A Good Friend


I really enjoyed thinking back on these true events and I hope you enjoy it as well. This story is a bit more gentle than some of my other ones.


I nodded my head and pretended to be interested as Lyndsey explained why this weekend’s party was going to be better than last weekend’s, and the weekend’s before that, and the one before that. It’s not that they weren’t fun, they were, but it was hard to get excited from week to week as whoever’s parents weren’t going to be home got a chance to play host and pretend their ability to get a keg and play music was so much more awesome than the last person’s ability to complete those tasks.

After Lyndsey stopped her rambling I stood at my locker a moment longer letting her move along, I didn’t want to walk with her to my next class.

“Sounds fun”

I almost dropped my Chemistry book. Simon hadn’t spoken to me in months, and maybe only once or twice all year. It was so awkward, we had grown up down the street from each other, we had played together on playgrounds, learned to ride bikes together, and pushed each other on the swings. Once we got to high school we went different directions, I was athlete, soccer and track, he got involved in drama (the school play, not teenage kid drama) and debate club. Some of my friends didn’t really get along with his, and we eventually stopped talking. The fact that our last names were so similar kept our lockers next to each other. That meant we could never escape that awkwardness.

“Ummm ya, it’ll be OK” I responded. He kept looking at me like he expected me to say more.

“Well ummmm, do you have plans for the weekend?” I asked to fill the silence.

“Well, actually ya, I do. It’s my birthday, a couple of friends are coming over Friday night.” He replied.

“Oh wow, ummm your birthday is Friday, Happy Birthday.” I said with a bit less enthusiasm than I probably should have.

“No, people are coming over to my house Friday, today is actually my birthday.”

Fuck, this was getting really uncomfortable. “Oh well happy birthday.” I reply, at this point I would have been happy if an asteroid had struck me to end this conversation.

“Well I should get to class.” He then paused, “but if you wanted to come over that would be great. Bring anyone you want.” With that he gave me a genuine smile and walked away. He really was a nice guy, I wished I had made more of an effort to stay friends with him.

His house was six down and across the street from mine still. I could have walked through it in the pitch black and found my way easily despite not having been inside in years. I closed my locker and headed to class.

Thursday evening Lyndsey sent me some texts, she was so excited. It took me a few minutes to realize that this meant that she had a thing for this weekends host, a baseball player named Clint. Clint was a bit of a prick. He liked to grab my ass in the hall and act like it was hysterical. I wasn’t flattering myself, he did it to a lot of other girls too.

It wasn’t long after when I got my first text from Clint. It was to myself and about 15 other girls from school. It read:

“Rules for Friday:

1- No beer for girls in one pieces, BIKINIS ONLY

2- House rules for beer pong, You get shut out you streak, no exceptions!

3- Don’t come if you’re gonna pretend to have a boyfriend”

He was so gross, even worse than most of the guys.

The next day at school I was at my locker again when Clint appeared.

“I sent you a text, you got any questions?”

I looked at this prick and couldn’t believe the balls on this guy. Did I have any questions about his requirements for his shit party? When I glanced away from him I noticed Simon looking at us from a distance. He didn’t even want to come over to his locker when this moron was around. Then Clint actually snapped his fingers at me.

“You hear me? You got it? I want this party to be epic!”

I look him in the eye, and said “Hey Simon, that invitation for tonight still stand? I’d love to come.”

I heard Simon clear his throat, clearly surprised to be addressed. “Umm ya of course.”

Clint looked baffled, “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Sorry Clinty boy, I made other plans.” I then turned and walked away. I wish I had come up with something better then “Clinty boy”.

The rest of the day I debated if I really wanted to go to Simon’s, maybe I should just not do anything. I knew who his friend’s were, but I didn’t actually know them, I felt like it would be an entire evening just like conversation we had the other day.

At the end of the day Kelly was waiting from me outside of my last class. Kelly was on the track team with me, she threw the shot put and discuss. She was very cute, but her large frame didn’t attract much attention from the guys at school.

“I heard you’re not going to Clint’s tonight.” She said.

“Ya just not in the mood, I think I’m gonna just stay in.”

She stopped, “Oh I thought you were going to go to Simon’s.”

“Ummmm I thought about it, şişli eskort wait, do you know Simon?”

“Well I kind of know him but I do know his friend Sam.” She trailed off.

I had never really considered who Kelly might have a thing for, but this made sense, Sam and Kelly had a few classes together. I had noticed they had become Facebook friends last week.

“Do you want to go to Simon’s?” I asked while while nudging her side with my elbow, teasing her a little bit.

“I kind of do, but I can’t go by myself, it would be weird.”

“OK, we’ll go to Simon’s birthday party, I’ll be your wingwoman.”

“Oh no it’s not like that, I think it’ll be fun…” She was rambling.

“OK OK, just come by my house and we will walk over together.”

I had no idea what I should wear, if I was going to Clint’s I would have worn a short skirt with a thong underneath it, a tight top, or maybe something low cut. I would have spent the evening slightly self conscious and hoping not to be thrown into the pool.

I settled on a pair of jeans, and a “vintage” concert t-shirt. I had never seen the band on the shirt and had overpaid for it because I thought it would make me look cool. Kelly went a different route. She was really dolled up, with a ton of makeup. I almost offered to try and fix it for her but decided that would hurt her feelings. My parent’s were so excited that I had decided to go see my old friend, they still spoke with his parents regularly and never understood why we didn’t still get together everyday.

As we walked down the street I had such mixed emotions, I was afraid this would be painfully boring, I mean, I could see his parents cars’ in the driveway. On the other hand, it was incredibly easy to remember all of the times when I had rode my bike down this short stretch and knocked on this very same door for his other birthday parties. As high school came to a close it seemed to come full circle that I was going to his 18th birthday party. I hadn’t even considered inviting him to mine that had occurred three months earlier.

His mother greeted me at the door and gave me a big hug, his father a very warm hello. Simon was there with two other friends, James and Sam. Kelly was reduced to a middle schooler again, unable to even make contact with Sam. It’s was pretty cute.

It was like travelling back in time, memories of eating mac and cheese at the dining room table flooded my mind, and while the TV was different, it was in the same room where we had watched cartoons.

Of course things quickly turned awkward. I realized I didn’t know what to do with my hands when not holding a red solo cup, and Simon and his friends didn’t appear to know what to do with girls around.

Eventually his parent’s ordered some food which made conversation a little easier. After that we played a game that was similar to charades, and soon I was genuinely enjoying myself. It was amazing how much fun it could be when everyone wasn’t trying to impress everyone else, it had been awhile since I had been in that position. All this time I had thought I had been with the cool fun kids, but now I realized Simon and his friends were the ones really having a good time.

As we finished up our game James announced that it was time for him to head out.

“Her parent’s finally left?” Simon asked.

“I hope so based on what she is wearing in this picture!”

At this point I expected the picture to be passed around, basically every guy I knew always bragged if a girl sent him something dirty.

“Someday I’m going to steal your phone and see that!” Simon joked.

“No I delete them like she asked me to.” James admitted almost sheepishly as he put his shoes on and headed out. While I respected that, it did feel a little after school specialish.

Kelly took this chance to engage Sam in conversation, about what I had no idea. She looked pretty funny all dolled up with Sam who had cargo shorts on. Nothing says “I didn’t know girls would be here.” more than cargo shorts.

Simon looked a little nervous as he offered me a soda before we moved to his back porch.

“Thanks for coming tonight, it’s great to see you again. I’m sorry you probably thought it was boring.” Simon said.

“No, not at all I really enjoyed tonight, Sam and James are funny, and I’m really glad we hung out again.” I responded genuinely.

We spoke about plans for next year, I had decided on a school about an hour away that had a good track program for division 3, but not so good that I couldn’t make the team. He was still deciding between a few schools in the south that had programs that would help him go into environmental law.

That’s when we noticed Sam and Kelly through the sliding glass door. Kelly was sprawled over him as they made out. Hands were roaming, and despite not being able to hear anything you knew they were making that sloppy kissing noise.

“Good for Sam, it’s been a long time since he’s had a girlfriend.” Simon smiled.

“Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” I asked far to bluntly.

“I’m çapa eskort not good with the kind of girls that go to our school. I think that will change when I get to college.” He offered as a weak excuse.

“There are a lot of different kinds of girls at our school.” Looking back, why I was arguing with him on his birthday is beyond explanation.

“Ya, I guess I just didn’t find one that liked me back.”

“Well I think you’re cute.” I said before leaning over to give him a kiss on the cheek, but he turned towards me at the same time and our lips met, briefly, but softly and not in an unpleasant way. We both looked away quickly and sat in silence. He then set his hand on my thigh, low on my leg though, much closer to my knee then my hip.

“That was a really nice birthday present.” he said. Fuck, he was so nice. His lips also felt right when they touched mine. All of that is to say that my next thought was “Why not?”

I leaned back into his body, my mouth finding his neck, and my right hand now resting on his chest. I ran my tongue along his jaw and up to his ear, taking the lobe of it between my teeth and giving a gentle nibble. His breath quickened but otherwise he stayed completely still.

I started to worry he didn’t like this, that I had totally misread the situation. Then my hand brushed against the granite rod that was under his jeans. I couldn’t help but look down at it. I swear I could see it pulsing through his pants. He still had not moved voluntarily in any way, it was possible every drop of blood in his body had migrated to between his legs.

I leaned back in and we kissed on purpose for the first time. He was very cautious, his tongue meeting mine, but not pushing forward the way I was used to guys doing. I pivoted around and positioned myself half on his lap, half on the bench we were sitting on. This let me reach down and rub his cock as we kissed. I wanted him to put his hands on me, to touch my back, maybe run his hands through my hair, even to cup my butt would have been good, but they stayed firmly planted by his sides.

I had only been rubbing up and down the length of him for about a minute when he made a small noise and tried to move away from me. I didn’t understand at first but just has he pulled himself free I felt the warm sticky liquid seep through to my hand. He was clearly embarrassed and I felt terrible. One conversation with me and his birthday was going to be remembered as terribly embarrassing.

“I’m sorry, it’s just I wasn’t expecting that and no one has done that and I’m sorry, did it get on you? I’m gonna go inside, sorry.” and with that he disappeared into the house.

Moments later Kelly shuffled out, a bra strap poking out of her pocket. “What happened?” she asked.

“Nothing, I think we should go though.”

Kelly looked disappointed but didn’t argue.

On the walk back to my house Kelly couldn’t stop talking about how great Sam was. Not like great at sex but just what a great guy he was. I was happy for her but had trouble faking it based on how my night had ended.

The next day I still felt terrible, but was determined to fix it. Just after noon I hooked the leash to my senior citizen of a dog and walked down the street. I had not gone to someone’s door without sending a text message first in a long time.

I was lucky that Simon answered the door. He looked truly scared to see me back on his porch.

“I’m taking Charlotte for a walk and I was hoping you would come with me.” My stomach was in knots that he would slam the door on me.

He gave me a long look before saying “OK let me get my shoes.”

I had worn a loose fitting skirt and a tank top. Simon was in shorts and a t shirt that had a joke on it I didn’t understand.

We walked to the end of our street and into a small park. In the back there was an old softball field that hadn’t been taken care of in years, They had taken the back stop down when it started to get rusty but the dugouts were still there. The one one on the first base side faced what had become a wooded area. I tied Charlotte’s leash to the fence and she laid down immediately, enjoying the sun but tired from what was a long walk for her.

“Ummm are we staying here?” Simon asked.

“Ya, I like to come down here when I want to smoke a little by myself, no one ever is around.” I said.

“Oh, you really shouldn’t smoke, cigarettes are really bad for you and pretty expensive.” Simon lectured. He was gonna be a very good dad someday.

“Don’t worry, I don’t smoke cigarettes.” I smiled at him. “Did you mean it when you said no girl had touched you like that last night?”

Simon turned red and looked at the ground, but he didn’t try to leave. “Well no, I mean Marissa has jerked me off a few times, but it wasn’t like the way you did it. You seemed to like touching it.”

I felt bad for Simon, the furthest he had gone was some reluctant hand jobs from a very shy classmate. Marissa was kind of cute in an asexual way.

I smiled at him again and said “Let’s try this again.” etiler escort We kissed and he already seemed a little more confident than before.

I moved my hands to where we had left off last night, and once again I was greeted by a very prominent lump under his jeans. This time I worked my hands a little slower, but also began kissing down his neck quickly.

As I knelt in front of him and began to undo his pants his head began darting back and forth. I tried to assure him that we would be left alone, I wanted him to enjoy this.

Once I freed his six inch cock he stopped looking around and his gaze never left me. While it wasn’t the longest dick I had seen he was very thick, and incredibly hard. As I ran my tongue along the underside of it I gripped it with my left hand. It was as hard as the batons my track team used for relays.

Simon pushed his legs as far apart as he possibly could, almost as if he was trying to do a split. He stared directly at me as I licked back and forth, and up and down.

His first audible moan came as I dipped his cock head between my lips. I held it there for a moment letting my tongue massage the underside of his throbbing organ.

I slowly lowered a bit more into the warmth of my mouth, but I was careful not to go to fast, I wanted him to enjoy it for at least a few minutes.

I looked back up at him, some saliva dangling from my mouth, and told him “some guys like to put their hand on the back of my head, but don’t push too much ok?” He nodded enthusiastically.

As I wrapped my lips around him again I felt the most gentle touch on the back of my head. Just the tips of his fingers as they intertwined with my hair, it felt very nice.

I was surprised that he hadn’t cum yet, it had only been a few minutes but after last night I thought I would barely get going before it was over. I started to pick my pace up some, still just using my mouth and still going slower than I normally went, but I was proud of his self control!

“When you’re ready to finish just go ahead and do it in my mouth.” I said, looking up at him and stroking his dick.

His eyes got wide again and he nodded before mumbling “ok”.

That was too much for him. Within seconds of returning his dick to my mouth he let out a low pitched groan and the head of his cock swellled in my mouth. That was the only time I felt his hands press my head down at all, I don’t think he meant to be aggressive but his first shot of cum filled my mouth and I wasn’t able to swallow it quickly enough. Soon I could feel his warm salty juice on my lips, cheeks and dribbling down my chin. There was so much of it.

Once he was done I stepped away from him and wiped the mess onto my hand and then into some of the grass outside the dugout.

When I turned around he had already done his pants back up. He sat there looking at me as if I might yell at him.

“Happy Birthday. ” I said.

He smiled broadly, “Thank you so much.”

“We better get Charlotte home, she isn’t used to being outside this long anymore.”

We walked the five minutes home in relative silence, but very comfortable silence. He was a gentleman and walked past his house to mine.

The next week at school was far less awkward then I thought it would be. Simon was polite and even kinda funny when we had a chance to talk. On Thursday night he asked me if I would go see a movie with him. I was happy to say yes.

We went to see Hot Fuzz, a comedy that I didn’t get at all at the time, his tastes were much more diverse than mine at the time.

I remember that he smelled really good, it was the first time I had noticed that about a guy. He laughed at things I legitimately didn’t know where jokes and put up with my clueless questions. He was very good at catching popcorn in his mouth.

As we left the theater and headed home there didn’t seem to be any expectation that we do anything, which made me direct him to a spot on a side road where our track team would go when we went for longer runs.

At first I had giggled to myself when he picked me up in his parents van, but I was pretty happy when the seats folded down in the back.

Simon was a bit more confident that night, his hands running over my body even a forceful squeeze of my ass. Quickly our shirts came off, his skin felt warm and his hands enveloped my small breasts. His lips soon replaced them; still soft and gentle but he was leading the action.

The first time he hesitated was when his hand went to the button on my jeans.

“Go ahead.” I whispered.

I was laying on my back and with him on top of me and I couldn’t arch my back to help them slide down, but after a few awkward wiggles he was able to pull them down my legs, my black panties came off as well.. I don’t think he had seen a shaved pussy. He took one finger and ran it slowly from the top of my lips to the bottom before pushing the tip of his finger inside. My jeans were still caught around my ankles so I could do very little to move with him. He was a bit clumsy at first, but after a few minutes he was still clumsy but a bit less so. He stared straight at my slit as he worked one finger back and forth, sometimes taking it all the way out, sometimes just barely pulling it back and moving it around in more of a circle.

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