A Mouthful of Cream


Every day I have my pussy licked My husband enjoys my sweet taste I enjoy sucking his prickHis tongue invades my tight space Every morning I enjoy this treatWhen he tongue fucks my holeThe man really enjoys to eatPussy licking is in Büyükesat Escort his soul He sucks on my pink clitAnd I let out pleasurable moansHe holds and gropes my Beşevler Escort firm titsAnd I curse and I groan His fingers play inside my slitAnd my juices they do flowThis Cebeci Escort causes groaning fitsHe fingers me very slow I hold onto our headboardAnd grind my pussy all over his faceI scream and yell “Oh Lord”He licks at an amazing pace He slurps and drinks my cunt juiceAs he munches on my coozeMy pussy starts to let looseAs he drinks my pussy ooze I scream as I have comeHis face and fingers are wetI loved all the oral funI’ve worked myself into a sweat His face is covered in my honeyHe’s a bit tired and has lost his steamHe loves that my pussy is yummyHe loves his mouthful of cream

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