A Nanny Femtastic -2

Abbie Maley

A NANNY FEMTASTIC! Chapter 2 …I just couldn’t work out what was happening. I loved dressing in girl clothes, I felt relaxed and unstressed. But where was this leading! How could this work? I had never seen my parents that regularly maybe twice a year and they had mentioned on the telephone about meeting a few times. I put it off due mainly to my eyebrows!  But I couldn’t put them off indefinitely. I had also stopped seeing my mates who I used to hang around with at the rock clubs. Alex came home one evening with an A4 print out of a job she had spotted in the Nursery Nurse monthly journal. “Nanny Fantastic! Required urgently.  To look after two girls aged 5 and 8, also carry out some light housework, cooking and some PA duties. Prefer live in. May involve some foreign travel with the family……. Top salary paid!” “Alex your suggesting I go for this?”  I said straight faced.  “Why not honey, you know you are totally believable as a woman , even your voice has changed!” I coughed nervously, I had been lightening my voice as the weeks passed! “But they will want references etc!”  I said.  “Yes I have that covered, you know Louise is leaving the profession to take up primary school teaching? Well you will become Louise and we will give her childcare references to you, she’s happy about it.” Escort Çukurambar I thought for a while, “Well I guess I could at least try the interview I can always back out if I think its going to be dodgy cant I?”  “Great!” Alex beamed. “ Lets go shopping for you first, Ill lend you the money and you can pay me back from your first pay packet. You can borrow one of my formal suits for the interview, then if you take it you’ll need the start of a more casual wardrobe.”  Alex was an angel, I loved her.  This sounded good and I agreed. I thought even if I didn’t get the job the idea of having my own female clothes was appealing. It was the first time I had been out in the daytime shopping. As in the evening no one batted an eyelid, and the only attention we got was from the odd, sexy looking guy!I wore black tights, flat black boots and a short black wraparound dress, with a chunky knit long grey cardigan and beret.  Alex and Louise wore similar gear. They wore heels and we were then pretty much all the same height.  Louise had blonde hair, and it was suggested for continuity that I died my hair so a home hair dye kit was bought. As a kid I died my hair a lot following various rock bands so this wouldn’t be an issue to my parents or mates, demetevler escort whenever I eventually got around to seeing them! We bought a couple of mid thigh length fitted pinafore dresses, fine knit polo neck sweaters to wear under , a couple of knee length skirts, white blouses, lycra vest tops and two skinny rib long sleeve v neck cardigans. and a stock of tights, bras and knickers.  This stuff was not the usual glamour stuff Id been wearing of Alex’s and was in black, white, pale blues and muted colours. Alex said that I had to dress appropriately and this sort of gear the new household would expect. Alex also insisted on buying me a pink Basque with suspenders and matching knickers! “These are for later,” she giggled! In a way I found the prospect of theses more real every day clothes even sexier! Alex spent approaching £800 on me. I was so grateful and vowed to pay her back. She also said that I could have a few of her clothes she didn’t wear anymore, and when we got back home she pulled out some pretty dresses and a couple of pairs of strappy sandals and some brown knee length black boots. They happened to be some of the clothes I had originally worn secretly. Whether she knew? They also took me to get my ears pierced which hurt! I dikmen escort bayan hung all the new clothes in my wardrobe. I had pretty much a full woman’s wardrobe of my own now!  Louise bought me a massive decorated box full of all the make up I could ever want.  My male clothes were boxed and I put them at the top of the wardrobe. I wouldn’t be wearing those for a while as Alex had suggested I now needed to live permanently as Louise to get into character for the interview. We called Louise, Lou anyway so there would be no confusion. That night Alex asked me to go and put on the pink lingerie she had bought me. I eagerly put on the lacy, pink Basque which pinched in my waste tightly. It had suspender straps attached at the bottom and I put on some sheer lace top stockings and attached the suspender clips. The knickers were so lacy and frilly and felt lovely on. I sat on the bed and waited. Shortly Alex and Lou came into the room. I was stunned to see that they were both dressed in men’s suits and shirts with their hair flattened and tied back! They were going to play the male role and  I felt quite venerable! “Well Louise, we want to fuck a pretty , pink, lacy girl like you, and will take turns.” Alex said in a serious tone. I found this a real turn on and fully entered into the game. Lou put her arms around me and stroked my breasts and waist , moving her hand down to my already hard penis. She stroked it gently through the lace and it responded further! “Well, well, well,” she said. “Louise has a penis!” She slowly went down on her knees and removed my rigid penis from the lace knickers.

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