face on and inform Johnny of how things are really going at school.

“This little moral majority group isn’t going away without a fight or a loss of leadership,” I start in,” you need to either keep your people from carrying a while, find different runners or just make sure they get smarter cause if you don’t you’re going to be the first one they name when questioned.”

“Man you don’t understand, I need the profits so I can get things moving around here,” Johnny tells me with a little desperation,” You could have your people help mine with the running.”

No sooner do the words leave Johnny’s lips that my mood goes from not happy and informative to near volcanic rage. Kori is the first one to act getting in front of me and making sure I stay back before turning to Johnny.

“Now you know better than to ask something like that from him,” Kori says holding my arm.

“I know girl, I’m sorry Guy it was stupid but I’m desperate here man,” Johnny apologizes,” Rent is coming due here and while the other spots are abandoned this one is legal and I need to make sure my payments are in advance for a while. I got behind in the summer.”

I step out to let Kori and Johnny talk a little and to get myself some fresh air. I wander back towards my bike a little when I get that fucking being watched feeling again and see that the fucker from this morning in the white shirt is watching me from a while some of the punks point and stare. Once he knows I made him I see him start to reconsider whatever he was planning and start to walk away but my body language is giving off the orders for me as the punks box this fucker in so I can get my pound of flesh or two cents. I can see his skin is a littler darker than normal which puts him in either the Samoan or native American categories for heritage, but considering he’s only six feet tall like me I’m going to go with the latter. His hair is done nice and proper but I’m tired of being spied on by Heather and figure one broken messenger is a good way to start.

“I’m really tired of being spied on so let’s just get the formalities out of the way and since you know me pretty well by now you know what comes next,” I tell the guy as he drops his bag.

“Wait a minute, I’m not spying on you,” He says putting up his hands in a defensive stance I’ve never seen before.

I throw a quick front kick and feel him push me off balance; I catch my footing and turn to face him. He knows what he’s doing but I’ve got a lot more in my tool bag of tricks than a simple front kick. I walk up to him keeping my arms at my sides like I’m not going to take a shot, I can see he’s confused and that lets me snake a quick jab at him but it gets deflected and I turn to see he’s maneuvered on me again.

“So Heather found someone who can at least give me warm up,” I say moving in to striking range again.

“Heather who, I don’t know any Heather,” He says looking quickly for a way out before refocusing on me.

I duck and lunge in bring three quick shots at his body but watch him back up and block the shots before maneuvering again to the side. It takes me a minute to figure out his movements, but I get up close and as soon as I feel his hands deflect a jab I duck down and plant my shoulder in his gut and lift him up before twisting my hips and slamming him down to the dirt. I get into a top mount and I can see a bad ground defense as I grab his left hand with my right and pull it to the side so he can see my left as I start to bring it down to his face. It’s the familiar screaming of Kori that makes me freeze and hop off of him and start looking to find her. Thankfully she’s close and nothing is wrong.

“Guy what the fuck are you doing,” Kori yells at me.

“Fucker has been watching me for days, Heather must have sent him around to keep tabs on me and I’m gonna kick his ass,” I tell her starting to turn but Kori stops me by grabbing my arm.

“He transferred into our school this year and he’s been helping me a little in my social studies class,” Kori explains,” I told him to hang around and maybe you’d try talk to him about possibly letting him join up.”

“Wait, you’ve had him just wandering around doing fuck all and making me god damn paranoid just so I could recruit him,” I say frustrated.

“Kori your boyfriend is crazy. I know you said he was intense but this guy is fucking psycho,” the guy says getting up from the ground.

“Well since you two didn’t want to use words I guess I have to do everything,” Kori says dragging me by the arm over to her friend,” Guy, I want you to meet Ben Morgan. He’s in the school glee club and his father is exmilitary like your dad. Ben this is Guy, as you can see he’s really not big on surprises when he’s angry.”

I watch Ben extend his hand and I just stare at him for a few moments before taking it and gesturing for him to get his bag. Kori is beaming with a little bit of pride from where she thinks she found a new member but I stop them on that thought once we’re back at my bike.

“First off I don’t know you and I certainly don’t trust your ass thanks to the fact that you dress like one of those fucker’s my ex keeps around,” I tell Ben with a little venom,” Secondly if you want to be a part of this you need to know what it’s like to be shamed and then fucking deal with it. Everyone does and you have till 2nd lunch tomorrow to find your shame and then deal with it or you can fuck off back to the glee club.”

Both Kori and Ben are silent and I get onto my bike as I watch Kori walk Ben to his car before coming back up to me with a ‘not to happy girlfriend’ expression on her face. She doesn’t say anything now but I know I’m going to hear it from her when we get to her house as I speed off to take her home. Sure enough once we’re at Kori’s place and parked she drags me off my bike and into the house past her mother and Carl before stomping her way up to her bedroom and sits me down on her bed before slamming the door.

“Ben is a really nice guy, I didn’t ask for his help he volunteered and when I learned a little more about him I thought he’d at least get a decent chance to make a case for himself to you,” Kori starts in building her anger,” But now you nearly take his head off and tell him that he has to answer to you on your time table when he doesn’t even have 2nd lunch. So what you want him to skip out of class just to present himself to you?”

“Are you done Kori,” I ask plainly,” No I need to know because I’m going to explain this again and I need for you to listen to me. You wanted me in charge, I am. You wanted me to start doing something, and I am. You even wanted me to start recruiting people, I am working on it. But I told you it’s my way, I’ll listen to some advice but it’s my way and that’s it.”

“But he’s a good guy and since he’s a junior he’s the same year as us and….,” I watch her freeze for a moment and sit down.

“You two had sex,” I say quietly sitting down in her chair,” you fucked him and now you want him around.”

My words have the subtlety of throwing a cinder block into a duck pond. Kori freezes and I see the anger in her face turn to fear.

“We had a thing for like a month freshman year but honey it’s not like that again I swear,” Kori says trying to keep her composure,” When he transferred over he said he was a little interested but I told him that I had you and he said he wanted to meet. Then we talked and he asked if he could get lessons on how to not be such a nice guy and fast forward to today where you nearly take his head off.”

I’m honestly at a loss for words, I’ve met guys that Korinna has been involved with but I’ve never had a run in with one of her exes until now. And he’s an ex that still has some feelings for her. Kori starts to move over to me but I hold a hand up which freezes her in place and when I look up I can see the tears starting to work their way down her face. I watch her sit on her bed before I get up and step out of the room, once I close the door behind me I walk myself to the bathroom and take a moment to compose myself. Her ex, she wants me to be friendly with her ex. It’s not jealousy because I trust Kori but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that someone should have asked me to sit down and listen, I know I don’t have the best track record with sit down reveals but it’s better than ‘Hey Guy, I used to fuck him now we’re friends and I want you two to be friends as well, okay’. I rub some cold water on my face and dry off before heading back into Kori’s room. I get back inside and see that she’s not having a good moment.

Apparently in my absence Kori decided to strip down to her underwear and laid down to cry in her bed under the covers. My presence has a minor reaction in the respect that she starts crying harder. I get myself stripped down to my underwear and crawl into bed with her, once in bed Kori rolls over and grips me like I’m going to run away at the first available moment. I let her cry and try to interpret the rambling that comes out of her mouth as she tries to explain. Mostly I seem to catch a lot of ‘I thought things would be fine for him to be around because we’re good together’ and ‘I don’t want this to be the end of us’. I finally get her to stop the crying and get her attention so we can talk.

“You need to give me a heads up honey. I don’t like surprises much and I hate secrets,” I tell Kori calmly.

“But you got so quiet when you figured out that he was one of my exes that you left the room,” Kori says still tense from crying.

“Honey even I need to collect myself for things like this,” I tell her rubbing her back.

“So is Ben gonna make it past tomorrow, I don’t want to think I just went through a bad afternoon just to have him get bumped out because you don’t like him,” Kori asks meekly.

“That’s up to him, you can tell him that he has until after school but he needs to really prove this to me. Especially after he broke up with you,” I say getting a moment of silence from Kori that answers one question,” Oh no, you broke it off with him. Actually that makes me feel a little better.”

“That’s mean Guy,” Kori says pouting a little,” Yes I broke up with him for the same reason I didn’t really look at you till Heather screwed it up. He was nice but I don’t need nice all the time, sometimes I need a guy to crawl in bed and make me feel better and sometimes I need him to put me up against a door and fuck me like a bad girl.”

We continue to cuddle and relax in Kori’s bed until a knock on the door shakes us out of our warm moment; it’s Mary at the door wondering if we’re doing okay and if I’m staying for dinner. I let Kori down gently by telling her that I can’t, I really need some more time to talk with Dad and hopefully get him convinced that if there is something to work out we can do it ourselves. I get dressed and Kori walks me out where I get a warm kiss before heading home.

It’s still an hour out from dinner time and the family is just idling by when I get in the door with Mom and Liz in the kitchen and Katy sitting in the living room with Dad. Dad nods to me and Katy pokes me as I walk past heading to my room to put my stuff away. I walk back out to the living room and head straight into the gym, I sit down and before I can even figure out what I’m going to do or say Dad comes in behind me and closes the door. I watch him sit down on the only chair in the gym while I’m on the floor.

“So what are we doing here so close to dinner,” Dad asks gauging the situation.

“Well either we’re settling what the hell’s been going on for the past two months or I’m running away to Texas,” I tell him letting the sarcasm out for the last part of the sentence.

“Okay well considering I know how much money you have access to I’m pretty sure the trip down will stop before the state line,” Dad jokes before getting a little more serious,” Honestly I’m beginning to wonder why you’re having such a problem trusting me?”

“Well after you kept the visitation hearing from me then expect me to just smile with the fact that you could have softened the blow of having to leave everything behind for six weeks but decided to just let the bomb drop right at the last minute yeah I’d say I’m having trouble trusting some of your decisions when they involve me,” I explain to Dad.

“Alright, well understand that I was trying to keep that from you because I thought nothing would come of it,” Dad explains starting in,” I probably should have said something after the first month but I didn’t, that was me trying to protect my son.”

“Not telling me doesn’t protect me, it leaves me with no defense,” I reply.

“No you’re right with that, but you don’t ever walk into a fight thinking you’re going to lose,” Dad tells me using the rules he’s taught me as an analogy.

“So can I just not be roped into some ridiculous therapy crap and talk about something a little more current,” I say changing the subject,” Kori and the girls are wanting more people to be involved with the little group I have been forming and Kori wants me to give her ex a chance.”

“And you feel a little jealous and want to punch him in the face,” Dad replies taking an interest.

“I tried that, he can fight but didn’t want to push me,” I tell Dad explaining the confrontation,” It was only later that I figured out that Kori and him had been together, she said it was in the past but why bring him around?”

“Well when it comes to exes not everyone has a scorched earth policy like you do Guy. If she wants him around it’s probably because she can trust him and believes you can too. What you need to figure out is can you trust her to put a good person in front of you and not try to screw around on you,” Dad says giving me his overview of my problem.

I sit quietly and think about what Dad said as he gets up to leave me to my thoughts. Kori broke it off with him but I’m still not sure why she brought him around other than the fact that it actually took me a bit to get him down so I could punch his head into the ground. I can give him a shot but he deal with some serious shame before I can consider him an outcast. Another knock on the door and Mom lets me know that dinner is ready.

Dinner and the rest of the night go quietly for me since I stick to my room and sit around thinking about what’s been tossing my life around for the past few days. Heather isn’t only going bat shit crazy but she’s recruiting a small cult of followers. I’ve got the girls listening to me and leading everything in a way that makes sense to me. Finally I have Dad giving me some breathing room, why is it a fight is usually the best way to get the tension out so that I can get shit worked out? These thoughts are what put me to sleep.

Friday morning buzzes past uneventful and all the way through the school day even having a lunch where I can just sit and relax. I notice the same group of punks at lunch has moved next to the nerds and my crew. I make a mental note to punch Johnny the next time I see him as we head into the latter half of the day and finally get into the gym during homeroom to find Ben waiting with Kori. There’s no practice going on and I don’t head up to the bleachers but out onto the hard wood floor. It takes a minute but I watch as the rest of my crew joins me with Ben finally realizing I’m waiting on him, boy needs to work on the quickness as he heads over to us. He’s got another button up shirt on only decked out in blue and blue jeans today. I start to pace back and forth in front of my group as I size him up before starting in.

“Kori brought you before me cause she thinks you could be a good addition, I haven’t seen shit out of you other than you don’t want me to pound your head into paste and you like standing around instead of actually doing something,” I start in,” Devin step forward and tell me what you’re ashamed of.”

“I’m scared that I’m too big to be accepted, I’m afraid that if a girl ever saw me naked she’d be scared of the fact that I could crush her if I laid down on top of her,” Devin says getting a few odd looks from most of the crew, it’s Natsuko who pats his back letting him know he’s okay.

“Now here you are, all nicely dressed and boring as cold piss,” I say turning my attention back to Ben,” so tell me what makes you ashamed to speak out, what are you burying inside you that makes you afraid of being yourself in front of everyone.”

I can see the fear in his face, he didn’t have it when we were fighting yesterday but today it’s written all over Ben’s face. I don’t know if he wants to run but I turn and shoot a look at Kori as she starts to approach him.

“My family doesn’t know me, they’re traditional and I’m more modern which makes me feel like an outcast at home,” Ben finally says.

“Oh fucking cry me a river, that is some serious bullshit if I ever heard it,” I say mockingly,” My family doesn’t know me? Really that makes you like everyone else out there.”

I point outside and can see Ben almost wants to leave, I am guessing he’s looking to Kori for help but she isn’t going to help out. I turn around and start to tell everyone to head out when he starts speaking.

“I like guys,” Ben gets out just loud enough to be heard.

Now the whole group is frozen and with my back to Ben I can see their faces, all of my crew have a look of mild shock except for Devin who currently is about to have a brain breaking moment. I have to remember that gay is weird but bestiality might not be with him before turning around to face Ben.

“I’m not gay but I like guys and girls, Kori didn’t know this and when she pointed you out to me the only thing I could think of was it would be a hot threesome,” Ben finally says ashamed.

Okay I’m officially impressed at the openness of his declaration and a little thrown off by the confession. I check Kori’s face and she’s just as shocked as everyone else is. I compose myself and realize I need to make this moment a little lighter before it turns afterschool special.

“So does that mean you want to fuck me,” I ask Ben turning around.

“What? No I just find myself attracted to guys sometimes,” Ben stammers out.

“What am I not pretty enough for you,” I ask smirking.

Everyone gets my joke and finally starts laughing except for Devin who still seems a little put off. It takes a few before everyone calms down and I address the situation.

“Here we don’t care about silly shit like what get’s you hard or wet, you feel ashamed because everyone out there wants you to be ashamed,” I tell Ben walking up to him and placing a hand on his shoulder,” No shame here, no weak self help bullshit or therapy crap. If you are with us, then you are the person you choose to be, otherwise you can figure out on your own.”

I back off and turn back to the group; most of them get what I’ve done. I grab my bag from off the ground and start to leave. It takes less time with Ben to pick up on what’s happening than Devin did as he follows us out. The group parts ways in the parking lot and I give Kori a ride home like usual.

Once we get to Kori’s house I can tell she’s really happy that her recruiting went over well as we get into her room and she’s emotionally gushing to me.

“Oh my god that was the best way to do that, and he’s bi. I did not see that coming but wow,” Kori gets out flopping down onto her bed,” you didn’t know he was bi did you, like something you read while fighting him yesterday?”

I nearly hit the floor laughing at Kori’s comment. I don’t know if she’s laughing with me or just because I look hilarious to her doubled over laughing. I finally get some level of composure and sit down on her bed.

“No honey a fight doesn’t work like that in the slightest,” I chuckle at her.

“Well then I need lessons or something then,” Kori says wrapping her arm around me from behind,” Thank you for not making it impossible. I know you have a little bit of an issue with him cause we dated but you were nice to him.”

I let her hold me for a bit when I get a text on my phone from Mathilda. Apparently there is an emergency at her place I get a quick kiss from Kori and check the time, just before four as I head out on my bike to Matty’s house. I pull up and see Matty’s car is there alone like usual. I knock on the door and after a few moments Mathilda answers the door with a smile before pulling me into her house and closing the door behind us. I get about a step in when I’m shoved onto the couch landing on my ass. I can see my Amazon has her workout shorts and a tank top on but she’s not sweating like she’s’ been working out. I watch Mathilda close the front room curtain and get down on her knees in front of me. I get the feeling I’m about to be asked for something and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing but like all my girls she’s got her big eyes and please look on her face.

“Okay so you did some recruiting this week cause Katy and Kori pestered you about it and I’m fine with that and I know that I usually don’t ask for anything but I have someone who I want in our crew. Kinda like a person to keep me updated when things happen during lunches,” Mathilda explains rubbing her hands on my thighs.

“Alright, you have someone you want in the crew,” I say to Matty taking her hands,” I’ll listen but this needs to be good.”

I watch Mathilda smile and get up from the floor, I stay seated as she heads to her room. It takes her a minute or two before she comes back still has her shorts and tank top on but it’s her friend that catches my attention more, Hanna is standing next to Mathilda. I haven’t really seen much of Hanna since before the summer but she looks a hell of a lot better, about five foot eight and a bit curvier than when she stayed the night last year with large c cup breasts being held in by her green jogging suit. Her ginger hair is a little more prominent than last year being shoulder length and brighter in color.

“Hanna, you and Guy know each other from what you told me so explain to him why you want in,” Mathilda says sitting down in her father’s recliner.

“Well I got more involved with basketball last year and while I don’t normally want anything to do with boys I want to at least know that if I were to try something gaziantep escort out I’d be able to with you,” Hanna says keeping calm.

“Wow, that tells me you’re curious but why do you want to be a pariah,” I state to Hanna.

“I was the only white girl who started on our team last year and I’m the was the only one who after you nearly choked me out with your cock who didn’t want to beat your ass among the lesbians in the locker room,” Hanna starts in,” I got thinking about it and while I really like girls I’ve never even tried anything with a guy till you. I figure if I’m part of the group then I can try things out with you.”

“But shit doesn’t work that way with me Hanna,” I explain,” you need to expose yourself to others in the group or turn your back on who you were. Are you really ready to just stop being a pure lesbian?”

I can see her weighing the options over and I watch as she waves Matty out of the room after her. I can hear them talking in the back but I try to stay out of the conversation to be as impartial as I can with everything that is going down. Hanna wants to try her hand at fucking a guy and I’m the Guy she is interested in, apparently the night Kori had me be a living dildo for Liz had an effect. I hear the girls coming back into the room and it’s Mathilda I see first in a plain sports bra and panties sitting down in her Dad’s recliner again and smiling. I watch as Hanna comes around the couch and it always impresses me as to how pale her skin is as I marvel at the black bra and panties she’s wearing in contrast to it. I get up to greet her and can see she’s apprehensive as to what is going to happen, I strip out of my coat and clothing getting down to my underwear.

“Just don’t kiss her too much Guy, or I might get jealous,” Matty says teasingly from the chair.

I sit myself back down on the couch and motion Hanna over to me. I let her get close then turn her around and sit her on my lap. She’s soft and responsive as I run my hands across her body, slowly working one hand around her breast and the other on top of her panty covered pussy. Hanna’s breast is softer than I thought with all her athletics and as soon as I squeeze it through her bra hear her moan lightly. I take a quick look over to Mathilda who has her own hands on either her breast or in her panties massaging slowly. I use my lower hand and cup Hanna’s pussy which gets her to grind her meaty ass against my half hard cock. The backing up against me has an interesting reaction with Hanna, my hand made her retreat against my cock but my cock shocked her against my hand making her moan again. I remove my hands and make Hanna stand up. I let her turn to face me and motion to her to remove her underwear and for the first time so far she seems more relaxed to do something with me around as I watch her strip them off. I see that she’s shaved her pussy clean but it’s her nipples that have my attention, not small like every other girl but large. Almost three fingers wide and hard with the excitement/apprehension, it’s only when I pull my own underwear off that I see Hanna’s face make the realization that this might actually happen.

“You don’t have to do this just to get into the crew,” I tell her noting that she’s staring at my cock and not my eyes,” there are other ways to get in.”

Hanna thinks about what I said for a moment before moving closer to me and straddling my lap. I can feel her clit rubbing my cock and watch Hanna as she shudders at the sensation. I take her hips in my hands and lean forward putting her nipple into my mouth. She’s keeping quiet but I can feel Hanna gets more turned on as she finally starts rubbing her clit up and down my cock in long slow strokes. Hanna keeps her hand on the back of the couch using it to hold her balance as she speeds up her massage of my cock with her pussy. I’m feeling great and Hanna’s strokes are getting longer when the unexpected happens, Hanna moves up a little too much and my cock lines up with her pussy. As soon as she tries to rub her clit downward I go right inside her approximately three inches and I hit a wall. The whole thing causes her to freeze in place and moan loudly. Mathilda is interested as she has taken off her own clothes at some point and I can see her working her pussy over fast. Hanna’s pussy is everything you’d expect from a lesbian if you actually thought about lesbians, she’s tighter than anything I’ve had to date just by being there and it finally occurs to me that I’m pressing against her hymen.

“Hanna, we’re at the point of no return here. Either pull off of me or brace yourself,” I tell Hanna getting her attention.

I don’t know how long Hanna was debating what she would do in her mind but for me it’s about five seconds before I feel her plunge her pussy all the way down my cock. I gasp a little at the tightness but Hanna is almost screaming from the shock of the invasion. Her body is all tense and I feel movement on the couch and turn my head to see my Amazon has moved over to the couch and is rubbing Hanna’s back and trying to help her ride the pain out.

“Easy girl, I told you we could try it with a dildo first,” Mathilda says to Hanna.

I see Hanna shake her head as I feel her slowly move her hips up and then slide back down slowly. She’s taking her time working my cock over but considering it’s her first and not to mention she’s my first virgin I’m really not in a mood to rush it. The pure tightness and slimy lubrication make for a different sensation as I resume sucking on her nipple. I get my head pushed to the side lightly and glancing over see that I’ve got the left nipple in my mouth and Mathilda has the right nipple in hers but also is using a free hand to rub Hanna’s clit. All the attention has Hanna clamping up on me like a vise and before long I’m holding onto her just to keep inside as she goes rigid from her first male induced orgasm. We all sit there as she starts to recover and I watch as Matty helps pull Hanna off my cock then moves Hanna into sitting on her lap rubbing her body down. I check and see some blood on my cock and more lightly leaking out of Hanna’s pussy. I start to get up from the couch and head to the bathroom to clean up when Matty stops me.

“Did you really finish that quickly? I don’t know if Hanna can take anymore but I’ll definitely let you finish with me,” Mathilda says smiling.

“No, I started it and I can finish him off. I just can’t ride him anymore,” Hanna says groggily but determined.

“Are you sure Hanna? You already proved a lot just now,” I ask already moving my body in between her legs and getting down on my knees.

“If you don’t finish with me the second first you’ll be of the day is the first man I take the balls off of,” Hanna growls with determination.

I get down on my knees on the floor in front of the couch, Hanna is sitting in front of my Amazon. Matty has Hanna’s legs spread wide for me. I can finally see Hanna’s pretty tight pussy now a little more stretched out as I line my cock up with her again. Getting inside this time is a little more planned and a lot less shocking for us both as I slide in, she’s still tight and slick but now I can gauge her reactions and they’re less shocked and more accepting as I work my cock slowly in and out. Matty moves her hand down to Hanna’s pussy and again starts to rub her clit slowly. I Hanna’s eyes are closed and her head is resting on Mathilda’s shoulder as I work myself in and out of her pussy a little quicker. The change in speed starts to rouse Hanna and her eyes open wide for a second.

“I don’t know if you should cum in me, I’m on the shot but I have never needed it before,” Hanna says a little concerned.

It’s a predicament to say the least and I slow down a little and start to take my time while she tries to figure it out. After a few moments Hanna looks at me a little disappointed.

“Why are you stopping, I still want you to finish,” Hanna says expectantly.

“But where do I get to cum, are you gonna suck me off or do you want to feel what it’s like to have me cum in this tight little pussy of yours,” I reply to Hanna smiling and speeding up.

“Do it girl, it feels so hot you’ll convert over to being bi sexual in a heartbeat,” Mathilda says nibbling on Hanna’s ear.

Hanna starts moaning at the combination of my pace and Mathilda’s clit rubbing and ear biting. I watch Hanna close her eyes for a second before locking onto me with some pretty pale green eyes and giving me consent I start to plow harder than she probably thought could happen. The living room is filled with the sound of my hips slapping against Hanna’s thighs and our moaning at the pleasure working its way over our bodies. I start to feel the tingle at the base of my cock and speeding up to a frantic pace I get grabbed by Mathilda and pulled in for a kiss as I cross over and shoot ropes of cum deep inside Hanna’s pussy. Somewhere in the haze I feel hands grip and pull against me with nails digging lightly into my flesh. After what seems like hours but is probably only a few minutes I back up off the girls and pull out of Hanna. Mathilda is quick to take a cover for the couch armrest and use it to keep Hanna from leaking on the floor. The three of us head to the bathroom where we have no conversation and simply clean up before getting dressed again.

We get sit back down and while Hanna is coming down from her orgasm high she’s not regretting it while sitting on the opposite side of me and cuddling my arm. Mathilda is leaning back on the couch and pulls me onto her and out of Hanna’s grasp kissing me again before making me feel small by having me rest my head on her chest. I let my Amazon have her way before I get up and make Hanna stand up in the living room.

“Alright little ginger, you are in. But you have a defined job, you will report anything major that happens to Mathilda as soon as it happens,” I explain going through the basics,” You gave up the who you were for a chance to feel things that other people you identified with would frown on. You are one of us now.”

I can see Hanna and Mathilda are happy with the acceptance and I let them chat about it while I check my clock and see that it’s almost six at night and I shoot off two text messages. First one to Mom letting her know that I’ll be home as soon as possible for dinner and the second to Kori telling her about our third new member. Mom is fine since dinner will be ready about seven but it’s Kori who goes nuts at the new recruit. I tell her that it’s Hanna and Mathilda wanted her in before watching Matty and Hanna’s phones start going crazy with text messages from Kori and apparently everyone else in the group with either welcoming words or encouragement for the girls. I start to get my gear ready when Hanna asks if she can get a ride home. I agree and go over the basics for leaning on a bike with her before kissing Matty goodbye and heading down the road.

We’re on the road and in a neighborhood I’m not too familiar with when I see Heather and some of her friends getting into a car, I start to ignore them but I’m moving slowly enough that when a rock comes flying at me from behind and hits my left arm I stop the bike and set off to handle my new business.

“Who the fuck threw the rock,” I ask more yelling as I head over to Heather’s group after handing Hanna my helmet.

“Guy, what are you doing out here,” Heather says shocked that I stopped.

“Answer the fucking question you fucking nut ball,” I growl.

There are only four of them including Heather and her big blonde girl along with two guys I’ve never seen before. I watch as one of the guy’s starts to get into the car and I get into a fuck it mood. Before he can close the door I bolt past Heather and her bodyguard and hood slide across the front of the coupe they’re getting into. It shocks the crap out of them but not as much as when I wrench the door open and grab the keys from the guy, both guys are white but this one is a little more preppy while the other is more reforming slacker. I start to walk around the back of the car with the keys and I feel the ‘driver’ start to come after me for the keys. I turn around quickly and raise my fist, the guy nearly falls on his ass from my feint and I discover it’s the slacker who has another rock in his hand and is debating the option.

“You good with that thing, cause if you are I highly recommend taking the shot because if you do and you don’t kill me I’m going to beat you so bad you’ll wish you died when you dropped from your mother’s vagina,” I tell him covering the distance.

The fear in his eyes is priceless as I watch him set the rock down and back away slowly. I walk past him bumping him lightly and putting him off balance before getting up to Heather. I can tell that she’s excited that I’m this close to her but I aim to disappoint as I drop the keys at her feet and smile before starting to walk away.

“Next time you should bring better back up than a little red head coward,” the blonde says to me, in Russian.

“Really, someone who knows how to speak Russian, did you learn from schooling or by taking a beating from your vodka drinking father,” I ask the big blonde watching her face turn red as I stop and give her all my attention.

“Don’t talk about my family or I’ll beat you like you stole from us,” the blonde bodyguard growls walking up to me.

“I’d love to go a few rounds with you then show you what it’s like to have a man give you a baby but I’m really busy right now. If you want here’s my number,” I tell her still in Russian and smiling,” call me when you start feeling like someone who wants to live their own life and not be Heather’s stooge.”

I can see she’s angry but Heather has the keys again and backs her bodyguard off with a hand on the shoulder before standing in front of me with something to say.

“I am going to give you another chance after this, stop fighting it and we can go back to the way things were for us. No cheating, no lying and no other people,” Heather says quietly,” we can be great again and this time I’m ready for you.”

“But here’s the thing, my girlfriends, my slutty and disease ridden girlfriends are each more of a real woman now than you ever think you’ll be,” I reply coldly,” I’m going to give you one last chance after this, either stop this Gestapo crap right now or I will personally make you wish you’d never met me.”

I turn and get back onto my bike and once my helmet is on Hanna and I ride off to her home. The drop off is good and I introduce myself to Hanna’s parents and she confirms for them that I’m just her friend. I tell Hanna to get a good jacket with a hood before heading home.

I’m in the door at home for five minutes when dinner get’s place on the table and the whole family sits down to eat. It’s mostly just light conversation when my father decides to break the light mood.

“I got a call at work today from Mrs. Jackson, Guy do you want to know why she called me about you,” Dad says getting the entire table to quiet down.

“I don’t know Dad,” I reply trying to remain calm.

“Mrs. Jackson says that you’ve been causing trouble in the cafeteria and scaring students. She also says that in scaring students you’re causing people to start following your example and take a stand,” Dad says elaborating on his earlier conversation,” I just want to know why are you starting something that can end in a fight at school?”

“Because someone taught me that you don’t let people get bullied, you never let someone get pushed around when you know you can do something to stop it,” I explain quietly,” They want to pick on kids like Katy just because of face piercings or Liz because of their clothes. It’s crap and if you don’t want me to do that then I’ll just move…”

“I bring this up Guy,” my Dad says cutting me off,” because Mrs. Jackson says that you scared this group of bullies away and kept it from escalating into an embarrassing situation for the staff. She also said that this little tutoring group that you have Jun and Katy doing is getting a few struggling students to pay attention. Honestly we’re both proud of you and I think I need to back up a little and wait to see what you do next so I can continue to be proud of my son.”

After all the crap this week I’m finally feeling like things are going well for me in at least one aspect of my life. Katy is gripping my leg with her hand and I can see Mom is beaming with happy thoughts as we continue eating dinner. I help clear the table and head back to my room to relax. I get inside and before I can react fully I get pushed against my closed door and have Katy kissing me hard on my mouth. I back us both up and once I get her laid down on my bed we wrap up in each other’s arms making out.

“I am really happy right now, I know that you’ve already had some today but I’d like a little attention since I’m not pestering you with any recruiting,” Katy says in between kisses.

I smile at her and relax on top kissing her gently before rolling onto my back. Katy moves in to cuddle and I’m feeling a hell of a lot better now than I have in a good while.

More to come faithful readers, PM and comment at your leisure.

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