A Kind Stranger Changes My Life Ch. 02

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A couple of days went by, and I couldn’t stop thinking about Karl. Not only was he the first person I ever had sexual relations with, he was the first person I ever felt this kind of excitement for. I was eagerly sitting on my laptop, waiting to see a message from him.

Finally, he called. My horny mind was hoping that he was calling for another hookup, but instead, he called me to ask if he could pick me up to go look at some vans for sale. My heart sunk into my chest. I couldn’t believe he was actually pulling through with it. I’ve been made a lot of promises in my life, but often times they weren’t seen through. Karl actually meant it. I was so excited I could barely conceal it. He definitely heard it in my voice.

Thankfully, I was home alone that afternoon. I told him that it’s no problem, and he said he would be there soon.

My mind was racing with gaziantep escort thoughts. I needed to gather all my documents and check my account balance to see what I could afford. I wasn’t sure how much Karl would help out here. Subconsciously without thinking, the first thing I actually did was open up my bedroom closet to think about what to wear to impress Karl.

At this point I did not know a lot about Karl. All I knew was that he was a gentle older man with a gentle voice, loving attitude, and had a penchant for making “college” guys give him blowjobs. I wasn’t sure what to wear, so I tried to replicate what I was wearing the day I went over there. a fitted T and my slightly too tight shorts.

A few minutes later, he picked me up in his grey Mercedes. He told me one of his former employees worked at a dealership, and we would get really good rates there. I told him I didn’t have a credit built up yet, but he didn’t seem concerned about that.

We arrived to the dealership and looked at some of the vans there. I spotted something perfect that would work just fine. We went up to his former employee working there, and filled up some paperwork. I had to write down my real date of birth on there. I noticed Karl glancing over at the form.

“200… so you just turned eighteen a few weeks ago?,” he whispered… thinking I was closer to 20 since he thought I had a job and thought I was in college.

“Oh, and we won’t be needing financing. I’ll be taking care of it today.” Karl told the car dealer nonchalantly.

I stood there frozen as Karl handed over his Amex and the car dealer ran a charge over $15,000. I was so overwhelmed and shocked that I couldn’t say a thing. What Karl had just done here was more than anyone else has ever done for me, aside for my mom maybe. All I was thinking about was how I was going to repay him for this.

A few moments later, the car dealer put some temporary plates on the car, and handed me the paperwork and keys. I stayed almost completely silent the whole time.

Before driving off, Karl and I toured the inside of the van again.

“Are you happy?” Karl asked.

“I love you!” I answered.

I got down to my knees, took his dick out of his pants, and licked and sucked his cock, balls, and eagerly tongued his asshole. I put his hands on the back of my head, encouraging him to face fuck me until he came all over my face and lips and some in my mouth. The look of satisfaction on his face was priceless. he pulled me up and we made out a bit before we started heading home.

I drove off in the van, still in shock at how quickly my life changed over the past few days. Not yet knowing how much more was ahead.

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