A New Customer Service


It had been a busy week across the ocean from home. Now I was headed back and I was about to find either the ultimate in customer service or just how desperate the airlines are for business.

I was catching an evening morning flight across the Atlantic. It would be 12 hours before I would finally reach home. I felt lucky that the flight was nearly empty. It would give me a chance to stretch out a bit.

“May I move to the back,” I asked the attendant.

“You’ll be back there all alone,” she winked.

“Ah, all the better,” I responded. “May I have a couple of pillows?”

I went to the very back of the plane and took a row all to myself. In fact, I had the entire back of the plane to myself. I stretched out on the seat and dozed off just after the wheels left the ground.

Somewhere over the Atlantic, I woke. The flight attendant was walking down the isle and smiled as she passed me by. She was tall and slender; her neck was framed between her collar and short red hair.

Oh her way back up the aisle way, she stopped and bent toward me. He top two buttons were undone, and I could see down her shirt, inside her bra. I don’t think I looked in her eyes when she asked me what I would like to drink.

“Uh, uh, waaater,” I stammered. I could feel warmth in my dick as it began to swell.

She returned promptly, with a cup of water. rus escort As she reached toward me, the cup spilled some of its contents directly onto my lap. I recoiled in surprise, but she was quickly on me with a towel, drying my pants where the water had landed, the drying turned to massaging as she looked into my eyes grinning from ear to ear.

“I’m so sorry, is that better?’ she asked.

“Oh, it certainly helps.”

“Well perhaps this will make it better,” she said as she moved between the seats. Her hands moved to my belt buckle and unfastened it and unfastened my pants, exposing my already hard cock. She slowly stroked it with her hand and slid her mouth over the tip.

I nearly flew from the seat when her tongue began circling my shaft just behind the glans. She seemed to sense my desires by moving her tongue in ways that made my cock stiff and throbbing. Just when I didn’t think I could take any more, she took my entire cock into her mouth; until the tip was deep inside her throat. Her hand cupped my balls, my body spasm, then I released inside her mouth.

She looked up at me from between my legs. Around her grin, I could see traces of my cum. She reached up and pulled my pants below my knees. Rising upon me, she threw her skirt over my hips, and pressed her wet panties against my cock. My hands slipped beneath istanbul bayan eskort her blouse, holding her small, firm breasts in my hands, my lips pressed against her long slender neck.

I massaged her nipples with my thumb and forefinger as we ground against one another. Her hips gyrating over me. I could feel her getting wetter and she pressed even harder against my cock. My cock slipped through the leg of her panties and into her hot wet pussy. The warmth and moistness engulfed my waiting dick. She gasped as it entered her, and I know that I moaned.

She reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, still moving her hips upon me. My hands released her bra, freeing her tits. My lips quickly found her right nipple, then I switched to the left. She then held her breasts together, so that the nipples were nearly touching. My tongue moved over both of them, cutting a figure eight, while she continued to ride my cock. The rough air that we were experiencing made this all better, adding t0 the angles of movement that our bodies were experiencing.

It was fortunate that no one was in that section of the plane, as they surely would have heard when she climaxed that first time. She grasp hold of my head, and arched her back so that she was leaning against the seat back in front of us. Her body convulsed upon mine, and I felt warm fluid flow ukraynalı escort from her pussy.

My heart was pounding against my chest, but I knew that I at least owed her to go down on her. I laid her across the seat, kissed my way up her thigh until I found her panties blocking my way. I slid my tongue over the material and her body rose up against me. Grabbing the waist band with my teeth, I began to pull her panties off with me mouth.

I could smell the juices that had flowed from with her. When I slid my tongue between her velvet folds, I could taste the sweetness of those juices. Her body responded and I slid my tongue inside her, tasting as much of her as I could. Then working my way up her slip, kissing and nipping, painfully slow, teasing as I went; I found her clit erect and waiting for my tongue.

She reached down and spread her lips, giving me easier access, so that I could circle her clit with my tongue. She was grinding herself against me, and moaning just loud enough to be heard over the air rushing by.

I slid my fingers inside her, rolling them forward as if saying ‘come to me’. Soon her body quivered and her pussy clamped down hard on my fingers. Her orgasm was explosive causing her to squirm on the airplane seat.

After a bit, she sat up and leaned against me for a bit. I wrapped her in my arms and stoked her lovely red hair. She sat with me a bit, and then rose, gathered herself, shot me a smile at me, and went to the front of the plane.

I lay back in the seat and closed my eyes. I thought about what had just happened, it was hard to believe, and not for the moisture in my pants, I may not have.

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