A Journal of Truth Ch. 11 Pt. 02


Chapter 11, cont’d….

Ken had left for the airport and Sue and I stayed in the pool for another hour or so, watching as the sun slipped behind the mountains to our west.

“There, did you see that?…Don’t look yet,” Sue admonished me when I started to raise my head to look for whatever the hell I was supposed to have seen.

“Where?” I asked as I laid back into her body.

We were on one of our loungers, on the patio, Sue sitting with her back on the inclined back-rest and her legs opened. I was sitting between her legs, my back leaning against her body, facing the same way she was. Her boobs pressed against my back, her hands soft on my tits, as she freely fondled and pinched my breasts and nipples while we watched the sun go down.

“Wait…okay; look to your left and a bit higher, don’t let them see you, the pink house. Look carefully and you’ll see a shimmer of light, almost like the sun’s reflection on glass or a lens or something.”

Sliding my eyes slowly towards the direction that she had indicated, I did see a glint of light for a split-second, gone and then back again.

“Yeah, I see it,” I said, conscious, now, that someone might actually be watching us, watching me, watching my life.

“Told ya,” Sue said sort of smugly, “hope they’re getting off from what they’ve seen.”

“Kinda’ pisses me off,” I said, taking her hands from my breasts and interlocking her fingers with my own and hugging our hands to my chest, “I mean, if my sex life is going to be on display for your pleasure, then be man, or woman, enough to introduce yourself and ask if you can play in my yard,” laughing sarcastically afterwards.

“Get up,” Sue suddenly commanded, getting off of the lounger when I sat up, “I need a marker and something sort of large to write on,” She said walking back into the house with me trailing behind.

“What are you going to do?” I asked with a bit of concern. I mean, I lived here, not Sue.

“You’ll see,” She said as I helped her gather her requested items. Taking the garment-box top and opening it to lay flat, she started to write.

“There!” She said when she finished, “What do you think?”

Looking at her creation, I read:

“Like what you see? Join us or leave us alone. Keep up the spying and the next call is to the cops!!!”

“Join us???,” I asked increduously.

“Well, hell, you never know, could be somebody hot,” Sue replied with a chuckle, “And if they’re not, the bit about the cops might scare them in stopping.”

Well, that’s true, I thought as I followed her back out onto the patio. Looking around the patio, Sue decided to place the sign on the hot tub’s deck edge, facing towards the pink house above mine.

“Okay, I’m hungry; I mean I love your pussy, sweetie, you know that, but I need something a bit more substanial if I’m going to properly fuck you,” Sue declared with a kiss to my lips afterwards, “I’m buying; let’s go get cleaned up and go out for some food, okay?”

Well, Okay!

We went out for some fabulous Tex-Mex at a cantina-styled restaurant a few miles from the house. We were feeling no pain and while I had a slight buzz from the three Margaritas, I was still very much okay to drive. Trust me, if I wasn’t, we would have gotten a cab.

“Strong Margaritas,” Sue commented, her buzz a bit more pronounced than mine. Sue’s sort of a ‘cheap date’ as far as liquor is concerned, not much capacity at all.

“Yeah, they were,” I replied as we steadily climbed up the moutainside that was my home’s home.

Swinging into my drive from the winding roadway, my headlights swept the front of my house, illuminating a female figure standing in the recessed entryway of my front door.

“What the fuck?,” I said as I sped up and slid to a stop in front of my front door, blocking any escape should this mystery girl decide to try to bolt.

“Who are you? What are you doing on my doorstep?” I demanded, quickly exiting my car, clearly not thinking. I mean, what if she’d had a knife? or a gun? Looking back on it, it was really reckless on my part.

My headlights lit up the front of the house and the recessed doorway. She looked young, very young, scarily young, I thought at first glance. But, after a bit of study while she fumbled to say something, the red of embarassment spreading across her face, I realized that she was young, yes, but no younger than nineteen or twenty.

She turned out to be nineteen, but I’m getting ahead of myself, here.

“I’m sorry…I’m really, really sorry,” She finally managed to say as Sue joined me near the front of my car, “I was just leaving this,” raising an envelope towards me that she had in her hand.

Still looking at her, harshly, I’m sure, I took the envelope from her and ripped it open. Shaking out the folded piece of stationary, I read:

“I’m sorry for spying on you. Please don’t Üsküdar Escort call the police, I promise, I won’t do it again.”

No signature or name…

“About two years,” She said in answer to my question. We were now sitting at my breakfast nook’s table, Sue and I sipping wine, and Beth (that was her name) drinking water.

Brief rewind…

Sue pulled me to the side after reading the note and suggested that we cool down, cool off, ask her inside and find out what the fuck is going on.

Reasonable suggestion, so that’s what I, we, did.

Beth said that when she was in High School, she was in the ‘Skywatchers Club’ at her school and would spend hours upon hours on her patio, with her telescope, scanning the heavens, star-gazing, planet-watching.

One night, when she was a Junior, her scope slipped down on one of its tripod legs and as she fought to right it, she looked into the eyepiece to check if any of the lenses had shifted. The lenses hadn’t shifted, she said, but the scope was pointed at our patio and she caught a quick glimpse of my husband and I having sex on one of our loungers.

Hmmph! I thought.

“And no matter how hard I tried not to, I found myself watching your patio more and more,” Beth said with her head down, in embarassment, in shame, no doubt.

“Oh lordy, girl, I can’t imagine what you’ve seen,” I replied, a bit flabbergasted and embarassed now, “How long has this been going on?” I asked.

“About two years,” she had answered.

“And so, you’ve seen me…..?” I tried to spit out the words but my mouth wouldn’t let me.

“I’ve seen you do a lot of things,” Beth said with an attempt at tactfulness.

“More like a lot of people,” Sue interjected, and busting into laughter after she said it. Hell, I tried not to, I really did, but the absurdness of it all…well, I couldn’t help myself and joined Sue in laughter.

Beth, reddened a bit but sorta’ smiled. As my laughter subsided, I took notice of the fact that she had a rather large birthmark that crept up the right side of her neck. Her face was ‘cute’, her body, teen-ager trim and firm, and if the swelling under her blouse was to be believed, rather well-endowed it would appear.

Really? You’re really thinking about this girl’s boobs? Are you out of your fucking mind???, I questioned myself when I realized what my fucked-up mind was generating in the way of thoughts.

“You’re still in High School?,” Sue questioned.

“Oh no, no, I’m a Freshman at ASU, now,” Beth answered, a bit more relaxed, knowing now that we weren’t going to call the cops.

“How old are you?” Sue asked.

“Just turned nineteen last month,” Beth answered.

Sue didn’t say anything, but she did keep her eyes on Beth’s face, almost as if she were trying to divine ‘something’ unseen, unsaid.

“How’d you get here? I didn’t see a car on the street,” I asked when I suddenly remembered that fact.

“There’s a hiking trail near my house, well, my parent’s house, and it runs near your neighbor’s house, up the block a bit,” Beth answered, her eyes switching from me to Sue.

“I stay at my Soroity house during the week and come home on the weekends; sometimes I run the trail,” Beth explained further.

“Well, I suppose I can drive you back to your part of the mountain rather than having you walk it at night,” I offered, not sure why I did.

She was quiet, her eyes darting to the floor, fidgeting, as if she wanted to say something else.

“I don’t have to go yet,” Beth replied quickly, “I mean, it’s just me at home this weekend, my parents are away for the holiday.”

“Any boyfriends, Beth?” Sue asked from out of the blue, her eyes searching Beth’s face with intensity.

“No, I don’t date boys.”

“Ahhh, then, girlfriends?” Sue pressed on.

“Not really ‘girlfriends’,” Beth clarified, “more like ‘special’ friends.”

“‘Special’, how?” Sue pressed further.

Beth reddened again, and cast her eyes downward, then taking a deep breath, she looked at both of us full in the face. Taking another breath, she began.

“My gift from God,” referring to her birthmark with a flick of her eyes towards the right side of her neck, “has limited interest in being my friend or hanging out with me. Young people, especially young teens can be very mean, making fun of others for stuff,” she explained.

“About the time that I started watching your patio, a classmate, a girl, started spending weekends and stuff with me, showing interest in me. She was the first girl who wasn’t ‘forced’ to be friends with me because their parents told them to. I mean she really seemed like she liked me,” Beth continued.

“Anyway, we sort of started fooling around with each other at night, you know, kissing and stuff, and when I saw you with other women sometimes, it just made me want to learn Üsküdar Escort Bayan more about sex and stuff,” She explained further.

Now it was my turn to blush.

“And, your ‘special’ friends?” Sue continued pressing her.

“They’re some of the girls in my soroity that come to my room, late at night, for me to do things to them, but secretly, you know?” Beth answered.

“And you like that?” I asked.

“I like the attention,” she admitted, “I don’t care if they’re just coming to my room to have sex with me, I like having people seeing me, not my birthmark.”

“And do they return the favor to you, after you’ve made them feel good?” Sue asked Beth.

“Sometimes…not often, but, sometimes,” She replied, a bit sadly, I thought.

“That’s not right,” Sue said and reaching across the table to place her hand over Beth’s, “I mean, it’s only common courtesy to return a favor, right?”

Beth didn’t answer, and she didn’t move her hand, either, but their eyes bored into each other, almost as if they were mind-melding.

“Want to come swimming with us, Beth?,” Sue asked as she softly squeezed Beth’s hand with hers.

“I don’t have a suit,” Beth answered, still not moving her hand from Sue’s grasp.

“Are you too embarassed to swim au natural?” Sue pressed further.

“No, I skinny-dip when my parents aren’t home,” She answered.

“Are you afraid that we might try to take advantage of you, Beth? Or is that the real reason you came over tonight, hoping to join us? That is what you read on my sign, right?” Sue continued to press her about her intentions.


“Were you hoping that you could have the reality of sex with us and not just the fanatsy from watching us?”


Standing and taking Beth’s hands in hers, Sue pulled her, gently, to her feet, putting her hands on Beth’s arms, holding her in place, it seemed.

“Do you want us to make love to you, Beth? Is that what you really want?” Sue said further, her lips moving slowly closer towards Beth’s mouth, Beth seemingly frozen in place. With one of her hands, Sue slowly unbuttoned her blouse, parting it, slightly, exposing the swell of her breasts to Beth.

“Kissing you? Touching you in all of those special places that you’ve found to bring you joy when you’re alone in your bed?” Sue’s lips almost touching Beth’s now, her voice soft, sultry, seductive, “is that what you hoped would happen tonight?” saying this as she took Beth’s hand in hers and placing it inside of her blouse, placing Beth’s hand onto her breast.

I watched as all of this unfolded before me, not believing it was happening, my mind not being able to wrap itself around what was actually occuring. I was silent, stunned you might say, but not too stunned to notice the heat that began to build in my crotch, the dampness making itself known to me.

It was hot, folks, that’s all I can say, It was very hot. It was a turn-on watching Sue and Beth. And when they kissed, softly at first, tentatively, I felt a shudder of pleasure begin to throb in my panties.

Pulling her lips from Beth’s, Sue just stared into Beth’s eyes, her arms around Beth, Beth’s hand still inside of Sue’s blouse, softly squeezing and caressing Sue’s offered breast.

“Pool or Bed? Where do you want us to take you, Beth, pool or bed?” Sue asked softly.

“Bed, please, take me to your bed, I want that, fantasized about it for longer than you can imagine,” Beth replied, looking at both of us in turn after she said it…..

We did.

Sue and I led Beth back to my bedroom, lighting a few candles for soft light. Turning to face them after I lit the last candle, I saw that they were kissing again, this time with more intensity. Moving to join them, I flipped Beth’s hair from her neck so that I could kiss it. Running my tongue from one ear across the nape her neck to the other ear, I left a trail of wetness, my breathing becoming labored as I became excited by the feel of her nineteen year-old skin to my lips.

As my tongue played with the nape of her neck, my hand reached around, slipping between Sue and Beth and began fondling both, one at a time, feeling and fondling them both. Their kiss got even more intense as I felt them, their breathing betraying their excitement of the moment.

Beth’s breasts were at least a cup-size larger than mine or Sue’s, my hand barely able to cover them as I fondled her. Stepping back, Sue quickly stripped, joining me in undoing Beth’s buttons and such, while Beth stood there with her eyes closed, her breathing rapid and excited. Taking Beth by the hand, Sue led her to my bed as I quickly joined in their nakedness.

Placing Beth between us on the bed, Sue and I attacked her teenage body with lustful want, my tongue deep into her mouth, Sue’s mouth sucking feverishly at her breasts and nipples. Escort Üsküdar Beth returned my kisses with eagerness, her mouth opened wide to accept my tongue, her hands darting about, touching, feeling Sue and I as we devoured her body.

Quickly kissing her way down Beth’s body, Sue slipped between Beth’s legs which opened wide to accept her, Beth’s soft moans of excitement coming from her mouth as she and I continued to kiss.

“Oooohhhhh, my God!” Beth exclaimed as Sue’s tongue found it’s mark between Beth’s legs, “Oooooh that feels so good,” she moaned aloud, her hands squeezing and caressing my breasts now.

Too late to turn back now, I quickly thought as I leaned over Beth’s head so that she could suck and lick my tits that were just above her head as she lay on the pillows of my bed.

“Mmmmm, mmmmmmph,” she cooed as she sucked my breasts as Sue continued to lick, suck and eat her pussy.

“Do you want to taste me, sweetie?” I asked softly as I pinched her nipples between my fingers, “Do you?”

“Oh, yes, yes, I do, I really do,” Beth answered, her voice gasping from excitement.

Moving so that I could kneel with her head between my legs, I slowly lowered my pussy towards Beth’s mouth, the look in her eyes telling me that she wanted me to do so.

“Aaaah, sweet Jesus,” I moaned as Beth’s mouth and tongue attacked my pussy with wanton lust, her hands now griping my hips and ass, tightly.

Beth’s hips were bucking, now, rubbing her crotch against Sue’s oral assaults of her sex, feeding, it seemed, her own oral attack of my pussy.

Beth climaxed first, her hands flying to grip Sue’s head as it moved up and down, between her legs, Beth’s moans of release, loud, in my softly-lit bedroom. As her body bucked and writhed with orgasmic spasms, I suddenly exploded with my own orgasm, rubbing and pressing my pussy even harder against her face and mouth.

Weak, my body still shaking, I lifted myself from Beth’s mouth, falling onto the bed to lay next to her, my mind a jumble of emotions.

Moving quickly from between Beth’s legs when Beth’s spasms had subsided, Sue quickly took my place over Beth’s head, lowering her pussy to Beth’s mouth, her hands gripping my headboard tightly, as she did so.

“Eat me, girly, make me scream, sweetie,” Sue said with a heavy breath of excitement, her eyes glowing with desire, with need. Beth responded to Sue’s demands quickly, raising her head so that her mouth and tongue could taste Sue’s pussy.

Watching them for only a few minutes, I moved to replace Sue, between Beth’s legs, my excitement growing as the scent of this nineteen year-old pussy reached my senses.

I cannot describe the feeling when my tongue slipped between Beth’s pussy-lips, a rush of impending climax, again, making itself known to my freshly-licked pussy. She tasted delightful, the musk and juices from Beth’s pussy driving my own need to climax again as I eagerly ate this girl.

And I did, my body rocked with pleasure when the climax attacked with a vengence, my pussy seeming to flood with my juices.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned when I came, my sounds of pleasure muffled by Beth’s pussy against my face.

And, as my orgasm slowly ebbed, the bed shook as Sue and Beth reached their journey’s end, both climaxing together, the headboard banging against the wall as Sue rocked back and forth over Beth’s face….

I drove Beth to her home just after midnight, a short couple of minutes’ drive. We left Sue laying in my bed, exhausted and smiling at us as she waved goodbye when we left the bedroom. Parking in the circular drive of her home, I turned to her, pulling her to me for a kiss, a kiss that said goodnight, not goodbye.

“Come and see me again, sometime?” I said softly as our foreheads leaned against each other’s, my fingertips softly stroking her cheek.

“I’d like that, I really would like that,” Beth answered, one of her hands holding my breast, squeezing, caressing it, the other stroking my cheek.

“You’ve got my number, baby; call me sometime, okay?” I replied, kissing her one last time, that night.

Driving back to my home, my mind was a jumble of disconnected thoughts and questions. A nineteen year-old? You’ve eaten a nineteen year-old’s pussy? You’ve just had a threesome with a nineteen year-old?

Yeah, I said to myself, I did…

Crawling into my bed, I had just gotten settled when I felt the bed move, Sue sliding over towards me, her lips finding my cheek before she nestled into the crook of my arm that I placed around her, to hug her tightly against my body.

“You okay?” Sue asked sleepily.

“Yeah, baby, I’m okay,” I replied, kissing the top of her head afterwards.

“Didn’t see that coming,” She said further, “But, I surely did enjoy that wild-assed romp with you and Beth.”

“Have to say that I agree with you,” I replied, honestly.

“Baby?” Sue’s sleepy voice said as I was drifting off into the arms of Morpheus, “I’m so happy that you’re in my life.”

Smiling to myself, I kissed the top of her head, my nostrils drinking in the scent of magnolias from her hair.

“Me too, sweetie, me too…….”

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