A Good Woman is Hard to Find

Aaliyah Love

I looked over at him concentrating on the road, his curly auburn hair even more wild with the wind from the open window. I bit my lip, reminding myself why I trusted him and wanted him to be the person to help fulfill this fantasy. It wasn’t because I wanted to impress or please him; threesomes always seem to be at the behest of a partner, a request on his part that she acquiesces to make things better. This was my idea, my fantasy, though. He was the only person I’d fucked recently that I felt uninhibited with enough to do this.

Pulling up to the hotel, I ran my slightly trembling hands along the familiar floral-patterned fishnet material of my tights. The tactile reminder of my favorite piece of clothing allowed me to consider how excited I was for later. I was wet from anticipation, wondering how much more turned on I could possibly be with a full evening ahead of us. I looked over at him, his head cocked to one side, a smile dancing across his lips, ‘Shall we check in?”

Snapping out of my own head, I replied, “Oh, yes, of course.”

After settling in, we didn’t have long before meeting our date. I looked at myself in the mirror: short black skirt, fishnets, my signature heels. I touched up my makeup a bit, applying a last bit of red lipstick.

“How do I look? Alright?,” I asked Alex as he watched me from the bed. He always looked effortlessly cool, striking and undeniably hot.

“You’re gorgeous,” he smirked, “You’re going to make her want to rip your clothes off even more than I do right now.”

I laughed, “I guess that means it’s time to go?”

We met her at a restaurant a few blocks away from our hotel. I made sure it was the ideal combination of hip, yet accessible. I wanted to get there a bit early, so she tekirdağ escort wasn’t waiting for us. I ordered a Manhattan as soon as we sat down. Shortly after, she walked in; a vision of black hair falling over her shoulders, but not obscuring the cleavage she clearly put on display for us. I crossed my legs at just the sight of her perfect breasts. Her blue dress hugged her curves in all the right ways; she looked immediately at our table in a knowing way. Her long hair matched the sashay of her hips and the click of her heels as she made her way to where we were sitting.

“Hello, I’m Eva. You must be Matilda and Alex.” She was confident, exquisite and ready for us.

We talked, ate and drank for awhile until the next question was inevitable, if not pre-planned.

“So, are you interested in coming back to the hotel with us?” I coyly looked up at her, sipping my drink.

It was more of a pretense than anything else. I’d made sure to have a cab on hold, ready to pick us up.

As soon as the door clicked behind us, her hand was on my waist, her mouth on mine. She whispered breathily how excited she was. I couldn’t wait to taste that excitement. As Eva kissed me, Alex approached me from behind, his hands on top of hers, his lips on my neck. Slowly he took off my top. I spun around and kissed him while Eva lifted my hair and unhooked my bra. I stepped aside for a minute to let the two of them assess each other. I stepped behind Alex as Eva kissed him, running my hands through his hair, down his back, stopping at his waist to unhook his belt. He had already untied Eva’s wrap-dress exposing her firm breats, with a slight slope and round, pink nipples; her vintage garter and thigh highs were a nice addition to a body I couldn’t trabzon escort wait to consume.

I worked my mouth slowly down her body, licking, flicking and sucking each of her nipples methodically, lightly touching my lips to her skin down her stomach, along her waist and finally ever-so-seductively licking her inner thighs. I worked two finger underneath her panties, dancing them up and down her slit, working them inside of her wet cunt. I pulled them out, looked at Alex and licked them. She tasted so good, I couldn’t wait for more. Alex was rock hard watching us and I wanted him inside my own dripping pussy. He started to fuck me from behind as I ripped off Eva’s panties and tongued her clit, fingering her with two, then three fingers, massaging her g-spot as I licked up her juices and made her shudder with ecstasy. It was hard to concentrate with Alex’s cock making my pussy tighten with every thrust. He gently tugged at my hair and bent over to kiss my back. Eva came hard, my fingers and tongue responding to every spasm.

She took a minute to relish in her orgasm, giving Alex time to pull out and compose himself, too. Eva looked up at him and said how much she wanted to taste my pussy on his dick. She took him in her mouth, deep-throating him and licking the taste of my pussy off of him. He closed his eyes and played with my tits as she sucked him off, licking his balls and rubbing his taint. I could tell he was at the edge and suggested she taste my pussy for herself.

Pushing me down on the bed, her breath, then her tongue tickled the sensitive spot on my neck. She worked her way down my body, stopping to indulge my hard nipples, her fingers teasing my clit, rubbing gentle circles then stopping to thrust into my pussy. I wanted sivas escort her tongue, but she made me wait for it. Finally, as I tightened around her fingers from anticipation, she started eating my cunt, licking and sucking on my clit until I arched my back with pleasure. My hips moving in rhythm with her tongue, I came, hard, the walls of my pussy pulsating around her fingers. She pulled her fingers out and Alex immediately put them in his mouth, licking off my cum, then kissing her, ready again to fuck.

As I recovered from my mind-blowing orgasm, I watched with excitement as she mounted Alex and started riding his cock. I loved watching his face as he rubbed her clit and his dick move in and out of her. I positioned myself behind her, straddling Alex’s legs, using one hand to play with her nipples, while the other massaged Alex’s balls and taint as this gorgeous woman made him cum. I whispered in her ear slyly, pressed myself into her back, and started kissing her neck, looking at Alex the whole time. She got off of him just in time for me to taste her on him, swallow his cum and milk his cock while he came. As I was sucking up the last of his cum, I looked up to catch Eva rubbing her clit until she came again.

We all fell into the bed in a heap of exhaustion and pleasure. We talked of all of the things we wanted to try next time: toys, ropes and other positions, but agreed that tonight was amazing even without the accoutrements. Shortly after, Eva got dressed and bid us adieu. We were all looking forward to our next rendezvous.

After she left, I looked at Alex and kissed him deeply. We fixed the tousled sheets and climbed under the covers. Rarely had I felt so content and satisfied. Any doubts that I came in with dissipated to pure anticipation for future Eva experiences. In the meantime, though, I reminded myself how much sex with Alex himself would more than suffice and looked forward to lazily fucking in bed the next morning. For that night though, an exhausted sleep was in order.

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