A Memorable Leaving Do

Big Tits

Fran was leaving the company to take up a new job in Dubai; she was excited. Normally leaving drinks at the company were well attended and often got quite raucous. Because of the pandemic and social distancing rules, there was no way that a traditional get together could take place.The bosses did their bit; they put out some anodyne company-wide email entirely devoid of sincerity and gave her a gift voucher. Some of us weren’t going to let her go without a bit of a send-off. I had always got on well with Fran; we saw eye to eye on a lot of things and seemed to bring out the creative best in each other. I enjoyed being pushed and I believe she appreciated my honesty on those few occasions where I had let her down.We had grown closer in recent years as we had both been ambushed in unilateral aggressive divorces. In addition to pooling knowledge about how unfair and complacent the English courts were, we supported each other with calls and messages on the tough days.There had been plenty of nights pre-pandemic when we had left the pub or wine bar a little the worse for wear, but it had never gone further than that.I arranged an evening picnic in Richmond Park close to the Thames where we could watch the sunset and enjoy a few drinks and some canapés. I invited Sunita and a couple of other close colleagues.Five of us met in the park the day after Fran’s final day. I had spread out a couple of picnic rugs and chilled some champagne and some dry white wine. I had stocked up at the local supermarket on finger foods.We met on time and enjoyed each other’s company. Someone Ankara bayan escort brought a BlueTooth speaker and we had music to listen to as well. The chat was fun; we went over all the old war stories, the triumphs, the lows, the gossip, and the scandals. All the things that went with office life. We had all been working remotely for months and it was good to see one another in the flesh.Talking of flesh, normally the office where we worked was quite formal. This evening everyone was relaxed. Fran, Sunita, and Emma all worse sundresses, and Graham and I wore linen shirts. I noticed how tanned and toned Fran looked and complimented her on it.“Working from home has its advantages, no commute, no pointless meetings, and the weather has been great. I’ve also been walking and using my bike instead of sitting in traffic.” Fran was pleased with the result.After about ninety minutes, Graham and Emma made their excuses and left us. It was unsubtle and blindingly obvious why.“They are going to fuck each other’s brains out,” Sunita announced, “I’m amazed they managed to last this long.”We all refreshed our glasses and reminisced about missing this kind of office scandal. Homeworking had led to all kinds of liaisons as the pressures of remote working mounted. By all accounts, the IT department was kept very busy with staff pleading them to remove salacious conversations from the Teams account. Now that the conversations had turned to sex, there was no going back. The tales became increasingly earthy and ribald. There were stories of Escort bayan Ankara snogs and shags and passes that went well and those that didn’t. Both women had confessions and it was only fair that I matched them. I had never claimed that I lived like a monk.Our industry involves frequent travel and is often high pressured. The opportunity to stray presented itself on a regular basis. Nights in hotels after successful conferences or sometimes following long consolation sessions in a strange city. The chances of ending up in bed with somebody new were higher than in some industries.I’d done my share of it, from Manchester to Milan to Milwaukee. I’d fucked some amazing women and enjoyed some adventurous sexual liaisons. Not only with colleagues, but with clients and delegates but also other hotel guests or local employees. Fran asked me what my most outrageous experience was. Alcohol prevented me from holding back.I’d organised a conference in one of the Gulf States and it had gone well and been very profitable for our company. On the last night after some rather staid drinks with the client, I had ended up in a steamy threesome with two of their senior delegates, a British woman and a South African woman. The sex had been energetic and uninhibited, but my abiding memory of the night was that both women had shaven pussies. This was a first for me and there was no going back after that. I loved a shaved slit. My enthusiasm obviously showed in my answer.“I leave a little strip on top, does that mean, you wouldn’t be interested Bayan escort Ankara in me?”  Sunita teased me while looking at me alluringly.“Rest assured Sunita, that should the opportunity arise, I will do my utmost to not disappoint you.” As I replied, I leaned in and kissed her cheek.“I went smooth a few years ago and I have to agree with you, I found it did wonders for my confidence,” Fran informed us both. “Talking of opportunity, I need to find a loo, where is the nearest one?”“Probably at my house, just through the gate. I think all the public ones were closed due to the virus,” I announced, “Would that be easy for everyone?”“Its also getting chilly and I wouldn’t want to jab anyone with these,” Sunita replied cheekily while referring to her obviously erect nipples which were clearly visible through her sundress. We packed up our picnic and rolled up the mats. As we were heading off, I gave Sunita my light woolen sweater to wear. She appreciated the gesture.We dumped our empty bottles in the recycling bin by the park gate and headed to my house around the corner.I’d bought the house after my divorce, it was much smaller than my previous house, but it suited me fine. The developer was going bust and I was able to drive a hard bargain. A friend set me up with a creative mortgage that allowed me the time to buy it without having to starve.I let the ladies in and headed for the kitchen and the fridge, where I had more fizz chilling. Fran headed upstairs to the bathroom and Sunita and I moved to the kitchen. As I handed her a freshly filled glass, I confidently leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t pull away. Sunita returned the kiss passionately and we were soon locked in an embrace. We put our glasses on the counter and continued kissing. I let my hand drop and I began to feel her bum through her dress. I could feel her hands exploring my backside.

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