A Friend of the Family

Big Balls

Right before I finished high school a family tragedy occurred that basically had me going into the foster care system. My parents were killed in a traffic accident and my mother relatives lived on the east coast. Since she (my mother) was not very close to them and I had met them only once, I had no desire to live with them or move from Texas to the east coast. My father had many close friends but no living relatives.

A lady (Annie) that lived with us, years ago for a short time, heard about my situation (about to go into foster care) and offered to take me in. I was elated because I liked Annie and the system didn’t seem to care that she was not a blood relative. I think, since it was a small town, short cuts were taken but to me Annie was more family than my mother’s family ever was. Besides, several people at the agency (being in a small town) knew Annie. I think that helped the process.

I moved in with Annie and could see she was living from check to check. She was a school bus driver. Almost immediately I got an after-school job to help out and when I graduated from high school, I got a full-time job.

I paid all the utility bills and gave Annie money as if I was a renter. She was grateful and I could see things around the house gradually improved.

I had to delay going away to college but did take one or two classes at a local college. Eventually I sold the family home but there was not enough money from the sale to get me through four years of college. I just banked the money and even though I tried to share it with Annie she insisted I keep it for my future.

Living with Annie was nice. She treated me like family and she seem to enjoy having me around. Privacy for either of us was not an issue.

Annie was 54, plump but shapely and with a big wide booty that I could look at all day. The cheeks of her ass jiggled ever-so-slightly when she walked. He tits sagged but her cleavage just made you wonder what a full view of her tits would look like.

The classes I took at the local college kept me busy the first year I lived with her and one day I decided to start working on an old car (not running) she had under the carport.

Actually, I bit off more than I could chew but I got the car running right before my 19th birthday and she surprised me by giving me clear title to the car. It was a nice surprise but most of all we no longer had to share one car.

To celebrate I treated her to a weekend festival in a resort town about 200 miles away. We drove in my car and I took my sleeping bag since we were going to stay the night. The hotel room had a king size bed but I was not sure about the two of us sleeping in the same bed. I just planned to sleep on the floor in the sleeping bag.

The first day of the festival tired both of us out from all the walking but we were in a good mood and after diner we returned to the room.

Annie showered and as she walked out of the bathroom the light hit her robe just right and I could see the outline of her naked body.

I showered and stoked my dick to the point of almost erupting in the sink. I stopped short.

Frankly, I was a little surprised because I thought about Annie the entire time I was stroking it.

When I got out of the bathroom, I saw Annie’s robe lying across the back of the chair. She was in bed with her back toward me and I wondered if she was naked under the covers.

I told myself she was not naked since I did not see her bra or panties and I started to unroll the sleeping bag.

With that Annie said, “I think this bed is big enough for both of us. Besides, after all Haramidere escort this time I’m sure we think of each other as family.”

I got in bed but could not stop wondering if she was naked under the covers.

Finally, I dozed off and when I woke up in the middle of the night Annie’s back was still turn toward me but she had eased closer to me and her big booty was wedged right against my dick. My dick instantly started to get hard.

I knew she felt it, if she was awake and that was quickly answered when I started to feel the cheeks of her ass moving back and forth against my dick. My dick was resting right between the cheeks of her ass and I thought I was going to cum in my pajamas.

I could not stand it and went to the bathroom to masturbate. As soon as I closed the door, Annie called me and just said, “Come here and lay back down”.

With that she put her hand in the fly of my pajamas, pulled out my swollen dick and started to jack me off.

I was shocked but didn’t resist or say a word.

She stroked the full length of it with just enough force.


She whispered and asked me, “Are you a virgin?”

I didn’t answer. I was in another world.

I was moaning and bucking back and forth. Virgin or not I was enjoying this hand job.

I wondered if she was going to suck me or mount me and ride my dick.

After about 30 minutes I could not take it anymore. Her pace had already quickened and I didn’t know I could get so hard.

Suddenly, I started to cum. A stream of milky white cum shot about two feet in the air and it was immediately followed by a second stream of almost equal length.

All I could say was, “It’s cumming. Oh, it cumming”. I was breathing so loud and hard.

Annie did not say a word. She got a towel from the bathroom and cleaned the cum from me, the sheets and from her hand.

She kissed me slightly on the cheek and turned over to go back to sleep. I was so weak and satisfied I did not protest.

That was the best night sleep I have had in years.

The next morning, we went to breakfast (before we went back to the festival to browse).

Annie said. “Don’t get the wrong idea about last night. I see the way you look at me sometimes and I suspect you might think of me when you masturbate. Sometimes, I want to show you a little more but I didn’t want to ruin our relationship. You don’t have to say anything but let’s just see when things go from here. If you don’t want it to go any further, it won’t. Now let’s go to the festival”.

The day was long. Too long. All I wanted was to get back to the room with Annie to see if things might progress any further.

Finally, the second day of the festival was over and we were back in the room, together.

I wanted to shower with her but was too insecure to suggest that.

When she came out of the bathroom it was uneventful and I took a shower alone.

Once I came out of the bathroom, Annie was sitting on the edge of the bed. She had on a partially open night shirt but no bra or underwear.

Her bush was dark and thick with just a few gray strands of hair.

My dick was semi-hard and the sight of her got it to its full attention.

She motioned me to come to her and started stroking me slowly.

Annie asked me, “If I had ever eaten pussy.”

I just shook my head no and with that she raised one foot and rested it on the bed, while the other foot stayed on the floor.

Annie told me to, “Get on your knees.”

With that she spread the lips of her pussy and I saw a small İkitelli escort bayan pink bump (her clit) peeking out at me.

She said, “Don’t try to taste it or eat it as they say, just lick my clit with your tongue, run your tongue back and forth around the lips of my pussy and stick your tongue in me from time to time to see how my juices taste. Just play with it until you see or hear me reacting”.

Annie’s clit felt firm but soft. She encouraged me to keep licking and she started to get moist. I was not sure if the wetness was from my salvia or from her pussy but when she put one hand on the top of my head and held my head firmly between her legs, I thought it was coming from her pussy.

Besides, when I licked the lips of her pussy, the lips were all wet and when I stuck my tongue in her pussy, her juice was sticky and slimy.

By now she was moaning and moving back and forth against my tongue and face.

Her smell excited me. He wetness excited me. When I held her clit between my lips and ran my tongue across the tips of her clit she bucked and moaned and would say over and over, “That’s it, eat my pussy, eat my pussy good, eat all you want, ooooo weeee your tongue feels so good”.

The aroma from her pussy excited me and after about 30 minutes I could feel her warm and sticky cum on my tongue. It got thicker.

Wow, I thought to myself, “I made her cum.”

She moaned and laid back and relaxed.

Her legs were opened and I could see the wetness of her cunt. I wanted to stick my dick in her but again, I was not aggressive enough.

Instead, I headed to the bathroom to jack off and Annie said, “Don’t jack off. I’ll give you what you need when I catch my breath”.

I didn’t take my eyes off her. She laid on her back, with her legs slightly apart and her breast exposed. I stayed hard and I was hungry for her.

After about an hour she abruptly said, “Come on, you can have some now”.

Annie didn’t have to ask twice and as she parted her legs, I mounted her and she reached for my dick and guided me into her.

She winced as I entered her and I could feel her wetness.

She said, “Oh, your hard dick feels so good”.

She told me to take it slow and only put about half of it in her.

Her pussy felt so good.

She said, “Every time I squeeze your arm slam it all in me and then go back to half stroking me”.

I didn’t understand why or care but the more often she squeezed my arm the louder she moaned.

She said, “Your dick is good, fuck me, fuck me, this pussy is yours, get all you want”.

With each thrust, short or long, she threw her hips back at me. We went at it for about 30 minutes or so and each time I was about to come she would hold me firmly against her to stop me from cumming.

Finally, there was no waiting for either of use.

I hollered, “I’m cumming in you” and she threw her legs up higher and said, “I’m cumming with you, I’m cumming too”.

We exploded together. My first time cumming in a woman.


My ego swelled thinking I had satisfied Annie. She had some good pussy.

We laid together and I found the courage to rub her big ass, finger her hairy cunt from behind and flip her over to suck her tits.

I was like a kid in a candy store and she said, “Enjoy yourself. It has been so long since I had a good fucking and been rubbed all over like this”.

She laid on her back as I rubbed her tits and my gaze stayed on the hairy vee between her legs. I wanted some more but she didn’t seem quite ready.

When Annie Escort Çapa saw me getting excited, she smiled and said, “Aren’t you the eager one?”

With that I just moved in and mounted her. I didn’t ask if she was ready or not. I just wanted some more pussy.

Annie parted her legs for me and moaned when I entered her.

She said, “Your dick feels so good.”

This time I went all the way in and slammed it back in each time as deep as I could. She put one arm on my shoulder and reached for the sky with the other. Her eyes were closed and she was throwing it back at me with each stroke I gave her.

I enjoyed fucking Annie. Her size excited me and I wondered how lucky can I get?

Nothing was said. All you could hear was our breathing and the slight movement of the bed.

This time she came first. I could tell from how wet she suddenly got and I unloaded into her immediately afterwards.

I crawled off and again she turned away but backed her big booty up against my crotch. It felt good as I wrapped my arms around her to hold her.

My dick rested right between the cheeks of her ass. I was not interested in anal but having my dick between the cheeks of her ass was the greatest feeling.

We slept well and when morning came, we showered and went to breakfast. Checkout time at the hotel was 11:00 AM and instead of spending an hour or two browsing Annie suggested we go back to the room.

There was about 2 hours left before checkout and Annie took off her dress, peeled her panties off, unhooked her bra and said, “Do you want some more before we leave”?

She climbed onto the small sofa on all fours and presented her big ass to me doggie style. Frankly, it looked a bit overwhelming but when I managed to enter her pussy from behind she cocked her left leg up like a dog and said, “That’s it, that’s it, you’ve hit the spot.”

Annie was not tight and I was not huge but we could feel each other.

Annie grabbed the sofa and moaned with each stroke and it took all my concentration not to cum. Watching that big ass and her moaning was almost more than I could handle.

Every time I hit it, the cheeks of her ass would tremble, ever-so-slightly. Her ass looked so sexy.

I did not want this moment to end. I dicked her as long as I could without cumming but before long I came in her. We came together.

She collapsed on the sofa and I laid on top of that big booty. It felt so nice and soft and what cum I had left was leaking onto the cheeks of her ass.

Finally, we dressed and checked out. We didn’t say much about our stay together but our moods were much more upbeat on the drive home than on the drive up there.

About halfway home she thanked me for taking her to the festival and remarked, “She had a great time and enjoyed every inch I gave her.”

I smiled and wondered what she would think if she knew most of my thought about her were being between her legs in one way or another.

Before we arrived home, she explained she hoped what happened didn’t have a negative effect on our relationship but she wanted to make it clear that “anytime I wanted her, she would be more than willing to accommodate me and hopefully I would be more than willing to accommodate her.”

WOW, how lucky can a guy be?

Annie said, “The weekend was not long enough nor did we have time to get all our frustration out. So, when we get home and finish unpacking come to my room because I want to ride you. All you have to do to lay there and let me ride you. I don’t want to make love to you. I want to fuck you, so you won’t think about anything or anyone else but fucking me. We have all the time in the world and we can explore new things at our leisure.”

To drive home the point, she pulled her dress up around her waist. She had no panties on and her bush looked so sexy. Annie said, “Just remember, anytime you want this, it is yours, ANYTIME!”

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