A Mutually Pleasing Deal


It had been a slow day working the counter at the store. For this reason: I work at an Adult Toy store, if you catch my drift. I thought it would be like every other day in the doldrums until the soft ‘ding’ that signals the opening of the door sounded through the otherwise empty shop.

I looked across the room lazily, expecting to find another bored, average American couple looking to spice up their sex life. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see a very young, and very hot blonde stroll in.

I immediately stood at attention and walked to help her, only to find that she was piling just about anything she could find into a basket.

“Got a fun night planned?” I questioned the slender minx.

“My friends and I are having a fuck party, so you could say that’s the case. It should be a full on orgy,” She eyed me up with a lingering stare on my crotch, then continued down the aisle. I returned the favor without her knowledge. My eyes ran up her athletic legs like hands, sensing the smooth, hot skin that lead to her nice ass.

“Well, Miss, you look quite young. Are you old enough to be purchasing here?” Never before had I turned down a customer, but the rules were not mine, and something in me wanted to make an innocent-looking girl beg me for something naughty.

“Just turned eighteen last week, and you don’t look like such an old guy yourself,” She stopped abruptly and turned to face me, “Oh, but you like them young don’t you?” There was blatant seduction in her voice.

“What?” I was surprised, not so much by the question, but how spot on this young vixen was.

“I know, you probably have a thing for virgins, too,” She stated confidently, leaving me a sputtering, red-faced mess.

“Did my friends put you up to this? I swear I’m going to kill them someday,” I muttered, annoyed at how flustered she was making me.

“Now, now, no need to get angry,” She placed a hand on the center of my chest, “What’s your name?” The hand started to slide down the very middle of my muscled chest.

“Charles,” I tried to focus on anything but the delicately placed hand just above my hardening dick.

“I’m Sasha. How old are you?” Her hand lingered dangerously close to my crotch.

“Twenty-seven” I was a well-built adult, and exercise is what occupied most of my of hours, leaving me with a body that easily captured the attention of women. Now, this girl had me very much wrapped around her finger.

“When was the last time you fucked a virgin, Charles?” My dick throbbed in my jeans.

“I haven’t, but you were right. It has always been my biggest fantasy to take a virgin and pound them until they squeal like an animal,” I stated, looking into her eyes. In them, I saw a flash of something. Fear? Excitement? Lust?

“Then, Charles, I have a very interesting deal for you,” I gave her a look that said ‘go on’, “I want to lose my virginity before I fuck my boyfriend. The deal is this: You get to fulfill your biggest fantasies with me until tomorrow at 9:00am, and I will do and wear whatever you want me, inside and out,” I could feel myself tightening in my jeans, my dick already straining towards her untouched pussy, “All I ask in return is that you fuck me so hard that I can’t walk tomorrow,” She looked at me expectantly, almost challenging me to turn her down. We both knew that I would say yes.

“Are you on the pill?”


“Are you really eighteen?”

“Yes,” I paused, trying to keep my thoughts straight. This hot blonde was basically begging me to fuck her on my terms, how I wanted to fuck her. This was every man’s paradise.

“I’ll grab what I need. Go to the front of the store” She turned around to walk to the front, and I slapped her ass, hard. She only mewled and kept walking. I grabbed some choice items and walked after her. I locked the store, and turned to face her, “Get in your car and follow me to a hotel,” I demanded. She was turning when I grabbed her arm and forced her over the hood of the car, her torso pinned to the hood and her shapely ass in the air, “Next time you don’t answer a command with ‘Yes, Master’,” I slapped her ass with a flat hand, and again she mewled softly, “Your punishment will be much worse than one spank.”

“Yes, Master.”

We both got into cars, and I led her to a hotel. The whole way my mind was battling between whether or not this was okay and the fact that this was the hardest my dick had ever been. She seemed to enjoy and even be turned on by me slapping her ass. We arrived at the hotel and got out escort taksim of the cars. I pulled her close to me as we walked in the doors, and I paid for the room. One night only.

We walked up to our room, and I shut the door and locked it. I threw a small bag to Sasha and sat on the bed.

“Change into what’s in the bag. If I find that you are not wearing a part of it, you will be punished,” I pointed to the bathroom.

“Yes, Master” She went in and came out a short time later wearing only a black lace bra, and lace panties. Her tight body was so toned, except for a bit of fat on her stomach, that my dick grew harder, if that was possible. She began to strut towards me, teasingly slow.

“Come here, Sasha,” I wanted to begin now, so I could have her many times before the morning. She walked to the desk, instead.

“But, Master, I want to cum here,” She wore a small pouty face, then moved to the wall, “And then, I want to cum here,” Her game continued in her mind, but I was tired of playing. I pulled out my remote.

“What did I tell you about responding with anything besides ‘Yes, Master’?” I clicked the vibrating panties on with the remote in my hand. Immediately, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her legs buckled from beneath her, so she supported herself with her arms against the desk, and long, soft moans were coming from her mouth as she enjoyed the soft vibrating sensation on her clit. Deciding that enough was enough, I flicked the switch back off again and watched her body relax as it was no longer being stimulated.

“Come here, slut,” She stumbled over to me with a faint ‘Yes, Master’ and sat down on the bed, “Now your punishment begins. Lay across my lap,” Sasha does what I tell her to and her round ass is presented to me. I can see the wetness around her pussy caused by the vibrating panties no doubt, “Since you’ve been such a naughty girl today, begging me to fuck you and disobeying my orders, you will get at many spankings as you are old. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yes, Master. I’ve been such a bad girl,” She nearly moaned, playing along with my game this time. I put my hand on the middle of her ass and rubbed there, making it sensitive and feeling the wetness there. Then I pulled my hand back. Smack. She yelped when my hand made contact. Smack. Smack. Smack. The yelps began to turn to sharp moans once I reached nine. Smack. Smack. Smack. Her moans were becoming longer, and she was thrusting her ass back into my hand. Smack. Smack. Smack. Her ass was bright red, and her pussy was creaming by the time I was done.

“Now, don’t you feel better?” I asked the young vixen lying across my lap. I moved her to a sitting position, and she immediately straddled me and began to grind on my crotch.

“Mmm yes, Master,” She moaned into my ear. I grabbed her hips and threw her onto the bed behind me. This was going to go down my way.

“Have you ever sucked cock before?” She nodded her head yes and licked her lips, ” Then, come here and show me,” She crawled to me on the bed and dropped to her knees on the floor. Sasha opened my jeans and pulled my 7″ dick out of my boxers.

“Yes, Master,” She whispered before taking on my dick with all she had. She started at the top, her tongue snaking and wetting the tip, before slowly working her way down my shaft with her young lips. Her fingertips were teasing my balls to the point of torture as she took more and more of my dick down her throat. I could feel her throat clamping down on my dick as her lips moved closer to my balls. To reward her, I flicked the panties on the lowest setting, and Sasha started to moan, sending vibrations up my cock. I placed my hands on the back of her head and bucked my hips forward, earning a strangled squeal from the lips that were clamped around my dick. She kept on sucking and moaning and pushing me further into her mouth until I couldn’t take it anymore. I could feel my balls tighten once more before I exploded into her mouth. My hands were still on her head, forcing her to swallow all of my cum. There was so much that some dribbled down her chin and landed on the floor. I released her head, and she let my dick fall out of her mouth.

Sasha was still breathing hard and moaning softly due to the constant tease on her clit. I picked her up and threw her to the bed once again. She just laid there enjoying the vibrations.

“Do you like that? That vibration on your clit? Does it make you hot?” I asked as I let my fingers run down the inside of her thigh, then back up beşiktaş escort again and again.

“Mmmmmm, I like it soooooo much, Master,” She drew out the syllables to let moans into her speech, “I never knew what this felt like before now, but I’m so wet,” She laid there moaning thinking that was as good as it got. Then, I turned up the power.

“OH! Oh, that feels- oh, that feels…ohhhh…” She couldn’t form complete scentences as she writhed on the bed in pure pleasure, gripping the sheets with her fingers and toes, yelling indiscernible words, and arching her back in response to the attack on her pleasure centers. The girl continued to moan loudly and thrash around, but I wanted to push her further, closer to the edge.

“Have you ever been finger fucked?” I asked her. She shook her head ‘no’ but still said nothing. I smacked her dripping pussy, and she yelped in pleasure, “Always answer me, slut. That’s what you want to be tonight, right? My slut?”

“Oh, yes, Master! I want to-OH! I want to be your sluUT!” Her voice shook as waves of pleasure flowed through her hot body. I traced my fingers around the edges of her dripping pussy, and my slut began to whimper softly. I nudged two fingers through the slit in the center of the panties and into her sopping hole. I loved the way her tight pussy was clamping down around my fingers as I forced them as far as they would go. Her whimpers had grown louder, only spurring me on, and I began to quickly move my fingers in and out of the tight hole, the vibrating panties still attacking her clit. Her whimpers again turned to moans at the intrusion of her pussy, and she bucked her hips up in time with my fingers.

I could tell that she was getting close to cumming, so I pulled my fingers out, dropped to my knees by the bed, and pulled her pussy to my face. I pulled the panties to the side and began to lick her pussy, the juices sweet on my tongue. I buried my tongue deep in her pussy and started sucking on it. I had to hold her hips in one place, as she tried to grind and buck against my face, her moans turning to screams as she cummed. Her body shook with the intense orgasm, and her pussy fluttered under my mouth as I worked her through it. Another thing to love about fucking virgins, they cum so easily and so hard that they’re like uncontrollable beasts, bucking around in their bindings.

I flicked the panties off, and she started coming down from the euphoric high. When I removed my mouth from her pussy, another smaller orgasm shook through her briefly, but then, her body relaxed to the bed, her chest rising and falling, and her nicely sized breasts enticing me. I had completely forgotten about them while I was enthralled by her sweet mouth and her sweeter pussy.

“Undress me, now,” I demanded. She responded in kind and stood up. Her hands travelled to the edge of my shirt and pushed it over my head. She bent down and licked from my belly button up. When she knelt down to reach for my belt, she expertly blew on the strip she had licked, and my dick grew hard once again. She undid my belt with shaky hands and pushed down my already open pants. My boxers followed suit, and I was naked, her eyes raking up and down, focusing on my dick when they passed over.

I pulled her to her feet and unclasped the bra. Her tits were perky and round. Not too big or too small. They each had a small, pink nipple in the center. I pinched one between my fingers and rolled it around, making the young minx moan softly at my touch. I moved my hands to her panties and pushed them down to her ankles. It was only then that I noticed that her pussy was completely bald. I ran my hand down her mound and flicked her swollen clit. She bit her lip and scrunched her face up.

I picked her up by the hips, and she instantly wrapped her legs around my torso. Her soaking pussy was pressed just above my hard dick, and her tits were squished against my chest. I pulled her face to mine for a lust-filled kiss to let her taste her own juices. I set her down on the desk and pulled her ass to the edge. I rubbed the tip of my cock around her pussy lips.

“Fuck me. Fuck me so hard. Just do the first part fast…please,” Sasha said this so softly that I almost couldn’t hear her plea over our heavy breathing. It was then that I realized how young she really was. Just at the beginning of her adult life, and she was asking me to be her first fuck. As honored as I was, I was ten times as horny, but I acquiesced her only request and thrust my dick all the way into her virgin şişli escort pussy, breaking the hymen in one movement. Sasha screamed briefly in pain, then she just bit her lip to keep from crying.

Her young body screamed at me to continue, but I waited until she gave me a small nod. I slowly started to move in and out of her tight pussy. I had always heard that a tight, virgin pussy was amazing, but now I was feeling it first hand as I increased the speed and depth of my thrusts. Sasha’s moans grew louder in conjunction with my cock penetrating deeper and deeper into new crevices of her pussy that had never been touched before. I was up to my balls in her pussy, and with every thrust, my balls slapped her ass, and her yelps grew louder.

She suddenly took a sharp breath in, her toes curled, her back arched, and with one final thrust she moaned loudly as her pussy walls clamped rhythmically around my dick. I wasn’t done with her yet, though, so I continued to pound her through her climax. Her yelps were louder than ever as I thrust further into her in time with the contractions in her pussy, fucking her into sensations she hadn’t even dreamed of.

Once the orgasm had worked its was through her system, I picked her up with my dick still in her and pushed her back against the wall. Her arms and legs wrapped tightly around me, and I began easing my dick back into her. In this position, I could go much further into her depths. I took advantage of this fact by pushing my dick as far in as it would go. Sasha’s moans came fast and loud due to her my dick so far in her pussy, sensitive after her first climax. I started bucking my hips up further, reaching the entrance to her womb.

She felt the tip of my cock hitting the entrance repeatedly, and her hands flew to her breasts, staring to pinch and twist her nipples. I didn’t want her to, so my hands moved from her hips to her wrists, and I pinned her hands above her head, opening her tits to my touch. I moved her arms, so I could restrain them with one hand. I ran my fingers over one of her nipples, and she squirmed trying to free herself. This only drove her further down on my cock as I pinned her to the wall with only my thrusting into her pussy. I pinched, pulled, and twisted one nipple, and I took the other into my mouth sucking and flicking it with my tongue. She pushed her chest further into my face, and I slammed my dick as far into her as it would go.

Sasha’s body convulsed as she cummed around my dick a second time. Her screams filled the hotel room, but we didn’t stop for an instant. I returned my hands to her ass and smacked the sides of her cheeks. I grabbed her hips, and she rode my dick through her second climax. We went faster and faster, my dick had slammed against the gate to her womb innumerable times. Her pussy was clenching on my dick like a fist, but we still didn’t stop. We weren’t fucking for a climax, this was fucking toward a higher feeling. We fucked faster and harder to reach it.

Our hips slamming together, a squelching sound coming from the friction of my dick and her pussy, my balls slapping her ass every time I thrust into her, her hot, young body all drove me to the edge as I could feel my balls boiling, the biggest load of cum that I was about to shoot into my virgin slut. With one final thrust, a hot splash of cum hit the back of her pussy as I threw my head back and growled. This triggered her strongest orgasm, and I pinned her to the wall with my dick buried in her. Her pussy squeezed my dick in contractions, forcing more cum from my balls to fill her pussy and her screams and moans to become one.

As both of our orgasms subsided, I removed my cock and earned a yelp from Sasha as my tip left her pussy. I carried her to the bathroom and started a bath, knowing she would be sore. I set her in the hot bath while it filled up and went to pull on my shorts. I walked back into the bathroom and watched the bath fill with hot water. I turned off the faucet and silence resounded through the hotel bathroom.

“Thank you,” Sasha said looking at me with large eyes, “Thank you for all of today. It was exactly what I had hoped for,” I just smiled and shook my head at her naïveté. Here was this beautiful woman that was probably insecure about the small amount of fat on her body because someone had probably made fun of her in the past and the fact that she used to be a virgin.

“Thank you,” I responded with a soft voice, “for fulfilling my biggest fantasy. It was more than I could have hoped for,” I left her in the bathtub and went to check my phone for any notifications I might have missed. My eyes widened when I saw the time. 6:32pm. My dick twitched back to life. Maybe the night wasn’t over yet. I had until 9:00am to finish what I had started. Because that was the deal.

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